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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Reviews

3,751 reviews
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Anybody who visits Ann Arbor will fall in love. There are so many different things to see from museums, to restaurants to just taking a walk around campus. The architecture is beautiful and no other university can compare. The classes are taught by professors who are passionate about their work. You can always find something to do during any season.
This school has a great academic environment that encourages learning. Despite the racist happenings lately, umich has stayed above the haters. But the professors are extremely hit or miss. Some of them are amazing and helpful, while some of them are hard to understand and intimidating. To get the most out on the university, you need to use rate my professor and talk to other students about what classes are good and which aren't worth your time. Also, study groups are a must if you are to understand the material. In short, either come to this university ready to be more academically social or go somewhere else.
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The University of Michigan is an awesome higher education institution, where one can literally do anything. There are so many resources and people to help you, you'll never feel alone
The Univeristy of Michigan is no doubt a challenging college. There are many resources to grow and become successful. The professors usually are outstanding and enjoy their profession.
There is so many things I could say about Michigan. It is a whole new world. After one year here, there is not very many things I don't like about it. The amount of resources I have in hands reach is unbelievable. The number of people I have met that I am able to look up to makes Michigan's environment that much better. I think the one thing I would change about Michigan if I had to would be increase in the number of people at the available resources. For example, increase the available workers at the writing resources. I would also change the amount of office hours the Graduate Student Instructors (GSI) offer because not all the students are able to make it to their small windowed office hours.
The University of Michigan is a fantastic academic institution. In terms of academia, Umich students and faculty are the 'Leaders and the Best'. The broad and depth of subjects available to students are nearly unsurpassed by any other Big Ten university and countless opportunities are available to pursue topics of interest. The disconnected campus is irritating but overall limitedly affects the Umich experience.
Great school and atmosphere. Difficult and challenging courses but a lot of fun. There are times when other students can be rude but that can be expected anywhere. I love it here and I am glad I chose Michigan. Dining hall is pretty good for the most part and there is load to do on campus.
Wonderful big state school. You get a good mix of "big school" with the sports, wide class offerings, and large student population, but can also get a smaller school feel by joining dorm communities and student organizations.
I love it here. Ann arbor is an incredible city. At the heart is such an incredible university. Professors and curriculum is interactive and innovative. You can really count on getting an education that will help you succeed in the modern world. I can't imagine a more incredible play to learn grown and immerse yourself.
The University of Michigan is a great University, very academically challenging and high-paced. That being said, students here can be very competitive which adds to the stress of college.
Challenging and stimulating coursework and discussions. Professors are really great and try to get you to think on your own rather than just giving you answers and things to memorize.
The University of Michigan is an awesome school! There are so many different programs and majors, and there are many brilliant professors willing to help students actually learn about what they are interested in. The campus is different than most, but it's awesome in it's own unique way. I have loved every minute of my time here at Michigan!
I love this school so much. From tailgates and greek life, to sports teams and clubs, to the best dining halls of any school I've heard of, Mich is absolutely the most amazing community you could ever ask for. If you're willing to put in the work, there's no end to opportunities for you. Go blue!
The people and communities built here in Ann Arbor are fantastic. The college and city are both intertwined well and feed into everyone's daily life whether you are a student or community member.
The University of Michigan is a large university, with a wide variety of well-respected and high quality programs. Students have a lot of freedom and flexibility to shape their educational experience. The staff and faculty are hard-working and truly care about the success of their students. The facilities and grounds are well-maintained, and much effort has gone into renovating the dormitories. The campus is safe, attractive and manageable.
The campus atmosphere at UMich is great; it's definitely its own campus, but it's right in the middle of downtown Ann Arbor so there's a ton of things to do if you have time. The classes are challenging, but the professors are friendly, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable. UMich has it all: great academics, great athletics, and the true college experience.
I like how much school spirit there is and how the students and faculty take pride in their academics. Right away I felt the atmosphere of the "Big Ten" from the large number of students, and the crazy football games. Walking into the Big House was an experience I'll never forget. Also, the professors I've had so far are passionate about their teaching and they push you to your best. I would have more professors teaching students instead of graduate student instructors, more office hours, and supportive services for freshman past the first couple weeks of school.
There is always so much going on here and many opportunities available! From great classes to once in a life time experiences, there's something for everyone.
There is something for everyone at the University of Michigan. Libraries are filled with people studying- every hour- every day. Want an impromptu basketball game? Head to the CCRB and you will find someone to join you. Opinions are expressed feely- charitable activities abound ( or start your own charitable endeavor) School sports teams are worth cheering for-the town is vibrant. Greek life is there if you choose. Rated consistently high in polls-it’s the school that has earned its reputation!
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