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If you do not attend the University of Missouri, you would assume that it is not an inclusive campus. As a current student, I could not disagree with this more. I am only a sophomore and have grown so much in my short time here. In fact, I positively interact with diverse groups of people more now than I have in my entire life. It is a great campus with great people and opportunities.
If you ignore the media you would never be able to tell there was an issue on our campus. Everyone I have met or bumped into or be forced to work with in a group assignment is at mizzou to get a good education from one of its many degree programs. If you like food columbia has many places to eat from every corner of the globe. Tutoring is also widely available throughout the town. Each off campus housing business has it's perks, but look into renting a duplex it is much quieter than the apartments and generally $300 cheaper each month.
The University of Missouri to me has become a home away from home. There are constantly ways to get involved and the best part, they're not awkward! Meeting people and putting yourself out there can be scary. Coming to Mizzou, I reinvented myself from who I was in high school and I became someone who was comfortable doing things I normally wouldn't and everyone I have met so far has loved the new me.
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I love Mizzou! There are tons to things to do on campus! The professors are great and the atmosphere is perfect for college!
I am a huge fan of Mizzou, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a school that provides a great education, a great life in extracurriculars, and also anyone looking for a town that is more than the university.
During my tour, I loved the campus. The campus is so beautiful and modern. I felt so welcoming and comfortable. The people are so friendly and I could not have asked for a better experience!
From what I have seen Mizzou is an amazing school! It has super nice facilities, the people are friendly, the campus is pretty and the town is super cute. Mizzou is definitely a place to visit!
Mizzou offers a small school vibe at a SEC school. You get to make close friends and personal connections while enjoying big events. It has tons of free resources and connections. I love Mizzou!
MU offers a large variety of nationally acclaimed academic programs and extra curricular activities. MU is a diverse campus with people of all different races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. In the past few years Mizzou has had a large problem with racial discrimination. Mizzou is working to address this problem. But current progress seems minimal.
Overall the experience at Mizzou is great, it has a great atmosphere, and easy manageable classes to enroll in. Mizzou has a very large campus so just remember to pack your walking shoes.
The University of Missouri is a "big" university that still manages to feel a bit small. I can be anywhere on campus within 20 minutes, even though my dorm is the farthest dorm away from everything. My favorite place to study in on the second floor of the student center next to the fireplace. It's quieter than the first floor is, but life is still going on below you, so it's not silent. The food in the dining halls is great and at any given point of the day there is almost always one dining hall open somewhere. Supposedly the food they serve in the places inside the student center is also good, but I haven't gotten a chance to try any of it yet. The Mizzou After Dark events are great, and there's at least one a month to go to. Another good thing are the weekly free movies on Wednesdays, and the $1 movies on the weekends; this semester's line up is great! It includes Doctor Strange, The Edge of Seventeen, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Moana, Hidden Figures, and La La Land.
I've been at the University of Missouri-Columbia for over a semester now and I love it! There are so many clubs to choose from so everyone can find something they like.
Over all Mizzou is a great place to be. The atmosphere is exciting when it needs to be and calm when it's necessary and the school spirit is infectious. The value of education is pretty good and I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth. However, the one thing I would wish to change would be the lack of funding in the Arts & Sciences school. I understand that Journalism is Mizzou's "thing" and that's wonderful, but there are other schools that could use a little extra love!
From my first visit I fell in love with this University. Everyone I have met has been very helpful and the campus is absolutely beautiful.
So far at the University of Missouri, I've enjoyed myself incredibly. The classes inspire actual learning and challenge me. As the year has gone on, I myself have progressed tremendously both as a student and as a person in general. If I had a child, I would certainly be okay with sending them to Mizzou.
There's an awful lot of people here, and it is a very crowded campus, the professors vary, some very helpful and care about the students while others could care less. The campus has plenty of food options, most of which are pretty good. They are very football and sorority oriented here. There is so much going on all the time, that it can be very overwhelming, especially if you came from a small, rural area.
I love all the possibilities that are available and how there is a place for everyone. I have made many great friends while attending, and always look forward to starting a new semester.
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The University of Missouri has a welcoming environment that allows you to get involved in several different organizations. So far I have integrated into campus life fairly well and am involved in several of the campus organizations. The classrooms can challenge you, but the professors will be there to help. My experience there so far has been rewarding, but with everything it's what you make of it.
I love attending the University of Missouri Columbia. The campus community is just that, a community and I have felt right at home since the day I stepped on campus. Even through turmoil and controversy the community I have found has been supportive every step of the way. Game days are when the campus unites to cheer on our tigers through thick and thin and there is fun to be had all day. I am currently working on immersing myself into the campus community and I am so excited for what my future at Mizzou holds!
I love attending the University of Missouri. There have been some bumps in the road since I've started attending but I love the atmosphere and relationships I've made. I also recommend to everyone to get involved because it will make your college experience a lot better
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