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Very lively and it lives up to its name very affordable. The teachers care about you and you always have to stay positive and always take risks. Be open to try different things
The course offerings are ok. The courses that are offered are interesting; however the course offerings for my concentration graphic design are not consistent due to limited availability of professors.
I'm an out of state student and was able to apply for a scholarship to bring me down to in-state tuition. There are numerous scholarships available, so the value for what you're getting is very good. The campus is very nice, they're constantly upgrading and adding to the campus.
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From what I experienced on the campus visit, it’s very lovely inside and out! It has almost everything you would need in a university, trust me.
The professors in my major, Mechanical Engineering, are very knowledgeable and approachable. They are willing to work with students in order to see them succeed. In state tuition is also very affordable and worth it for the quality of education. The school itself, however; is not very organized. Most opportunities are spread by word of mouth and happenstance.
The professors are weird but good. I can tell they like their jobs. I came in contact with a female worker in the office where you go to check on your application and she had an attitude, wasn't much help at all, but helped me find this man who got everything I needed and more.
I love the university of Memphis. I love the diversity of university of Memphis and the different programs they have available. The only thing I would love to see change is more dining dollars available during each semester.
The University of Memphis is a wonderful school. Although Memphis is not a great area the U of M makes sure that all of their students are safe at all times. The education here at the University of Memphis is amazing. Our professor never fail to make sure we are not confused and are willing to help in every possible situation. The U of M also has great places to study at all times of the day. No one is ever left out and everyone is to feel right at home. I am proud to say I attend the University os Memphis
The University of Memphis is the ideal "what you make it" school. Though there could be stronger campus life and organizations, if you come the university with the mindset of a professional, you will surely become one with the help offered here.
Memphis is a good school because it is close to home, but at the same time, there is not much to do here. There are clubs and faculty that try to make the experience here more memorable. Personally, Memphis was a good choice because it was the most affordable and I was able to obtain a full ride. I am only a freshman here and although I have made a few friends, they were all from my previous school. I hope to see Memphis become a better and safer environment in the future. It is mediocre at the moment and it is a quiet seeming campus with not as many things to do.
It has an amazing campus and well rounded programs. There are so many different choices of programs you can pursue, but the program the university is known for is its business one. The dorm buildings have kitchens you can use, and you'll find everything you need on campus such as a post office, a cafe, a library with over one million book (ten million including online), and a gym. The campus even has its own art museum. Despite being in a harder part of town, the high security makes its campus one of the safest in the country.
It's a great school, with great teachers! I am a part-time student who works full time. I am currently taking all of my classes online. The U of M online course program has been a very good experience so far.
I really enjoy that their are so may computer labs and printers. One of my favorite things is that I am able to print from my computer to any printer on campus.
What I like about the University of Memphis is that it is close to home. It is in my hometown Memphis TN. I get to see different parts of my city that I have never seen before. It shows that our city has something good to offer; a university. Students from all around town come and visit our school in hopes for a future. What I like about my school is that we are driven by doing. I believe that our students really work hard. I have a support system at my school. Advisors who guide me throughout my college journey, professors who are interested in my education and those who push us to step out of our comfort zones. One thing that I would change about my school is the Academic scholarships. A lot of students who genuinely deserve a scholarship are not receiving them. I think that they are giving the scholarships to students who do not desperately need them and the ones that do are struggling to stay in school. Our school should also be more diverse.
I love the overall feel of Memphis's campus, the advisors are really helpful as well as the professors. Parking could be better.
UofM is simply the best
Our daughter is happy and thriving
The university is set up to make sure each student succeeds
I like how there are so many activities and clubs on campus that always keep the students involved. Memphis has some of the best professors who are willing to do anything to make sure their students learn. However, I would like them to address and improve safety around campus.
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great school with a highly credible education. the teachers are very knowledgable and always willing to help out. The overall student population is very diverse. So many clubs that promote and enhance student life. The university is very famous and one of the best im tennessee. The retention and graduation rate is good
My first year going to university of memphis it really taught me a lot . It taught me the basics of life and how to Love life on your own . Being a first year student also taught me that not everybody that say they there for you is there for you so many people leave you side it’s up to you if your going to get you degree or not . No One is there to tell you or help you do what you have to do any more
U of Memphis is a nice, captivating, and pleasant campus that I have ever explored. There are several pieces of Memphis that immediately grab my attention. On campus, I can clearly note that they are tremendously diverse.
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