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University of Missouri - Kansas City Reviews

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My experience here has been excellent. The campus is clean and pretty. There is lots of campus security all over which makes me feel safe. The professors have all been great as well!
UMKC is a great college, I would recommend it to many of my friends. Unfortunately, the financial aspect(Cashiers) got the best of my experience.
I love this campus! It's in the heart of the city and there are so many activities to do when you need a study break. Professors are helpful and willing to do anything it takes to help you fully understand the information. There is all sorts of things to do on campus, and the housing is the best in the area.
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The University of Missouri-Kansas City is the overall college experience. This campus is beautiful and surrounded by a beautiful scenery. The professors are amazing. They work with you and cater to your learning abilities.
Overall, the college has great professors that are invested in their students. They are more than willing to assist them with any issues they have. The campus is clean and there is a lot to do in surrounding areas. My biggest complaints, though, are the lack of scholarships they offer students and frequent mistakes make by their offices (e.g. failure to notify students of missing paperwork, incorrect scholarship or billing amounts.
UMKC is a university built for young adults. With a non-traditional style of school, you can actually fit school into your life. It is also fairlyinexpensive so you do not have to worry about exorbitant loan fees.
The University of Missouri Kansas City is a very diverse, fun college. Between experienced professors leaving lifelong impressions to students becoming life long friends, there is nothing missing from this university.
fun campus, in the heart of kansas city. the student government association doesnt have a history of making sure college is affordable and despite 1 recent tuition cut, the school is constantly raising tuition without public debate or notice
This school is fairly good with very specific programs. The conservatory of music and dance is a very nice program for music majors, although not absolutely outstanding. It could be better and have more variety in topics and subjects of music, but I think the professors do a very good job of educating the material they are given and present a safe and fun environment for learning and enhancing students as musicians in a select variety of jobs in music.
Overall, my experience with at the University of Missouri-Kansas City was an enjoyable one. The professors treated me as a professional, were always respectful and considerate of my concerns, and easy to work with. The faculty eased the challenges of returning to school, 15 years from previously graduating an Associate's program. I feel that my studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City have prepared me to further my education even more at a graduate level. The only issue I ever had was occasional enrollment snags due to me being an online student and classes had to be selected a certain way. However, staff readily assisted me in resolving any issues.
The investment in my college degree has been very affordable! I have been very satisfied with all of the professors I have had.
I loved the campus tour! Everyone was friendly! They had two students and one former student that gave the presentation! She was very informative on ways to get around the campus and also of how to pay for tuition!
I applied to several colleges, one of which was UMKC. I was accepted and tentatively enrolled in classes for the fall term. I elected to go to a different college and never made any payments to UMKC (other than my application fee). I assumed that they would forget about me as I missed the payment deadline for the first tuition payment. Wrong! In late December, after the fall term was over, I started getting phone calls from them saying that I owed them $3,000. They refused to correct the error and told me I would have to fill out a late disenrollment form. I did this (even thought the form explicitly states it has to be filled out by a certain date which had long since passed). Needless to say, my request was ignored and the phone calls kept coming. They upped the $3,000 to $4,500 (late payment fee I guess) and turned the bogus debt over to a collection agency. Suffice it to say, I would recommend not having anything to do with UMKC.
UMKC has a very beautiful campus and a number of degrees to choose from. The staff is excellent, the classes are great, and the student population is a good size.
UMKC has a great size, great diversity, great emphasis on culture and celebrates it. Some professors are really good at what they do and others seems to have no idea what they should be doing. Overall, I like it.
I had a great experience at UMKC. The graduate professors deserve much credit for making these courses exciting, real world relevant, and purposeful. For the cost of tuition, it would be difficult to find a better value.
Over all a good school in general. The academics is outstanding and the professors are very much so willing to sit down with you one on one to help you with anything concerning class work. The schools active level is ok, there not to much going on around campus but they do have small events for us college students to attend.
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Professors are really helpful. this is a big commuter school, so without being in clubs/knowing people, there is no social life. Greek life is recommended to know about parties here. other than that the campus is nice and everyone if friendly.
The University of Missouri-Kansas City has a beautiful campus and they have so many resources. within my two years here I have been able to get experiences that I usually wouldn't have. For example, my anchor classes have required me to attend concerts and plays hosted by KcRep and the Kauffman Center. The activity on campus could be better but I enjoy learning here.
Great instructors, but definitely a commuter campus. If you want to get involved you have to be outgoing. There are quite a few groups to join but unless you are looking for them you won't hear about them.
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