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It's my first year in UMass Lowell but I happy the way in which professors teach and their grading patterns and also facilities provided by the University will help me to excel in my field.
Although UMass Lowell was not my top choice, my experience as a first year student had made me feel like it's my second home. I enjoy the different facilities on campus which allow us, students, be involve in different aspects. Professors at Umass Lowell do not only want students to succeed, but also want to motivate students to think outside the box and explore more than what's within our major. I would like to take more interesting class outside of my major, but due to smaller class sizes, it is hard to get in to popular classes at UMass lowell.
My experience here has been incredible. The professors have been top of the line, and the Mechanical Engineering curriculum has been near-perfect. I have truly enjoyed every moment being here, from the on-campus housing, to the classes, to the people (both students and faculty).
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I like the small classroom settings and easy to get to class. The classes I take are in south campus which is near where I live. Also, the buses run pretty often that makes it easier for students to get to another campus for their class.
UMASS Lowell is a great college! The academics are really good. There return of investment is worth it. The school is very diverse
Umass Lowell is a very large and diverse institution. Overall my experience at the University has been positive. I have met a incredible amount of staff at the university and i must say most of the faculty at Umass adore their students and the instituition. Everyone really works hard to fit each students needs. On a negative note, because the university is so large, almost every class after the registration period has a waitlist; therefore you may or may not get the class schedule you designed to fit you best. All dining is very clean but food is extremely repetitive across dining halls. The campus however is very welcoming, very diverse, and has many different academic programs.
It is a good school. The students are very generous. The dorms are a bit small and the campus is spread out so you have to walk a bit around to different parts of campus but overall it is a good school.
I believe UMass Lowell is an excellent school to attend and would highly recommend it. However, I think the school lacks when it comes to dealing with financial matters and getting answers back to students.
I have found that the University of Massachusetts here in Lowell, is one that takes itself and carries a lot of pride being part here in the Lowell community. The classes that I have taken have been very well put together and follow strong syllabi. The campus is very nice and aesthetically pleasing, especially our prided South Campus. The sports games are fantastic and full of Riverhawk pride. The people are great. You can't really find somewhere this nice all the time for what it takes to come here.
I was able to find a support system within my majors department, this has been very helpful on my educational journey
University of Massachusetts- Lowell has taken many steps in the right direction while I have been here. I am currently a sophomore, and there has been many changes on campus in the year and a half that I have been attending the university. They have made it feel like a safe campus with a lot of opportunities offered to students.
The classes and professors are alright and not too hard. North campus (where most STEM classes are) is a 20 or so minute walk from the dorms and you have to take a 20+ minute shuttle to go to South campus from the dorms (where more liberal arts classes are). Surprisingly very little diversity, I'm one of 2 or 3 people of color on my entire floor. I've had a lot of racist comments made toward me. Lots of unnecessary drama and people in your business. Otherwise everyone already had friends they know from high school since a lot of local people go here so it's hard to make friends if you didn't go to a high school within 15 or so miles from UML. Frat parties are pretty trash and a lot of creepy guys. A lot of rude people that grew up spoiled. Main dining hall really sucks. All they pretty much have is burgers hot dogs and sandwiches - lines for other foods are often way too long for poor quality. Looking into transferring for next year.
I enjoy the academics and the athletics at the university. The athletics, especially soccer give me a way to deal with stress. I have also made a lot of friends who can help me get my work done and keep my priorities in check.
I enjoyed attending school activities as well as the academics and the length many professors will go to in order to help students understand the subject being taught. However, I would like the dining hall options to change because it is not very good.
All professors and faculty members go above and beyond to help you excel as a student. The environment of UMass Lowell is very warm and welcoming as well as positive and energetic. I am so proud to be a student here.
Overall, my experience at UML has been quite enjoyable.
UML is a diverse campus, fostering the education and expression of all students alike. The campus is well maintained and has a quaint aesthetic to it. Professors are gregarious and always available to help facilitate student learning. Student life is very involved and communal. Despite mostly positive remarks about the university, one change I would like to see for the school is the implementation of healthier dining options around campus.
They need better food on campus and more activities. But overall, I think the teachers are good and they do work hard in order to make sure you understand the material.
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The campus is great! They have a good sports program with a great hockey team. Plenty of activities on the weekend with a good bar scene. I strongly feel for the price I pay for my meal plan which was forced upon me when living on campus the quality of food should be higher. We pay the same amount for a meal plan as UMASS Amherst and they have the #1 found in the country, if UMASS Lowell could improve this it would go a long way.
. Some individuals are very rude when asking for any type of help if confused or don't know anything. The RA's here always have an attitude for no reason. The work-study jobs here are ridiculous. When doing work study, sometimes have to wait about a month or two for a check which is insane because I have been working for free and no money has gone towards my tuition or myself. I find it that some people here could honestly just be really distant towards people especially when it comes to race I honestly feel like some people here don't know how to talk in front of people with different backgrounds and it's really sad. Even though racist people do exist, the people here, in general, are not friendly at all. The people here just have no type of respect or friendliness at all. It is very rare that one or two people will be very kind and willing to help out. But the people here are honestly just ridiculous and have no type of common sense when it comes to certain things.
I love this school! I was here previously, didn't finish and now I'm back to complete my degree. I loved everything about this place, from the professors to the class sizes to the campus to the food.
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