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I love studying at the University of Michigan. It really is the best of both worlds with great academics and great sports.
There's a reason it's one of the topic public universities in the US! Wouldn't trade my experience here for the world.
My professors have transitioned very well into online learning, I feel like I am still learning a lot even though we are online
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Professors have been super helpful and understanding during these tough times. With the extra time of not needing to physically attend class, it is easier to manage time.
The professors are the most helpful and knowledgeable. The campus is perfect with an unbelievable amount of amazing restaurants, coffee shops, library's, study buildings, etc. The school is extremely diverse. There are hundreds of clubs to join; the student life is top tier.
The university provided all my classes online which really helped to study from comfort of home. The professor provides good online instructions and record the classes which helps. The GSIs are helpful during the office hours for additional help.
I have toured the college and it has an awesome campus. The dorms are very nice and the food they offer is very good.
I have done an online meeting about scholarships and classes they will be offering in the fall and they have been very insight full.
Virtual is actually not that bad, professors I have had have been attentive and engaging even in virtual learning.
Transfer student - great environment to live and meet people. There is a lot of opportunities to find people that you would connect with as there are many different clubs to join and student job opportunities. All of the professors I have had have contributed positivity to my experience at this school.
Wonderful school with a plethora of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Nightlight is great as well as sporting events.
I took multiple classes online through U of M. The professors were very kind and accommodating. They were still able to teach effectively.
University of Michigan was filled with beautiful people who had a common goal. to have a future. Being around so many driven individuals forced myself to see the potential I carried and to work as hard as I can. i would like to see a more investment on diverse food options and being able to appear approachable to the Muslim community that attends this college.
The University of Michigan will always have a special place in my heart. There is something there for everyone. Of course, school and academics comes first, but there are clubs for every interest that a person may have. The university is nicely situated in a city which allows for amazing nightlife, and constant activities and things to do all within walking distance or a short bus ride, if that is what you are looking for. However, the campus itself is beautiful and tranquil. There is also an arboretum within walking distance with many miles of trails to enjoy.
I like the downtown area and it's libraries and coffee shops are always accessible to study. The professors are really good and the student body is very open and friendly.
I am taking a few online classes, both asynchronous and synchronous. It is very organized and the professors are really good.
When my classes were moved online due to Covid-19, my professors were all very accommodating. They each took extra time to ensure students were obtaining knowledge and also understood technical issues. For most UofM students and professors, online learning was hard because we had never done it before, however, we were all able to work as a team and finish the semester strong.
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The University of Michigan is full of so many opportunities for its students to participate in and utilize towards future growth that I truly appreciate. It offers so many programs, clubs, internships, etc. for its students to take advantage of, along with top notch academic programs that include a variety of classes for students to take. The large variety of high quality classes allows for students to gain a quality education and explore their interests.
Online learning is always a big adjustment, but UofM managed to streamline their program within a week and transition to socially distanced online learning. The courses are just as challenging as in person, and the staff make sure students still have plenty of interpersonal time to work and ask questions.
UofM provides numerous resources for their students to achieve any academic goal. They offer a world class education under highly qualified staff, and the institution also offers numerous career prep and alumni opportunities.
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