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Michigan offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity when attending the school. I am constantly surrounded by the most competitive, intelligent, and driven students who motivate me each day. I am reminded each day why I am here, why I chose Michigan, and what it takes to be a student here. With that being said, I love Michigan mostly for the excitement all around me. Sports, the Greek life community, and clubs on campus have all helped me feel at home at a university across the country from my home in San Diego. It is extremely rare to find a university as challenging as Michigan that also provides an outstanding social atmosphere.
I love Michigan. The atmosphere is work hard, play hard, and the students know how to balance grades and having fun. Professors are experts in the field and on the cutting edge of research. I'm surrounded by some of the best resources money can buy.
I have many friends who go to the school and I have been on the campus multiple times. The school is amazing, but don't go here if you don't like the cold.
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This university is truly the greatest in the world! The balance between outstanding academics, ground-breaking research, and lit party scenes is what makes this campus stand out from all of the others. Once you're a Wolverine, nothing gets as good as this!
I have been there a few times, and the campus seems a little spread out. The academics seem flawless with the best professors and help around every corner. The food didn’t have a great selection, but what they did have tasted pretty well. The student life seems pretty amazing.
The social scene is very fun to navigate. Football games and basketball games provide a great atmosphere. The food in the dining halls is hit or miss - sometimes really good, other times, not so much. Academics are tough but that's what this school is about. If you're willing to work, you will do fine.
The experiences that I have had the first two semesters of my journey at the University of Michigan have taught me more than I learned in all four years of high school. I have met so many like-minded people and have made connections with people that I otherwise would not have. I have been challenged academically like never before. The last year has been very difficult, but exponentially as rewarding.
By far the best four years of my life. University of Michigan's campus is beautiful and close knit, on top of a rigorous education, great athletics, and great school spirit.
I was in the SMTD undergraduate program. Thank God for certain teachers who I was lucky to have built a close relationship with. I found the SMTD to not prepare one for careers going forward and not prepare you for auditioning for graduate school. While the school is glitz and glam, and they pride themselves, they don't show their students much of it for their money. The diction program is excellent, the language department is mediocre. I felt there were a lot of requirements with no payoff.
Very nice campus, academics and athletics. All of the people I know that have attended the school have said good things about their experience.
The University of Michigan prepares you for the world and pushes you for academic excellence. This University has so many connections and programs that can help you during your time as an undergraduate student or even after graduation. I enjoy the environment and the student activities, including the BSU (black student union). But I do feel like the university and its faculty need to take racially influenced situations more seriously. Besides that the school spirit is amazing. I enjoy every game and pregame. I definitely feel like our voices are heard and our opinion matters at this university.
The best thing about University of Michigan is the connections you'll develop when you attend. Michigan has many different connections with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
I love my friends and I love the atmosphere here. The professors are brilliant and there is a lot of space to grow and do things that you enjoy. I know I wanted to get involved with research and that was something I could do here right off the bat. However, the academics are really challenging and people can be very competitive.
The Football Team and Basketball Team are really good. I really enjoyed watching them play. They really express the magic of the sports.
I really like the environment of Ann Arbor. It's very unique that the city is intertwined with the campus. One thing I would change is making it easier to transfer to different schools within the University of Michigan. I like how everyone is really nice and there are lots of good study areas that are open all day until late at night. I also found all the resources they gave us regarding mental health and awareness very refreshing.
Good university with strong academic programs. Lots of student organizations to choose from. It's a very big school, though, so making friends can be more difficult. There are lots of resources and opportunities available for students.
There are a lot of good professors and a lot of bad ones. Some classes are very technically challenging when there is no need for it. The math department is particularly bad.
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I really love the University of Michigan. It is a well-funded school that provides a lot of opportunities for its students. Sometimes the dining halls are a bit dissapointing, but there is always something edible.
The school is incredible. The support for the school and the people within it is absolutely amazing. I feel honored to have been accepted in!!
I have spent the last four years here in Ann Arbor and there is very little I would change. As someone who came from out of state, Ann Arbor has become a second home to me. The city is beautiful and walking around campus every day really is a treat, whether it is the summer or winter, Ann Arbor always looks beautiful. I have had the chance to take some amazing classes and have been challenged both in the classroom and outside of it. Lastly, nothing beats a fall game in the Big House. The atmosphere in the city on game day is really special because everyone is out and having fun, looking forward to the Michigan victory. The experience in the Big House is something I am truly grateful to have spent four years enjoying. After you come to Michigan, you are a Wolverine for life and I cannot overstate how valuable and expansive the network of Michigan alumni is. Michigan was an amazing experience for me that brought rewarding challenges and lifelong friendships.
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