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University of Michigan Flint makes you feel like just like your at home they treat you as family along with supporting you just like a family would. Also while your there you feel like your high school memories just keep coming with all the great people you get to me. It's your home away from home you could say. They offer such great programs and opportunities to make your college career the best one ever. There campus tour make you feel as if you were a student attending there because they engage with you, show you the dorms, classroom, study halls, and everything you could picture experiencing as a student there.
They are very involved with students and great at promoting an interactive positive environment. They make events well known to all making students feel a part of the campus community. They make all services well known allowing students to reach out easily if help is needed in any academic or student life area.
Some instructors care a lot about students while other instructors could care less about students. The administration at the university is not organized. The people are friendly around campus and there are always events going on.
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I like that there are so many classes offered online, it makes it a lot easier on student that are working or have families or both to still be able to further their education.
I have only been attending this university for a year, but I already love it! The classes are small, so I get to know my professors and am able to approach them for help easily. There are a lot of other great things, such as private study rooms available for check out in the library, free fitness classes, and the opportunity to meet one on one with an academic advisor who knows you by name. I'm so glad I chose this university!!!
I love the campus!! I would love to attend! The dorms are very nice and the campus is set up very well! awesome college!
Every professor I’ve had has been extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and very helpful if/when extra help was needed.

Adding more parking would be extremely helpful because this is a commuter school.
I like the small campus and student/professor ratio. I’m happy that I can live at home and still experience the university atmosphere. I’m proud to be a Wolverine.
The Physical Therapy Program is very well structured and I know I will be a qualified physical therapist when I graduate.
UMFlint is very diverse and has amazing people, professors very willing to help their students, has variety of club sports, has amazing history for the university is just an amazing college and I advise to anyone that's going to college.
I like the small class sizes that allow for more personal connections to the professors at the university. From the time I enrolled, I’ve noticed the university is not like it used to be. Student life isn’t as lively as it used to be. Because it’s a commuter school, not many students stay on campus.
I've only experienced this college through the music program. The professors are great and very welcoming. You get a very personal experience at the University of Michigan - Flint, and the location is great. There's always something to do in the city.
College freshman at the moment. Have had a good experience so far. Has good professors, willing to work with you outside of class with homework. Social life is good, get to meet a lot of different across campus. Campus is a lot smaller which is nice when walking across campus. the food on campus is good, they added a new place to eat, just depends on your preference on food, but it is good. The dorms on campus are nice, they are apartment style, so that is nice, better than a lot of colleges and universities.
What I like about U of M Flint is that most of the teachers or professors are very good and wiling to help.
I took online classes at UM Flint and I was able to learn very easily and enjoy the flexibility of being able to work and get other things done as well. As far as the online classes what I would like to see improved is the instructors providing more online videos to demonstrate/explain the course content and make it a little clearer. This could really aid in the learning process.
I have only ever toured the campus but it was a great experience and everyone seemed so welcoming. It is a diverse and cultured environment that is local and still close to the community.
The students at the school were really friendly and it is close to just about everything in Flint, MI. The dorms that I stayed in for one night were really comfortable and there is a lot of fun activities to do while you are on campus.
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I like how it’s easy to get around and navigate the campus. I would like to see more students involved, a better environment and better on campus envolvement.
I like how the professors and people at UM Flint are willing to help you and want to see the students succeed.
It’s a small and personable college. Not much entertainment life but that give you more time to study and focus.
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