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My experience at the University of Memphis has been a very great one I've always wanted to attend this university I also enjoy watching their many athletic programs succeed in their respected fields I would recommend this University to anybody.
I really liked the environment at memphis it is very friendly and a great experience! The theatre is super nice they have these days where high school students can take workshops and come see there show for free. The engineering department is also super cool. They have this day called e-day which a bunch if STEM students come to the school and compete in STEM based competitions.
Our campus is so inclusive and the diversity is amazing. Dr. Rudd is an amazing president. There is always an event going on in the UC or on the UC lawn. Teachers are always helping you be better than you already are.
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The University of Memphis is a very diverse school with many things to learn and do. They have great facilities, good food and a friendly atmosphere. Also, the football team is great.
I love how U of M is such an involved University with the city! There are numerous programs, internships, and community projects that the university initiates that influence the whole city! Everyone at U of M comes to work! We are driven by doing!
Good for graduate school and professors really help students with all they can. Good experience with the graduate program and diverse class offerings
I Love the University & that’s it’s diversity. The staff and campus is so welcoming. They make you feel like your at home. The students get along and interact with each other as well. The sports is amazing and the coaches. Safety is all around the campus.
I love it here at the University of Memphis! Every staff member only wants the best for the students and they only want to see us succeed. I know i made the right decision to come here!
This will be my first year at Memphis and I am about to start my Freshman year. Even though I haven’t attended any classes yet, I have had such a great experience with everyone at Memphis. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help.
Great school overall. Can improve on food choices and renew some buildings. I love the diversity of the school. The mix of races is beautiful. And their wide range of classes helps with whatever major you’ve decided to go into.
My experience with University of Memphis was good. I met new people and got a chance to walk around there beautiful campus.
I absolutely love everything about this school! It is an American public research college, meaning it’s a lot of hard work! It’s very mentally challenging, a beautiful campus, friendly students and staff, and we are Driven By Innovation
My experience at the University of Memphis was very busy. There are great student peers to help you if you need it. Overall, the school really needs help with protesters who will try to make you sign up for petitions about their causes that you may not really care for.
Honestly, I knew that I would love this college from when I first got accepted. I just felt like it was a place for me to be myself and it was. I have a lot of alumni family members and they loved it as well. College in general has its ups and downs, but overall I believe this school is fit for anyone. I would definitely like to see more Greek advertisement, but I understand why they keep it on the low too. The construction and parking is really the only problem I have with the school. There has been construction and work going on since the end of my freshman year and I am now an upcoming junior. It just seems like they're taking their time on things that need to be rushed. And for the parking, there's just not enough. and when students have to park on the side of the road they get tickets. I do not think its fair, and instead of making more dorms, they should make more parking available to their paying students.
My experience at the University of Memphis has been amazing. Being in a nice city like Memphis on a large campus has made me truly enjoy the journey of college.
University is good, need a little more emphasis on safety. Good value for the cost. Nice campus that makes the best of the space it has.
I am a graduate of the University of Memphis. I enjoyed every moment spent on the campus; the atmosphere, facilities everything was top of the line.
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Memphis has a wide range of academics and career opportunities! They offer many organizations, clubs, and leadership opportunities. There is a lot of diversity in ethnic groups and religious groups and athletics. They are getting better at football and they are also getting better at basketball. There are many resources for help with academics and with financial aid. The school provides assistance for disabilities and for those who work while attending classes. Housing is very accommodating and convenient for walking to classes. The staff is very nice and very helpful. It is also a very safe campus. The campus police officers have good experience and are efficient and helpful in keeping others safe. The school is also located around many cool restaurants and places where students can go!
The University of Memphis provided a very comfortable stepping ground for advancing my career path. The atmosphere is by far the best I have experience due to the diversity that encompasses the entire campus. I would recommend the University of Memphis to anyone pursuing a college career.
The University of Memphis is a great school and has many great majors and programs. I love the location of the school as well.
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