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I have enjoyed my first year at the university of michigan-dearborn and I look forward to my years to come and to earning my degree.
The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers smaller class sizes, easy access to the professors, and located in the heart of the historic Dearborn Michigan community. It's a quick commute to school, home and work. Success is a emphasized and I enjoy the campus.
i really enjoy the atmosphere and environment of the campus life. people are friendly and teachers are good and caring.
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I just completed my first year as a freshmen at the University of Michigan Dearborn and I can surely say that my college experience was full of excitement, stress and joy. I was able to join an organization, attend career fairs and meet with advisors who helped me with my career choices.
Everyone is extremely nice and helpful and it definitely enhances the experience. The only thing I wish would change is the times of night classes offered, I wish there were classes later at night.
I am enjoying myself at the University of Michigan Dearborn for my first two semesters. Great environment for academics and meeting new people. Faculty is great and very helpful. And the money from scholarships and the FAFSA help a lot with cost, if money is an issue for you. Come to university of Michigan Dearborn it's a great experience.
The professors really care about their subjects and making sure the students understand their coursework.
I'm a nontraditional student and a part of the SOAR Program it helps students return to school that have been out for a while. You must be 25+. It is a dream come true and a supportive program throughout your Michigan experience!
Overall my first year here has been pretty solid. Academically the school’s rigor allows for me to be challenged while providing the necessary tools to help me succeed. The only real problem with the school is the social aspect. This is mainly do the fact that this is a commuter school, but if you live on campus it makes it easier to meet new people. Overall UofM Dearborn is an excellent college that provides a quality education for an affordable price.
I love i there and there is nothing that i would want to change about it. Also, i love how the campus is and how friendly the people there are. They all help with what ever questions or concerns you might have. You fit in right away and you find your way fast and its just amazing there. I also love hoe friendly the teachers and professors are. They don't give you hard times and are there for you if you need them for any help with homework and all. I recommend it as a college because its really good and I just Love it there so much. I definitely feel safe there too.
University of Michigan Dearborn has the "Michigan" name attached to it so you know it is the real deal. It is different from a large university, however, in the small class sizes which help for a more personal and thorough learning experience in my opinion. Obviously it is not perfect as this is not a perfect world, which is mainly why I rated it at 4 stars instead of 5. Some minor issues that I have noticed would be the general high cost of tuition and somewhat insufficient parking space to name a couple.
I really love to attend the small, suburban campus like this. Even though this university is currently working on creating more involvement activities, I enjoy being involved in the organizations I am currently in. I was able to know people easily.
As far as with academics, I like how professors respond to our questions and concerns sooner through office hours and email.
Overall, this is the best environment to learn.
The teachers are ok. It's a commuter campus so not much night life or things to do. A lot of nearby food options though which is good.
I would like to see more scholarships instead of loans and a better website for signing up for visits and tours
It's a great school. The professors I have had are all friendly and are truly passionate and care about you succeeding. The campus is very diverse. You will be able to meet many students and staff from almost every part of the world and background. It is also an overall very safe campus and the school makes sure of it. There are many activities, clubs, and other fun and exciting things happening on and around campus, letting you experience it all.
Amazing professors, tons of community engagement opportunities to build your resume and find your passions along the way. Best decision I ever made, and I have far less student debt than many of my friends who went to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan State, Grand Valley, etc.
Currently a Sophomore at the university and the level of academics is perfect for students. The professors really enjoy teaching and are knowledgeable about the subject and even help you with off-campus situations. They prepare you for internship opportunities and career advice. There are student organizations that encompass everybody that attends the university. It is not massive, nor is it too small, but you do get to see plenty of familiar faces while walking through campus. If I were to change something on my experience at the University of Michigan Dearborn, it would be to have organizations that are directly related to the Ann Arbor campus. I am the current president of the Association of Latino Professionals for America chapter here at Dearborn, and the only time we get to meet and talk to the Ann Arbor chapter delegates is whenever the annual ALPFA Michigan Conference is. Having both chapters connected would be one thing that I wish the universities would change.
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I adore this school! The academics have been great and the social climate is very nice. It's in a great area and I'm so happy to be here. The one word of caution is that, while the school does promote living in the apartments across the street, they do not run the complex, and it is awful.
As I have only been at the school for one year, my opinion might not be as credible. However, the school was a nice transition from high school. The school was much larger than my high school but it was no way overwhelming. The class sizes are similar to those of high school. The school offers many clubs and activities.
My overall experience of UMD has been amazing . Teachers are willing to take that mile step to make a change in a students life . The Dearborn campus is so diverse it makes you feel welcomed. I love how umd has shaped me today , I am confident to share my opinions , styles and be myself at UMD. For me the best part is how organized it is , it makes it very easy to find scholarships , tuition details & all about fafsa.UMD has allowed me one step closer to my dream , I am happy with my experience at umd.
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