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It's a great school if you're looking into just research or anything STEM. It is a very diverse with students from multiple backgrounds.With such diverse students , you would think that student life would be more interactive but they are disconnected from the students
I have taken some amazing classes and have made some amazing and lifelong friends. I learned practical skills there I will use for the rest of my like. The professors are all very warm and welcoming and are more than happy to accommodate your schedule to meet with them.
The school education system is not bad. However, certain departments have difficult professors. But overall, it's a good school that has great people.
Review University of Maryland - Baltimore County
As a STEM student, my experience at University of Maryland, Baltimore County has been life changing. This University has allowed me to develop into a well-rounded, independent student by challenging me and inspiring me in all walks of life. Through the association of inspiring and brilliant professors and students, I am excited to get to class or walk down Academic Row to learn something new. Although UMBC is a small campus, it feels like home as familiar faces greet you with a warming smile. My experience at UMBC has been fantastic and I feel well prepared for the future.
UMBC is situated in a small, quiet pocket of Arbutus, Catonsville, and Halethorpe, MD. This institution is located within a short 10 minute drive of Baltimore city. The proximity to Baltimore allows for a unique and beneficial partnership between UMBC and Baltimore organizations that range from the art museums to community service organizations. Students can enjoy the ease and access to Baltimore internships and nightlife from public buses stops on campus.

UMBC has a lot to offer students in terms of education, research opportunities, and student life. But what makes UMBC special is its diverse population of students, faculty, and staff. This allows UMBC to create a more open-minded, and forward thinking space. Nearly all cultures and religions are represented by its students, faculty, and staff. This diverse background allows its members to learn more from one another, and different ways of solving problems.

Go Retrievers!
Great emphasis of STEM courses and many resources on career paths as well as opportunities for research.
UMBC Isnt too small or big. It is small enough for professors to connect with each student. It is a great school for sciences.
I love the diversity and community at UMBC. Some STEM classes are really tough but you do learn a lot from them. A very kind campus.
It is an amazing university! it has a rigorous academic environment for all that attend. It also provides many resources for research, scholarships, full/part time work, internships etc. It is not known for athletics/sports or social life/campus parties. Students here are mostly involved in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. We are known to be very studious which leaves very little room for the social aspect of campus/college life.
I really enjoyed my experience at UMBC. They offered all the courses I wanted to take and more. I also enjoyed all of the activities and clubs they have, UMBC has something for everyone.
The campus size is perfect, all the classes are within 10-15 walk. Faculty are very warm and great. Lecture classes aren't that big in size where as a student you feel distant. Professors are always available. Though the learning environment is great, one thing that really bugs me is the parking arrangement. It is really hard to find parking spot, especially from 9 am to 2 pm. Some of the buildings need to get upgraded, technology wise.
The teachers are really supportive and educational from what I've seen during my time here. The students are very kind as well. I enjoy the chill environment within the school.
UMBC is a really strong school with great academic programs. You're studies are the most important thing at here. There are many commuters, but plenty of people do live on campus. A large majority of students live in Maryland. It takes a little extra effort than the average school to get involved and meet people. However, campus is wonderfully diverse and there are groups for everyone once you find them.
This school is a must for anyone interested in the science, math, or engineering department. The professors are willing to work with you and there are plenty of extracurriculars to get involved in. The atmosphere on campus is also top notch as it's not too small to feel claustrophobic, but it's also not too big to feel overwhelming. I immediately felt right at home here!
The UMBC community is really just one big family. I first came to UMBC in the Spring of 2016 as a transfer from the University of Maryland, College Park. Immediately I felt more at home at UMBC than I had ever felt at college before. That feeling was such a relief for me, I finally knew that I was in a place where I would be comfortable and be able to succeed in my Spanish language studies. A lot of people come to UMBC to study STEM majors, but their Humanities programs are fantastic as well. All of my Spanish teachers are so knowledgeable, so personable, and very accessible, all qualities very important to me (and every single other college student I know). I attend an Honors university, so the standards for all of my and everyone else's work is incredibly high, but we are always offered the support and guidance that we need to succeed, and for that I am eternally grateful.
So far, UMBC has been an amazing experience for me. I live on campus, which makes getting to class easier, as well as meeting new people and allows the opportunity to get involved around campus. UMBC is a STEM school, but I am a dance major. The arts departments at UMBC are growing quickly and I am glad to be a part of that.
I absolutely love my experience so far in UMBC. I have a handful of loving, caring friends, and cool, awesome teachers. The academics at UMBC is top notch, as a majority of the teachers have the student's best interests in hearts.
Review University of Maryland - Baltimore County
The professors at UMBC are very wise and amiable. All of their expectations are clear for the courses. The students and other faculty are largely willing to assist others in need. The SGA is very empowering because they directly work with the students to ensure particular goals are met.
For students who plan to major in stem courses, umbc is perfect because there are not a lot of parties or distractions. Overall, classes are hard but there are plenty of supportive teachers.
It was a great smaller state school where I felt that I got to know my professors or TAs more personally. There were only 3 engineering tracks but I feel well prepared for industry work with my degree.
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