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Thus far, it has been more enjoyable than I expected. I am grateful to attend the university, despite the mistakes of the administration. Overall, I feel that the school has a lot of pride and support for each other.
Very big school, which I love because it’s different from the high school I came from. The courses are all very rigorous.
Justin Wyss-Gallifent makes campus feel like a 5 star campus. Justin Wyss-Gallifent is the UMD carry where he carries everyone on his back just to ensure them a good education. Justin Wyss-Gallifent probably helps out all the other UMD staff members as well. In fact, Justin Wyss-Gallifent even helps out President Loh with his job. Justin Wyss-Gallifent is the perfect example of a professor and in fact, he is the perfect example of a human being. When you review UMD, you're basically reviewing Justin Wyss-Gallifent because he is just that good.
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It was a great school but it is very hard. They do not make it easy to stay in the program you want. They do try to weed people out. But they do have a lot of opportunities and services to help you.
UMD is a good school with good teachers and a lot of study resources. Some teachers and members of the faculty aren't very nice, I would advise someone to heavily research the teachers before taking them. Even when you legitimately and nicely complain, some professors are just not it. The administration doesn't really help, but if you research and plan your time well you should do well. The school has a lot of extracurricular activities if you want to be engaged in the school. Be careful with parking, they oversell it.
The school is fantastic. Very nice buildings and the people are an absolute joy to be around. My mother works there and when I visit I enjoy being in the University of Maryland environment.
Loved the diversity of the campus as well as the school spirit. There was always something to do and so many clubs and organizations that students could join.
I have loved my time at the University of Maryland. There is always so much going on on campus and so much opportunity. I can always find a sporting event to attend and there are so many clubs to join. I have gotten a lot of opportunity for the business school at UMD where they focus heavily on their student's future careers. I just started my senior year and I already have a full-time job waiting for me when I graduate. UMD's business school made it so easy for me to find a company whose culture I love.
I've been at the University of Maryland since January 2018. I like the campus, academics and professors. The classes are challenging enough and the professors teach well. I do wish, however, that the school would give more opportunities to students to finance their education- it is extremely difficult for many students to fund their education here
The school's football program is a disgrace and needs to be shut down. The University and academic programs themselves have provided a fairly enlightening and enjoyable experience.
Beautiful campus, excellent academics.
Local area could use a lot of work in terms of crime. The administration should have more involvement in improving overall student life and safety over focus on improving the campus/size.
I love the professors here. I cannot tell you how incredible the professors are. They're almost always eager to help and just masters of their subjects.
I also really like the campus. It's especially beautiful at 7am when it's not crowded and you can really appreciate the buildings and the scenery.
Good classes, some good teaches and bad teachers of course, and they have a variety of organizations to join.
The students that attend the University are amazing and they make everything that is bad about the University bearable. There is so much construction going on that it kind of ruins the appearance of what was a beautiful campus and causes an increasingly bad amount of traffic. The professors, housing, parking, and athletics all are average or are getting worse due to over admission and lack of resources to deal with that issue.
I like University of Maryland College Park as it is very serious about advancing it students in terms of providing the education needed for one to succeed in their preferred major of study. They are open arms to a lot of incoming students, rather transferred or being freshman. The professors want the students to succeed, which emphasizes the efforts of the students to stay on top of their work in classes. The campus provides extra assistance in means of having the best tutors and graduate students help students in classes that they find themselves struggling. Employment opportunities are also provided on campus for those that need extra cash to cover expenses and books. Overall, I believe it is a great school to invest your time and effort into.
The University of Maryland was an amazing opportunity. Coming from a small suburban town, predominately black, with less than 2,000 students in my high school to a university with thousands of students opened my eyes to the real world. Although it was extremely difficult and there were times when I questioned why I put myself through the stress, my school taught me how to handle anything that comes my way. Maryland taught me that I am competing against not only my fellow blacks or fellow terps I am competing against the world. Maryland gave me the strength and courage to preserve regardless of the level of difficulty. I am a fearless alumni who continues to strive for greatness. I loved my college experience at the flagship institution, the University of Maryland- College Park.
Good enough, I guess. the campus is too big for its own good, the rent is too high, though the tuition is low enough for the two together to still be below many other universities.
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since the school is so big it can be a little overwhelming at first trying to figure out where you belong and stuff. the people there are very welcoming and theres so many activities for people to be involved in so they never feel alone!
Overall, I've had a great experience at College Park, or CP as we call it here. The campus is huge, and is always building and developing. I've met many great friends here, and had many amazing encounters. Academically, this school is challenging and will humble you. The professors will help you, but you must seek them out and do your part to succeed. You must study well and often to pass, let alone excel. Secondly, start doing internships from your sophomore year to gain some understanding on what your passions are and if you really want to go into that field you are considering coming into college, or if you are still searching, I would say internships are some of the best ways of finding that out. Use your professors office hours because the GenEd classes are huge and they may not get a chance to know you unless you come in for clarification. Lastly, relax and have fun, enjoy college as it will fly by and you will miss it.
The university has excellent resources and I'm thrilled to be somewhere with such robust fine and performing arts programs. As with anywhere, there are organizational struggles and students can get lost in a shuffle of forms, deadlines and paperwork. I don't think that's unique to this university though and I do constantly see signs of my school trying to improve this
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