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I like how there are so many opportunities for getting involved and getting work experience. Especially in the sciences, they are constantly throwing research or internship opportunities at you
Just like any other "University of ..." state school, they have a wide variety of majors and some programs are better than others. At a school this big your education is what you make of it. You really have to work hard, be super involved, and stay on top of every professor/ administrator to get anything out of your 4 years other than a piece of paper. Like most schools, their system is a little broken- you'll spend multiple semesters on useless gen-eds to become "well rounded," fulfilling categories in art/physics when what you really want to learn are the basics of nutrition and finance (which you will be denied access to unless you are majoring in them). As an out-of-state student who paid nearly 4X the (in-state) tuition to go here, I would not recommend it to other out-of-state students (unless you're parents can foot the bill).
I love that they're #1 for food at a college in the US. And I love the outlay of the college itself how everything is in a circle.
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I loved how the campus was so clean and beautiful and it really just seemed like it would be my home for the next 4 years of my life. The people were very friendly which was a relief. The dining halls seemed like they would be amazing which is very important to me. I hope to go visit again sometime next week so I can see my new home again.
I'm able to get classes I want and they are engaging. Great dorms and student life- I am more introverted but I've found my peeps and there are like-minded people for everyone because of the large student population. Students here do work hard but it also has good social scene so it is a nice balance. Amherst and Northhampton are great college towns- love the bookstores and coffeeshops!
I would definitely like to see an increase in the amount of diversity on campus as well as more support and care for the diverse students attending this school. There needs to be more response to acts of bigotry or else the problems will only persist and the small proportion of diverse students attending this institution may continue to feel marginalized and overlooked.
Great school always a lot going on and events and such. Food is amazing. If you come here you should definitely live in Southwest. Great campus and great bus system. Pretty much every store you could ever want to go to 5 minutes away. Library is awesome. Pond is awesome. Parties are awesome. Cheap if you live in Mass :)
UMass Amherst is a beautiful college filled with opportunities for their students. From having the best food, to the whimsical atmosphere, this is the college to be at.
I love UMass Amherst. I transferred my sophomore year, and a lot of my friends are transfers as well. We all love the school, campus, food, people, and pretty much everything else. The people at the school are so friendly and always seem down to make new friends. The food is incredible and the parties are not as insane as they once were, but if you're into that scene and your friends are as well, you'll still have a lot of fun.
Lots of engaging events. Good food. Good parties. Good mix of professors. Dorms suck. Centrally locates. Very liberal very large. Lots of construction.
This is my first year at UMass Amherst and so far I am loving it! I can't imagine myself anywhere else. The people are so friendly and welcoming. The food is amazing and makes the transition away from home a lot easier. The community is huge and everyone has a sense of pride about attending UMass which makes this place feel even more special. The dorms are average. Night life is to be expected from a college: the usual frat parties. Overall, I am enjoying my time here at UMass and will continue to recommend it to anyone looking for a place they belong.
The classes are very intense, but you are getting your money's worth at this school. Many courses go very in depth and there is numerous ways to find help on campus. The social life is very thriving and there is more clubs and activities than you could ever imagine. Friends are easy to make and weather you like to party or just go to a sporting event you can always find something to do. My only complaint is some teachers did not even know how to speak English fluently and teaching large lectures causes many problems for students. Teachers would also be rude in some cases when it came to having to miss a class for personnel reasons and them not allowing you to make up the work or even tests you had missed.
Really enjoying my classes at UMass Amherst so far! All of the teachers have been very helpful. Learning a lot. Wish they offered more variety of classes for my major.
I love everything about this big school. My dorms were roomy and clean and house off campus is amazing..academically challenged and socially bountiful
I love the positive feeling I get when I walk around campus. There is such a positive energy throughout the student body that makes me love being apart of it. I do think that many classrooms and lecture halls definitely need an update. Some lack enough space, are just old and outdated, and others lack quality air conditioning/heat.
I absolutely loved my time at UMass. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of that helped me to discover my passion.
I really found myself at UMass Amherst. I developed a social circle I consider family, found my passion for public health and psychological sciences and have really grown into a well education Latina woman. This is a big achievement being a first generation college student in my family.
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Overall, UMass Amherst is a really good school. The size is a good balance between being big enough to find people who share your interests but not too big that the school feels overwhelming. There's a reason why the school has been ranked #1 for dining overall in the country; however, note that while it's delicious, some of the international food isn't completely authentic.

Personally, now that it's the middle of winter, I'd like for there to be more tunnels or inside routes between buildings. Walking in negative degree weather is not pleasant when all your classes are at opposite ends of the campus. There are free buses, but they always are full in the winter.
I loved how big the school was, yet I could walk to class and recognize at least five people. The 200-400 size lectures is way too large, it's very easy to slack when the teacher will never know your name. The books are definitely overpriced, and teachers will make you buy them even if they're only used once or twice. The deans of CNS are willing to talk to undergraduate students and be their advisors.
I enjoy the school spirit and sense of community provided here at the university. However I unlike many of my peers have lacked significantly in financial support and therefore am applying for multiple scholarships. Overall, the food, people, and classes are all enjoyable.
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