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its great the journalism program is awesome and theres a good atmostphere. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I really enjoy going to their marching competition each year and seeing their band perform. I also like the environment of Mizzou. I got to eat at one of the dining halls and it was quite amazing. The rec center and study areas seemed really nice and would make campus a cool place to live. My visit was an overall great experience.
Current Freshman Here! Mizzou offers a multitude of courses regardless of what sparks your interest. On top of the diversity of classes, the Professors always seem to be engaged and eager to help students. You just have to reach out to them anytime something troubling you arises. The campus itself is beautiful. The food from the dining halls may get bland but the city of Columbia surrounding the college offers plenty of interesting pig out spots to eat at. The education offered at Mizzou is definitely competitive with other schools too. Whether you want to become a Journalism major, Engineering major, or Pre-med major, you will always find someway to incorporate yourself into the college.
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Mizzou is a beautiful campus, and it has everything I am looking for! Cute downtown area with many shops and places to eat and hang out. Plus their rec center is absolutely amazing.
Fun state school feel and amazing journalism school! The tailgate culture and greek life are extremely fun and makes for an amazing college experience!
This university is very close to my home. It is less than two hours from me. It is on my list of schools to apply to this year. I love Mizzou very much.
One thing that I liked about the University of Missouri is there resources, they have a lot of resources at their students disposal. I would want to see the the campus change, I feel like it should be a lot bigger.
Professors care about your success and are willing to assist when needed. Parties are a blast. Student life and Greek life here is fantastic
The csmpus is beautiful and there are lots of groups to get involved in and the Greek system is the bedt!
I love everything about the University of Missouri. They offer so much to a student. My experience there has been tremendous. They have everything that I have and will ever need. There is not a single thing that I would change about Mizzou. The athletics there are also outstanding. Everything they have is very good.
I really enjoy going to school here at Mizzou. The academics are great with very accredited schools like nursing and journalism. I enjoy the beautiful campus and facilities, especially the library and the rec center. I also work at the university Hospital and overall, the attitude at university of Missouri is education and they are dedicated to that in all affiliations. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and very knowledgeable. My only complaint would be the lack of diversity and safety concerns. As a female, I feel unsafe at night walking to my car. However, with proper precautions it is not inhibiting to normal activities. Overall, student experience is good and education is quality!
Pretty good school. Like all schools, they need to work on the way they actually encourage diversity, not just talk about it. Racial and prejudicial issues are on basically EVERY campus. The difference about MU is that their dirty laundry was aired whereas most schools can continue to go along in silence and ignorance.
Although we have received some bad publicity recently, I have loved every second of my experience at the university. I am a nursing major - accepted into one of the best nursing programs in the nation - and feel that I have been given the knowledge and experiences necessary to excel in my field of study.
Mizzou is a great college town. A lot of food options and shopping. It is the best big small town in central Missouri. Campus is beautiful and safe. New buildings going up everywhere is making the campus very modern.
Mizzou was a great choice for college for me. Columbia is my hometown and I couldn't have been happier choosing to go to such an inclusive school that taught me so much. The Humanities department truly taught me how to be a better human and how to think. The teachers were incredible and educated and so inspiring.
The University of Missouri is a wonderful school. The professors put a lot of effort into their classes. The large class sizes can seem like a drawback, but professors encourage taking advantage of office hours to develop personal relationships for letters of recommendation, etc. The sky is the limit with social opportunities at Mizzou. Overall, it is a college to attend.
The University of Missouri is a great value. I have attended undergrad and graduate school in Columbia. I have been challenged by my professors and peers, and I have been exposed to diversity, community, and friendships.
Review University of Missouri
I feel I am receiving an incredible education from the University of Missouri. The teachers are extremely invested in their students and strive for them to succeed. The university offers hundreds of ways to get involved outside of academics including Greek Life, clubs, intramural sports, organizations and more. Athletics are a huge part of the "culture" of Mizzou. Football game days unite the entire student body and bring everyone together to support the school as a whole. The campus is beautifully maintained and easily accessible. The dorms are kept clean and are mostly centrally located. I feel safe on campus and know that the university is constantly attempting to improve the overall safety of its students.
The University of Missouri is a top-tier University in Missouri. However, it is currently weathering some budget cuts and unfavorable reviews in the news due to events of the last few years.

In the field of music, the school is beginning plans for desperately needed new facilities. The faculty and staff do an excellent job given what they have, but the facilities and budget cuts of recent years are making the job more difficult than it would otherwise need to be. My overall experience has been a positive one that provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in my field.
Since I am a resident of the State of Missouri, I thought the University of Missouri would be the smartest choice for myself. This campus is very beautiful and well-kept. The facilities on campus are neat and modern. Although this campus might feel big at times, they make sure that they have a lot of activities so you do not get lonely or bored. There is not one night on campus where nothing will be going on, there is always something going on or off campus. The University is literally the heart of Columbia, Missouri. Downtown is a 5-15 minute walk from campus and provides great amusement to college students. Like any other campus, it is mostly oriented around sports. The sports program is slowly becoming better, little by little but none the less it is becoming better. I would recommend the University of Missouri to anybody that is looking for a great campus to call home.
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