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University of Massachusetts - Amherst Reviews

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I am so happy to be a part of the UMass campus and academics. It has broadened horizons and i truly believe I have set myself up to succeed during and after college. Though the campus does get very big it becomes your home and you get to know it very well. I would highly recommend the University of Massachusetts Amherst to anyone currently searching to spend and enjoy their next few years of college at a wonderful university.
Pretty good experience in a decent location but it's kinda rural. Good food! Good professors,though they will not hold your hand. You must seek help! It's a school that is what you make of it.
Overall amazing campus. There are so many research opportunities and the professors are amazing. The students are so friendly and willing to help each other. It really becomes a family here.
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Absolutely love being a student here. The classes they offer; the diversity of the campus, the beauty of the campus, the food, the staff, the facilitators, the sports center and more - it's more than anyone could ask for in a college experience.
UMass was the best undergrad experience I could have hoped for. Freshman year I started in an all freshman dorm and I think that's key to finding your core group of friends for the next four years and beyond!
I could not have a better college experience. UMass Amherst has a lot to offer its students from research opportunities, majors and minors offered, extracurricular activities, and more. My experience at UMass has positively shaped my life and has helped me grow into the person I am today. The food on campus is incredible as well. UMass Amherst has been rated the #1 university food in the country for 3 years straight.
Overall, this is an amazing school with a beautiful and big campus. Just like any other college campus there are some things that I would love to see be done differently. The constant construction being done on campus makes it hard to enjoy the beauty of the campus.
UMASS is a great school. There are a lot of options for classes and there is always something to do. A club to join, or lead. I site to see. A movement to be a part of. The constant construction is a little frustrating.
This was my first year at UMASS but I enjoyed it and made some great friends. I love the engineering program
It is really confusing to do anything, you gotta know someone to even know what to do. There are alot of weebs too, that ain't good.
Umass Amherst is located in the middle of nowhere, meaning there are little things to do if you are a city person, but there are weekly parties. The professors at the university are overall good teachers, but you usually have to check online on ratemyteacher and depending how much you want to spend, the dorms could range from super comfortable to depressing.
I like that there are so many different ways to get involved in the campus and the community, whether it's through joining an RSO, volunteering at the soup kitchen, or intramural sports.
I have loved the time I have spent so far at this school. The professors are amazing and really care about the students and have a passion for the work that they do.
Although this school was not my first choice, I do not have any regrets attending it. Coming from a small school, I did not realize how many perks there would be from going to a larger school. I was able to make so many friends from a multitude of backgrounds as well as getting to be involved with lots of activities in and out of the campus. There were so many opportunities just waiting on campus. If one wants to get involved, this campus is perfect for that because it has endless activities. I feel like I have learned a whole lot as well through my courses. Some of the professors I had were exceptional, but there were also some professors on the opposite side of the spectrum that were quite rude and hard to work with. There are also a handful of beautiful buildings and facilities, but there were a few that were not comfortable to learn in. Food was also tremendous since UMass Amherst is the number one dining common in the country! Overall, I loved my experience on campus.
Career services are good but professors suck for the most part. Very liberal area, there’s also not much to do except party. Every person on campus is an alcoholic.
It's a great place to meet all different kinds of people. Living on campus is like living in a small city. The food is great and the vibes are better.
Great school, lots of fun activities. I love Umass but my one complaint is the tuition. Annoying how they keep raising tuition. There was no reason for them to buy Mount Ida and raise our tuition when there's a housing crisis and they could have added a new residential area. Also, as someone who's a double major in both a humanities and STEM field, it's completely ridiculous how they keep adding new science buildings, while humanities majors have gross, old buildings. Why are they charging me more so that they can add a new campus two hours away and new buildings that I will never use. Not fair to many students, a lot of my friends are considering transferring because tuition went up even more this year.
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I admire the vast amount of academic opportunities that students have at The University of Massachusetts Amherst including the multiple areas for each field such as programs in Environmental, Atmospheric & Earth Sciences. I would like for the instruction in the classroom to change so that a more inclusive and discussion-like environment could be within each lecture. Such would better enable students to understand material and be able to master different ideas and concepts in each course.
Great school where I have met some of my best friends. I have always had amazing teachers who care about the classes they are teaching, and cared about making the class enjoyable. I wish the school were more diverse though.
I love UMASS. It's a great school with awesome professors and a very diverse student body. There's plenty of things to do in the college town if you love nature and outdoors. There's lots of different food options on-campus and off, and malls and movie theaters close by so you're not completely in the middle of nowhere like some schools. I love the big campus feel, and there's tons of options to get involved in the campus community. Six Flags New England is also nearby which is a bonus if you love roller coasters.
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