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I like how the university has many events that includes the students. The campus has a great feel. When you visit the campus it’s very beautiful, and they give you a sense of home. I hope to see more events that signify minorities on campus. There are some, but I feel like it could be more. I love how on game days everyone gets together. It’s very comforting when someone is away from home.
Ole Miss is a wonderful school that has many things for every student. The teachers are great, and everything administrative is easily accessed. The school has tried very hard to shed its reputation as a racist institution and contextualize monuments from before integration. My only problem is that the school is weighted so heavily towards Greek life that anyone not participating finds it almost impossible to find friends or leadership opportunities. It is also a huge party school. You can find students drinking heavily on the Square on a Wednesday or Tuesday night.
I am a high school senior this year and I recently went to visit Ole Miss and it is definitely a place I want to go!! Orientation was amazing and everyone there was so helpful!
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I am a huge football lover and the ole miss rebels are my team. I attended school at OleMiss in 2001 and absolutely loved it.
I really love the university as it is an extremely welcoming place. Ole Miss cultivates a unique close knit feel, and the opportunities for involvement on campus is amazing. The classes and campus overall are great quality. Between the impressive professors, sports, the hundreds of organizations on campus, and the aspect of student life, Ole Miss is an amazing choice for a college. The administration is extremely helpful when it comes to helping each student figure out their academic and financial needs and concerns. The area around campus is also very nice, and the town of Oxford is very safe. The opportunity for Greek life is also a positive, and can provide a support system for those students who chose to participate. The science, business, and accounting degrees are extremely popular here, and Ole Miss degree seeking programs are listed in the top ten for public universities.
I have fallen in love with the University, the campus, and the people. Being able to be in a place so far from where I lived where I call the people my family and the town my home is what Ole Miss has brought to me. It has great academics and a social life that allows you to get involved, have fun, while still having a support system that allows you to succeed with academics.
My experience at the University of Mississippi is beyond great! Only thing that I do not like about it is the parking!
The University of Mississippi is an exciting school for those from around Mississippi as well as from other states. Ole Miss not only has a beautiful campus but also has many activities that can keep anyone entertained. From greek life to political clubs, Ole Miss allows every student to explore and have many rich experiences while finding their path to the future career.
I think that The University of Mississippi is one of the most beautiful campuses in America. It's surrounded by a gorgeous array of trees and beautiful buildings. The classes are fun and intriguing, and the teachers are there to help you learn and succeed in your future endeavors. They really care what you have to say, and welcome challenging debates and conversations within the class lectures. There are lots of great activities meant to bring the community together, and we all come very close together during football season to cheer on our Rebels. Ole Miss is like a home away from home.
Everything about Ole Miss is amazing! For the most part all professors are easy to get a hold of and are more than willing to help you. Although, the downfall is that the advisors are not the most helpful people at the university. Parking is also getting to be a giant problem as the school keeps increasing the number of students enrolled. Ole Miss is among the most beautiful campuses in the nation. I would not want to go anywhere else!
The life at Ole Miss is great. Great atmosphere. Get fun during football game days. Great place and it is safe environment.
Excellent education, commute was easy, navigating campus was easy - always something to do, people to meet
So far the campus seems very cozy. It feels like home in a sense. Everyone is nice. You do have to walk everywhere, but you get used to it after a while. I personally like how inclusive the most of the organizations are. They feel like a family. No is every left out or feels isolated.
So far, I love it. I love being involved in the new freshman activities. Learning about the school's traditions has been exciting. I need to get use to the long walks to class and sharing my small dorm room.
University of Mississippi seats in a beautiful campus setting. Superficially, it seems like it does not have a lot to offer to the students to get involved inside the campus. However, provided through research is done, it has best opportunities including free volunteering, to paid on campus job depending on the interest. The best part of the campus is its safety at its best and very beautiful campus. It is worthy to say this is home to sea of beautiful girls with hospitality kind of culture. Moreover, unlike many other universities, bus service around the campus makes it a better place to move here and there. Talking about the academics, the course is not that rigorous and provided the assignments are done in time, securing outstanding grade should not be a big deal. The university also got a lot of recreation spots. One can hit to the sophisticated gym or tennis court or spacious soccer and football court and all.
I've loved Ole Miss when I first visited the campus. The school is fantastic and has many amazing major. They have fun experience there and more. They have what I'm looking for as well as the classes I'll need to take.
Ole Miss had always been my dream school when I was younger and now that I’m almost done with my bachelor’s degree, I can say that I was not disappointed. I made lifelong friendships and wonderful memories in my 4 years at Ole Miss. My engineering professors are very helpful and are truly invested in the success of their students. The University has a rich culture and beautiful campus. If you don’t believe me, just visit.
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Best school hands down. I am so sad that I am done at Ole Miss. I will always go back for football games and anything else I can make an excuse to get back to Oxford for. I loved every minute.
I loved my time at the University of Mississippi. I loved the professors, most of whom would bend over backward to help you. They were funny and helpful. The campus is always beautiful year-round. One thing I do suggest is looking up the buildings your classes are in on Google maps and try to find where your classrooms are before school starts. And always make sure to make a friend or two in your classes, most students are willing to send you notes if you happen to miss a class and it would a good idea to get together and have study sessions!
I feel like it is an average school, with opportunities for those who work hard. You can get an easy English or Business Degree or choose the very difficult route to strive for a Chinese, Accounting, Finance, Pre-Pharm, or other very difficult degree.
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