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Definitely wasn't my first choice but definitely wasn't my last choice either, and I don't regret coming here in the slightest, but there are times when the school seems a little bit TOO big and formidable for my liking. Professors are mostly very good (on the rare occasion your class isn't taught by a graduate student). Really isn't a bad school and I'm saving a lot of money by going here so i really can't complain.
I'm currently a commuter to UMass and the academics are very strenuous, and it's a very large campus, but despite those things, everyone you meet is generally nice. Even though the school's class sizes are large, the professors will help you out if you iniate it and go in for their office hours. The campus itself is big, some buildings being high tech, others are rather old and outdated. The entire math department had only foreign porfessors, which can be extremely difficult to understand. Unfortunately, being a commuter has it's downsides, the school primarily caters to those who reside there.
The Chinese program is phenomenal, very small and tight-knit. The school is also doing wonders for STEM, there are something like five different science buildings. Huge Chinese and Indian population, great opportunities to meet people who have no clue what an America is. Apparently there are parties but if you're a squeaky wheel neighbor you can drive the noisemakers away. Living on campus I've felt safer than I ever have in my entire life. After-midnight walks are relaxing and worry-free as long as you're responsible. Non STEM professors are also very reasonable, they know you're in your class to pass and not to learn every foolish detail that has no impact on your life. Food is great, best in the country. The biggest issue with the school is that it's in the middle of nowhere and commutes can be tricky if your family can't move you in. Overall, highly recommended school, especially for STEM and Business.
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UMass Amherst is an amazing campus. It truly is a diverse and welcoming campus. With a school as large as this one, there opportunities in every direction, opening up millions of possible futures.
University of Massachusetts - Amherst is big but there are many schools with twice the student body. I think it's just right. You can disappear when you feel like or be outgoing when you choose. You will need to be your own advocate because you won't get personal attention from anyone.
There's a nice variety to the offerings at UMass, for courses, majors/minors, clubs and sports. It can def lead to analysis paralysis and FOMO though.
U Massive. Zoo Mass. lots of earned nicknames for this chaotic campus. But if you can get enrolled and get to class you'll learn enough.
I love how with such a big school, you have the ability to find your niche and get involved in smaller communities within the entire UMass community. There are so many different groups, clubs, activities, and people that I believe everyone is able to find their place. The saying, "You can make a big school feel small," really rings true at UMass Amherst. Although the school has 28 thousand students, you see the same faces around and eventually you may find your close friendships.
The school is very large and often times I found myself not being able to experience all that UMass has to offer. It has great food and a lot of great resources. However, the class sizes became an issue for me because they were too large. It was very difficult for professors to get to know you so it was hard finding people to write recommendations for me.
There's people everywhere and always things going on yet it's lonely at the same time. It's easy to get lost in the crowd. Most students in my hall were local so many went home for weekends.
This institution is public, they do not offer enough financial aid to students with little financial resources to be able to attend. Minimal information is always provided over the phone. UMass has a mandatory $500 non refundable fee to hold your spot at the school, if you don't have the funds no one would help you. They would not waive this fee for you. In addition, they would tell you that UMass may not be a good choice for you.
I found the tour to be overwhelming I was never able to get my bearings straight around the sprawling campus. But the upside here is tons of opportunities with a wide selections or classes and huge variety of extra curriculars.
UMass is much too large to properly function. It's a mega business and he students are the dissatisfied customers. When you hear the saying "just a number" it's basically UMass
The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an excellent school. I've only finished my first year and I already want to go back. Once you go to that school, you don't want to leave. From the amazing food as they're credited for #1 dining in the nation, to the amazing D1 athletics that is taken seriously, to the professors and staff that really show and do what it takes to help and make sure their students succeed and is staying at the right path. Finally to the amazing student life and culture here as everyone there is a big family.
Great school but HUGE! At 1500 acres it is a haul from one corner to the other. You have to stay on schedule and be mindful of your time because sometimes even the shuttle won't save you.
This college is located in a safe area with a great athletic program and great educational program. This school is extremely adverse with a moderate class setting you can ensure that by attending this college you will be prepared for the future.
It's easy to feel lost in a sea of chaos at Amherst. You'll have to make a lot of effort to form any real connections. The campus is huge! It adds an extra bit of stress to your schedule.
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UMASS Amherst has a great online MPH program at a comparatively reasonable cost. The teaching staff are professional, the coursework braod and interesting, the work load is manageable for working people, and the university has a good reputation.
University of Massachusetts - Amherst is pretty good school. The class sizes are quite large especially the low level ones. If you want your professor to know your face you'll have to make an effort with office hours.
UMass Amherst is academically challenging but provides a great college experience outside of academics. The campus is beautiful and inclusive.
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