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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Reviews

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The University of Michigan is one of the most amazing schools in the country. There is no other school that is able to encompass such great academics, a great social scene, and top tier sports. Additionally, the large size of the campus allows for a great deal of different people while also allowing for smaller communities.
It is a very good academic school with many fun activities and fun things to do all around. the campus is large but it is easy to maneuver through
Excellent environment to live in and study in. Has top notch professors and has been consistently a top ranker for many majors and minors. Beautiful city and has amazing food from a variety of cultural restaurants. Everyone is friendly and helpful making it easy to make friends.
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The material is very hard, and some of the GSI's have a hard time teaching the material to students. I would like to see a more connective teaching platform. In terms of the environment, it is very exciting and welcoming to student growth.
Amazing public university. So many opportunities in and out of the classroom. Classes are challenging but rewarding and staff is very helpful and smart. There’s something for just about anyone here. Ann Arbor is a great location and all three campuses in the city are great. Really easy to get involved and so much to do around here.
I love the campus. The food is good, and the people there are wonderful. I helped my sister move in, and the buildings look really structured. I didn't have any intentions to apply to Michigan, but after I visited this campus, I have considered attending the school under LSA.
There is a vast amount of resources available to students to be success. However, for those who are not familiar with how to access resources, information is not always easily attained.
I enjoy the city, but not really city, feel of Ann Arbor and the diversity you find here. There are a multitude of different classes you can take with many helpful professors. There are many student events that go on and clubs that I am sure you will find your place here.
I loved everything about the campus and the people that reside there. Ann-Arbor has such a peaceful and vibrant setting. The campus itself is filled with so many opportunities and different people from different places to meet and socialize with.
The community and academics at the University of Michigan are fantastic, but I would love if the financial expenses were lower.
So far, I've only been at Umich for Welcome Week. It's a very diverse community that strives to make everyone feel accepted.
The school's student body is diverse, large, and friendly. We have a very work hard play culture and are all unique in that we each have a passion for something.
Amazing opportunities all around. The school has phenomenal academics, and so many amazing extra-curricular activities. With so many resources including access to cutting-edge research technology, this school is hands-down a top of the line facility for learning.
I have loved my experience at U of M. I didn’t consider U of M until senior year - let alone predict that I would go to college here. I find students to be very friendly. The professors are very educated and willing to help students. There are many opportunities here, but it is your job to take advantage of them. It is a big school, so nobody is going to baby you. Though if you seek help, you will find it. It is helpful to join an organization to make friends, especially if you are coming from out of state. My only complaint is that registering for classes is hectic and subjectively unfair. Food is great. Dorms are good - some better than others. Michigan Football games are an incredible thing to experience. Overall, I have to say as an out of stater, woman in tech, and minority I have had a great first year experience. It truly is great to be a Michigan Wolverine because of the welcoming environment, hard-working students, and abundant opportunities here.
It is just a very positive vibe that makes everyone feel included as well as their huge alumni network that makes internship and job hunting easy.
Amazing school, absolutely incredible campus with great academics. This is the only place where you can get a top tier school with a top tier athletics program. You'll never find a school atmosphere quite like it. My only knock on the school and the only reason it's not worth 5 stars is because the political atmosphere in the LSA department seems to be quite hostile, especially if you don't agree with the school politically.
Endless opportunities and groups to join while you further your education at the top dental school in the country!
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University of Michigan is the best school in the world. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it all pays off. The only thing that I would change is the weather. In the winter, when its less than ten degrees and I have to walk twenty minutes to get to class at 9am I wish I went to a different school. However, the feeling is fleeting because I truly couldn't picture myself anywhere else. One thing about Michigan that makes it such a great environment is how much everyone who goes there loves their school. There is a passion like none other in every classroom, hallway, and street of downtown Ann Arbor. Also, the opportunities that Michigan offers seem to be never ending. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the choices I have because I want to get involved in all of them! Michigan has taught me how to work hard, dedicate myself, and have a great time all at the same time. Forever go blue.
An excellent school within an amazing city. Top-tier education, beautiful campus, abundance of activities, and the best football program (and stadium). I loved being part of this university.
Great university, however only caters to a few types of students. Can be a very difficult time for those that are first gen or low-income.
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