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The campus here is very large but it is very appealing. The tallest red brick library in the world stands in the center of campus and it acts as a landmark. The food here has been ranked #1 three years in a row and it is very deserving of that. I've yet to have a bad meal.
Overall, I am having a pretty good experience here. We have a huge, diverse campus and #1 dining. However, some professors are not up to par and just have poor teaching skills.
The food, atmosphere and care about students is great. The university provides a lot for their students and allows them to explore a vast amount of majors to study within. The living conditions are pretty good, and whenever there are issues the maintenance helps almost immediately. The education has been pretty good for me (being an English major) and has come with a ton of different options for me to pursue for my future career. The school also really cares about making sure their students get jobs; they make sure their students are aware of internships, career fairs, etc.
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UMass is great except when it comes to racial issues. The protocol of how to handle racist incidents is one that needs improvement. There needs to be more support for people if color because we don’t feel safe.
UMass is a wonderful school for someone looking to meet a ton of people and learn a lot. The Campus is huge and has so many opportunities to get involved in whatever interests you. There are so many places to kick back, study, hang out, party, and just explore. Extremely safe. Professors and TAs care about your success.
The firsts : Positive Vibes / A Happy Place / best Food / Caring Culture /Great Academics Programs
My daughter started college this Fall and she loves it from the first day .
Campus is beautiful and pristine
Dorms ,she lives in Dickinson Hall
The building is well maintained with updated bathrooms . The safety is good .
They have a great selection of food in the dining halls . Micro chill in the room is such a bonus
Classes are intense but people are nice and helpful culture makes it easier .
U Mass can improve in frequency of bus service .
Other than that we are so happy for your daughter , also to mention hotel Umass is amazing place for parents to visit and stay in campus .
Party scene for students who don’t want to party , stay away from them without any worries . Which is great .
Go UMASS , Amherst !!
I have many friends who go to UMass Amherst and they always tell me how amazing it is. When I first visited the campus, I fell in love. The weather was rainy and awful, but that did not bring down my enthusiasm to be there and learn all about the campus. The first thing that caught my attention was the degree programs that offer Doctoral, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees and how they are high quality, nationally and internationally recognized programs.
I have nothing but good things to say about UMass Amherst. The campus is beautiful, located in the middle of "nowhere" yet surrounded by mountains, lakes, and plenty to do. The professors are brilliant and highly qualified to teach. There are so many majors, and the option to create your own major, giving there "something for everyone". The food is delicious seeing as its all locally sourced and made by UMass Chefs. Extremely eco-friendly and up to date on current societal standards. Extreme diverse in people, activities, and everything in between.
Good food, great vibe and community. The fine arts department is really cool, engineering majors are fascinating.
The faculty are first-rate. The resources, facilities and opportunities are endless. The career center did an amazing job helping me with my resume. The food on campus is the best in the country!
I am so happy to be a part of the UMass campus and academics. It has broadened horizons and i truly believe I have set myself up to succeed during and after college. Though the campus does get very big it becomes your home and you get to know it very well. I would highly recommend the University of Massachusetts Amherst to anyone currently searching to spend and enjoy their next few years of college at a wonderful university.
Pretty good experience in a decent location but it's kinda rural. Good food! Good professors,though they will not hold your hand. You must seek help! It's a school that is what you make of it.
Overall amazing campus. There are so many research opportunities and the professors are amazing. The students are so friendly and willing to help each other. It really becomes a family here.
Absolutely love being a student here. The classes they offer; the diversity of the campus, the beauty of the campus, the food, the staff, the facilitators, the sports center and more - it's more than anyone could ask for in a college experience.
UMass was the best undergrad experience I could have hoped for. Freshman year I started in an all freshman dorm and I think that's key to finding your core group of friends for the next four years and beyond!
I could not have a better college experience. UMass Amherst has a lot to offer its students from research opportunities, majors and minors offered, extracurricular activities, and more. My experience at UMass has positively shaped my life and has helped me grow into the person I am today. The food on campus is incredible as well. UMass Amherst has been rated the #1 university food in the country for 3 years straight.
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Overall, this is an amazing school with a beautiful and big campus. Just like any other college campus there are some things that I would love to see be done differently. The constant construction being done on campus makes it hard to enjoy the beauty of the campus.
UMASS is a great school. There are a lot of options for classes and there is always something to do. A club to join, or lead. I site to see. A movement to be a part of. The constant construction is a little frustrating.
This was my first year at UMASS but I enjoyed it and made some great friends. I love the engineering program
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