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Very rooted in history and tradition. Most everyone you meet has a passion for this school. The business school is filled with exceptional teachers and resources.
A big university with a lot of opportunities, majors, and extracurriculars. They have a pretty decent film department too.
Great professors who really wanted to see you succeed. Diversity was a but lacking but there are plenty of clubs and organizations to join that would put you in contact with like minded people.
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I have an extreme amount of school spirit for Mizzou. Since coming here, I have learned things that I did not even know I was uneducated on. Whether it be diversity, service, or course content I feel like I have truly become the person I am meant to be after coming here. I have been blessed with many involvement opportunities which is a huge reason I take pride in being a student at Mizzou. My professors, peers, and mentors have shown me how to better myself by being positive and inclusive role models and I am thankful to say that I am a tiger.
The University of Missouri is a well-kept school in a quaint, college town. MU has many great qualities from its academics to its faculty. However, like every university, it has room for improvements.
One way that MU could better itself is by adding local restaurant chains to the campus dining plan. I know of many universities that have Chik Fil-As on campus that receive a lot of revenue from students. This would be extremely profitable for MU because a lot of off-campus students do not buy meal plans meaning they would need to use real money at these chain locations. It would be a great way to put more money back into the school.
Overall, the university has its pros and cons, but ultimately does what it needs to do in giving out quality education. As a student, I am happy with my choice and cannot see myself going to school anywhere else. Especially if we get a Chik Fil-A on campus…
Welcoming college and it couldn’t feel more like home. Such nice staff and amazing programs. The buildings are absolutely gorgeous and they are so fast at replying with admissions. They have such a wide variety of clubs and serorities and things to be involved on campus it’s impossible not to be involved in something.
The set up of the school was very efficient and easy to navigate, and the amenities were very up to date. Everything is within walking distance, but if you prefer not to, there are BIRD scooters available all around. There is a lot to do downtown--food, bars, shopping. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience.
I love Mizzou! The campus is beautiful combining the best of old and new architecture. The professors are always willing to meet with you to help you perform your best in class. There is a large variety of classes and majors from which to choose. The one thing I would change would be the out-of -state tuition. I wish it would be a little lower. But I have had great experiences and made life-long friends and wouldn't give up going to Mizzou for anything!
i liked the Rec center it was really amazing. i also liked how friendly all the professors are and how the school strives to see the students succeed.
The University Of Missouri offers an amazing educational experience mixed with the college experience of a lifetime. One of the best colleges I have ever attended, MIZ!
My overall experience of MiZZOU is pretty limited. I’ve been on Campus a couple of times and have really enjoyed myself. It’s a really good campus and I loved every second of being there.
I was absolutely blown away by the staff in the Atmospheric Science Department. The professors are so knowledgeable and they have a genuine concern for the well being of the student and the students success. The Atmospheric Science program through CAFNR provides students for multiple opportunities to apply themselves to their full potential.
I am currently enrolled in the University of Missouri and absolutely love it here! The campus is beautiful, every building and statue around it has so much meaning. Just being here feels like I am apart of the school's rich history. The academics are great, you have opportunities to learn things outside of your major, and many classes and skill courses are offered in different departments as well. When I first arrived here I didn't think I would see many faces like mine, but how wrong I turned out to be. Mizzou isn't the MOST diverse but I see different faces everyday. I feel safe here, I feel as if I have really truly found my home. MIZ!!!!
I transferred in from another school in Missouri and instantly fell in love with the campus and the entire atmosphere around the university. Most of the professors are easy to approach for assistance while others referred to their Teacher Assistant, which seemed egotistical. I graduated with a degree in Political Science and enjoyed all the professors in the department as well as a few standouts from the History department. I highly recommend Mizzou to anyone considering it. You will be pushed academically but not overwhelmed. Afterwards head downtown for the great social scene which is within walking distance of campus.
I absolutely love how welcoming and friendly everyone is here! The campus is extremely gorgeous, especially the Columns! It's just all-around so fun here.
Overall, its a great experience. The faculty and professors are always helpful and the dorms and eating facilities are nice too. However, the only issue I have is with safety and with the campus's textbook costs. We get many emails involving robberies or break-ins from the MU Police often, and the textbooks at the campus book store are high priced (especially for lab notebooks and basic school supplies) when you can find them online for cheaper prices.
I like the dorms and the initial welcoming into the University. I do not like the neglect of support & care from staff after the parents leave. The professors are more concerned about their research than actually being an efficient professor.
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I love Mizzou so much. Amazing campus with great resources. The campus is beautiful and safe. I think that is not as diverse as other large public universities, but new administration is working hard to foster an inclusive environment
I have been at this university off and on since 2007 and I couldn’t imagine a better place to be. The campus is absolutely beautifully maintained and filled with historical landmarks. Top of the line facilities including a rec center that was rated best in the nation by Sports Illustrated I believe around 2005 when it was built. Lots of highly ranked degree programs and SEC sports teams!
Mizzou has a large campus with numerous programs and extracurricular opportunities to choose from. There is a great need for more campus and community services and diversity in faculty, staff, and student body.
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