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It was an excellent environment to be around. I went on a visit for football and they treated me so well. I'm proud to become a bulldog this upcoming fall!
I've overall had a pretty good experience here at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The college provides a lot of activities on campus for college students and helps get them involved. Living on campus my freshman year has been a great way to get connected and meet new people. I met two of my best friends on my floor.

The one thing I'd like to see change is the meal plan and food provided here. Living on campus you can get a 19 meals/per week meal plan or a 14 meals/per week meal plan. I have the 14 meals/per week meal plan and sometimes I don't use all my meals. I think that students should get reimbursed for the meals that they don't end up using, otherwise their money just goes to waste.

Academically speaking, I enjoy the majority of the professors I have. Some professors I have are getting old in age and present themselves as if they don't really care about their students. While other professors I've had seem as if their first priority is in the interest of their students.
The city itself is extremely beautiful. The school has great resources. The roads are awful in the winter
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The school is pretty diverse and allows gender inclusive housing. The dorms are kinda small but very cozy. The drama department is very big and inclusive too.
My experience at UMD was a positive one. The student life is incredible and the professors are fun and easy to learn from. All staff are easy to talk to and helpful in any way they can.
Overall, this University is a great experience. I can say that, seeing as I transferred here from another college and can compare those experiences. The campus is amazing, and it only helps that it’s located in the beautiful city of Duluth. The professors are incredible, even when dealing with the larger class sizes. Overall, the student population is very respectful and diverse. UMD is often referred to as a party school, and this is something I had initially worried about coming into this university. I’m glad to say that the party scene is nonexistent if you are not looking for it, and being a dry campus helps in this effort. It can get very cold up here and the parking situation needs some work, but overall that isn’t enough to take anything away from all of the positivity to be found here.
Great surrounding area with tons of outdoor activities. Lakefront area is awesome! Tons of hiking and running trails close by, nice campus. I’m in engineering and most classes are good though the physics department can be frustrating.
I liked that it was a good size school. I could always easily get my schedule in order and didn't have to worry even if I only had 10 minutes to get to class. My major also had great teachers and support for all my endeavors. If I could change one thing it would be the amount of classes and online classes available so I could be able to get into the classes I need.
UMD is overall, a very pleasant place to live. From touring it in my junior year of high school to my freshman year of college, people have been welcoming, involved, and warm (despite the cold weather). The campus is beautiful, and the professors and staff have been extremely supportive. The buildings can be hard to navigate at first, but after a while you can't get lost.
I like the campus location as it is near to the superior lake. Here people are very friendly and amiable type that feels like nice and positive mentality for everyone. Course curriculum are pretty much very standardized and you will feel like that you are really learning things and contents.
This school is alright for the most part. However, there are a lot of improvements that can be made. From the food to housing, and just the overall expenses.
I really enjoy the academic side of UMD. The professors and classes are very good and I learn a lot. The community and overall experience at UMD could be improved however.
Very nice campus and a homely place to be. I really enjoy being able to see the housing choices they have there and that they are very neatly designed. Also, they have many choices for majors. I am going there because they have an excellent education program.
The University of Minnesota-Duluth is an amazing school to attend. I enjoy many of the classes and professors. The size of campus is perfect for someone who is looking for a college that is not too small, but not too big as well. I am glad that I chose to go here and plan to earn my bachelor's degree here.
There are a lot of activities and ways to get involved on campus. I have found a lot of friends. The professors are great and as long as you do your work you will succeed.
Like= I like the place the campus is in, you have a lot of academic appetites, and you can get involved in many actives
What I would like to see= Better food on campus and more diversity
UMD is a great university I am very glad i applied and accepted to go here. The campus is well placed to where a walk to the store isn't too hard if you don't a vehicle. The area around the campus is very nice and not too far from Park Point, Glensheen Mansion, the Ariel Lift Bridge, as well as many more popular attractions.
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I attended UMD for undergrad and grad school and love the campus and town. It's the perfect sized city to have enough to do but also enjoy the outdoors.
I love the place! I had so much fun with activities. Go here for the food. If you dont like the cold its ok, all the buildings are connected.
I love the area right by the lake, and the tunnels that connect the school are great for the winter months! Great place for outdoor lovers, and also the faculty and nice and helpful
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