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Not a bad place to be, good academics, mostly great professors, and livin right in Kansas City in definitely a bonus
I like the small school feel while also being at a larger school. I wish it was less of a commuter school. Also, the school should expand their athletics if they wish for a higher enrollment rate.
umkc is perfect for networking and outgoing people. if you're shy, break out of that bubble immediately or you'll be a loner for sure. there's also tons of great study spots for bookworms and academics, during the first week of school, participate in as may events as they're hosting! night with the greeks was pretty cool and so were the other events. go to as many events throughout the year too...great way to make friends.
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The faculty at UMKC is friendly, knowledgeable, and equipped to do their job. Most of the classes I have been in have been relatively small, which is nice becuase this makes it much easier to connect with teachers and students. UMKC offers a wide variety of majors, events, and opportunities for each and every student to participate in. The UMKC environment is condusive to learning. There are many computer labs and coffee shops throughout campus available for students to take advantage of as they study or even just want to hang out with friends. The scenery throughout the UMKC campus is beautiful in all seasons, and correct measures have been taken to make the campus environment feel safe.
The overall experience is great. The Bloch business schools are definitely one of the better places on campus.
UMKC really strives to keep students enrolled and thriving. There are actual police officers on campus and help kiosks available all over campus to ensure security. The professors have all been helpful and attentive, probably due to the smaller class sizes. The recreation center has an indoor pool with a "door" that opens to allow the pool to be outside; very relaxing.
The university has all walks of life and ages. Not just young students. Many diverse people and knowledgeable professors. Some instructors still work and teach courses.
UMKC offers top notch programs and countless resources to their student. Although UMKC is a beautiful campus, it is located in a high-crime area of Kansas City. The professors at UMKC are very understanding and provide opportunities for extra assistance with courses. UMKC promotes that it's campus is highly commuter friendly, but it lacks many resources, involvement opportunities, and academic assistance to the many commuters who attend. The diversity at UMKC is unmatched.
I have been going to UMKC for four years now and have enjoyed it. Nice campus, good class choices, and close to the plaza.
the campus is small but really nice. students are very friendly and professors are willing to help. cafeteria food is not that good though. libraries are pretty quiet with good facilites.
I absolutely loved the tour I went on! Everyone was very friendly when I asked questions and even going around the campus.
I loved my first year at UMKC. My pre-nursing courses were very helpful, and helped me to find my place on campus. Although, I was accepted into the nursing program, and did attend for one semester, I found that this was not for me. I actually thank UMKC for being understanding, and wanting to help me to find the right path in my college education, and the career that suits me best.
Great college in a city environment. The general education classes tend to be a waste of time, but major courses are engaging and the professors are wonderful. Most people commute to campus; the enrollment is high but it feels much smaller when you walk around on campus.
Great business school. Horrible financial aid staff. Overall a decent school. Classes are not always offered at times that are needed. Many professors know that many students there work during the day, but the still do not offer some classes that are needed at times that would work for people working.
UMKC has provided me with many opportunities, and the professors that I had so far have been excellent. I would like to see more school spirit with the students.
My results may be biased considering I am a freshman and I have had a hard time transitioning from high school to college; but this school didn't exactly help us with that transition... at all, actually. The dorms and food are not worth the cost at all. Athletics are not a huge deal here. People don't ever seem exactly happy around here. Everyone and everything is more or less just average here.
UMKC has the most diverse campus I have experienced, it is such an acccepting environment for everyone. Along with diversity the professors are amazing tools to have. They are willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed even ones you may not have in classes.
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I have taken multiple classes via dual credit through UMKC. All of the teachers I have had I have considered to be my favorite teachers. I have learned a tremendous amount of information and I believe I am fully prepared for college life. However, when I did apply for an undergraduate degree at UMKC, the process was difficult. They also would not set up payment plans for a speech class I took over the summer, which caused some of the students to drop out. I still took the class, but those students missed out on a wonderful experience.
Umkc is a great and welcoming environment. It is a place of growth and expanding exposure to the surrounding world, offering opportunities to listen to speakers or various religious and political beliefs.
I enjoyed the small class sizes, it give students and faculty an opportunity to work closely together. Academically the school prepares you for the work force after graduation and has plenty of organizations and clubs you can join.
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