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Stamps is a great program for those who wish to have an interdisciplinary education. There are not majors and you can take whatever classes you want...that is if you get into them. The administration is out of touch with students and makes talking to them pretty much impossible. The professors at Stamps are all amazing; the issue is the administration not understanding student needs and not having an open ear to hear and change issues plaguing students. Had I know I would struggle to get into the classes I wanted every year, I would have reconsidered going to Stamps.
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It really depends where you are. South Quad and East Quad just got renovations and are on central campus which makes them great places to live. Bursley is on north campus so if you don't have any classes there, you will have to trek it to central campus daily. Unfortunately Bursley is the biggest dorm so more freshmen end up there.
I have really enjoyed my experience so far. My school has a unique art program where you don't have to declare a focus, you just take the studio classes that interest you. I am very thankful for that because I started aout being interested in metal smithing but now I am interested in fibers.