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The first two years of classes are probably material you have already learned in high school which is unhelpful. I feel like I'm being cranked out of a run of the mill mass production. The labs aren't helpful because there are so many people. Office hours aren't helpful because there are so many people. If you aren't well disciplined and need tutoring a lot, yes there is the tutoring center in the library, but sometimes they're not helpful enough and you need your professor. It's just very hard academically going to school here, and I feel like I haven't learned anything new. My own research lab is the best place for learning for me right now because there is only 20 of us, 5 of which are undergrad. It's an amazing learning environment because it's hands on and I have so much direct focus and attention on me which is lovely in terms of growing and learning. If I had the option, I would've enrolled at another smaller school.
I loved that Umass offered both the fun college experience while also had serious academic standards for their students. The surrounding area is conducive to learning and exploring. It has both a fun night life, a quiet downtown, and beautiful farmlands surrounding the University.
UMass is a really great school with passionate, academically-renowned professors who really care about their students. The academic programs here are rigorous and, as a student here, I can say that you really do have to work hard, which is, of course, rewarded and promoted by UMass.
The dorms need a bit of work here and there although the Honors College is very nice and the new buildings/architecture is beautiful. The campus is also very open and well-kept throughout the year.
The food is number one in the country and for good reason. All of it comes from local farms and the dining halls are easily accessible to every student.
UMass is known for it's party scene but you don't have to take part if you don't want to, although it can get rowdy now and again, especially during the Superbowl. Overall the social scene here is very relaxed and there are 20,000 students so it's easy to meet many different kinds of people.
Go UMass!
Review University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Overall there are so many opportunities that really give you the option to explore and figure out what you want to do and accomplish in life. There are different directions you can also take to get to where you want to be in your life. The faculty and professors are very supportive and encourage you.
I love this school. At UMass Amherst, if you need help and resources, they are not hard to find. Faculty want Students to do well here but you will be challenged. Tutoring is free which is a plus and other resources are willing to break their backs for students, just need to take advantage and make connections. There is plenty of opportunities to get involved and learn something new. UMass Amherst is a large campus if you need to get away from the mayhem you can. The food is amazing, there is no such thing as the Freshman 15, it's 50. So beware. Even though the school is very poor when it comes to diversity and recruiting people of color to come here that is my only issue.
This school provides each and every student with the best experiences and opportunities for every major. The advising and career preparation utilities offered and going to help you grow as a student and a person.
Classes are challenging, but manageable. There are a lot of campus resources to aid you to success. School is big and diverse. Campus is beautiful, food are amazing!!
Visiting the University of Massachusetts - Amherst was an incredible experience. I have only had the pleasure of visiting a few times (whether I was taking or tour or moving my older brother in who currently attends the university) but they proved to me in such short time how astonishing a campus can be. From the classrooms to dorm rooms to the dining halls everything about the university is top class.
The dining halls are fantastic. The food is top notch and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. Umass really tries to provide excellent customer service to its students
I am never bored here. There is always something going on. The kids are diverse and I've made friends of every color. This is very good for me as I was an introvert in high school and love to read and write. The interesting kids make me come out of my shell. I am in Commonwealth Honors College and managed to find a great on-campus job that is related to my field. The dorms are brand new (air-conditioned! But only need it for few weeks.)
The University of Massachusetts is a school that offers something for everyone. The academics are great and the social scene is extremely vibrant. I was very sad to graduate, I wish I could return for another 4 years!
I absolutely loved this school. I had to come here for a summer camp to learn how to become a drum major, for my school's marching band, and luckily I was able to experience the dorm and college life. From eating in the dining halls, to living a week in the dorms, to utilizing some of their classrooms, I loved everything about UMass Amherst. Some things may be outdated, such as the older dorm halls, but everything is pretty much up to date. I loved it so much that I am actual going to be attending the school in the fall of 2017!
I've been at UMass for a whole year now, and I really do love it. The academics are challenging and up to date, and the professors (most of them at least) are top notch. There's not too too much to do around the area, but the small malls and dozens of parks and trails make empty saturdays full. If you like to spend your saturday night busy, UMass also has that with its greek like parties, monthly programs, and lively student body. There's a lot going on and a lot to enjoy.
As a first year student, I will say that I am pleased and happy that I decided to continue my education here. UMass Amherst is a great campus with professors that will challenge you but will also assist you when needed. The campus environment itself is very pleasing and inviting, with other students and staff prepared to help you in any way possible and are quite friendly. UMass Amherst is known for its campus food, having the number one dining staff in the country. Furthermore, the campus is sustainable and aware of their impact on the environment. This is clear with the recycling bins everywhere and the compostable lunch take-out boxes and utensils. All in all, I think UMass Amherst is the dream college for everyone interested in a diverse, exciting, and engaging community in their college career.
UMass Amherst ended up being a wonderful experience for me. The professors I had, for the most part, were very good and very helpful and seemed interested in my success. My decision to attend UMass was a tough one but it proved to be one of the best I have ever made. I had the opportunity to attend Cal, Northeaster, BU, or UMass and I opted for the one I thought would provide me the best, most diverse, and fulfilling experience. While I cannot speak for the other schools, (except Cal, where I did attend for a short time) my time at UMass was really great and I received just what I wanted in a very competitive and open environment. I'd highly recommend it!
Loving college so far. So happy I came here instead of my other top choices.
Super easy to meet people and make friends. I joined a fraternity and my choices of nightlife are always great. I've also somehow managed to keep a high GPA as well. And the FOOD - so good. Overall, UMass was a great choice and I'm dreading not being here for things like summer and winter break.
I love the school but very party oriented. Everyone has their niches, but eventually you will find yours! College is a lot of making it your experience by putting yourself out there. I didn't find my place until I stopped going out at night so much, and instead started joining clubs, sports, and getting more involved with my schoolwork. Thats when school really started to get interesting.
Review University of Massachusetts - Amherst
I received a first class education in Food Science, which is a degree you can only get from a public university, usually those that started out as Agricultural schools. UMass-Amherst is still regarded as a world-class school in the field of Food Science. And while I have since changed careers, UMass more than prepared me for my former career in the Food Industry. The Amherst campus is the flagship campus of the UMass system and offers the broadest opportunities for study.
I really dont have any complaints about the school its very diverse and a great place to go! So far i love it here!
Umass Amherst was an incredibly nice school with great food. The food was one of the best meals I've ever had.
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