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The University of Miami is a place to dream. It is a great place with a lot of diversity. A place full of different activities either if you want to dance or practice any sport. The online resources are amazing and the professors are really prepared.
UM is a great school with many great fields of studies. UM is such a lively and vibrant school with a great, social student body. There is always some type of activity happening on campus, that encourage students to engage. There are many different clubs in which students can join, there is something for everyone. UM is such a diverse school, one the best things is that you get the oppurtunity to meet and befriend people from all across the world. Most professors are nice, friendly, and willing to ensure students understand the material/course work. Campus and Dinning Hall have a good level of cleanliness. Only downside would be the dorms, they could definitely be improved. UM provides opportunities, great education and a fun time.
My experience at UM has been great! I am a nursing major and have enjoyed all my classes thus far. The professors are very knowledgeable and most of them are very willing to help their students succeed. Academically, the school is incredible. The sports, night life, and campus are also very good. My only criticism is that the dorms are too small, old, and gross and the food in the dining hall isn't very appetizing.
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I have had so many great opportunities to become involved. I am in a sorority and on the executive board of two honor societies but am in four. I was able to participate in athletics through the novice rowing team and got an experience I probably would not have been able to obtain anywhere else. I am involved in It's On Us as a student ambassador working to combat sexual assault on campus which our school is becoming more and more proactive about. I have great professors who care about me.
This has been my dream school since I came to this country! I am so excited to have been accepted to their MBA program!
I am so happy with my decision of attending the University of Miami. I am an African-American female and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I really don't like the dorms though, that's the only negative thing I can say about this school.
The education is great. They make sure every major has the best possible professors that can provide the student the tools to be a well-rounded individual. But, it lacks a family environment because it felt more institutional. In comparison to local universities, the professors and faculty did not extend an extra hand. Also, very difficult to be educated about possible financial benefits.
I loved the campus, the tour was beautiful and it was what helped to foster my passion for this college.
UM is an excellent school- beautiful campus, fun atmosphere, it's hard to ever get bored with so many things to do on or around campus. I wish, however, that more money would be invested in academics and hiring some stronger teachers. I've had some of the greatest teachers of my life at this school, but also some professors that should not be allowed to teach. It's a lot of money to be spending on a school with poor academic resources in certain areas of study.
From the start the University of Miami was not my first choice school. It was only after I got in that I even considered wanting to go there and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As an international studies and Spanish major, I belong to two very small departments and that is helpful because I get to know my professors very early on in my college career. Many students over look this factor, but it is something that must be taken into consideration. One downside about the school is the dining hall food. It is terrible. As my freshmen year rolled on, my friends and I found ourselves going to the dining hall less and less. Most of the time we go to the food court, use UberEats or stock up with food from the grocery store. Other than that, I love the school and have nothing else to complain about.
Such a unique atmosphere, you won't regret the experience. The faculty at RSMAS are amazing, kind, and professional.
Nice campus, horrible food in the dining halls. A lot of student orgs and there is always something to do on campus.
The people are really nice, and the campus is really pretty. I felt a little issolated by the fact that I am Asian and the majority of people are either Caucasian or from Latin America
I loved the campus, the diversity, the technological advancements. The atmosphere is great! The energy when sporting events take place is very exciting.
I'm very excited to start my graduate program at the University of Miami this coming fall. I appreciate the University's diversity and location that enables access to different career opportunities. This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen U Miami for my graduate degree.

I'm going to get my graduate degree in International Business. Since I recently visited Miami, I was able to meet one of the business school advisers. She was able to take me on a short tour and show me around in the business school building. It was a great first impression and I can't wait to start my studies there.
Would like for the science classes to be smaller instead of all being in large lecture halls. Also, better chemistry teachers/more resources for help with chemistry.
I loved the campus! The school has a lot to offer to undergraduate students, and the only thing I'd say needs improvement is the freshman dorms, however, the university is building news dorms that I hope will be offered to freshman!
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The campus is outstanding, with something to see or do for any type of person. After all, it may be the most diverse campus in all of Florida. The food options there are plentiful, the classes themselves are decently sized and the professors are there to help. It's in a good city in Florida, Coral Gables, and the options in having fun in the campus may be unmatched.
Students have incredible access to research opportunities and internships. Ample on campus resources for students to use, latest technologies in study rooms. Would like to see set study rooms for Pre-Health students as other rooms get saturated with students, and access to some is limited to certain majors
Coral Gables is home to the University of Miami, an elite university, known commonly as “The U.” With its perpetual sunshine and swaying palm trees, the University of Miami enjoys the cool ambience of the tropics, while also holding the title of a Top 50 school. Just like the city of Miami, the school is bubbling with a variety of different people with different backgrounds. The athletics teams at this school are great too, with our football team's ever-increasing ranking. We have had several celebrities come to the University of Miami, parading around campus, throwing up the "U" at sports games, and notably even filming a music video here! The University of Miami had everything I was looking for in a campus and choosing to go there it is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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