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As a transfer student it was really important for me to find the right school that I could finish with. Massachusetts Lowell not only has outstanding professors that truly care about their students' success, but also other faculty members like advisors and department chairs that teach out to students throughout the semester and school year to provide information about what is going on and what dates and/or events are important and coming up. Furthermore, apart from the diverse amount of degrees that UMass Lowell offers, they also offer many different classes beyond the typical or "square-cut" classes that really spark a student's natural curiosity, and these classes are taught by passionate professors who keep the students engaged and make the classes that much more enjoyable. Before you know it, the semester has passed and as a student you feel great about the classes you take.
I never wanted to go to a state school until I toured UML and I fell in love with the campus! The city of Lowell can be dangerous, but I feel incredibly safe on and near campus.
The food isn't stellar, but there are a lot of options to choose from so you are never stuck eating the same thing every day.
The school is amazing because they really do help and support students to achieve their goals. In the future there should be even more students support programs
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I love the Lowell Campus. There are three different campuses and the spooky abandoned fourth campus. Each campus has its own vibe and feel. It is honestly like three different worlds. I love the professors there and the busy city life. It is truly a great college to attend.
I'm currently enrolled in UMass Lowell's online continuing education program. Without a doubt, the professors are some of the best I've worked with in my whole college career. They're so enthusiastic about the material, and will jump to your aid any time you feel that you may need some assistance. It's a great opportunity to connect with students in a similar profession from all over. You work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds with varying experiences that have a lot to offer, especially in the Criminal Justice field. UMass Lowell has made getting your education incredibly convenient with this online program, but has even gone one step further by opening a new location in Haverhill, MA.
I love everything about my school, the campus, dorms, party life, food, the city of Lowell and the people... River Hawks are the BEST!
UML can be described as the biggest bang for your buck. The engineering program is amazing, and there is a lot to be learned for a serious student. The campus is always improving, and the price is right compared to other schools.
Nice school with lots of new facilities and a reasonable tuition.
also, they have lots of opportunities and resources for students.
The people were very friendly and welcoming. The students there helped to calm my nerves and be very compassionate and understanding when I was unsure, and overall it was a wonderful experience!
Umass Lowell is a great place to study and has very good athletic teams!! It also has a great atmosphere with full of positive energy!!!
I couldn’t be happier with the environment, the people, and the education I’m getting at UMass Lowell.
I love the urban setting of the campus and how many resources are available to students all the time. Most teachers are very friendly and eager to help.
When I attended adjunct professors (especially female professors) were treated very poorly. Administrative offices were extremely confusing and disorganized. There were some very good teachers at the school, however, which was its saving grace.
A friend of mine is studying in Umass Lowell and she always says that it is an amazing place to study and the campus is very good.
I enjoyed my time at Lowell. The history program is small but close knit and the graduate school of education was intense and worth it. I learned a lot and it prepared for my career. I made a lot of friends, memories, connections. I recommend it to my students now when they start thinking about college. As with anything in life, UML isn't perfect - the bureaucracy could drive me crazy at times and having class on different campuses could be a pain (however, that could have just been 20 year old me complaining for the sake of complaining). The cost also helped a lot . I'm not bogged down by my student loans. The R.O.I. has been great since graduating. Check it out, it's a good school and don't let the decades old, somewhat misplaced reputation of Lowell stop you from even thinking about it.
I love Umass Lowell, but as a commuter, the parking options are very limited and subpar. It would be very nice to be able to park closer to campus, for it would be a lot more convenient and save me a lot of time in the morning. I am also taking a class that is mandatory for my major, but because only one of that class is available, a lot of my fellow peers were not able to register for it because it filled up so quickly, hence they need to take summer classes. It would be great if Umass was able to provide enough classes to accommodate for their students.
UMass Lowell was a great school to attend for my undergrad degree. They started making major updates by my senior year and continued to update after I graduated. The dining experience significantly improved from my freshmen year to my junior year. The new dorms are very nice and have central AC. UMass also gave me a lot of financial aid making it a very affordable option for my education.
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The history department is full of great professors. Academically, I only wish the programs were more organized in terms of requirements, but this has the plus side of giving greater freedom to class selection.

Lowell isn't the safest city, but it is full of immigrants from South-East Asia, which means great food and culture to experience everywhere
It's my first year in UMass Lowell but I happy the way in which professors teach and their grading patterns and also facilities provided by the University will help me to excel in my field.
Although UMass Lowell was not my top choice, my experience as a first year student had made me feel like it's my second home. I enjoy the different facilities on campus which allow us, students, be involve in different aspects. Professors at Umass Lowell do not only want students to succeed, but also want to motivate students to think outside the box and explore more than what's within our major. I would like to take more interesting class outside of my major, but due to smaller class sizes, it is hard to get in to popular classes at UMass lowell.
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