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UMD is having a bad year with tensions between students and administrators following the death of football player, terrible dorm conditions causing the spread of mold, and outbreak of the adenovirus which claimed the life of another student. While the academic side is pretty good, UMD still has a lot of issues to needs to tackle.
I absolutely love the university, it has become my home over the last few years and I cannot imagine having gone anywhere else for the last 4 years. I have learned so much about the world and about myself as a student here, and I can't imagine having gone anywhere else.
Starting my first semester, I was extremely excited to meet new people and live as an independent student. However, it was extremely difficult to adapt to the struggle of being unable to successfully making solid friends. As a result, I just focused on my studies. Loneliness and boredom was a very big issue for me, unlike any other female freshman who always went out on the weekends. However, I eventually met a senior who taught me the ways of how UMD social life functions, strengthening my bond with the college. Even if you do not have a great social life in the beginning, once you start focusing on what really matters including your academic success, you will eventually find your way into enjoying campus life at UMD.
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This school is great. There are many opportunities on all fronts offered at the university. The location is convenient and very good for accessing almost anything. The campus is great and is filled with many types of people and opportunities. The Academics are challenging and there are many resources that can be accessed to help for success in academics.
I love college park - with so many people to meet and so many places to go on and off campus it is the perfect school for anyone looking for a diverse and well-rounded collection of students and activities.
UMD is a beautiful school with a richly diverse student body, enthusiastic professors and staff, and a wonderfully vibrant campus culture.
I personally love the University of Maryland. It has given me the most amazing experiences, social and academic, I have been able to continue my athletic dreams by joining one of the many sports clubs they have, and I have made incredible friends. It has many different majors to choose from and resources to help guide students.
I loved how welcoming the community is and how rigorous the classes are. IN addition, the food is delicious and the people are friendly. I would like UMD to start summer camps for students in high school to get a head start.
UMD has been a great school that I feel very comfortable in and love to meet people. Although sometimes the large campus means walking a long way and the diner food can get a bit repetitive, I would never consider any other school. The faculty cares about the students and their success, and there are so many programs to help you succeed.
What could be better than being a terp?? I went to my first game when I was two years old and have fallen in love with the atmosphere ever since. I was raised into Terp Culture and to have that all around me throughout college is what makes College Park so great. Besides being 45 minutes away from home, I am at a school that is known for its acedemic successes, sports successes, and the ability to graduate the future leaders of tomorrow. All in all, go terps!
UMD is a great school if you seize the opportunities when they arise. Don't just let college just happen to you. It is my first year at College Park, and I am already involved in 4 organizations and will become an RA in the spring. Its all about time management, but if you can do it... this school is a great option with so much to offer.
I really like university of Maryland. Especially interms of their academics. The school has a big environment and has a welcoming environment as well. Their labs, classrooms and even the school itself is very neat . i didn't have any bad experience since I've never visited the place before .
As a University of Maryland, College Park second-year computer science major, I enjoyed my experience with UMD a lot. Our Computer Science department has put in every single minute of their times to help us as a community to learn what we would need while having fun with works.
I love the college atmosphere as soon as you get on campus. You can tell it's a friendly environment and people take their studies very seriously. There are always fellow students either with a group of friends or busy studying. I also like the events and organizations the university has every month.
The advisers are very helpful throughout the way of getting my college degree, which I appreciate.
I love the education centered atmosphere! Everyone is there to help each other succeed, no matter our different paths, objectives, or goals.
Great Computer Science Program. Close Distance to DC. Could improve on dorm situations and really could improve on Out of state tuition.
I have a BA from the University of Maryland and decided to return to pursue a professional degree in sociology. It's an excellent institution with qualified professors, great facilities for research and other academic work (libraries, computer labs, art spaces, and so on), and a lively student life scene. The shuttle bus system has been lacking lately; a more accessible way to know about schedules and delays for that would be excellent, as it is a big campus.
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It has a nice campus. It has a lot of engineering programs and there are a lot of people at this college.
The University of Maryland College Park is a prestigious institution. It is referred to as a "public Ivy" based on the quality of education the institution provides. The school is big on diversity and there are hundreds of different clubs and organizations to be a part of. The party scene is rad for the ultimate college experience.
I really like University of Maryland, College Park! The education is the best you can get! I love how big the university is. There is always something to do and new people to meet.
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