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It was my first year in the college, I try to join any clubs and activists, it was awesome. I don’t like that some of the classes are big, but actually don’t have people that fill up the whole class. People sit away from each other, there wasn’t a great participation in it.
The university is quite affordable in comparison to other universities around the area, however it is a commuter school. They have just built dorms and they are trying to transition from that image, but they are lacking resources and a campus feel to have that happen.
Worst professors and they do not resolve the issue of professors improperly grade a student, while the blackboard grading is above passing and the student is given a failing grade in wiser ruining their lives along with their GPA as if schooling is not hard enough. I wouldn't waste your time on this school.
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I love attending school here. I am part of Student Government and the Honors College and I have a great experience with academics and social life.
During my four years at UMass Boston, I was enrolled in the Honors College. The interdisciplinary classes that I took gave me the opportunity to shape my thinking to be diverse and inclusive of others. We were able to take classes such as “Street Trauma” and “Immigration through the Study of Film and Literature.” Through my core science classes and the laboratory sections, I was exposed to various biological sciences and laboratory techniques such as gel electrophoresis and Southern blotting.
There is so many opportunities available to students like internships and jobs. Umass is a big diverse school so you will meet so many types of wonderful people. Also super affordable!
I recently got accepted to the school and have friends and family that know Umass Boston very well. It is great when helping financially and they are very welcoming. It is a great community to be engaged in, not to mention being 20 minutes away from downtown Boston.
I honestly love Umass Boston. Its the perfect size school and has a beautiful campus. Its located right on the water so its gorgeous on bright sunny days. The dorms are absolutely gorgeous. I am currently living in them and they just opened up last year. The furniture is grey and theres pretty hardwood floors. It honestly doesn't even feel like im living in a dorm room because how new and modern everything is.
I think UMass Boston is a very underrated school. The campus is beautiful as it is right on the water which you can see from almost every part of campus. They offer a lot of water related activities while being in the city. It is right in the city yet it has its own campus which is very rare. The redline is in walk-able distance from the campus as well as other off campus living and dorms. The school is still building more and other sort of renovations.
I'm as freshman at Umass Boston and overall I'd say that it is a pretty great school. The only major problem that I have had is not knowing how to transtion from hs to college, but I guess that comes with every college.
I've recently completed my first semester there, it was tough transitioning from a community college, but all the tools to succeed were and are provided to me. The challenging classes have discussion sessions to help understand each concept, plenty of areas around the school to study, plus a nice view of the Boston Harbor.
Beautiful campus location. Great opportunities in the area but it is a State public university. Faculty are average. Newer freshman dorms are nice but there is very little residential life to speak of; no involvement, programs etc.
So far, the classes have proved challenging though rewarding. Otherwise, I have yet to get a full feel for the college, as I am only a freshmen. My hope is that I get to experience study abroad, as traveling is something I always wanted to do with my family and in general. Scholarships such as these will definitely contribute to that goal and my future career as a travel physical therapist!
You learn a lot at a affordable intuition and get good jobs such as those students who graduate from Northeastern or Boston University for half the price.
Probably one of the most unorganized schools I’ve ever heard of. Financial aid services will never get back to you, transit office will charge you without notification (car on campus experience), professors don’t very much care about your education. Had a professor get fired halfway through the semester. I’m only giving two stars for the on campus housing; very nice dorms, very clean, and the food is pretty good. Other than that, I wish I hadn’t given this school a second glance. (Side note: I am a freshman currently in my fall semester, and have already put down a deposit at another school to transfer).
UMass Boston is a great school and has helped me with fully with everything i needed in order to apply.
First-year in UMass Boston, it is overwhelming at first, but then you get used to the place, like a high school. The professors and faculty are nice. They are there to help you to a certain degree, if you are willing to take that help.
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The dorms at the Umass Boston are the best dorms around. This is what seperates umass Boston from the other colleges.
The campus is beautiful. Nestled on the waterfront next to the J.F.K. Library the view is stunning. Though catwalks are available due to increment weather, sitting on the grass enjoying the view while engaging in study groups or social gatherings is very enjoyable.
The professors are quite helpful with discussing your goals and the acamdemic avenue to make your goals a reality.
Registration is extremely easy. Advisors are willing and able to guide you with your registration process.
The financial Aid department is amazing. They are genuinely concerned and involved with each student's needs. They help make your dreams a reality.
I was an alum at Umass Boston class graduate 2015. My experience there was an average. Like everyone else, I was a commuter and getting to the campus is a bit hectic if you have morning classes. I met many great people here.
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