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I love Ole Miss. I feel so welcomed here, even though it is a large campus, its students are some of the brightest and most diverse group any college has to offer. Wish their wasn't so much construction work going on.
The Greek life is amazing in this college and the professors really want you to succeed. The place is also scenic and there is a lot happening every month.
I love Ole Miss so much and have only spent a year there but am so connected. The student life is amazing, great academics and sports, wonderful town, and so so safe.
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My experience is with the UM-Booneville campus as well as online classes. I thoroughly enjoyed earning my Bachelor of General Studies at Ole Miss! This is a top-notch institution!
I went to Ole Miss for one semester and had to transfer. My experience was completely different from what I thought it would be. The food options are all unhealthy in the union, the party scene is out of control and most students will go out 5-7 nights out of the week. If you are not in greek life, you are frowned upon. My dorm was so old and crusty that everyone was sick the whole time I was there and even got carbon monoxide poising!
Before enrolling at Ole Miss, I was unsure of how I would like it. I transferred from a community college and coming to this campus has been excellent. The transfer went as smooth as possible because of the super helpful administration. I love walking through the campus because it is beautiful and has so much history. It's very diverse and my courses were very interesting. Everyday is a new experience and I am glad I chose Ole Miss.
Scholastics are incredible. The campus is beautiful, Oxford is incredible, a there are a lot of great professors.
The University of Mississippi is a close knit campus that works hard to make you feel like it's your home away from home. I am just now finishing my freshman year here and I have completely enjoyed my experience on this campus. I would recommend this campus to anyone looking for a big campus with a close community!
The campus is so welcoming and accepting! There is a place for everyone and everyone has a place. From the moment I stepped foot on campus for a tour, I knew that this is where I wanted to spend the next four years. There are so many career choices as well. This campus makes big feel small and that is why I love it.
The University of Mississippi is a great school! They gave me an opportunity to earn college credits early so I can get ahead in school. The atmosphere is very friendly and the campus and dorms are very nice and clean!
Awesome people ready to help whenever I have questions! The application process has been extremely smooth with great communication. I can't wait to get there this fall!
Ole Miss is an excellent college. Everyone is friendly, and there’s always a place to have fun. The campus is beautiful and is located in a great town. The professors are very professional and will help anytime you ask.
I love the atmosphere and the campus. I see why it is ranked one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. The academics are also very good too.
The University of Mississippi creates a welcoming atmosphere. It's large university stereotype paired with the true small university feeling is incomparable when rating the experience it creates.
If you don’t want to go to Ole Miss, don’t visit. Once you hit campus you’ll never want to go anywhere else. This University has so much to offer as far as education and student experience.
It is great!!!!!! Apply here as soon as possible! There are a lot of great scholarships offered. Apply as soon as possible to get the best scholarships and schools. Hotty Toddy Gosh almighty!
The first two years here were awesome and a lot of fun. However, once I began the last half of my college career I found the staff/advisors to be difficult to work with or unsure of how to help their students. The atmosphere is more conducive to a party scene most weekends and it's harder to find a spot to chill and hang out.
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My visit at University Of Mississippi was wonderful, the college had so much to offer for the teachers, parents, and students. All of the employees was very nice, generous, and helpful. The school is very challenging to the students to help them in the future. They have wonderful majors and minors opportunities to help them with their future goals in life. They have a lot of sports and activities for the students to enjoy on and off campus. I will be visiting again!
The culture and tradition the school brings with it is incredible, and absolutely something I am thankful to experience every day.
There is a lot of underage drinking! The law school is nice (built in 2011) and the professors seem to know their subjects pretty well. I would say that if you're not looking to stay in the immediate south though to look at other schools for law school.
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