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I consider it s privilege to be able to attend the University of Missouri. Walking around Mizzou's beautiful campus and being challenged and engaged in my classes and extracurriculars is a truly thrilling experience. Mizzou finds itself in a very dynamic and thriving (and very quintessential) college town like no other in the state of Missouri or even in the midwest. Student life here can be as rewarding and engaging as you want, there are certainly many options for involvement and engagement, and a lot of fun!
I do enjoy my overall experience at the University of Missouri. I think the professors in my program truly want to see me succeed and bring the best out in me. I have no major complaints about the University as a whole, but I wouldn’t mind if there was improvements made on minor things that can make a major impact. These things can vary from improving the diversity awareness on campus to making the dining experience on campus better.
I have been to visit multiple times and have loved it every time! Everyone is accepting and friendly. In the classes I have sat in on there are great teacher-student relations. The dorms have locks, keycards, and a personal pin number for each student. The dorms are what you would expect from a dorm except the beds lift to provide extra storage space. Columbia is a college town so there is a ton of places to visit and things to do. While you can buy a wide range of food from places like Shakespeare's Pizza or International Café, the food halls for the students have food that is fresh and really good!
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It is a large state university. You will not generally be well known by your professors unless you make an effort. They tend to remember students who speak to them before and/or after class and sit in the front. If you contact them and talk to them, they will treat you more personally. I feel the sports at this school are very entertaining and the study resources on campus are on par with other universities. I have no real complaints except for an incredibly left-leaning political bubble, especially when you get into sociology classes and the humanities. However, I see this as the reality for most colleges.
My only complaint about the University of Missouri is the cost. Luckily though, this place provides many opportunities to make your investment worth it. There are scholarships, jobs, and grants you can apply for so you do not have to get bogged down by student loans when you graduate. This campus is gorgeous, the food is great, the activities are non-stop, and the people are fantastic to be around. You get what you pay for when you come to Mizzou.
I love the class sizes, mainly because I always wanted to go to a big school. Campus is beautiful and people are fairly friendly. Always tons to do and there is no shortage of weekend plans
I lover the campus, it clean and beautiful. Many activities and events to go to. I’m in a fraternity and work part time for the university health center.
There are many organizations to be a part of, and a lot of upperclassmen willing to help you out. The Rec is a beautiful facility to take advantage of. There are many great programs to be a part of.
since i will be starting here in the fall and what I've learned from my tour, i can only state that from what I've seen it is a very amazing campus and i cant wait to begin my college education here in fall answers below are solely based on what i heard from the students on campus while i took my tour
Even know it's a large school, you can always find a small group of people to call, your family while away from your actual family.
I love Mizzou! The atmosphere here is so positive. It is my home away from. With the program I am in, I never realize how truly big this campus is. That is until I step into Farout on game day. The amount of pride for our school that Mizzou fans and students have is why I choose to stay here.
The more I spend time at the University of Missouri, the more I like it. The resources that are available are great and the faculties and professors are very friendly and enthusiastic. You can turn to anyone for help and the safety level is very dependable.
The University of Missouri is the best mix of a small and large campus. It provides the big campus feel that many students crave, but the small campus ability to have many resources for students. The culture is wonderful and the campus is beautiful in every single season through the year.
Mizzou is a beautiful campus and has so many things to offer. There are so many ways to get involved and meet new people! It also has one of the best journalism and nursing schools in the country!!
Mizzou is a great place for student life, but will charge you for anything. The school has a lot reconstruction every year even though our budget has decreased. If you want to study abroad, it's really pricey.
Student parking is a little frustrating because there aren't enough lots. Other than that, the campus is beautiful and the courses are great. Always something to do on campus.
Mizzou is a great party school, the bars down town all have great deals depending on the night and usually let in students even if theyre underage with a fake id. The academics are eh. I was a pre-med major and still managed to party as much as I wanted because my classes weren't all that hard. The campus is pretty there is lots of outdoor space to sit and study and the library has all your necessary needs. The classrooms are old but the teachers usually use tegrity which means you don't have to go to class all the time if you don't want to.
In my short time at the university, I have felt an immense amount of care and support - academically and emotionally. The staff and faculty truly want their students to succeed. There is an infectious environment within the community that makes me feel like Columbia is my second home.
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I love how compact the campus is. It only takes me 25 minutes to walk from one end to the other and I usually don't have classes that are that far apart. The tutors I've used have been really helpful and have plenty of hours available. As someone without a laptop being able to check one out is crucial. I have mainly had some amazing professors with a couple of odd balls thrown in the mix. The rec facility they have here is a fun way to blow off steam. There are many things to do in this small town like hike trails or get some BBQ to eat. My only complaint is when I was a freshman the dorm food gave me stomach issues.
I am a Columbia Missouri native. Mizzou was already the place I called home before I decided to attend. I drove past the stadium every morning on my way to school. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I got sick of seeing Mizzou things everywhere. I’d been exposed to black and gold to the point that it was nauseating. However, I can’t separate Mizzou from Columbia, and as much as I love to travel and get away for a while, there is no place I would have rather grown up and gone to school. Mizzou is truly part of what makes the town I love the town I love. I loved to do more than take the 15-minute walk to campus and enjoy the warm breeze. The Broadway Diner was the hotspot of choice for my friends throughout high school. Columbia is my home, and that makes Mizzou my home. Yet, for everyone, there’s still so much more to learn, both about Mizzou and while at Mizzou.
I like the size of the University. Even though on the outside looking in, it looks way too big for one person to maintain, it really gets easier. I learned my way around in one week. Also, it is a great place to meet people from all around. There aren't really that many people who are from where I am from and I am okay with that.
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