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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Reviews

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The University of Michigan is easily one of the best public universities in the country and an incredible place to learn. The teachers are amazing and strive to push you towards excellence. The opportunities here are endless and once you graduate it is no different.
From academics, to athletics, to the social scene the University of Michigan offers an incredible all-around undergraduate experience. Ann Arbor is a great town with a ton to do. The school is big so you don't feel bored or trapped, but there are also plenty of smaller communities within the school that you can join. Attending the University of Michigan gives me and every other student there a huge amount of pride and you can feel that energy when you are on the campus.
Overall a great school as it has a combination of great athletic program and academic program. As for dorms, the only poor one would be the freshmen one, Bursley Hall in North Campus. The rest of the dorms are amazing. In addition, there are variety of clubs that you can join or greek life organizations to be part of a group of friends that share similar interests with you.
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Definitely an adjustment for the academics, however, professors are so passionate, and the University shapes students to succeed -- after all, graduates are the Leaders and the Best!
The academics, location, and professors at the University of Michigan are what makes it truly exemplary. My education at UofM prepared me for medical school.
University of Michigan is an incredible school with awesome people, amazing sports, and stellar academics. I am never happier than when I'm in Ann Arbor, and I have yet to meet one person who isn't completely in love with the school.
I really love the campus being right in the heart of the city; always lots of great people, eateries, stores, and events!
I was at U of M for a GIDAS MirCore WISE summer camp in computational biology. In my time, I got to meet professors, faculty, and currently students studying that field. I participated in group discussions in various parts of the campus, including the Ross school of Business and Undergraduate Science Building. The campus was amazing! It had an amazing, liberal, inviting feel to it with a lot to do- even if you don't have money! I was also very impressed with the faculty there. It was very evident that every student and staff member was passionate about their academic mission and loved their experience at U of M.
The University of Michigan is a school that helps build you as student and uniquely equips you with the tools to acheive your dreams.
I love it here. There is truly a place for everyone to find their people, even among 40,000 students. The campus is incredible, with a beautiful combination of parks, walking paths and old architecture, along with cool downtown areas just steps from the middle of campus with shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Everyone's voice is heard and respected, and the academics prepare you to be competitive in the real world after graduation.
It can be a challenge coming from a low-income family and a school that didn't offer many resources, but as long as you stay on top of things and find a sense of community, it will be an enjoyable (stressful) experience.
This school is so welcoming and creates a large sense of community. The academics are challenging yet enjoyable and the faculty genuinely cares about the student body.
the whole atmosphere of the school was awesome and the students truly care about their academics and futures
I came with my family to do the prospective student tour at U Mich. I expected a lively campus but more than anything it just felt stressful and chaotic. It certainly did not feel like a place that valued balance within learning.
So far, my time has been an invaluable experience for me. I have learned more than I would have ever imagined, especially about myself. Go Blue!
Ann Arbor is an amazing city and home to an incredible school. The University of Michigan has everything from stellar athletics to amazing academics with over 200 majors and thousands of clubs and organizations. There is always something fun to do in Ann Arbor!
Excellent engineering program is top notch. Many professors are engaged, and the students are amazing.

Best school spirit in the nation. Students are happy and motivated. Many opportunities to be involved.
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There was a big scandal going around spring term. It was being questioned that the admission rate was intentionally being deflated because it is a factor in the overall ranking of universities. Apparently they do this by holding back certain groups until after the reporting period.
Honestly started out here because I wanted to see if I could get in. Silly thoughts of a 17 year old with messy priorities. I transferred out to a smaller college where holistic health policies and community strength are of the same importance as academics.
The curriculum is very difficult, and not always rewarding. The school cares little about the individual student, and the resources available to students are well-advertised but of poor quality. Ann Arbor is a great place to live, and the university offers many positions in research/other job opportunities, but it can be limited when you do not have work study.
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