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This university is very diverse and large however they should cancel open houses when it is raining or snowing because that was what made me take umass amherst out of my top 3 choices. Also they do not show much interest in sending mail to student that are applying for this university
I love UMass because there are so many opportunities here for everyone! The campus is large, but it's very inviting and they offer many events to get to know people.
The school itself was a nice environment to be in, but it was WAY to big. The campus is over 1000 acres and cannot be walked across. The buildings, for the most part, are also old and not pretty to look at. Although the academics are strong, I didn't feel at home when I went to visit. For those who like a big, old school campus, UMASS is perfect.
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UMass provides a wide range of resources that many other schools cannot offer. With that being said, you must be proactive as a student and seek all the resources and opportunities. It is a tremendous opportunity for growth as an individual, student, and business professional. The opportunities and education provided are much greater than you would expect with in-state tuition.
I graduated from the Isenberg school of management at Umass Amherst. Overall I had a great experience at the school. I was a commuter and didn't get involved in the school culture or party scene at Umass. I was there to get an affordable education that would result in a good Job at or before graduation so I could get on with my life and start my family. I got a job offer in October of my senior year thanks to the great career center at the school. I was able to start a successful career, get married, by a house, start a family, and become a contributing member of society without being strapped with some of the insane debt load you often hear nightmares about.
I had wonderful professors and advisors. Campus life was great and I joined a sorority to make the most of my experience. The only negative was that I was pre-med and some of my required courses had so many students that getting extra help in office hours was very difficult as I had to wait in a line of students to even get a single question answered regarding course materials in my upper-level organic chemistry courses. This made learning difficult.
This University is a great fit for all different types of people due to its large undergraduate population. There are countless different clubs to join, campus jobs that pay well, and even volunteer opportunities both on campus and off. Academically, UMass is wonderful. While some professors are better than others, mine have all been knowledgable, effective at teaching material, and understanding to students needs. While the work is rigorous, there is an abundance of recourses to get help which are posted all around the campus. The food truly is excellent, and there are always multiple parties to attend on the weekends if you're up for it; all of which makes the hard school work worth it.
My experience at UMass has been great. I am a second semester senior and have loved my time here so far. I attend the Isenberg School of Business as an Operations and Information Management major and the professors at my school are some of the best teachers I have ever had.
UMASS Amherst has been fantastic. Most professors are personable (be sure to visit and student groups are very involved. Also, the party scene is fantastic but if you are not looking to take part there are plenty of opportunities with sports, arts, and theater you can do. Intramural sports are enjoyable, and the campus culture is very accepting of everyone.
The University of Massachusetts Amherst may not be an ivy league school, but you receive an excellent and competitive education without a huge pricetag and, subsequently, a heavy financial burden after graduation. The food is great, there's a lot to do on campus, and it's a diverse school.
I love Umass so much and it has changed me into a better person. The food is out of this world and this has caused me to really go out of my comfort zone with trying new foods.
The University of Massachusetts Amherst has become one of the top universities in the state. It provides an excellent education and gives students a plethora of opportunities to get involved with research if they so choose. The only downside is the fact that the campus is so big. While there are endless choices in terms of friends, it can be hard to feel heard when there are so many other students on campus. It also takes a while to get to and from classes and the dining commons, which is especially inconvenient during the winter months.
I am currently enrolled at UMass. Being an out of state student I was pretty nervous coming in. Since the first week here I have been blessed by an incredible experience. There is always something to do on campus and there are so many different students here to interact with. Being a part of one of the best business schools, and sport management program in the country I am excited for what my future holds. I am incredibly lucky that even though I may be paying more for my education, it is worth it.
UMass Amherst is a wonderful place to be. Most of the campus is structured like a small city, and while it is a fairly large place, there is a feeling of familiarity with everyone you meet. Friendliness, assistance, thorough education, and great food are what come to mind when I think of UMass. The cost is a bit hefty, and sometimes multiple sirens will be going off from police and fire trucks, but that is to be expected of such a populated area. As a whole, UMass is definitely a home away from home, and I am glad to be there.
If you don't feel like partying every weekend, it's pretty hard to find people to chill with on weekends...
Great, looks like a school where you can have a ton of fun and still work hard in class (while eating well too)
Although the campus may be large, there is still a sense of community at UMass Amherst. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something for you! I am currently a junior and have enjoyed my experience thus far.
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The university is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Extremely accepting community that genuinely cares about the well-being of its student body. Very liberal and tolerant of people from all walks of life. Excellent accademics, with classes being versatile and effective
Great programs, classes, and professors/staff. Many opportunities to try new activities and meet new people. Free gym, bus transportation. Many places to chose from for food.
The University of Massachusetts- Amherst is a great school. It is ranked tenth in the nation for my degree, Hospitality and Tourism Management. It is an amazing campus to be on that allows students to connect with people in their industry and encourages students to take a leap into their careers starting from the classroom. It is an amazing community and atmosphere to be a part of.
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