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The University of Michigan is an excellent school! Their campus is beautiful and everyone there is super friendly. It is a very family-friendly campus with a very welcoming feeling. Their programs are top of the line as you can probably see by their acceptance rate, they accept the finest student from all around the world into their school. As a high school student this is one of the schools that you hope to god you are good enough to get into because it would benefit your life so much. This school is amazing, I deservedly rate it 5 stars.
The campus at the University of Michigan is beautiful and safe and the community has a variety of activities to do.
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The education you receive from Michigan is incredible. Ann Arbor is absolutely beautiful and a fun city to live in during College. However, diversity is lacking on this campus and sadly the school sometimes seems like its more of a corporation rather than an education institute.
Lots of student organizations to join. It may seems daunting at first but you adjust relatively quickly and then you get to explore all the things the college has to offer. My favorite part is the sense of community you get from all the current students and alumni.
I love the how you cant tell where the city end and the university begins. The University of Michigan has also offered several programs for prospective students such as the application workshop, and slice of life program.
I live only 30 minutes away from campus and I get to visit and stay with friends every weekend and get to participate in activities through these friends. I'd say I know the campus very well even though I am only a high school senior. My friends tell me all about their experiences including frats/sorority life, clubs, academics, etc. I've gotten to know so many students attending the University of Michigan that I could pass as a student since I am so familiar with events and the ins and outs of attending the school
My experience at ann arbor was amazing. The culture and the way people interact with eacjother is something where we cannot find anywhere else.
I enjoy being at University of Michigan. I feel safe to walk to classes at night and I feel challenged in my classes. When struggling, I can always turn to my GSIs and fellow students for help. The food is pretty good, but a lot of nights I end up eating pizza. I like the atmosphere on North Campus where I live: woodsy and quiet, much unlike the hussle of Central Campus.
I love that the University of Michigan is a diverse university in which offers a lot of opportunities and research. There's always something to do here and many new things to try!
Top notch academics and one of the best social scenes. You can have it all at U of M. Incredible amount of resources and research opportunities, but also a lot of events and activities. Going to U of M is the ultimate college experience and ids probably the most well-rounded college in the united states.
I like the academics at the University of Michigan but I hate the racist incidents that happen here and the fact that there's only 4% of the entire college student population African Americans here. That doesn't necessarily scream "diversity" to me.
I loved the immense number of opportunities and supportive atmosphere. I felt like there was ample time to pursue experiential learning opportunities, do research, and study abroad as well as focus on my major and career path through internships.
I think that the University of Michigan could really work on diversity. When you go on the campus there is an absence of variety which really makes some people feel uncomfortable. If there was more diversity, more people would be willing to apply instead of having a fear of doing so.
Really diverse, lots of opportunities, competitive yet not aggressive environment, really great vibe and people are super nice over here. As a freshman I feel really welcomed to the society. You meet different people and there are various opportunities waiting for you every day. You feel challenged, you feel excited, but you don't feel pressured. It's a virtuous environment that promises success and I really like it.
The Professors are amazing, and the food is great. The classes are very apply able to your field of study.
Best Advisers, Professors, Faculty you could ask for! Michigan is where leaders and bests are from! Let's go Blue! Beat MSU and OSU!
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I sincerely enjoyed my four years at the University of Michigan. For me, it was the perfect mix between academics and social life. Not only does the University offer many tremendous programs, but also offers great nightlife, sports, and campus activities. The only thing I would like to see changed would be renovations to some of the older buildings, which they have started to do since I graduated.
The University of Michigan is a wonderful school! It is ranked as the nation's best public school and provides many opportunities and a challenging but worthwhile academic environment to students.
While I am currently enrolled as an e-learning student, faculty in my program put a sincere effort into making my cohort feel connected to campus.
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