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When I went to visit UMass Amherst I fell in love. The whole place was beautiful and was covered with life. The people were all friendly and open to my questions, and they showed us around. In addition the classrooms and teachers were nice and showed us lessons in particular classes, and I enjoyed my time. The was really good. They had options for all types of people and made me feel welcome.
All the professors I've had for the first semester are very engaging, creative, and fun. It's the best bang for your buck because it is more affordable than other colleges. The athletics aren't very good but the food is so it makes up for it.
It’s honestly a really great school. The academics are very motivating and challenging as you indulge into them, depending on if you’re in the right major for you of course. And if you feel like you aren’t, there’s people here to help you. The faculty in your advising are very welcoming. I transferred here from an out of state school and I do not regret my decision one bit to come back to my home state and be at the top public university.
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University of Massachusetts has great food in all the dining halls. There is a lot of diversity among all the students allowing for diverse foods. The number 1 campus dining is the reason why many students should go there. Also, UMass is one of the best public universities in the world becausing of its great academics and affordable tuition. There are also many ways to have fun. One of which includes partying, as UMass is a popular party school. It can improve by slowly getting rid of that party name.
I love this school! I feel very safe, even walking alone at night. There are blue light systems all over campus so if you ever feel unsafe you can press it and call for help! The food is good the atmosphere is great, and if you love to party, this is definitely the place to be!
I definitely made the right decision coming to this University! I love everything about it, no matter how big the school is, you can make it as small as you want. The food is phenomenal, the professors really care about each individual student, and campus life is amazing. I definitely recommend checking this school out if you're an incoming freshman.
I loved the Umass Amherst campus! The buildings are nice and the diversity is great. Not to mention the food options are endless! From delicious smoothies to tasty mac n cheese in the library, the possibilities are endless foodwise. There is sports and clubs galore, and great professors. The only thing I would change is the dorms- they could be bigger. But besides that, Umass Amherst is an all-around amazing college to choose!
UMass is a nice, large university. There are many resources, clubs, classes, and people— you just need to know how to navigate it all and maximize your time here
At first I was scared of how big of a place UMass is but it’s actually super helpful for finding friends. There are so many different people here it’s hard not to find people who are similar to you. It is a big place but that being said, there are a ton of people and resources here that can help you if you need it.
Umass Amhest is of a very high standard. It is a very competitive school. You must meet with their requirements, maintain a competitive GPA, Umass Amhest makes ready for the real world.
So far I am enjoying my cohort of MBA students I get to work with and the professors who are clear on their expectations. The coursework is designed to teach important skills. No fluff busywork.
An amazing campus with great people. The food there is also great. The campus is also really huge and there's always something to do on campus. I truly believe there's a community for everyone there and everyone seems to unite for college spirit.
UMass Amherst was my safety but I chose to attend because of many reasons. The most important was that I paid a very reasonable price for such exceptionally high academic quality; UMass gives the same education as an expensive school like BU. Additionally, everyone here is very kind but also very smart. The professors are very helpful and actually care about your success. Many dislike the huge campus but you can make UMass small; there is always something for everybody, from clubs to majors to athletics. UMass is my home and I am happy to be here!
I think there's something for everyone here. Umass has a wide range of majors that people can choose from engineering to turf grass management. The school offers you many ways to succeed academically as well as socially.
UMass Amherst is a great school. The academic atmosphere is challenging yet very supportive, and the social experience is very well balanced. I love the campus and especially the 26 story library. Amherst is a nice town and the university is close to many interesting sights. Overall this is a wonderful school with wonderful people.
As an incoming freshman that has very little sense of direction, people all over campus were considerate and helped me navigate the campus.  A little help goes a long way.  The professors are very accommodating as I was sick and they worked with me to get back on track. The dorms are beautiful, the social life could not be better, the food is impecable, and I cannot wait to spend the next four years here.
i think this is the best university of Massachusetts, they have everything you need, on campus and off campus. Haven't been there yet but i hope to go.
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The endless opportunities are one of the main reasons I chose to attend UMASS Amherst. From the wide variety of courses, numerous research opportunities, and hundreds of clubs, there is something here for everyone. The school is large but you can make it as big or as small as you want. Overall, I love UMASS Amherst!!
This is a great school for people who love the outdoors and playing sports as well as very impressive as far as state colleges go. I would suggest going here if you enjoy cold weather and great food.
Just amazing. Professors can be hard to comprehend but you can always go to office hours and they'd be glad to explain things better. The food is one of the best parts, along with the great and massive campus, and academics.
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