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Students have incredible access to research opportunities and internships. Ample on campus resources for students to use, latest technologies in study rooms. Would like to see set study rooms for Pre-Health students as other rooms get saturated with students, and access to some is limited to certain majors
Coral Gables is home to the University of Miami, an elite university, known commonly as “The U.” With its perpetual sunshine and swaying palm trees, the University of Miami enjoys the cool ambience of the tropics, while also holding the title of a Top 50 school. Just like the city of Miami, the school is bubbling with a variety of different people with different backgrounds. The athletics teams at this school are great too, with our football team's ever-increasing ranking. We have had several celebrities come to the University of Miami, parading around campus, throwing up the "U" at sports games, and notably even filming a music video here! The University of Miami had everything I was looking for in a campus and choosing to go there it is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
I have never went to the University of Miami byt i would like to go. The University is a great one> i would like to see the university a public school instead of a private school. The school is full of smart people ill like to attend
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The University of Miami's outstanding and fascinating science programs offer a multitude of research and internship opportunities. Furthermore, the campus' lifestyle seems to be vibrant and dynamic, and the diverse student body is a proof of the university's will to welcome students from all ethnic, religious and sexual backgrounds.
This university is an incredible institution. As a pre-Med student, the resources and support are plentiful. The introduction classes, like in any other university, are quite grueling, but with a focused end goal in mind, it will all be worth it.
I am currently a junior at the university of Miami. I absolutely love it. If I could change something it would definitely be trying to make things easier for the low income students. There are many things that tend to be overpriced for no reason.
The cultural immersion and attention to diversity is unmatched against any other institution. Campus simply blooms with life each semester, and the vibrant energy of the city reverberates throughout the school. Truly, UM is heaven on earth.
My experience at University of Miami so far has been very enriching. I have learned a lot about myself and my interests in the first year itself. As a Biology major, I have already had the opportunity to engage in research. There are many resources available that can guide you towards making the most out of your academic experience.
The diversity on campus is very evident and beautiful. You can walk through campus and hear at least 3 of more languages being spoken. The campus is also very gorgeous. You are surrounded by nature and the lake is the most wonderful sight at any time of day.
The only thing I would improve is the food in the dining hall which is very repetitive and there is not much variety at all.
Very good education and atmosphere. Great professors and not too big of class sizes which helps you connect more personally to your teachers.
The staff is very helpful, they are always on top of my needs. The school is located in very popular area in Miami. They have job opportunities for students who live there and who live off campus as well. The campus is clean, big, and it has academic hep if the students need it. They help with the financial aid, they guide and advise you what to do in each case.
I enjoyed my classes, professors, and the diverse student body. In both of my majors, political science and international studies, the majority of classes were 20 people or less, which helped give a personalized learning experience.
I believe U of M is without a doubt the best school in the state of Florida, if not the country. It is in such an amazing location surrounded by an abundance of restaurants, activities, and job opportunities. Its variety of networking possibilities and alumni involvement really helps pave the way for your future and gives you a great taste of freedom. There are so many ways to become involved on campus and around the community both with sports, volunteering, and academics.
Loved my time here so far. Of course it depends on what path you choose, but the campus is lovely and the professors I had were understanding and great teachers.
I love the environment and the academics. University of Miami knows how to incorporate work with play and still be outstanding.
The business school’s academic courses are very good except for Intro to Business. Most of the professors are knowledgeable and available. The dorms are small and noisy but the camaraderie among floor mates is great.
The University of Miami offers a great variety of athletic programs for athletes worldwide and provides and ensures academic success.
this school is in the perfect location and allows for each and every student to excel in academics and social lives.
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It's a great experience and a wonderful facility. The diversity is mind-blowing and it really helps you adjust to the scenery and allow yourself to be open to new things. the enviroment is so relaxing during the day as well as education friendly while at night the party scene is out of this world and probably the best in the united states if you ask me.
I love attending the University of Miami! My experience at the University of Miami has been nothing less than personal. The teachers and staff are very personal and truly care about my overall learning experience. When I think of my college experience here, I think of family.
I especially enjoy U. of Miami's curriculum. UM's open curriculum, with no core requirements outside of the student's concentration or major, allows us to be the architects of our education and design our very own curriculum to our likings.
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