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It is a beautiful campus, and excellent teaching staff. Like many schools, however, the financial aid and the admissions off can be a bit slow in response.
There are many opportunities in this school both on campus and off campus in the vibrant, lively city of Miami. The diversity of people here is incredible, however, if you are from a small town such as myself, you can find it easy to get lost in the shuffle. Finding your place can be hard at first, but the maturation you will undergo and the experiences that you will take place in will be life altering and really make a transition from childhood to the real world (for better or worse).
The school is amazing. The professors care so much about the students and want them to succeed. Almost any professor you talk to will go out of there way to help you to reach your goals, and provide you with the opportunities you need to be successful.
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great school, city and academics! Its the perfect balance between academics, social life and good weather!
The University of Miami has warm weather, a diverse community, and a medium-sized campus. The diversity makes it easier than expected to find people you are similar to, regardless of who you are. The education depends on which program you are admitted to and which professors you have the opportunity to take class in - like many things, some are amazing and some are lacking. Overall, the U is mainly about itself, the U (and the money it can get from you), rather than YOU as a student. However, some faculty go out of their way to make your experience a great one. These are the people who make the University of Miami a top-ranked school.
Love everything about the U except the dorms need to be redone (thank god they are) and food as well not so great
I love it here. The majority of professors I've had were amazing. On and off campus—Miami is one of the coolest and diverse places. I wish the school had a little more of a presence and excitement for the games, but parties and clubs are always lit. The campus food is really good at first, but then you get used to it and it tends to get annoying. The only thing I dislike is the state of the dorms, but they are beginning to construct new ones soon.
The main thing I like is the balance the university tries to have between focusing on academics and focusing on a quality athletic department. Although my main purpose here it to obviously learn and get a degree, having an entertaining time as well as having opportunities to network and find myself through the myriad of social activities offered is a huge plus.
I love that people from across the world attend this university. The international scene is amazing and adds such great perspective to the school. The campus is so beautiful and feels like more of a vacation than actual vacations. Sunshine permeates every day, and it really feels like an oasis to be on this campus. Most professors are passionate about what they teach and bring excitement to class, in addition to fair and transparent grading policies. And don't get me started on the nightlife. This is Miami. That's all I need to say.
The University of Miami is a nice school with a beautiful campus, warm weather and good academics. Its on the smaller side for its kind, but that's just how I like it. If I had to choose the things I dislike about things here, I'd say that the engineering school's administration has too much freedom, the cognate system is restrictive for many students, and the campus really isn't non-smoking.
i really liked th campus plus their amazing baeball team. Also with the kids i spoke to around campus they said that um is a very good school
One thing that caught my eye was the beautiful campus. When I first came to visit, I immediately fell in love. Of course other factors made my decision clear ,but the campus is definitely something that never fails to amaze me. I also met some amazing people that I can now call my best friends. Although it sounds super cheesy, college helped me find myself and let me make my own decisions without feel judged or ridiculed.
I love all the classes that are offered and how easy it is to get involved in many extracurricular activities. Most teachers are easy to talk to and want you to succeed. It is located near the beautiful city of Miami and near other great areas as well.
The University of Miami is a wonderful university filled with friendly students and professors alike. The campus is amazing and beautiful, the facilities are incredible, and the weather is to die for. This is a great college for a young individual looking to expand their horizons.
Attending UMiami is the best decision I've made. So many different, wonderful people attend this university and the professors, although a good portion are foreign and hard to understand, they are definitely the best in their field of study.
A great university with plenty of diversity. The weather is always beautiful and you can never get bored in such big city. There are very strong academic programs and plenty of people in every field of study.
Dorms could be much better for the price. Some professors are arrogant. Party scene is only nightclubs, would be cool if there was another option
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It is a beautiful school with a lively student body that is both diverse and engaged in the community. There are so many organizations to join and so many events where one can explore and have fun.
This is a very well run school. Once you find your place here, especially if you are not one of those frat-heads and whatnot, this can be an enjoyable experience.
I love University of Miami. I fell in love with the campus the day I moved into campus. I feel very accepted and appreciated at this university. No other school has ever made me feel so motivated in my educational career. The school promotes diversity and encourages different ideas and ways of thinking. At U.M, I always feel very safe and secure, despite what ever hours I walk around campus. I love it there.
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