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Online classes have gone about as well as expected. I'm a studio arts major so it's tough to not always have access to the necessary space/materials for assignments. Other than that though, online classes have been fine.
Pretty campus and a strong focus on environmentalism, but the surrounding area is quite a food desert, housing options are affordable but not great and tough to find, and well, I wouldn't be filling out surveys to try to get scholarships if I could afford going to school here.
With online classes due to the pandemic, professors did well adjusting the curriculum and modes of teaching to help students succeed. Internet speed was relatively good.
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-Small class sizes; average around 15, but can range from 5-40 students.
-Green campus with many sustainability initiatives
-Many student activities and clubs to join
-Small town experience
-Many opportunities to volunteer and gain professional experience
-Helpful faculty and opportunities for academic success
-Easy to get around campus
-Access to E-bikes
-Highly accredited teaching program
-Large Science building
-Modern fine arts building
-Convenient post office
-Opportunity to design your own major
-Community feel
-Discount grocery store located in town !!!
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-Large Spanish-speaking community

-Small town with few off-campus activities
-One dining hall with expensive plans
-Fewer course options
-Older dormitories
-Minimal fitness center for fee
-No fraternities/sororities
-Closest city with shopping is an hour away
-3+ hours from the Twin Cities
-Some athletic programs are dwindling
-Athletes receive more benefits
-Unnecessary/costly fees
Online classes at Morris are still very informative and you can still learn a lot from them, you just have to be very self motivated to do the work. You also don't get to know the professors as well in online classes.
Morris has a very nice campus which is small and quiet. It's the perfect place to immerse yourself in your studies and be free of distraction. The community is also very welcoming and helpful.
It was fine. Obviously, the transition was a huge strain for professors, and so it's only fair to cut them some slack. Of the classes I took online, they all ended up working out pretty well, and I still felt as if I was learning from them (mind you, I also had good professors for these classes).
It's a great college to become an adult at! The town is small and safe so it's not overwhelming. The class sizes are often small and the professors care about you and want you to succeed. I had a professor who offered me tea every time I went to office hours.
Most classes are done over zoom but there are some issues that make learning difficult. The professors are doing their best and are available to help almost all the time
Completed two years at Morris and now I'm transferring. It's bad enough that there is nothing to do, but the student body is essentially a hive mind. In Morris, if you don't go with the status quo, you are ostracized from the community.
The transition to online learning was a joke. Most people skipped classes and for the most part learned nothing.
It is a small town school that is perfect for everyone. With smaller classes you really get to know your fellow students and professors. (which if you are looking into going to grad school will help you with great recommendations that are actually meaningful). Additionally since it is part of the UofM system there is that much more internships and travel opportunities other colleges can't offer. Though its a small town there is always something to do and some sort of even to go too.
My professors were really able to adapt to online learning in a way that you felt like you were still in a classroom with other students and could ask questions easily. School work was given in a way that you could learn and succeed whatever your circumstances.
I love the UMN Morris! Not only is it a very accepting and diverse community, but that there is something for everyone! The campus-community is absolutely amazing and welcoming. With the transition to online classes, Morris has been very thoughtful of its students with trying to keep a smooth transition as well as the professors working better with students under whatever circumstances.
The University of Minnesota- Morris is a good school but it is very small. Classes are good, but you dont get to meet many new people.
My experience at UM Morris was excellent; from the small class size, to the small town setting, to UMM Homecoming- it was an excellent place to go to college. I return every year for homecoming since 2005, with my college buddy Joey.
I love how close-knit the community is and the easy navigability of the campus. I love being a part of an institution that is laying a huge role in sustainability and seeks to improve green energy.
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Student Activities and events at Morris provide an incredible opportunity for students to get engaged with their peers and life on campus beyond the classroom. The staff, instructors and my fellow students are all amazing.
The school is absolutely awful. I went into this school an ambitious, happy individual in the fall of 2015, and I left after my first semester. About 4 years later I am still trying to fix the damage this school left on me, now clinically diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD from my experiences there.
Teachers and students continuously told me my beliefs would be the downfall of mankind (I'm a conservative). Teachers reprimanded me for asking questions and preached in class about their atheistic beliefs. The school was supposed to be accepting and supportive to all individuals, and this is far from the truth. I was targeted and hated. The school system was terrible; I could never get a straightforward answer on basic questions without them sending me back and forth between offices until I mentioned needing to bring the Dean into these unresolved issues. An overview: a leftist, biased, hateful school.
It’s a really really good school and it has a beautiful campus and really hands-on teachers who care about making sure you succeed in life and in school