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The University of Minnesota may not be the best school in the country, but it is an excellent public university nevertheless. Certain programs such as chemical engineering and management information systems are very competitive. Minneapolis is a fantastic city, and the public transit is very good and inexpensive. Student groups have access to vast amounts of resources, about as much as any private school. The cost is very reasonable compared to other similar schools, and since Minnesota is doing well financially, don't expect any sudden price increases.
I love the fact that at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities the professor show genuine interest in what they are teaching and in you personally. One of the few problems I had was with the rising amount of Antisemitism and nationalism on campus
The U of M is a large campus with a lot to offer. Several opportunities for those looking for their next step in life. There is not really much negative I could say about it except maybe the location is surrounded by the city, a plus or a minus depending on your perspective.
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I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and I absolute love it! The people, the atmosphere, the campus, are all amazing and definitely contribute to an awesome college experience. However, I'd like to see more housing options and better food quality in the dining halls.
Great academic standards and nationwide reputation. The community - not so much. I found it hard to find acquaintances here, people tend to stick to people they already knew from high school. The campus is nice, but you will feel like "just a number" to the university.
Great atmosphere and very diverse community with people from all backgrounds. Academics are rigorous but very rewarding. School provides many great opportunities and amenities.
I absolutely love the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Yes, it's a huge school, which a lot of people might not find appealing, but there are so many opportunities for every single student.
It's a beautiful place and I can' wait to attend there. It is a huge school with a ton of really smart students and teachers. Everyone there is striving to achieve their goals, and that just helps everyone be better.
This campus is very accepting and diverse. They work very hard to create a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone. Although it is spread out onto three campuses, the campus connector buses make it easy to get around. It seems like a huge and confusing campus at first, but its really easy to find the buildings and once you know where things are it really doesn't seem that big.
I have absolutely loved my experience at the University of Minnesota thus far. The campus is amazing and makes going to school in such a big city not such a big deal. It gives you the feeling of a contained campus with the perks of the big city just a five minute light rail ride away, some of it is even in walking distance.
The University of minnesota has truely brought out a new side of me. It made me want to to enjoy college. The only thing I would change is how some science classes are handle.
The U is certainly appealing in that it is in a great location, turns out great alumni, and does some amazing research.

However, I can not get over the culture here. The U is insanely liberal. It's at the point where many people are intolerant of any conservative view. I'm honestly afraid to speak out about any of my political views even when appropriate because I'm afraid professors will treat me differently. It's happened before.

Fortunately it hasn't impacted me much in my day to day life but it's hard to get the thought out of my head. This is a school where racism against white and asian males is accepted, where it's too controversial to remember the victims of 9/11, where supporting the president is radical and hateful, and where any male accused of sexual misconduct is immediately guilty and has their reputation tarnished.

There are still many great things about the U, but I really wonder if I'd enroll here if I could do it all again.
My experience as a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has been nothing short of amazing. I instantly felt welcomed, included, and a part of something special. Although the campus is large, you still receive good 1-on-1 attention from professors if you reach out and it is so comforting knowing I am receiving top notch education. Ski-U-Mah!
The campus structure is well set up for everyone to succeed, no matter orientation, gender, race, religion, it's very diverse, though I wish that there was a better way for students who live off campus due to money issues to connect better or have cheaper transportation/ parking.
Great education, great professors, and great resources for the future. You have to be looking for a big school to go here though.
Minnesota is the perfect school for me and I could not be happier with my college choice. I have been exposed to so many opportunities here at the university. The professors are of the highest quality and are willing to help students to reach their goals. The school spirit on campus is great and makes me proud to be a gopher. There are over 800 student groups on campus, so it's impossible to not find your place and where you fit in. I also think the university does a great job of addressing mental health problems on campus. I think mental health is a big issue in today's world and it is nice to know that the campus has so many resources to combat that. In addition, the administration is always promoting and protecting diversity here at the university. Lastly, and my favorite, the campus is beautiful. There is a mix of modern and classical architecture which I love and there is a lot of green space on campus. I feel like I am getting a good mix of city life and nature.
The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is very attentive to my needs as a student so far throughout my college education years. Anytime there is an issue that arises they usually solve it to the best of their abilities. Teachers are exceptional, and very qualified to teach. There are many programs that students can get involved in for extracurricular activities. Students are always included, and very well taken care of. I felt as though the University is very diverse, and open to students and families from all kinds of different backgrounds, which helped me to grow as a student. Many resources are available to students including, financial counseling, mental health resources, academic resources, and many other resources are available on campus. I have enjoyed my time here as a student thus far.
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I have stayed in the dorms for several years during the Minnesota State Fair and the dorms are wonderful. I felt slightly unsafe in the cities but that is because I am used to the country life. Traveling was sometimes difficult because of games but other than that the campus is beautiful.
The University of Minnesota is a great school and is close to downtown and many other great areas. It has lots of highly ranked programs and there are endless amounts of activities to get involved in. Lots of stud abroad opportunities, too!
The Twin Cities campus is very convenient as a student who doestrogen not use a car for transportation, the circulators and connectors have saved me a lot of time. I live in University Village, an on-campus apartment, just a block away from the Greenline station, 3 blocks from a target, and is affordable! I've had great experiences with faculty and staff as well, my instructors respond efficiently to inquiries about the class and coursework. Not to mention the various opportunities to participate in various clubs and activities. I love ASL Club and have enjoyed the Ke $have concert that was on campus this past fall. Attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities has allowed me to explore more in my major (Child Psychology, BA) because there are a larger quantity of courses than the community college I transferred from. The diversity on campus has made me more culturally curious about different demographics in our country.
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