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The school was a great opportunity for me because I was an out of state student and I need a lot of funding. I was offered a full ride based on merit and music scholarships.
The University of Memphis is the best. The campus is beautiful and has so much to do. Everyone you meet is so friendly and enthusiastic.
I have had a wonderful experience at the University of Memphis. My fellow students have been very welcoming and it is very easy to become involved on campus. The surrounding area is great as well. There is a revitalization happening in Memphis and the surrounding areas, which offers many opportunities for U of M students.
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What Iike about the University of Memphis are the friendly people. When being approached by some one or asking for directions to classes they are willing to help with a polite greeting and a smile. My acedemic counselor is very helpful and supportive. There a safety buttons all around campus in case of an emergency if something should happen the campus police would be alerted immediately There's nothing that I want to change about this unversity I am going into my second year and I love it there.
My overall experience at the University of Memphis is very good. I believe that school is preparing me to go to the next level. It is ranked one of the best schools in Tennessee.
The campus offers a variety of people and it makes it easier to get to know different types of people that have come from all over the country. You also can meet people that are in different majors early on in your college career because of the prerequisites. I would like to see more faculty besides teachers trying to connect with students more besides emailing them in a mass email over campus news. Students need to know that they are valued as students and as people and we can often miss that connection with those in charge.
I currently attend The University of Memphis and I love the diversity and all of the different means to become involved. Professors truly care about their students, and do their best to ensure that you understand the material. Campus life is great, and really safe. The university offers an affordable way to obtain a degree. Emails are sent out informing students about current university issues and events. I never feel out of loop, and I'm not sure if I could feel this way with any other institution.
I love UofM. I have made great friends there and I love my professors. They have helped me become the person I want to be, and have helped me see who I want to become in the future.
The University of Memphis is a good overall academic environment with a good amount of diversity on the people and what they do on and off campus. The student life is very active with activities based on campus and to do with academics. For the time that I have been here the professors that I have encountered have been understanding and have been good academically.
My education at The University of Memphis has been incredible. The professors and staff are top of their game and I know I made the right decision to pursue my education here.
Overall,a good choice.Nice campus,the parking situation could be better.The staff are friendly and helpful.The teachers ,for the most part ,seem to really care about teaching with the exception, in my particular case, of one or two. Memphis loves their Tiger athletic programs and team spirit is felt throughout the city come game time.There are many college friendly restaurants on the Highland Strip and also some mod- looking new apartments in the area as well, catering to college students.
University Memphis is a safe campus. I like the U of M so much it connected me with people i didn't know at first
I love the fact that a few buildings are 24/7. The food is okay. I would like to see more involvement in the community among the school.
The University of Memphis for me, so far, has been a pleasant experience. Although I am freshmen, the people which I thus far met had been nice. In fact, a few of them became what I considered to be a long-term friend.

The only problem which I had in this school has been centered around 2 points, the difference between professors and the danger of staying late at the campus. The incident makes traveling or staying late at school quite a scare for me. And a few professor's teaching is boring if I were to be generous.
So far U of M has been good but a struggle also. This school is very expensive but the academics and campus life are great. There's a lot to get engaged in on campus and great professors.
I am a sophomore at the University of Memphis and I haven't regretted it since. I like that there are so many free resources available to students and staff. There are always things to get involved with whether it's a dance team, musical group or intramural sports team. With me being involved in marching band, a scholarship group and a Resident Advisor I have had so many opportunities to network and meet people from around the world. Also, I have found my to closest friends by interacting with them within my groups. Even being surrounded by positive friends, the most that I want to hear is from my advisors. I know college is a business, but sometimes my school advisors can be really negative about things. Preparing me for the real world is great, but I don't like that they always focus on the worst scenarios. The advisors should encourage me to go for what might seem to be the impossible because I have learned that we'll never know the outcome until we try.
My experience has been very good. There are many opportunities to volunteer and network with other people. The sports are highly entertaining and being in the city there is many things to do. It is highly diverse so everyone can be included with something. It is a commuter school being its downfall. Not many people will be found on campus on the weekend simply because most people live off campus. It is also small compared to most four year universities. Overall U of Memphis is a great school with many astounding professors, programs, and entertainment.
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This university has great teachers that are willing to work with the students to maximize their potential. The surrounding area has plenty of things to keep the bored student occupied and the library and technology hub are the best two places to get quiet studying done.
I heard great things about this college. It's a very diverse college. Everything there is full of life and so much inspiration. I would love to attend that school.
I love university of Memphis. They have provided me with the best education. My major is Health studies and I am a student athlete. All of my classes have taught me to the best of all professor ability. I have learn a large about of information over just a year of school.
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