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It’s the dream of many young kids to go to U of M, and when I got my acceptance letter, my entire year was made. It’s an honor to be able to attend, and it’s an even bigger honor just to call myself a Wolverine. Go blue!
Everything is amazing despite the weather. I enjoyed every second at this school and would not trade it for anything. The connections that I was able to make will last me a lifetime. Michigan requires you to be prepared for a cold winter, but a little bit of snow builds some character.
My experience with U of M Ann Arbor has been excellent for their support and quick responses to student concerns. The school makes efforts to reach out to students and to retain them for their ongoing studies
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I have lived in Ann Arbor my entire life. I have been extremely involved in the University from summer camps as a child to internships in the amazing facilities. My mother has worked for the University Health System for 10 years and is surrounded by compassionate, caring individuals within the hospital. The University has always demonstrated love and care for it's Ann Arbor community. I am very blessed to have grown up right next to this outstanding University.
The University of Michigan offers a massive amount of degrees, all of which are flexible and adaptable to each student. There are always things to do in Ann Arbor and the student life is fun and interactive.
Everyone is passionate and the professors are easy to talk to. Bus system is easy to use, and everyone is helpful with directions.
It is very academically challenging but I feel that the education and experiences that I have received so far have been of great importance to my future.
I love the campus and its a very pretty place, but it is a party campus and their are lots of drunk students around which can be a pain. The academics are fantastic but very difficult. Could do better job with mental health resources and also add more study spaces. I wish they would stop removing study spaces to make more housing for freshman.
Michigan is just an amazing place. There is no other way to put it. There is so much that this school has to offer and the possibilities are endless. The professors and learning experiences that you get here are top-notch. Not to mention that the sports and party scene at Michigan is amazing. This school is definitely the best college for everything anyone would want to do.
Michigan is a great place to thrive academically and have fun. My professors and the university provided my the resources necessary for academic success.
I love this school so much. The sports is such an added bonus because everyone has so much school spirit. The people are friendly except there is very much a lack of diversity as the school is predominantly white. Definitely a work hard play hard atmosphere.
Never stayed on campus, but as a commuter and grad student, my experience was pretty good. Any student can thrive and enjoy their experience as a Michigan Wolverine. I think that is one of the best aspects of a larger university. It is whatever you make it.
10/10 school. loved every second so far and am so excited for the future. Work hard play harder. A great place to discover your passions and change the world.
A large campus, the university of Michigan accommodates a great variety of academic interests at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Although initially challenging to navigate around campus, there are many helpful people to direct you to the right building or building area.
So many opportunities to get involved and meet tons of people! Explore the area and find little study spots; I love Ross and Starbucks on State.
I really do like the overall atmosphere at Michigan, but I do think there needs to be improvement on the larger dorms on campus or a way housing is set up as I found it to be unfair to pay the same amount as someone to live in a much older and, quite frankly, grosser environment.
The University is awesome! The teachers really do care about their students' success, especially within the Residential College program. The non-academic people in charge are pleasant as well, and are willing to work with you to make necessary accomodations.
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I have no real complaints here, sometimes professors aren't very good at teaching, but in my experience they always care about their students doing well. The academics are fantastic and LSA makes it very easy to multi-major.
Being a student at the University of Michigan is an experience unlike any other. With challenging academics, a beautiful campus, a huge alumni network, and school spirit and verve embodied by the students and alums unmatched by most universities, University of Michigan is the whole package.
good college, many opportunities for student involvement, lots of student support available. would like to see some better lecturing in the math department.
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