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I was absolutely blown away by the staff in the Atmospheric Science Department. The professors are so knowledgeable and they have a genuine concern for the well being of the student and the students success. The Atmospheric Science program through CAFNR provides students for multiple opportunities to apply themselves to their full potential.
I am currently enrolled in the University of Missouri and absolutely love it here! The campus is beautiful, every building and statue around it has so much meaning. Just being here feels like I am apart of the school's rich history. The academics are great, you have opportunities to learn things outside of your major, and many classes and skill courses are offered in different departments as well. When I first arrived here I didn't think I would see many faces like mine, but how wrong I turned out to be. Mizzou isn't the MOST diverse but I see different faces everyday. I feel safe here, I feel as if I have really truly found my home. MIZ!!!!
I transferred in from another school in Missouri and instantly fell in love with the campus and the entire atmosphere around the university. Most of the professors are easy to approach for assistance while others referred to their Teacher Assistant, which seemed egotistical. I graduated with a degree in Political Science and enjoyed all the professors in the department as well as a few standouts from the History department. I highly recommend Mizzou to anyone considering it. You will be pushed academically but not overwhelmed. Afterwards head downtown for the great social scene which is within walking distance of campus.
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I absolutely love how welcoming and friendly everyone is here! The campus is extremely gorgeous, especially the Columns! It's just all-around so fun here.
Overall, its a great experience. The faculty and professors are always helpful and the dorms and eating facilities are nice too. However, the only issue I have is with safety and with the campus's textbook costs. We get many emails involving robberies or break-ins from the MU Police often, and the textbooks at the campus book store are high priced (especially for lab notebooks and basic school supplies) when you can find them online for cheaper prices.
I like the dorms and the initial welcoming into the University. I do not like the neglect of support & care from staff after the parents leave. The professors are more concerned about their research than actually being an efficient professor.
I love Mizzou so much. Amazing campus with great resources. The campus is beautiful and safe. I think that is not as diverse as other large public universities, but new administration is working hard to foster an inclusive environment
I have been at this university off and on since 2007 and I couldn’t imagine a better place to be. The campus is absolutely beautifully maintained and filled with historical landmarks. Top of the line facilities including a rec center that was rated best in the nation by Sports Illustrated I believe around 2005 when it was built. Lots of highly ranked degree programs and SEC sports teams!
Mizzou has a large campus with numerous programs and extracurricular opportunities to choose from. There is a great need for more campus and community services and diversity in faculty, staff, and student body.
I am currently a senior at Mizzou studying mechanical engineering. with my work load its hard to find time to go out with friends, but with all the various clubs and extracurricular activities, I am able to keep up with my studies while having fun with my friends. I greatly enjoy the campus life and all that comes with being a tiger. There is so much diversity and culture walking the campus, its hard not to notice how accepting the school is everyone. The only thing that I would like to see change is that there isn't really anything to do in columbia. the closest city where there are fun things to enjoy like the zoo, 6 flags, city museum... is St. Louis. Other than the need for fun family friendly activities, Mizzou is an extraordinary school and I would recommend it to anyone.
I enjoyed the university of Missouri as it is a very active campus wit lots of activities for students to choose from. Downtown Columbia is an adorably small town, and it makes students feel almost instantly at home. The campus of Mizzou is a beautiful botanical garden that makes walking between classes more enojoyable. Overall, I enjoyed the university although it is somewhat expensive and class sizes are quite large.
Beautiful campus in a beautiful area. Graduate School of Nursing faculty is amazing and incredibly supportive. The school values hard work and commitment, and doesn't accept any less.
Honors program and journalism classes are academically challenging. Wonderful social environment. Beautiful campus. Downtown area has everything you need for students away from home.
Mizzou has become more than a home for me. I am going into my junior year, majoring in Biology, minoring in History & Psychology. The campus itself is so beautiful, and is always a joy to walk across. We also have our little quirks; there's a man who brings his massive dog everyday to campus to let students pet it, there's a guy who is a Guinness world record holder for his hacky sack skills, who routinely practices on campus. Also, most Fridays, there's food trucks!
I couldn't be happier with my decision to chose Mizzou as the place where I learn and grow.
The students are the friendliest and don't compete with each other. We help each other with classes and other issues. The staff is also very helpful. Some people go out of their way to make sure your time there is a good one.
I like Mizzou as everyone is really friendly it’s a little of the south and Midwest which gives it a friendly environment

I wish tuition for out of state was lower
Mizzou is a very beautiful campus that has amazing opportunities for its students. No matter what you are interested in studying you can find support and opportunities galore. What Mizzou lacks in diversity it makes up for in inclusion. Mizzou makes sure all of its student can get where they would like to go in life and gives them all the resources they need to achieve their goals. while Mizzou does fall on the pricer side, it is. very affordable considering all the resources that are at your disposal. Mizzou is a great university that cares about all its students and pushes them to achieve their goals.
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I think the University of Missouri is starting to realize that higher level education is changing immensely. They have provided me with many hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom, which has given me incredibly relevant work experience in my field of study. They also have many online programs and degree fields of study.
The academics at Mizzou are great! I would also say that alot of the dorms are up to date and encourage alot of social events. The dining halls are pretty good as well. I would say that the diversity of the university could be better though.
I had no idea what I wanted to do when coming to college, and the options for a degree are huge and there are so many organizations that have helped me make my decision of going into physical therapy.
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