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So far I love UMASS Lowell. After transferring three times, I have finally found a college that feels like home. The academics are challenging and even so, there are teachers and other resources that are there to help. The clubs and sports teams are great and really give you that sense of family when you join. The campus is in an amazing location close to downtown so there are plenty things to do on the weekends and there are plenty of events on campus as well. As a transfer student the staff at the school made it very easy to figure out all the classes that I needed to take and in the process everyone I encountered on the UMASS Lowell staff was always friendly and extremely helpful. They are always there to talk me though finacial or academic situations that I did not understand completely. I am really excited to hopefully continue my eduacation here and aslo complete my masters here as well!!
UMass Lowell has a lot to offer as a university and a community. My career thus far as a nursing major, approaching my NCLEX at the end of this upcoming semester, has provided me with the tools and experience i need to succeed in the 'real world'.
An overall nice college, I prefer UMass Lowell over Boston. There is a huge emphasis on student life here --There is at least one cafeteria and coffee shop on every campus. Dorms accommodate many students. The economics department has a wonderful, new building.
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The classes, professors, and campuses are great, only a few unsavory experiences which is to be expected as no university is perfect. The undergraduate psychology program is great with many concentration options and great advisors.
Nice Campus. Everything is easily available. All stores are nearby. Very Diverse community, lots of clubs and after-school activity for people who live in the campus
The diversity of UMass - Lowell is amazing and something to be proud of. The level at which the instructors go to ensure the students fully comprehend the course work and are fully immersed in it is exceptional.
I love the classes and the professors are wonderful! I feel the classes are very manageable and the campuses are nice and new. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants the full college experience!
I love the university. Professors really care about your success! I was accepted to Northeastern and Bentley but decided on UMass Lowell as it was a better value and long term return for my investment as NU and Bentley did not offer me any merit scholarships.
While the academics are heavy (as an engineering major at least), the mix of lifestyles between the campuses, short walking distance to the city, and constant events around the campuses make staying and learning at UMass Lowell genuinely enjoyable.
UMass Lowell is a wonderful school with incredible programs for high-level education opportunities. There are numerous clubs and activities and friendly students, staff, and faculty. It can get pretty cold during the winter and commuting across campuses from different parts of Lowell can be cumbersome, but the experience is worth it. One of the top schools nation-wide for bang for your buck.
Very much a commuter student school, everyone goes home on weekends so there is not much going on. The school is predominantly white, the north campus is full of men, as the north campus is for S.T.E.M majors. South campus, on the other hand, is full of women as this campus is for nursing, arts, and humanities majors. Average professors and food, some good places to study though. Majority of students actually transfer or commute after one year.
The school is very big which was divided into three campuses, North, South, and East campus. I like how the library opens until 1 a.m from Monday- Friday during the school year. where I can use majority of my time at the library to finish my school work.
I have recently finished my second year at UMass Lowell, and I am proud to say that I am enjoying everything the university has to offer. What I love the most about UMass Lowell is the amount of support available for students. There are so many places on campus where students can get support, such as the Wellness Center and the Centers for Learning and Academic Support services. I have been to these centers a couple of times and am always satisfied with the help I receive from there. Ultimately, UMass Lowell is a place I know I can depend on when I am in need of help.
As a transfer student it was really important for me to find the right school that I could finish with. Massachusetts Lowell not only has outstanding professors that truly care about their students' success, but also other faculty members like advisors and department chairs that teach out to students throughout the semester and school year to provide information about what is going on and what dates and/or events are important and coming up. Furthermore, apart from the diverse amount of degrees that UMass Lowell offers, they also offer many different classes beyond the typical or "square-cut" classes that really spark a student's natural curiosity, and these classes are taught by passionate professors who keep the students engaged and make the classes that much more enjoyable. Before you know it, the semester has passed and as a student you feel great about the classes you take.
I never wanted to go to a state school until I toured UML and I fell in love with the campus! The city of Lowell can be dangerous, but I feel incredibly safe on and near campus.
The food isn't stellar, but there are a lot of options to choose from so you are never stuck eating the same thing every day.
The school is amazing because they really do help and support students to achieve their goals. In the future there should be even more students support programs
I love the Lowell Campus. There are three different campuses and the spooky abandoned fourth campus. Each campus has its own vibe and feel. It is honestly like three different worlds. I love the professors there and the busy city life. It is truly a great college to attend.
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I'm currently enrolled in UMass Lowell's online continuing education program. Without a doubt, the professors are some of the best I've worked with in my whole college career. They're so enthusiastic about the material, and will jump to your aid any time you feel that you may need some assistance. It's a great opportunity to connect with students in a similar profession from all over. You work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds with varying experiences that have a lot to offer, especially in the Criminal Justice field. UMass Lowell has made getting your education incredibly convenient with this online program, but has even gone one step further by opening a new location in Haverhill, MA.
I love everything about my school, the campus, dorms, party life, food, the city of Lowell and the people... River Hawks are the BEST!
UML can be described as the biggest bang for your buck. The engineering program is amazing, and there is a lot to be learned for a serious student. The campus is always improving, and the price is right compared to other schools.
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