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The academics are difficult but enriching at the University of Maryland. Some professors are really good while others are not.
I am so glad I chose to attend Maryland. The school is academically challenging yet rewarding. Being so close to DC is great for day trips and also very convenient in terms of having access to trains and airports for students to get home.
The classes are challenging but you get a ton out of them. Plus the offer tons of resources for academic help! Theres tons of options for things to do on and off campus, the college community has a really fun and focused vibe to it. The party scene is really big but theres still a huge focus on academics, which is really awesome. They get really pumped for athletics, especially Football and Basketball, its super fun to get into the hype of game day! There is also tons of resources for student employment (outside of a work study) as well as tons of reasources that help you set up a job quickly after graduation. The campus itself is really nice and has tons of safety measures active so I have never felt unsafe. The only down side would probably be the local area isnt the greatest, but if you stay on campus/ Baltimore Ave its really fun and youll have no issues!
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I love this school! I have met amazing people and taken classes that have truly changed my view on the world and what I wanted to do with my life!
The thing I liked the most about the University of Maryland is the sense of community you feel when you are around there. Everyone is willing to help one another complete a task. Also there is always something going on to do around campus.
I transfered to the university of Maryland during the spring semester of 2017 from a community college. When I first attended the campus I found that the school was huge and definitely took some adjustment. My first semester was tough and hard socially, mentally, and academically. But as I continue my education at this school I am starting to get accustom to the school. My advisor have been very helpful.
It has been an amazing experience studying at the University of Maryland. The campus is diverse and green friendly. This university has several hundred student organizations. Not to mention, the professors are very helpful and professional.
Very welcoming campus, not hard to meet people you enjoy spending time with. The campus is constantly being upgraded and I'm excited to get to learn in the new Computer Science building!
Now, I may be a little biased, but I've always wanted to come here, even as a little kid. My advice for incoming freshmen: make lots of friends. You'll want to surround yourself with a strong support system here--especially seeing as how this school can feel a little too big at times. Join and club or an organization. Do NOT be the student that wastes their freshmen year by "focusing on grades" and not doing anything significant. Take it from me.
So far, I have had an incredible first semester at the University of Maryland, College Park. The professor's I have had have been very helpful and supportive all semester. There is never a dull moment on campus, there are thousands of clubs and events to keep students busy. Something I would like to improve on campus would be the diversity and inclusion.
UMD has exceeded all of my expectations. I've met an amazing group of people who I now can call my very good friends, the education has been superb and I've actually learned a lot. Also, with the school right outside of DC its location is the perfect mix of a college campus and city life. The business school is great and really makes sure beginning Freshman year, that the students are comfortable with a professional lifestyle.
College Park is a great school with TONS of opportunities! There are plenty of clubs and organizations to become apart of and have great variety of club sports. This school is very diverse, and has great professors. The campus is beautiful and it is very easy to become active in the community here!
The campus is so diverse, accepting, and welcoming. It is big enough to get good exercise, but most classes can be walked to in around five minutes. The faculty and staff are all wonderful people, and the diner food is great! There are so many easily accesible resources, and everyone is willing to help. There is a ton to do on and around campus, and DC is just a short metro ride away!! I could not have hoped for a better school.
a great school to look into if you eant want to take online classess. i was able to balance home, work and school life.
As a military family relocating every few years, UMUC empowered and supported my educational goals through their diverse online degree programs. Their Online Distance Learning Programs work around our unconventional family life.
I was happily surprised to find how challenging classes at the University of Maryland are. This school provides hundreds of different classes for a variety of interests, majors, and professional goals. Through the courses that I have already taken, I have been able to connect with faculty, staff and researchers in their respective fields. Also, the administration on campus is incredibly welcoming and helpful. By participating in the Student Government, I have been able to contact and work with many notable members of the administration at the school.
I like the opportunities that they offer all the classes. If there was a couple things I would change I would change the housing because some don't have air conditioning for during the summer and the heating is not that great during the winter. And I also would change the price and housing and the meal plan
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Maryland has a lot of work to do. It’s clear that the school only invests in their STEM programs and forgets about the other schools. The president of the university works with the local police department to shut down off campus parties and to cite students for underage drinking and even jay walking. Their advising program is absurd and at the end of the day you will have to figure everything out for yourself because the advisors are unhelpful and leave out critical information for your success. Greek life is quickly dying and will probably be gone in the next 5 years at the school.
I really like University of Maryland. It is a big place with a lot of real estate to roam around campus. But it is not just about the big place to roam but the people you run into, the people who shares experiences, places they've gone so you are able to grow as an individual at a much faster pace than just trying to learn by yourself. I truly find the space valuable even outside of education but the fact that it is on top of just getting to meet a whole new variety of people, it only gives to the awesomeness of this campus.
It is my second semester at the University of Maryland and overall I have enjoyed my time here. There are many places you can find for quiet study and coffee. Also I have met a few professors who truly care about their students and respond to emails quickly.
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