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University of Maryland - College Park Reviews

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My favorite part of University of Maryland is the community. Everyone is so proud to be a Terp, and there is so much school spirit. What I would like to see change is renovating the old dorms. People are expected to live there, yet there isn't even air conditioning in some of them.
Professors care about students, and there are many different places students can get academic help. Many different ways to become involved on and around the campus, through diverse student organizations. Living on or near campus is expensive, but worth it for the experience of being in College Park.
I had a phenomenal experience during my first year at the University of Maryland. This is an incredibly well rounded university that has so much to offer to all students. The school is very big, ensuring a place for everyone.
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Great university, very accepting community, can be tad "cliqueish" at times. Getting involved with smaller communities can make your time on campus much more enjoyable.
It's a good school but your experience largely rests on what major you're in. There are many great professors and research opportunities here, but some departments only care about research and slack heavily in their teaching duties. Some classes are TA'd by wonderful students but others are plagued with people making a point to enjoy misery. It's a very uneven experience from person to person but as long as your research thoroughly this school is a great choice for anyone.
Great campus because of the students and professors who are dedicated to learning about new things and promoting education for all.
UMD is like a small city. You will find many friends and you will interact with people who think differently than you. Overall, it is a great place for you to succeed. It will be more challenging for some but it is doable.
I worked full time while attending university. The school was not understanding at all. They frequently scheduled appeal times that I could not make and worked hard to kick me out. While the education is good, they only see you as a number and are unwilling to do anything to help you when you have a hard time.
I love that Maryland is a big school with so many opportunities and resources at the fingertips of the students. After only one year at Maryland I already fell in love with it and how it feels like a small community of people all striving for excellence.
As an incoming freshman, currently about to graduate from high school, I can only think of positive things to say about the University of Maryland, College Park. I'll be living on campus, in the Cambridge Community as a part of the living-learning program "College Park Scholars." That, in addition to my enrollment with the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, makes me feel abundantly prepared for success over the next four years and beyond. The faculty is phenomenal, facilities are stellar, and access to opportunities is marvelous. Overall, I'm very excited to begin this chapter of my life with such an incredible school.
I really liked the diversity of the school, as well as all of the classes made available to the students (I'm a psych major). The only thing that sucked was driving on Route 1 (the WORST). But other than that, faculty and staff are very helpful.
If I could give zero stars, I would. University has become too large to properly address issues and resolve/communicate in a timely fashion. You cannot get anyone in any office to step up and make a decision. If you try to escalate your complaint or issue to the President, you will not have the opportunity to be heard. Too big and too disorganized to care about the individual student. A huge disappointment!
The University of Maryland has a vibrant student body with countless opportunities for involvement on campus alongside great academics and a beautiful campus.
I love the atmosphere of UMD. UMD has always been my dream school. I love how green and clean UMD always is. I never feel dirty when looking at the atmosphere of UMD. UMD is also one of the most diverse universities that I know. I personally love diversity. Since I've always been in school communities that are predominately Black, it tends to get tiring. I want to see and experience life with other different cultures and backgrounds. UMD has that and I absolutely love that.
I love this school, the location is convenient very close to dc, the campus life is open and warm. There are hundreds of clubs and many activities going on frequently.
University is a great school and is rated #96 as one of the best universities in the United States. Being that UMD is a PWI, diversity is encouraged and have a variety of events/groups that are focused towards specific minority groups. UMD's campus is huge so expect a lot of walking when commuting to and from classes. The University is also near D.C. which has a great nightlife and fun activities to do during the day.
I loved the aspect of going to D.C, which was only 30 minutes away from campus. Also the professors and advisers i have were very willing to help students understand what they are studying and how to achieve better grades.
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I've been very pleased with my experience at the University of Maryland thus far. Most of the professors are passionate about teaching, there are abundant important research opportunities, and the campus offers a very welcoming environment for new and returning students. The party scene, including greek life, can be quite exclusive, but there is something for everybody.
Great campus, professors, and facilities. Parking isn't great and walking miles to class isn't either, but hey free exercise.
I liked that I was in a program in which I could connect with people of similar interests, essentially making a big school seem small. The courses I have taken have been relatively easy. I do not like how there is an imbalance of the value put to each major. Some majors have specific academic advisors, more funding, and better buildings. I am not satisfied with the advising I have received; it's a bit impersonal. I have gone to the Career Center many times, which gave me some resources on internships and connecting with alumni. Overall, I hope to gain a better experience next semester regarding my major, possible research or internship opportunities, and extracurriculars.
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