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University of Massachusetts - Amherst Reviews

3,349 reviews
UMass Amherst is a fantastic learning environment and has become a second home to me. I do sometimes wish that we were a bit more diverse and that the advisors and professors cared a bit more. I guess it's tough on such a large campus.
This school possesses someone of the most advanced and rigorous courses available in a plethora of fields of study. Student are expected to perform well, and they hold strictly to the expectation. There are little or no freebies, and you will work hard to receive three times more of an output than you put in.

There are LOTS of resources supplied and available to students, and there's never a time in which you cannot receive help or help yourself. & The society is decent, aside from the lack of diversity, but you'll find you group of friends if you really try.

Professors are decent, but vary in quality at an extreme rate, so expect to have a terrible professor at any point and prepare yourself.

Housing and campus food are top notch, you can never sleep on it, though the shared bathrooms are not favorable.
Very solid as far as my experiences have gone, could do with fewer construction projects and more renovation of existing buildings though. Quite a few old buildings on campus that could benefit more from the money than having a new building for the business school.
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