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The University of Missouri is a great value. I have attended undergrad and graduate school in Columbia. I have been challenged by my professors and peers, and I have been exposed to diversity, community, and friendships.
I feel I am receiving an incredible education from the University of Missouri. The teachers are extremely invested in their students and strive for them to succeed. The university offers hundreds of ways to get involved outside of academics including Greek Life, clubs, intramural sports, organizations and more. Athletics are a huge part of the "culture" of Mizzou. Football game days unite the entire student body and bring everyone together to support the school as a whole. The campus is beautifully maintained and easily accessible. The dorms are kept clean and are mostly centrally located. I feel safe on campus and know that the university is constantly attempting to improve the overall safety of its students.
The University of Missouri is a top-tier University in Missouri. However, it is currently weathering some budget cuts and unfavorable reviews in the news due to events of the last few years.

In the field of music, the school is beginning plans for desperately needed new facilities. The faculty and staff do an excellent job given what they have, but the facilities and budget cuts of recent years are making the job more difficult than it would otherwise need to be. My overall experience has been a positive one that provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in my field.
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Since I am a resident of the State of Missouri, I thought the University of Missouri would be the smartest choice for myself. This campus is very beautiful and well-kept. The facilities on campus are neat and modern. Although this campus might feel big at times, they make sure that they have a lot of activities so you do not get lonely or bored. There is not one night on campus where nothing will be going on, there is always something going on or off campus. The University is literally the heart of Columbia, Missouri. Downtown is a 5-15 minute walk from campus and provides great amusement to college students. Like any other campus, it is mostly oriented around sports. The sports program is slowly becoming better, little by little but none the less it is becoming better. I would recommend the University of Missouri to anybody that is looking for a great campus to call home.
The University of Missouri is a beautiful campus and ranked one of the top most gorgeous schools in the Fall/Spring season. In cozy Columbia, MO, you'll get the perfect balance of big party SEC school and intimate class settings for academics.
I absolutely loved my time at Mizzou. Coming from Chicago, moving so far away had me nervous, but Mizzou was a great choice. I got extremely involved on campus and made lifelong friends.
Coming as an out-of-state student that is also a minority was a bit tricky to get used to at first, but it wasn't too bad. The campus is gorgeous and it's fun to constantly have activities going on around campus.
I love this university. I've liked most of my professors. I like that there is something for everyone on campus. I'm a student in the Trulaske College of Business on campus and I love everything about the school.
Overall this campus is amazing. The buildings are beautiful and the location right next to downtown is convenient and awesome.
Great school, bad administration in 2015. The administration has since changed, etc. Overall, good journalism program but very liberal. Hard for students with a variety of backgrounds to come together as one.
it's great. I love my school so much. I don't think I could've chosen a better school for myself. I'm so blessed and honored to have been accepted at this school. God has been so good to me.
I love being a Tiger and being a student at the University of Missouri. I think the online classes I have taken are fair and comfortable. I always wanted to go to school there, but I have been busy with work. I can not wait to get my degree from the University of Missouri and then maybe get a graduate degree as well.
Phenomenal resources for a variety of students. There is a abundance of classes to choose from which vary across all ends of the spectrum. Although Mizzou is known for journalism, each college within the university is just as respected. Mizzou doesn't stop with its academics, the campus is beautiful and always buzzing with new opportunities and organizations to be involved with.
great computer science field. my over all experience has been fantastic but i still feel like somethings missing
I love Mizzou for many reasons, and not for many reasons. The price is steep and continuously growing, noting that this is not all the University's fault. The Greek Life program is amazing and opens up so many doors for its participants. Mizzou is very encouraging towards study abroad programs, and broadening your horizons passed the classroom setting. The opportunities to meet and make endless acquaintances and friends is one of the best things about this school. But, similar to other Universities, you get out of it what you put into it. I just think, personally, Mizzou offers more than enough opportunities to take advantage of great programs that are joinable at any point during your college career.
The University of Missouri-Columbia is an amazing college to attend. The town of Columbia is the perfect place to live and the people there will help you with whatever you need. The college offers so many fun activities that you will never be bored no matter how long you stay.
If you do not attend the University of Missouri, you would assume that it is not an inclusive campus. As a current student, I could not disagree with this more. I am only a sophomore and have grown so much in my short time here. In fact, I positively interact with diverse groups of people more now than I have in my entire life. It is a great campus with great people and opportunities.
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If you ignore the media you would never be able to tell there was an issue on our campus. Everyone I have met or bumped into or be forced to work with in a group assignment is at mizzou to get a good education from one of its many degree programs. If you like food columbia has many places to eat from every corner of the globe. Tutoring is also widely available throughout the town. Each off campus housing business has it's perks, but look into renting a duplex it is much quieter than the apartments and generally $300 cheaper each month.
The University of Missouri to me has become a home away from home. There are constantly ways to get involved and the best part, they're not awkward! Meeting people and putting yourself out there can be scary. Coming to Mizzou, I reinvented myself from who I was in high school and I became someone who was comfortable doing things I normally wouldn't and everyone I have met so far has loved the new me.
I love Mizzou! There are tons to things to do on campus! The professors are great and the atmosphere is perfect for college!
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