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University of Massachusetts - Amherst Reviews

3,137 reviews
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I loved the school. It's a big and beautiful campus. The food there is the best in the country! They offer a lot of majors to students. I would 10/10 recommend this college for upcoming high school students.
UMass Amherst is the best out of all the UMass schools. The campus is nice and big. The faculty is hardworking and knowledgeable. They are always there to help and support students when needed. There's an endless amount of courses available and the opportunities are endless. There's a variety of clubs and activities, so there's something for everyone. The UMass campus has a great sense of community and everyone fits in here no matter what their background is. UMass Amherst is a great second home. You will receive a great education here. Also we are number one dining in the nation this year! I would recommend UMass Amherst to all of my friends.
The school is such a large community. Students are very enthusiastic about sports and the Umass campus as a whole has a strong pride in being a UMASS Amherst student. Some professors in the communications department are phenomenal. The school has 29,000 undergraduate students making it easy to meet new people every day. They have so many different clubs and activities that give students the opportunity to participate and become engaged. Dinning halls are exceptional and there are two food trucks that roam the campus area as well. Very nice school and definitely a good choice.
I did not actually want to attend UMass, but my parents wanted me to. I am so glad they pushed me to attend UMass because in just the two years that I've been here I have learned so much! UMass is such a diverse campus that you learn about so many cultures everyday! UMass also has so many options for courses and areas of study so there is something for everyone here!
I love UMass! The food is great, dorms are great, and the people there are so friendly and welcoming. They have so many amazing academic programs and I could not imagine myself at any other college.
Coming to UMass I thought it was going to be a big shock. After arriving, what I thought was going to be a stressful and rough transition turned into an easy transition with open arms all around. UMass has such a diversity of students and interests that there's no one without a companion or someone with similar ideas and hobbies. It's easy to talk to professors and TA's because they are all understanding and are there to help. The classes are intriguing and hands-on and the food is to die for. I know UMass is the place for me, because it always feels like home when I come back.
My brother goes to UMASS ad he loves it there. I visit him and the campus is huge. There is an insane amount of resources available and their list of majors goes on and on. The professors are friendly, and the students are very welcoming. Not to mention the great food! UMASS is a very safe campus, with authorities ready at all times. I am looking forward to attending UMASS myself someday.
UMass Amherst is an extremely large campus which makes meeting new people fun, easy, and exciting. Despite this large campus, I find that the department I am in, the Music Department, large enough to be fun and engaging, but small enough to be intimate and easy to learn in. I find that this versatility is a common theme all across the university, something the school strives to achieve and I love it. I also enjoy seeing how the university is really looking towards the future with building renovations and new construction projects. It is really very exciting to be apart of a school who is developing a stronger and stronger reputation as an 'academic superpower' and also very honorable to be apart of something with such an outstanding, positive reputation. Overall I am extremely happy I decided to attend UMass, I could not picture myself anywhere else!
Umass Amherst has a beautiful campus that is well cared for. For me as a student I am a local to the area, they work very well with students that live off campus. But does not have much parking if you own a car. Dining on campus you have many options, though it does depend on the dining common you go to that will determine the quality of food you will receive.
The classes are engaging and the professors are available for help. The food is amazing for college. I am in the band and it is a lot of fun, and I've heard that the other extra curricular activities are just as good. The football team is not very good but I like the other sport teams.
Very diverse community. Huge campus, but easy to get around. The professors I have had so far have all been pretty great. The food is amazing and I can see why it is ranked #1 in the country. There's never a dull moment here. I have never felt unsafe on or around campus.
It has a big campus which means lots to do. The professors are very skilled. The food is great, and there's a plethora of options for every student and their special dietary needs. The dorms are also very nice, too.
I love the resources available at this University. The tutoring center and review sessions for my classes have been extremely helpful. It is a very big school, however, Umass seems to do a good job of helping to make a big school small. Most of my Professors so far have been wonderful teachers. I have learned a great deal at this University.
I love the atmosphere at Umass. There is always something fun to do, whatever your interest. Because of the size of the school, you will be able to find something you're interested in, and plenty of people to do it with! I've loved the professors I've met so far, and the food is outstanding.
It the best university in mass. The food is great five stars. Life at the campus great. I recommend the university of Massachusetts Amherst to any student looking for a great academic career as well as great social life.
I never thought I'd love a large school, but the school offers so many opportunities because of the size, you can study almost anything you dream. I feel very supported by advisors and professors.
It's an amazing school and the staff does exceptional work and they are very cooperative. One of the best school experience in Massachusetts.
From the high school that I'm from, it's considered a safety school. But to be honest, this school is a lot better than I was expecting it to be. It surpasses a lot of expectations and the great food's always a positive.
UMass is a great place if you want a big school (and are looking to save money if in-state). I came here to save money which I’m happy about, but am not pleased with the big-school aspect. Sense of community is lacking. Professors can be inaccessible; large lectures feel very impersonal.
Campus is fine when the weather is nice, but winter is rough. Walking 20 minutes to class when it is 10 degrees out isn’t ideal. There are a lot of ugly buildings on campus, but they're constantly doing construction so hopefully the campus will get prettier in the future. The overwhelming amount of construction is frustrating.
The different residential areas all have very different cultures so there is a place for almost any "type" of person (quiet/shy, partier, stoner, studious, etc) to feel comfortable living. Dorms could use some renovations but overall are not too terrible.
Location is great; Amherst is wonderful. The surrounding colleges are fun to mingle with!
A very nice campus with wonderful staff. Very sheltered campus and lacks diversity. Full of responsibilities, however, they are rather sparse to find.
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