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Based off my two years attending UM-Flint as a dual-enrollment student I feel that I've had the opportunity to advance myself and better my understanding of how I like to learn. UM-Flint has provided a place for me to get my "feet wet" before entering into college full time and I'm proud to say I'll graduate with 30 or so 30 or so credits before even completing high school!
I like that counselors and professors care about my success. They have worked with me and have made it possible for me to be able to see that success is in my future. My professors are a wealth of knowledge and are willing to go out of their way to make sure that their students understand the curriculum. There are tutors and study groups for just about every subject matter offered by the University.
I switched majors two years into my initial major, the counseling staff was there to help every step of the way to make help make the change into my new major as seamless as possible. My counselor is available any day of the week, except the weekends; and is always offering encouragement.
All of my classes for my BSN program were available online. The online and on campus includes very diverse students
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I am a dual enrolled student here and I am very impressed. I feel academically challenged in all my classes. The professors know what they are talking about and genuinely care for their students. You're not just a number here.
The professors care about your success. We have mentors in our social work program so you never feel alone. There is always someone there to help guide you.
It was an okay overall experience. Some good professors, some bad. The driving everyday to get there is what really killed me, and a couple people got mugged a street away from campus, that’s really what made me decide to switch schools. No parties really, sorry friends.
I like how close i live near the campus. Parking is convenient. I like my instructors so far. Tuition is extremely high.
This is a very great school I've been going here since 2016 and it really changes your view on society and makes you a better person.
So far the staff has been extremely helpful and responsive to my communication. I am looking forward to being a graduate of UM-Flint.
The school is small, with a good student-to-professor ratio. You run into people you know all the time; it has a closer-knit environment than what you would find at Ann Arbor. Despite its location in Flint, I've never felt unsafe. It is a good college for the local commuter such as myself.
I wish there was more student life, I wish we had the social activities that kids who go away to school get (being that we are a commuter school), I know there are some opportunities but I wish there were more.
I take my courses online and they are easy to navigate and learn. You get the Michigan Education with the ease of doing it all at home
I am a sphmore at the university of michigian-flint and i live in the area. this is the best college in flint and has a good downtown life. the students are not typical college students, most are working and have a family so you will have no social life at this college, because most students stay to themselves. the professors are either really bad or really good its a risk each semester.
Everyone that I've worked with is friendly and helpful. I'm a transfer student. It is a small enough campus that you are able to get to where you'd like quickly and without fighting a crowd. You can walk inside from buildings to buildings. That is one of the coolest things I've experienced!
The u of M Flint campus is beautiful and has an over and above security force. There are many clubs and activities to become involved in. Personalized education opportunities and unlimited tutoring services to help you to succeed. I am so excited to get started on my new journey.
I love being a Wolverine, and having the Flint campus close by really helps to not have to make a long commute to Ann Arbor for me. The professors are tip top and really care about their students' progress.
My experience here has been amazing! Getting involved on campus was the best I have ever done. I have ceated some many bonds and connections with people. Networking with these people has gotten me 2 jobs on campus. I went from being shy and quiet to being outgoing and a leader here on campus. I love everything about this school!
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I loved this school. All the students were very personable and all of the professors I had I went beyond to help the students. Small school but a huge impact on my education.
My experience at the University of Michigan Flint has been nothing but positive. I love the campus and I love the environment to learn. The professors are all there to help you reach your fullest potential which is all you can ask for at a university. The people are diverse and the ability to learn about cultures other than your own is an eye opening experience. UM Flint is a wonderful place to receive a higher education and I am glad that I am currently enrolled there.
I've enjoyed attending UofM Flint much more than I thought I would. It's a friendly place to be. The campus is easy to navigate, the professors are great and overall its just a very nice place to be. There's lots of opportunities both academically and socially. There's places for hanging out and places for studying. It's really got something for everyone.
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