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The University of Miami offers a great variety of athletic programs for athletes worldwide and provides and ensures academic success.
this school is in the perfect location and allows for each and every student to excel in academics and social lives.
It's a great experience and a wonderful facility. The diversity is mind-blowing and it really helps you adjust to the scenery and allow yourself to be open to new things. the enviroment is so relaxing during the day as well as education friendly while at night the party scene is out of this world and probably the best in the united states if you ask me.
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I love attending the University of Miami! My experience at the University of Miami has been nothing less than personal. The teachers and staff are very personal and truly care about my overall learning experience. When I think of my college experience here, I think of family.
I especially enjoy U. of Miami's curriculum. UM's open curriculum, with no core requirements outside of the student's concentration or major, allows us to be the architects of our education and design our very own curriculum to our likings.
UM was really good to me. I made some amazing life friends who are smart, reliable, and fun. The professors here seem to be really invested in their jobs and they really want their students to succeed. The classes are challenging but rightfully so. Volunteer and career opportunities are basically handed to you on a silver platter. This school really does want their students to succeed.
I think the U is the place to be. The campus is beautiful, my professors are very knowledgeable and the content of the classes is spot on. Overall a great place!
The best part of my time at UM has been the amount of resources and opportunities that are available. Career centers, scholarships, tutors and student organizations (just to name a few) are all super helpful and accessible ways my school ensures their students success. The only thing about UM that I think is counterintuitive is the way administrative services are not very accessibly in that it's hard to make appeals without going through the hierarchy of command.
My experience at the university of Miami was unbelievable the campus is beautiful and mind blowing how big it is in such a small compact area. The culture there is nothing like I've seen before so diverse and open. I wouldn't change a thing about their campus or anything it is a ten out of ten college.
The University of Miami is an excellent school. It cares for it's students and has an advanced curriculum. The only thing that would make the school better is the price of tuition being lowered.
It's just a great environment, everyone is kind and will lend a hand if needed. The landscape is beautiful, the dorms are pretty good, and the sports teams are AWESOME!
Miami has a very diverse population of students with different, ideas, ideologies, and thought process that allow for personal growth.
I am a junior, and my experience with the University of Miami has been mostly positive. Events, student organizations, and resources are readily available and students can gain opportunities if they put in the time and effort for it.
Sometimes I wonder if I really am getting a return on my investment, as the school is expensive, but I think that it's worth it.
The food court really needs improvement.
I like how involved the faculty is with the students. It is easy to see the faculty and staff care about the students.
University of Miami has a stupendous medical school and it is a school that challenges you with rigorous academics. It is very diverse and the campus is overall very beautiful. The local area is okay because Miami isn't the best place to live but the school is rated great.
I love the University of Miami, I am hoping to be an incoming freshman next year. Their is so much diversity throughout the school and attending the summer scholars programs this summer made my love for the school grow even more. One thing I would change would be the dorms. They are quite out dated but are still completely functional.
I’m Not in college yet but I’ve been looking into the university of Miami . I am a junior attending piper high school and I think the university of Miami is a good school it focuses on academics and that is good
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I love this school more than anything. Miami is an amazing city to go to school in and I would not want to be anywhere else.
The school has a very good name and reputation, but the campus simply did not live up to it. The dorms were disappointing with the communal bathrooms.
Overall my experience at UM was everything I hoped it would be. I was able to enroll into interesting courses, the campus is very diverse, I was able to study abroad several times, the campus is just absolutely gorgeous, and experiencing Miami is exciting. However, the housing and food was lackluster at best, I felt isolated at times by the overwhelming party scene, living in Miami (especially off campus) can become financially and emotionally exhausting, and the bureaucracy of the school was abysmal. And while I was able to make friends, meeting people was a challenge for me sometimes because a lot of students were superficial. I was able to get a job right out of college and I feel that UM has forever impacted me and how I see the world. If I could do over again, I would probably still go to school there, but it's no paradise make no mistake.
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