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I enjoyed the amount of extra curricular activities available for students. As well as the farmers market, the thrift shop, and other organizations that come to our campus.
From the beginning, I was not in love with this school. And sadly, the University of Maryland proved to me exactly why I shouldn’t. This school does not value diversity or care about hate crimes, student safety, students’ futures; completely falsifying its values. Living on a campus where you receive an alert every week for either a robbery, stabbing, shooting, harassment, etc is sad. 1000 Characters is not enough to explain the hatred and racism on this campus either. From a fraternity having a noose hanging in their house, to hate speech on the sidewalks, and even a White-Supremacist stabbing a Black student to death in the act of hate crime. During the school year students demanded change on this campus and constantly we were denied. Denied safety, diversity, a voice. Imagine sending your son or daughter to a campus that deems to not value his/her life. They want these reviews to say I love this university, but how can you love a university that doesn’t love you back.
The University of Maryland is a great school academically, the university holds high standards and it's location is great because it is very close to the D.C. metropolitan area. However, there could be some improvements such as, the renovation of buildings, and better options for student housing and campus dining. The campus itself is a beautiful campus, the student life is very active hosting many events and activities to get the student body involved. Overall, UMD is a school to consider, as many changes are being made for the better!
Review University of Maryland - College Park
There is no culture off campus, most people are just average. The food and dorms suck. I wish there was more to do besides on campus clubs. You can go to DC but it takes 45 minutes bc you have to take a bus to the metro to get into the city. College Park is sketchy.
When I was applying to college, University of Maryland was just a safety school. But after spending a year here, I absolutely love it.

I am a mathematics, economics, and finance major and I can certainly say that the classes are extremely engaging and challenging. Lectures outside of my major disciplines have been incredible as well. When I chose UMD over more prestigious colleges like Carnegie Mellon because of tuition costs, I feared that I might be missing out. But I have no regrets currently, seeing that this college is providing me with a great education.

I have found that almost all of the student population is extremely welcoming and sociable.Parties and the bar scene are great, not exceptional, but there is always something happening every weekend.

School faculties are good and the university is making a lot of investments in improving housing and classrooms throughout campus. The unlimited dining food is surprisingly good.

Overall, UMD is a great school.
LOVE IT, wish I lived there so I can see the school in person. I take online classes but its super easy and I learn so much I cant wait till I get my Degree.
College Park is great! There are over 400 clubs on campus if you want to get involved, there are varsity, club, and intramural sports teams to be a part of. There is something for everyone, which makes it very easy for one to find their niche!
UMD is a wonderful college with a variety of clubs, organizations, and academic options. I love the greenery and historic aspects on campus. UMD is a very big school, and campus is growing, however, it is growing in its own little bubble. There are parking lots being taken away, dorms far from classes, and little time to get from class to class. Overall, this school has tons of spirit and pride, creating a family that is not so little.
UMD is awesome! This is a great school with convenient location to DC. The school offers a lot of resources and has great faculty and staff.
Absolutely love this school so glad I chose UMD. Great academics and there's so much to do on campus.
Huge campus, which was hard to get acclimated to at first, but it has so much to offer, and I am hopeful that I can experience it all before I graduate. The professors are knowledgeable, and it was easy to make friends. The facilities are top notch, and I feel at home here.
generally very good classes and professors. However, unsafe surrounding area. Yet, there are many many areas of student involvement including any/all interests.
A wonderful campus and great environment for learning. The college is huge and there is always something going on with plenty of groups to be involved in.
University of Maryland, College Park, has an academically-oriented atmosphere that stresses the importance of effort, community, and determination to excel in all aspects. The campus is extremely friendly, and though it may seem intimidating, there is opportunities throughout to find one's niche and close group of friends. The professors are helpful in assisting the success of the students, and the sense of community creates a love for the college, as you feel a part of something much larger. Though some of the equipment could renovated, some of the areas of living become more modern, and some of the classrooms become more efficient with newer technology, Maryland is a great college that prepares students for the future.
Overall, I really enjoyed attending the University of Maryland. It's a large University which has its pros and cons. There is something for everyone here in terms of coursework as well as extracurriculars. I never felt limited in terms of the resources available to me as a student. There is a feeling that if you're interested in something, there will be a group for you. On the downside, I often felt lost amidst all the options. If you don't already know what your interests are, and you're not very outgoing, it can be difficult to find your place. Introductory courses can have lecture classes with potentially hundreds of students, and in these cases it can be difficult to make a personal connection with your professor. I also felt in some cases that figuring out paperwork and advising could be tedious and dealing with administration within the larger departments could feel cold and impersonal.
UMD is an amazing place to attend college. I feel safe and the campus is clean. The professors are helpful and there is a lot of Terp spirit on campus!
The University of Maryland is a beautiful college. The staff, professors, advisers, and counselors are all very helpful and want to help students succeed.
Review University of Maryland - College Park
I would say that Maryland is one of the best universities I know because of the environment in which the college life is surrounded, it just makes you feel like home and secure. Another thing that makes UMD so great to me is the people. Everyone is kind and friendly and although you may not know someone, there will always be a person that will lend you a hand. For a person like me that really appreciates nature, this college is perfect to escape from all the noise and conflicts from the city. And I can say that once you touch people's lifes, there will always be a special place for you.
For the most part, my professors were great, I was safe, and enjoying myself with all of the opportunities UMD had to offer. There were a fair number of UMD Alerts telling us about local crimes and to be careful, which were always disconcerting, especially once I had friends move into houses in the surrounding area. I sometimes feel unsafe on campus at certain times as well. However, with the exception of safety and some housing options, everything is pretty good.
So far, I would have to say that my experience at the University of Maryland has been an average college experience. The best aspect of this school is the academics, which are incredibly reputable and useful for the future. Unfortunately, I have found it difficult to fit-in socially. Because I do not consume alcohol nor am I involved in a fraternity, it can be challenging to find new friends. I am fortunate enough to many of my closest friends from high school that also attend this school, which makes it very convenient to socialize at times. Overall, I think this school offers tremendous benefits to the right type of student, it just may not be the best fit for me.
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