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I love the atmosphere of this campus. Its a decent size, but small enough that you get a lot of one on one attention from professors. They know your name, and are able to fully explain to students rather than letting them get lost in the crowd. Transferred here from a large school - so happy I did!
I twas a great school and was filled with eager students that love to learn and the classes were out of this world! I am talking fun classes. I wander if you could find another school like this.
UMKC is mainly a school for the fine arts. Being a science major, I'm not completely sure that this is the best place. Unless you are in the 6 year BA/MD program, UMKC may not be the place for science majors.
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The dorms are a little faulty, and it seems construction/focus to get these fixed to their proper setting may be 3rd priority at most. Otherwise, the food is great, the professors are better, and the people are the best. Everyone is very kind to eachother and understanding, helpful, and resourceful. Classes have Supplemental Instruction courses if you didn't understand something, and being next to the city, there is tons to do in your free time!
I have only been here for two years, but UMKC has been great educationally! I love the fact that I am in classes that are smaller making it easier to do well in my opinion. However, the typical 'college experience' seems to be missing here at UMKC when it comes to spirit and sports. However, you pay for college to get a good education which is something it definitely provides!
It is a very diverse campus and the professors are absolutley amazing. We have so many clubs that there is something for everyone!
Being a sophomore here at this university, I learned a lot. As a incoming freshman, I had too much to focus on. This is a very diverse campus and student involvement is top priority. There is always events going on. Safety can be a bit more well enforced, but overall UMKC is a great university to pursue a degree at.
I have been at UMKC for a year and have loved every moment! I transferred to this university because of the area and the diversity. The diversity in students and areas of study are amazing. At my previous college, I did not feel as though I belonged; at UMKC I feel a sense of belonging and happy. The amount of majors you can pick from is amazing, not many schools offer a Criminal Justice major. They also have programs such as the 90+ program which is great if you are thinking about law school. Every advisor I have met has assured me with their knowledge on the courses and major audits. I feel good knowing every class helps me meet a requirement. The campus is right in the heart of Kansas City, this makes it so that everything is within reach. I have a shopping center, places to eat, museums, and much more around me. Overall, UMKC is one of the best decisions I have made.
I have been enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for one year. I was a transfer student and this year has been a great experience.
I'm now a sophomore at UMKC and I compete on the Track Team. It's been a great experience this far!
The University of Missouri Kansas City offers residents of both Kansas and Missouri the chance to attend college with affordable tuition. The diverse population of students and supportive atmosphere allows students to thrive.
This school is amazing. The professors are very helpful, they have office hours anytime you need them. You can ask for help even after class as long as they are available. The campus is beautiful and not that big. There are lots of clubs that you can participate in. And the other students are very friendly. Also, you can get free tutoring and get help with your essays in the writing studio.
My experience here has been excellent. The campus is clean and pretty. There is lots of campus security all over which makes me feel safe. The professors have all been great as well!
UMKC is a great college, I would recommend it to many of my friends. Unfortunately, the financial aspect(Cashiers) got the best of my experience.
I love this campus! It's in the heart of the city and there are so many activities to do when you need a study break. Professors are helpful and willing to do anything it takes to help you fully understand the information. There is all sorts of things to do on campus, and the housing is the best in the area.
The University of Missouri-Kansas City is the overall college experience. This campus is beautiful and surrounded by a beautiful scenery. The professors are amazing. They work with you and cater to your learning abilities.
Overall, the college has great professors that are invested in their students. They are more than willing to assist them with any issues they have. The campus is clean and there is a lot to do in surrounding areas. My biggest complaints, though, are the lack of scholarships they offer students and frequent mistakes make by their offices (e.g. failure to notify students of missing paperwork, incorrect scholarship or billing amounts.
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UMKC is a university built for young adults. With a non-traditional style of school, you can actually fit school into your life. It is also fairlyinexpensive so you do not have to worry about exorbitant loan fees.
The University of Missouri Kansas City is a very diverse, fun college. Between experienced professors leaving lifelong impressions to students becoming life long friends, there is nothing missing from this university.
fun campus, in the heart of kansas city. the student government association doesnt have a history of making sure college is affordable and despite 1 recent tuition cut, the school is constantly raising tuition without public debate or notice
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