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I feel like there is a lot of hostility on campus and it's something I would like to change, personally. I think that the school does a good job of demonstrating support for minorities, but doesn't necessarily live up to its standards at times. I think the student life is very welcoming and the campus is beautiful. The classes are demanding, but any University of Michigan student can attest to what a great institution the University is.
I visited university of Michigan this year in April for their dental school open house and it was the most fun and educational tour i had around in any other college tours. The study environment is just lovely; great libraries to spend time in doing researches and studying. The tour around the department was amazing. even though the campus is old they equipments are brand new. The thing that I like most about the University or Michigan ann arbor is that there a millions of opportunities that you have and from which you can choose from. Being there even if you don't know which field you want to go to they will help you find what is made for you and help you build up your career.
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This school will definitely be an eye opening introduction to real, adult life, and although you be be challenged continuously, what you learn and achieve through this school has no limitations. Michigan offers endless opportunities for every type of person.
Overall, I love it! When I first went to the campus, I fit right in. Everyone was very welcoming. There is so much to do on and off campus, and you will never be bored!
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As an engineering student, I can say that the first/second year prerequisite classes are intentionally and arbitrarily difficult, but other than that I have had a really positive experience at Michigan. There are so many things to get involved in that, with a little effort, you can really find an intentional community that you value and that values you.
I didn't go to this college but I have family members that does, and they absolutely love it, a lot of clubs and activities they joined which gained them recognition and overall loved living the college life at U of M.
As a transfer student here I appreciate the facilities, opportunities, and classes, but the administration and counseling that I have received on my education here has been disappointing.
The University of Michigan has a great, safe environment and campus! There are many courses to suit everyone
I love this college! There are many opportunities for us to enrich our college experience, and the faculty is always here to support the students!
The school is an amazing school. One of the things that I like most is the quantity and verity of courses offered. I can take a course a on pretty much anything that I want to learn. Another thing that I like is the vast amount study spaces that there are through out the university as a whole. In pretty much every building that I have been in there are study spaces for both individual study and group study.
I love my university and all the people I get to meet everyday. All of the students are incredibly friendly and very open-minded and willing to meet new people as well. The academics are quite rigorous and require an investment, however, they're definitely worth it in the long run.
I love the University because there are so many great people and the city is wonderful. There is so much to do for fun such as go to parks or different restaurants. As for academics, the professors are caring and intelligent and there are so many different resources to help with the difficult schooling. There is free tutoring, plenty of office hours, and many study groups on campus. I wouldn't want to go anywhere but blue!!
I really liked how everybody I came in contact with was so open to answering questions about their lifestyles on campus and how they maintain through all the stressful college chaos.
So far so good. As an engineering student, UMICH definitely provides the challenge and rigor. There are tons of resources for literally anything. From mental health to Student Project Teams to anime clubs. This university is everything you would expect from a large university and more.
I like that it is a very diverse school not only in ethnicity, but also academically. Also, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is one of the highest caliber universities in the world and everything that is available to be studied there is top class.
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I love it here. The city is beautiful, the people and staff are lovely. The only downside is the cost and that dorms are only secured for freshman, otherwise it's a lottery system.
An all around awesome school to receive a great education while enjoying many social activities. There is plenty to do on campus when you're not studying and it feels like there is always something to do.
I love the University of Michigan because it has it all: great academics, great sports, great school spirit, and lastly great community involvement. I wouldn't change anything about this university.
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