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University of Mississippi Medical Center Reviews

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The University of Mississippi Medical Center is a great academic institution to obtain knowledge to further your education. UMMC provides its students with the best skills in order to provide patients and the community with excellent service.
At first the campus might seem a little overwhelming since it is connected in with the actual hospital, but after a few weeks you get accustomed to everything. They have different bus lines which are very helpful in getting you to where you need to be and they run all day. The campus has a student union with a pretty good variety of food and lots of room and a gym. The teachers and campus are all excellent!
Most everyone attending UMC is fairly smart. Obviously everyone will be in the medical field one day.
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The programs pick the scholarships for you based on your application and interview. You do not apply for any directly.
If you don't pay for parking you have to park very far away. Not good if its raining!
I am very happy with the nursing program that I am currently in. The work load often consumes me, but I think that I am receiving the knowledge and skills I need to be a great nurse. I enjoy learning about the body and disease processes. More importantly, I have a genuine love for people and want to help them in any way possible. If I had the opportunity to choose a major all over again, I would definitely make the same choice. I cannot see myself in any other field. My goal is to be a registered nurse and to possibly advance one day. I have high hopes that it will be fairly easy to find a job in my field. There is always a need for knowledgeable and compassionate health care professionals.
The drug scene at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is not very noticeable. Most of the students strive to be professional and keep their personal lives private. Policies are enforced regularly, and values are stressed. Because UMMC is a professional school, there are very high expectations for the students. Although I'm sure some students drink alcohol, they seem to drink responsibly.
There is off campus available but the crime has really increased in Jackson so I recommend living on the outskirts of the city.
I filled out my FASFA at the last minute and my financial aid was ready to go in a few days. The financial aid counselor was really friendly and helpful. She was able to answer all of my questions.
Most of the students are dressed either in scrubs or business casual attire. Not the campus for street wear.
There are policies and procedures to ensure that everything flows smoothly. I love that. It keeps order and cuts down on chaos.
There is a lot of parking, but only across the street. Also it fills up quick so you might park far from campus.
The shuttles pick up students at many different stops and run continuously throughout the day.
The parking is across the street from campus, but there are buses to pick up students at stops which are covered.
There are plenty of housing options around campus and in the surrounding cities.
You are in the heart of the capital city. There's any restaurant you can think of.
There is one computer lab in the library. They are rather old.
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Campus dining is rather nice since they also try to accomodate to those in the actual hospital.
Being on a medical campus, the health and safety is better than you would expect at a general college campus.
You can intern in the hospital or clinics around town
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