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I enjoy the university because all of my professors are ver knowledgeable and have our best interest in mind.
I would like to see more diversity. In saying this I don't just mean diversity of the student body. I mean much more than that. The things I'd like to see diversity in the most are class/course options, housing opportunities, activities, food, teaching styles/techniques, and academic success options.
This university is great! I love how helpful the professors are, they are willing to help you, to make sure you pass your class and they are willing to answer most questions you ask them. The campus is on a hill with a beautiful view that you'll never get tired of. You are required to take atleast 2 theology classes but it's not too bad. I love this school and am thankful that I chose it.
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The University of Mary shows dedication to their students and faculty. They treat one another like a family. The University has many achievable programs and their athletes show great academics as well as students outside of being athletes.
In my experience, the University of Mary has good teachers, majors, resources, dorms, and a great sense of community and hostility.
I am a person who does not do so much research in something they should. For instance, applying to colleges. When looking at colleges the first one I found was University of Mary. I had no idea what the campus was like, or how could it would get or even the cost of education. Thankfully though the university is advertised as the cheapest private college, so that was good for me. The people here are great and friendly, which is something new to me being from VA. I wish however they could offer a better gym. It's quite small and there isn't that much equipment to use.
The University of Mary is a great place to grow and learn as a student. The small school atmosphere (14:1 student to teacher ratio) is incredible and the faculty and staff are unbelievable. There isn't a more caring and student-centered University in the area. This school cares about the development of the human person not just about the degree you recieve. There are constant improvements being made to make it a better school.
I love UMary. I am studying Business in their online degree program and the staff and faculty are so helpful and understanding. My advisor Jennifer is amazingly attentive. I have a newborn baby and this school has been perfect to help me achieve my goals. Thank you UMary!!
The University of Mary is a safe college campus, and allows student flexibility. The classes and professors help develop the student with a close relationship to learning. It is a school that wants you to succeed, not your money. It is a school for everyone.
I really enjoy the environment about the University. It is a very friendly environment. They have really nice clubs and events that are available for students, so they are not bored in their dorm.
What I love most about this college are the teachers. This place has nothing but the best education and teachers running it. All of these teachers love what they are doing and are passionate at what they are doing. Thanks to these teachers I have had the privilege meeting have more than prepared me for the real word and big job opportunities. This university is also very welcoming to everyone. I didn't have the best score before entering college but that didn't matter to them, they knew what I was capable of and didn't look down upon me. Thanks to them and believing in me, I will be either graduating with a 3.0 or close to, they never lost hope in me and they also pushed me to limits I didn't know I was capable of.
I really love going to this school! The academics are great and is more comfortable due to smaller classroom size. The professors actually want to help you and know you by name. The only thing I think needs work is acceptance of more religious views rather than just Catholicism. I know that I go to a catholic school, but there is no place where you get to learn about other religious views and have a more open mind.
The campus itself is beautiful, on multiple different places on campus you have an amazing view of the river. The cafe is good newly renovated however they tend to serve the same food week in and week out. They do however have different stations for some variety. The academics and professors are always able to assist and help when needed.
The University Of Mary is a catholic based school who’s main goal is to help students achieve their academic excellence. The teachers are great at helping students with any special circumstances they may have. The president of the university is involved with the students, that’s shwls how closely knit the school is with each other and how they want to see you succeed in life
The university of Mary is a place where harmony is present at all times. I have never heard anyone arguing or saying bad things to each other. Every one helps you out and you can tell they want to because there is a smile in their faces when they do so. Professors care about us as a students and they will do whatever it takes to help you succeed, apart from that, the sisters here at university of Mary give you that feeling of calm that as a student you will at some point need. Overall, it is just a great place to be, study, compete and strive.
You will receive an excellent education once you are in your program. I would suggest not going year around campus and stick to the traditional route, no one understands what is going on during the summer.
UMary has become my home. I have made some of my closest and dearest friends there from living with them, studying abroad with them, and eventually being in one of their weddings. It is a place where I can grow in my faith while immersing myself in an open and loving atmosphere where we stand for the dignity of all humans and the right of all human life. I LOVE UMary and will forever call it home.
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Overall, the University of Mary is a great school. They have a very strong health sciences program. I enjoy most of my professors and I absolutely love my classmates and friends. I am an athlete here and you have to really work hard to manage your time between school and a sport. The professors work hard to connect with you and so does all the staff. Oh! You can't forget the most amazing very that you get over looking the river, and star gazing at night is great. The community of Bismarck is so welcoming and really supportive of the school.
Small campus with a wide variety of activities. Professors are friendly and students to staff ratio is smaller which makes it easier to learn and understand the material. Many professors are available in the evenings and some even during the weekends to help you with questions on your assignments or upcoming tests.
To me, the campus seems to be pretty secure with a crime rate that is extremely low. I think everyone feels pretty safe on campus and there is easy access to security on campus. Overall, the campus is pretty safe.
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