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University of Maryland - College Park Reviews

4,642 reviews
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It's a very large campus, but there are many opportunities to explore different interests and meet new people. The classes vary in size and the work is challenging and also very interesting.
Maryland is a diverse college and it has a lot to offer. From great academics to a a very sport oriented culture, you will not be disappointed because it truly feels like home.
I am currently enrolled in the University of Maryland, and I have to say I am genuinely enjoying my time here. The campus is beautiful, and so are the people. Going to UMD was one the best decisions that I have ever made.
The college itself is very good academically and gives undergrads a lot of opportunities to succeed.
As a spring admitted freshman, it is a very dramatic change to the easygoing way of life I was used to in high school, and the one semester of community college. Becoming independent is the most important and understandable aspect of going here. It is said that many opportunities will arise from going to UMD such as internships, connections with professors, and on campus jobs and activities. Living on campus with more than half the day with nothing to do (aside from getting out and doing things) presents the illusion of having ample free time. That time should be spent doing homework or planning, maybe even reading. My concern is that I am not paying $10,000 a semester to get a job in 4 years, I am paying that for a chance to get a job with my degree. These opportunities are competitive, and I still have a lot to learn. But I do know that working extensively on my own is something I have taken from going to UMD. Surely, this must apply to other universities as well.
I recently took a trip to the university with my school. It was a very fun experience. I got to do a project in one of their libraries. The staff was very generous and helpful. The students didn't really pay us any mind. It was also a lot of partying going on due to homecoming weekend. The cafe was really nice. There were a lot of different choices. I really enjoyed the environment.
Good. Some departments are incredible and have great opportunities, others are just pretty good. Maryland is a huge school, you can find anything you want if you look.
Huge school, and be careful when you party to find the right people. Plenty of white boy frats, and rape culture is as big as anywhere. Beautiful facilities.
They offer good facilities, a friendly environment as well as an open campus. It is a safe place as well as has a lot of spirit. It would be a dream to go there.
So far, I'm having what feels like a very rough time socially, but the classes I've taken have been good for sure.
UMD is an amazing school - very progressive and... warm. They do what they can to care for each and every student and try to help them grow. Also, CP is right next to Washington D.C. so there is an abundance of research opportunities. There are a lot of great restaurants. That being said, like all schools, some professors are great, while some are awful. One thing I want to see changed is the dining plan. They just made it all-you-can-eat, but at the cost of convenience; you aren't allowed to take food out of the diner. In other words, no more food on-the-go.
I am sophomore at University of Maryland College Park. I am an involved student as I am a cheerleader for the university and am in an majoring in bioengineering. I love Maryland because it is has everything I could ever want. There are so many clubs, sports, people, religions and options for your major. There are more classes than I could ever think of. I have so much pride for my school because I am cheerleader, but you don't need to be a cheerleader to have Maryland Pride. You can't walk around on campus without seeing people decked out in Maryland gear, and there are always students at sporting events showing their pride. The people at school are beyond friendly. Most professors are very helpful if you are willing to reach out for help. There are so many career options; there is the career center to help you find jobs and internships, career fairs, undergraduate research and so much opportunity at Maryland. I love attending University of Maryland.
I love the campus life and how everyone is so welcoming. We are right near the white house so its easy to stay updated with politics. I wish college itself was easy. Applying here was a breeze, They really want to get to know more about you. As a freshman I'm glad this is where i choose to go to college.
University of Maryland-College Park was my #1 school and I'm so glad I decided to apply here. The balance between academics and social life is so refreshing and the diverse student body melts numerous cultures together making it have an extremely vibrant community. It's the best decision I ever made and would recommend it as a great school to anyone who loves a good combination of academics, opportunities, sports and a wonderful social life. #GoTerps The long uphill walks to class aren't that fun, though. The older dorms like Ellicott and Hagerstown aren't nice, but you get used to them, but dorms like Prince Frederick and Oakland are more like Hotels than Dorms. Oh, the food gets really tiring though, so always keep money on you to spend on Route 1. There's a lot more food options out there than on campus. Overall though, I wouldn't change my college experience even in the slightest.
I transfered to the University of Maryland, College Park in the Spring of 2015. I felt welcomed and made friends quickly in the education field. I highly recommend this University for transfer students.
The University is great overall, I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. There are a lot of majors to choose from, and you even have the opportunity to create your own. The campus is absolutely beautiful (when there's no construction) and there are a lot of things to do around campus all of the time. You can always find a good party (but do be careful, frat row can be a little rowdy). THE ACADEMICS ARE HARD, there's no finessing UMD academics, no matter what major, from engineering to dance, you will be challenged and a lot will be expected of you. Develop good study and time management skills ASAP
The Theater program is taught by faculty who are currently working in their particular fields and have connections with other working professionals. Those in the Advanced Stage Management class, for example, get to shadow a stage manager of a Broadway production. Faculty members also direct professional shows in the DC area, or design sets, costumes, light or sound for them. Those connections make it easier for undergrads to get internships with local theater companies or for graduate students to design for an area company.

(I'm a commuter student, so I can't address campus life. )
I love going to this school. There are a lot of resources to help you, like the career center and writing center. Greek life is popular, but you can have an active social life without it. There are a lot of clubs and the students are nice.
University of Maryland-College Park has a beautiful campus with lots of facilities. Professors and TA's are helpful, and the student body is top-notch. There are two dinning halls, multiple dormitory communities, 2 main libraries and several smaller libraries on the very large campus. I've had a great experience here so far, with pros certainly outweighing the cons. Overall, any student should have wonderful experience here.
Maryland challenges its students academically in all areas. There are multiple organizations that a student can join to feel like they are a part of a smaller community. The food could be a lot better in the dining halls though.
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