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I am starting in the Fall but have heard great things. I have been impressed with the administration with their quick responses to questions.
UMB is a great school that offers a variety of majors. Each school has its own culture and norms that set it apart from others. The majority of the professors are great and the students are very welcoming.
The online modules are excellent. Almost like being in class in person. The resources available and the staff are extremely helpful in the registering process. I had some technical issues which required technical support. Love the school so far.
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I went here for my undergraduate BSN. School is right in the heart of Baltimore, right across the street from University of Maryland Medical Center, easy walk to the hospital. The school had a lot of advanced stimulation labs that made it easy to learn and practice clinical skills. Instructors have a reputation for being very unfriendly to students. The area around it is kind of dangerous. There are a wide variety of clinical opportunities for students.
UMBC has a great campus and community, it has a good amount of students, and is very welcoming. The classes are challenging, as you would expect from a new, STEM-centered university. The main issue I have is the lack of social events and life on weekends. Nice campus though.
University of Maryland Baltimore has been a wonderful experience thus far. From the student center to the classroom, there is a wonderful sense of care for students needs. The student center has great food option and an amazing gym for students. One improvement recommendation would be the parking, it can be difficult to find a spot and it can be pricey.
On the University of Maryland Campus located in Baltimore City there are no sports.
My school is heavily devoted to teaching the National Association of Social Work's competencies and ethical guidelines to ensure that they are helping students become effective helping professionals.
There are plenty of machines for the vast amount of students that enjoy that area. The staff are very friendly and always willing to help. There isn't much of an athletic scene, I suppose it's because of the amount of focus one needs in order to pass their classes. The student involvement in sports isn't very large but when it comes to other extra curricular activities the involvement is grand!
I enjoy the school that I went to before because the teachers were very interactive and helpful. The students at the school were the highlight of the experience because I saw how motivated they were about life and that inspired me to become motivated. I made great friends that were helpful with study sessions and down time. I would choose my school again in a heartbeat.
Professors have been wonderful. The registration process is difficult at times.
High workload, but that's typical for a professional program. Excellent professors who are experts in their fields.
I think the school is very accepting of diversity, though I think they have a long way to go on including cultural competency in professional curriculum.
High quality education and opportunities. Can't ask for more from an educational institution.
This is a graduate, professional campus. Thus, the career prospects depend more on the career path you choose than the university itself. That being said, having gone to this university puts me at an advantage in my profession's job market.
The school and the city police turn a blind eye to the level of crime that happens on and around campus. Efforts are insufficient to assess how often students are victims of crime and to assess how to prevent crime. The school takes no efforts to reduce crime in areas around campus where students live that aren't campus property. This is unacceptable.
Decent housing, but expensive. More for your money off campus.
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This university includes some of the best graduate professional programs in the country.
We're a university with very few undergraduate programs, and thus we have no athletics department. We do have a good gym that offers plenty of classes and resources to work out.
They make us take alcohol Education classes
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