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Its a good school overall. You get out of it what you put in to it. If you want to party there are parties, if you want to study there are places to study. You get what you put into it, It is a great school if you want to get an educaiton. If you are going to slack, no one is going to pick you up off the side of the road. On the same token, if you are trying to get up, there will be many people who will lend you a helping hand.
Completing my first year of College at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth it was a great experience. Being a History Major I was able to see the change the professors has on the students and the way students decided to view the work given to them. If anything one thing I would like the University to change would be the participation of administration to be more involved around the campus.
Umass Dartmouth is a great college, you get a private college education at a public university value. The programs are great, challenging, exciting. I am eager to continue through and see what the future holds for me.
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What makes the experience at this university is the people you meet and spend your four years with. I’ve had the pleasure to meet people who became brothers and sisters over the years at UMassD. It a diverse school and you’re bound to make friends with anyone at this school from all walks of life, and diverse backgrounds. The people who run and go to this school make this school.
What I like about UMass Dartmouth is the sense of community. We are a very diverse school which allows everyone to feel like they fit in. Faculty are amazing because their best interest is to help a student succeed. It is a safe school and I have never felt afraid for my security here. I would recommend a student to come here because coming here is a grand opportunity. I would like to see changes for better student life. I think that we need to have more resources for students such as having real life activities and better living space and food
Great college with a good selection of Majors offered as well as many minors. Professors offer a great diversity of classes and care about their students. Many of the classes are small and meant to be one-on-one student focuses as opposed to giant lectures.
So far, as a junior in the Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth, I am having an amazing experience.
I like how diverse the campus is. There are always people to talk to so you're never lonely. The one thing I would like to change is the dining options.
This college needs to work on being more modern, work in their food choices, activities choices, the faculty is always mad and rude, is super hard to get the help you need. They change their policy very regularly which is confusing, I really hope that they can make changes to benefit the students and not only the looks of the school.
I love them classes and the students I've met. The dorm isn't very pretty but I've learned to like it.
It has a very good nursing program. The campus is easy to maneuver. It is not visually appealing. There is a lot of diversity on the campus. The athletics are okay; I don't hear about them too often. I have gotten a good experience at this school, I wouldn't consider transferring. There are a lot of groups on campus.
I absolutely loved Umass Dartmouth while I was a student there. The professors I had were amazing. I value the knowledge I learned while at Umass Dartmouth. The student body was really involved around the school and I met some pretty awesome people along the way. I will cherish my memories at Umass Dartmouth forever. The building is made of concrete and many did not like that feature of the school, but I personally found it interesting and different.
The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth , is an amazing school. The campus is huge and it has an amazing scenery, the campus is fully equipped with hundreds of learning materials for different majors, qualified staff who are constantly willing to help you out with any difficulty, and free transportation services within and off-campus.
Admission is quite easy, and the school has an acceptance rate of 71% which is quite fair in my opinion.
I have only been attending UMassD for a few months as a freshman, but I honestly feel like it is the right place for me and I would recommend this to anyone looking to attend college.
Also, UMassD provides sporting activities and entertainment on a regular basis, there is a whole section specifically designed for sports and athletics, and the campus holds concerts in the auditorium, and parties in the recreational centres for students to enjoy.
They made the transfer process as smooth as possible which was appreciated. The teachers are all very focused on their jobs and make it seem like each student is a number one priority.
The campus housing is very good, it is a safe campus and the staff are very friendly. Education is tough and rigorous. Some really dedicated professors.
So far I have liked all the programs the school has to offer especially the computer science one which I'm majoring in and I also like the diversity of the school both in race and activities going on and campus
It's a depressing campus and the food is terrible. It's not a school people want to graduate from, just a stepping stone to get to a better school.
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The school itself is very nice however being a transfer it is a little difficult to find the right niche as it can be very segregated. Most of the people are nice however drugs can be an issue. The party scene isn't what I was hoping for. For some odd reason people here don't like to day drink or really trow down at all for that matter, you will get the occasional gathering but trust me it will be nothing like its big bother Umass Amherst. The living situation in the "dells" is somewhat dirty but having a room to call your own is a plus. As for its academics they can be challenging but only if you seek out those challenging courses, but at the end of the day you get out what you put in.
The teachers I have had here are great; they care to help with any questions that we have and truly hope that we understand the topic at hand. Clubs are at a variety here, as well, with several ways for students to get involved if they wished. The only fault I see here is the food... certainly not the best, if one cares to eat healthy, the Marketplace may not be the place to go..
When I visited UMass Dartmouth, I was surprised by how bland the campus looked compared to how colorful and lively the students and staff there are.
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