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The community at the University of Mary is a great community. The college life is very good. It is a smaller university, so you are able to get to know a lot of people, which makes a very close community. The campus is located up on a hill outside of Bismarck, only about 20 mins outside of the city. The faculties are great, they have good food and a great wellness center for the students. The professors a super close to the students and are extremely helpful when it comes to helping with any struggles.
It has a very strong Catholic atmosphere, daily Mass, and Eucharistic adoration. The students are the friendliest you will ever find and are tolerant of you regardless of religion. The current president, Msgr. Shea, has a strong passion for creating the best environment for his students so they can be the best prepared to encounter the world and it's challenges.
The staff is extraordinarily friendly and helpful when it comes to helping and advising students in the steps that are needed for applying and accepting. I was able to speak to a few of my future professors and program directors before accepting a position at school.
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I have completed two years here at the University of Mary and overall, my experience has been amazing. They have wonderful professors who not only truly care about you, but are also some of the most intelligent people in their fields of study. The friends I have made here have impacted my life many times over what I expected when I first applied. I just finished one of their study abroad programs and it also far exceeded my expectations, but the college showed consistency with the amazing professors and the thought and care put forth in the academic program there. Really the only thing that I can complain about is that the college is growing almost faster than the campus can keep up.
I like that it was really easy to apply, the online classes are engaging and the student advisers are great.
I liked how small it is. I love the Catholic perspective of the students, except for the ones who aren't entirely into their faith. I want to grow in mine. I also love how the students were very kind when I first checked out the school.
I started in the middle of the school year and it was hard to make relationships with other students. Also, it is very expensive to attend here.
The University of Mary is a very friendly campus and it is small enough that you can get to know many of the people. The professors are always willing to help you if you have any question.
University of Mary is an amazing school! The faculty are more than willing to accommodate to people's needs. The facilities are very nice and well-kept. The university sits on top of a hill giving a great view of the valley, city, and Missouri River.
I am about to finish my first year at the University and honestly, it is so life-changing. I have completely opened my eyes to new possibilities and having so many welcoming people in my life. I am originally from a big city, but moving to a small town like Bismarck is truly different. The University has a year-round campus that lets students study through the summer and I am very excited to experience it this summer and hopefully study abroad. I truly recommend the University if you are looking for something small but big at heart.
I love the friendly environment. It is a small college so you really get to know the students and professors and everyone is very nice and helpful.
I don't like that the school tuition goes up every year and I don't like that it's far from town and that things are focused more for the women.
I love being at the University of Mary because the professors take the time to get to know you! The professors have always taken a time to invest in my life, and keep up with me and how I am doing.
It is a relatively small school, with a very friendly community. There is a very strong catholic atmosphere for those who are catholic, but ministry is provided for all faiths. The school is a few miles from Bismarck, so you don't have to deal with any of the problems of living in a city, but it is close enough that you can get there quickly if you need to grab something from the store or if you want to go and hang out with friends. The campus is very safe, and I do not know anyone who has ever found him/herself in a dangerous situation. I am perfectly comfortable walking across campus late at night in complete darkness. Overall, this is a great, affordable, friendly school with a strong catholic community, and I would recommend it to anyone.
I was very impressed by the welcoming community when I first came up here to visit last October. I had wanted to go here for a long time, but that visit really pushed me to apply, and I got accepted some time later. Overall, I am very satisfied with my choice.
I am an online learner. The assistance received in restarting classes after not being in college for 5 years was amazing. The instructors and academic advisor are very helpful. The academic program is excellent.
My experience with the University of Mary was wonderful. All the people were kind, and the buildings were great.
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Good for foreigners to know more about student and USA life,
When you still do not know too much about the USA, this should be a good choice for you to know USA society. Less competitor and people so nice around you. A lot of working opportunity in school and school related company.
If you are looking for a good catholic college the University of Mary is the perfect place for it!!! Even if your not religious you are still most welcome and I don’t think I have come across a person I did not like! Everyone is so friendly and the professional not only cares about your acedemic success but your growth as an individual! It is very easy to get one on one time with a professor because of how small classes are and the professors care for each individual student!! Lastly the University as a 24/7 all you can eat restaurant on campus and the food is delicious!!!!
The University of Mary is the embodiment of the phrase "knows now bounds". I've never encountered more willing staff to help you, and I've never met a more welcoming community. They're innovative and constantly trying to improve life for students by doing things like having a 24 hour open cafeteria!
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