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I like Mizzou as everyone is really friendly it’s a little of the south and Midwest which gives it a friendly environment

I wish tuition for out of state was lower
Mizzou is a very beautiful campus that has amazing opportunities for its students. No matter what you are interested in studying you can find support and opportunities galore. What Mizzou lacks in diversity it makes up for in inclusion. Mizzou makes sure all of its student can get where they would like to go in life and gives them all the resources they need to achieve their goals. while Mizzou does fall on the pricer side, it is. very affordable considering all the resources that are at your disposal. Mizzou is a great university that cares about all its students and pushes them to achieve their goals.
I think the University of Missouri is starting to realize that higher level education is changing immensely. They have provided me with many hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom, which has given me incredibly relevant work experience in my field of study. They also have many online programs and degree fields of study.
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The academics at Mizzou are great! I would also say that alot of the dorms are up to date and encourage alot of social events. The dining halls are pretty good as well. I would say that the diversity of the university could be better though.
I had no idea what I wanted to do when coming to college, and the options for a degree are huge and there are so many organizations that have helped me make my decision of going into physical therapy.
I would like their dorms to change. They need to be modernized espicially hatch hall because hatch hall is the worst. The overall environment is decent enough to live.
I like how helpful my professors and advisors are. There are a lot of helpful resources on campus, such as tutoring, work studies, various organizations, etc.
My freshman experience was unlike most college first years. As a student-athlete, I was given the opportunity to represent my college both while I was in Columbia, and while I was away in other states competing.
The University of Missouri is located in a great college town of Columbia, Missouri and has a beautiful campus. The professors and faculty at the university are of the highest quality—in both character and instruction. The University has been making great strides recently to make itself more accessible to out-of-state students, minority students, rural Missouri students, and student from low-income households, which I think is great. There are so many opportunities for research here as well—in a variety of different fields.
University of Missouri- Columbia is a school that allows such a variety of studies that almost anyone can find a major they will enjoy pursuing. Personally, it was one of only a few schools in Missouri with my emphasis area of Nuclear Medicine Technologist which is a major reason I choose to attend this school. This decision was a great one because Mizzou has helped me grow personally, emotionally, religiously, and in so many other ways. The amount of clubs and organizations that are on campus allows everyone to be involved in something they are passionate about!
They are of the only universities in the country that supports undergraduate research, they have many gran opportunities.
The University of Missouri is an amazing college where you get the whole experience. It's the perfect college town and Mizzou truly has so many amazing things to offer. Whether you go for the academics, campus, or the party scene, it has something for everyone.
I love that This University offers a career path for just about anyone. On top of that the university is fun and allows you to choose your own career paths based o your interests not just what your resume.
From my experiences with University of Missouri, I have enjoyed meeting the faculty and the medical students that attend the University. And, I look forward to learning through their PBL curriculum.
well put together and super clean. They have excellent staff and a fantastic music program. They have many food places to chose from.
The resources on campus are amazing. Definitely a chance for students to succeed while utilizing what's offered on campus.
I had great teachers and an excellent experience. Class sizes could be large, but I personally didn't mind. Professors were always willing to help.
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Love the feeling of a community this campus gives. Faculty work hard to try and help you succeed, and overall bring out the best in you.
it's just great. academic wise, it is amazing but people wise hot guys and girls everywhere to party with and the parties never stop.
I like the opportunities and choices I have for classes. I hope to attend law school there in a couple years.
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