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It's a really great school. SO many people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The campus is also HUGE which makes getting to class quite a trek, but it keeps me fit. Professors are usually very well informed and engaging. TONS of clubs and activities to join and a thriving party life.
I have always loved how the red-bricked buildings aptly matched the unfathomable greenery on campus. The overall diversity, accompanied by the academics of the school is quite strong, especially in Computer Science. Dorms have small issues but from the big picture, it can be ignored. My only suggestion for them would be to focus on the quality and not the quantity of the food in the Dining Halls. Moreover, the competition could be taken to a higher level to push everyone to their limits. Otherwise, Go Terps!
My experience at college park was great! I went for a tour around the college and it was very beautiful. The dorms were very clean and spacious! The students there was very helpful and kind! This school is one of my top schools i want to attend. Id recommend this school to my friends and peers because it also has very good programs education wise. Also this college is very diverse too! The sports team are very good too! The campus food is very good! they have a whole cafeteria with many food places! Chick-fil-a, mcdonald, starbucks & etc. I loved the tour and the school itself!
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Great experience. Great food is only a short walk away from campus as well as great bars and night life. The area is shady but not too dangerous. Use common sense at night; although the immediate area is not the safest, staying out of trouble is easy.
I am planning on attending the University of Maryland Europe campus. I do not see anything I would like to change. The counselors are helpful in assisting getting me started in my college career. One particular counselor has spent a great deal of time with me choosing a major and helping me plan my dreams. The campus is located on Ramstein AB Germany. This school provides the opportunity for active duty personnel and dependants achieve their goals. I am proud to be a part of this institution.
Endless opportunities to be involved in new things, I believe there are well over 100 clubs offered. Beautiful campus with convenient public transportation. Great location in reference to DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore. That also offers a lot of internship and work experiences.
University of Maryland College Park had wonderful teachers in the science departments who were always available to help and encouraged us to come to their office hours. They offer many on campus research positions which is great for this intending to go on to further their education especially in the medical field. The school also provides a variety of campus clubs and organizations so everyone is bound to find a few that are fitting for themselves where they can meet other students who have similar interests. College Park also excels in many of their sporting teams allowing student to show their school pride at each of the many different sporting events.
I really like the University of Maryland. I have made some great friends here from all over. I really enjoy my classes and the diversity of courses available to me. I am a Computer Science major and can't wait to take classes in the new building. The food is pretty good too! The biggest downside is high cost of out of state tuition. I don't regret my decision to go to school here though.
Overall, I have had a positive experience here. My professors are tops in their field and I am receiving a great education
What I love most about UMD is their diversity and how most people are accepting and inclusive. Although it's a big campus, I've been able to find a diverse groups of friends and make the campus "small".
UMD is a great campus. Class sizes are a bit large especially in the lower level courses. Professors are generally easy to reach out to if you need help. There are also many clubs and organizations to get involved with.
The best bang for my buck In State. A quality education that will earn you a respected degree while still enjoying the college atmosphere.
I love the open and diverse learning environment that University of Maryland provides. I learn a lot from my teachers both academically and socially. I feel truly connected to all of my peers and academic staff.I hope to complete my bachelors degree with a 3.6 gpa and apply for Howard Pharmacy school's graduate pharmacy program. University of Maryland has equipped me with the necessary tools to conquer all potential facets I will face within my overall career. It has equipped me with the ability to complete and excel in critical thinking within my academia. It has propelled me to strive for excellence and never give up on my dreams of becoming a pharmacist!
The teachers here work with you to help you with questions you may have and they give a good amount of time for students to complete their work. It's very diverse; from age groups to ethnicity, I love it.
I truly enjoyed my experience at the University of Maryland, College Park. The minute I stepped onto campus it felt like home. It had the most beautiful white columns on the different buildings, the mall was breath taking and it had helpful mentors that helped me towards my career goals. I joined a sorority where I met my forever best friends. University of Maryland, College Park gave me a home it was everything I wanted in a college experience and more.
This university is such a special place. Everyone who goes here loves it, which contributes to the culture of the school. It has something for everyone. Students are smart and hardworking, the sporting games are fun to attend, it is so close to D.C., and much more. I love the nightlife style here. It's really fun and going out is super easy because there are so many options.
The University of Maryland College Park is a large campus! It's very diverse and has lot's of programs and activities for students to take part in.
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As a transfer student, I believe the school should do more in terms of acclimating that specific demographic with 4-year university life. My first semester on campus was so confusing & I had to figure out directions, parking, etc on my own. Trial and error style was NOT the way for me. Overall, the school is nice. President Loh is not as adamant about basic things as you’d hope, but it is still a great institution.
The University of Maryland embodies diversity and inclusion. This is what the campus extremely attractive and inviting. As a current senior at the campus, I am a proud Terp and took every opportunity to attend sponsored campus events. However, the only complaint I have is traffic when entering and leaving the campus.
I love the University of Maryland. I think it is an amazing institution that offers a variety of opportunities for students ranging from majors such as education to agriculture. The one aspect of Maryland that I do not like is greek life. In order to truly experience game day, all students need to acquire a "wristband" which is difficult to receive as a freshman, or if you're not in greek life. Social life is also a more challenging concept to non-greek students. Other than this, I enjoy everyday and learning at this school.
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