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I think overall it is a good school. It is a small school so you will be able to talk to your professor and get to know about them more.
Nice quiet campus out of the way, good solid classes, workable work load but challenging, very hands on, big on critical thinking. Dorms for freshmen are NICE. The older grades get kinda cruddy dorms though. Diversity is excellent. Agriculture department is very strong. Big study abroad department. The local area is pretty sparse, but there is a lot to work with on campus. Winters are cold. Would like warmer winters. Nothing worth complaining about, 5/5. If you go there for an Ag or Business degree, you will be will get a good education.
In my first year here, I have come to appreciate the small size and personalized education I am receiving on campus and in my online studies. The small campus is easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Excellent professors and wellness center.
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I started here as a PSEO student and had family that attended this university. It has been a great experience. The staff are great about working with and helping students. Everyone is always willing to help each other out or recommend someone that could help.
I love the fact that everyone cares here. Whether it be professors, students or other people on campus they are kind and want you to succeed. I appreciate that it is a "small campus big degree". Crookston is like my second home and I really appreciate it.
The University of Minnesota Crookston has a wonderful campus. When I was there for my college visit the staff and students there were so friendly and gave a great tour of campus. Their new gym center they just built for the students is amazing. I think that was a very good and considerate idea. I love their horse arena and barn as well, it's a beautiful facility. Everything about the UMC is great.
The school has been very helpful with internships, always sending reminders to apply and getting us good internships near us.
I have loved all my classes, and I look forward to the next two years. The campus is very nice, clean, and welcoming. I think the school fits me well.
I have always felt safe on campus, even at late hours of the day. The health center has always been helpful for my needs, and haven't ran into any problems so far.
I don't live on campus, but I have seen all the housing and its all new. It very nice, up to date, and always clean.
I have not been very involved with many sporting events, but from what I see and hear they are a big part of campus life. Many people support the teams, and are very involved in the athletic community.
I have enjoyed the University of Minnesota Crookston so far! The classes are small and very hands on that help me understand the material better.
Most professors know what they are talking about. Class sizes are never to big all small or medium at max 30 some people. lots of notes from teachers some have you write others will let you type them
The school requites you to do one internship while you are there so getting out into your field is easy and it opens up opportunities for in the future
It is all addressed right away with new freshmen and it is talked about throughout the school year.
Many different options all at very reasonable prices for new and returning students as well as some of the staff. There are game rooms in every building if not multiple rooms. attached to one of the dorms is another late night food service.
The process of getting in is not as hard as everyone thinks if you stick it out its worth the time and effort. The greeks welcome you in as part of their family and will always have your back if you need it.
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Not all of our teams are the best but for those that are such as girls basketball they go far and are all very well respected
The hands on experiences for their Pre-vet program has always been the best part of campus as well as the fact that campus is like a small town everyone knows everyone and no one is made to feel left out or like an outcast no matter where they are from
I love that I can complete the rest of my degree via online classes. This opens new opportunities for me.
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