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My experience at the University Of Mississippi has been great overall. Starting off as a freshman student wasn’t as easy at first. Being new and not having friends along with me was quite hard, and I thought my adjustment away from home wouldn’t be as easy as I thought, but the students around campus made it so much easier. Their kindness and friendliness made me feel in a sense safe because knowing that you are in environment feel with such positive energy makes the experience so much. Getting to know new people on campus made me learn new things and also made me enjoy pursuing my education even more here. So far I have enjoyed my freshman year here at Ole Miss, and I am very excited to see what the next few years will bring.
I love this school because of the friends that I have made and the quality of the classes that I have taken here so far. The main reason I did not give theis school a full five stars is because there is too many parties. Of course college for many is a time to party every weekend and all that, but it seems really over board here.
I love the energy and the environment of Ole Miss. There are so many nice & helpful people in this community. The only thing I would like to change is the academic level. There are some very difficult classes here at ole miss. But I know it will be all worth it in the end.
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The atmosphere at the University of Mississippi is great. I really love being involved at school, and it is a very hospitable and heart-warming place just like the state of Mississippi.
The University of Mississippi is a great place to go to college, if you have everything organized and classes figured out yourself. The advisers are absolutely horrible in multiple majors. People are not there to help you and they do not care about you. I wish I could rate Ole Miss 5 stars because the town is an amazing and safe place to go to college. The students are the only helpful people on campus.
Despite the negative controversies surrounding the school, Ole Miss fosters a warm and welcoming environment for all students and fans. The school offers multiple opportunities for everyone to excel and thrive.
The college is good. Campus is beautiful, in fact, world class. People are enthusiastic and always ready to learn.
My experience has been pretty good. The teachers have been great. They are easygoing, and not tough. They are at teaching their materials.
I like that the University is close to home and some of the instructors go out of their way to help you achieve your goal.

I wish we cold decide on a school mascot that’s accepted by all student body and the alumni.
Beautiful school in a very charming town, but it gets old really fast. Coming from a suburb 20 min outside a major city, Oxford feels almost like a prison because there is nothing to do but eat or get drunk and it's 90 min from the closest city. Everyone is involved in Greek life and those who don't tend to be the nerdy types. Greeks are very fake and obsessed with image/social status. Not much diversity on campus and it's very segregated. Classes are surprisingly hard and teachers almost always take attendance. Parking is a mess (you have to leave an hour before class to find a spot) and the dorms are disgusting. The Grove is fun if you're a Mississippi native but if you're out-of-state you probably won't know anyone with a tent and you will have nowhere to get food or alcohol from. The Square is overrated, only a few small, crowded bars with small drinks and there's always a cover. Not worth the money to live in this expensive town in the middle of nowhere for a mediocre education
The University of Mississippi is an outstanding school with amazing professors willing to help you as much as they can. The campus is big, but you still are able to get a small campus vibe here.
The staff is very cooperative and the atmosphere is really peaceful. People there are very social and will be willing to show you around the place if it is your first time.
I love the campus and the people here are always so friendly. Game day in the grove is something amazing to see. It is also pretty easy to get help with whatever you need academically. Overall, It is such an amazing school to be a part of.
Great campus - beautiful, walk-able, new bike-share program; great professors; close to downtown; friendly students
The campus, the environment, the classes, the professors --- all together make Ole Miss a full, true, solid university - one that a person can be proud to say he or she has attended and a earned a degree!
I give Ole Miss and average rating because I had many problems with the dorms during Freshman year. Also the disability department was not very accommodating. Also, I was not awareI would have to say, The Grove is a spectacular event, by far, the nicest tailgaiting experience ever.
Great college with a lot of friendly people. The atmosphere is quite serene since it is located away from the city. Definitely a good environment for socialization. Also, you can excel at the college in a very relaxed way.
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The University is a great Campus. It continuously allows students to stay connected and feel at home. It supplies us with the many resources we need to be successful college students from counseling services to tutoring. The party life is amazing and there is never a dull moment. If you aren’t a party person, like myself, there are even activities for you like movie night in the grove and on campus scavenger hunts.
I never thought I would in a million years attend the University of Mississippi, but now that I'm here I never want to leave. The people are amazing and the opportunities are endless. Its got a small campus feel with enough people that you don't feel limited in people to associate with. I could not recommend it more.
I truly enjoy all of my teachers and classes. They care about your future and what you wish to get out of the university.
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