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I love that the college offers a Master's program in five years instead of 6. I will be able to take year round classes, which in the long run will really benefit me. I live in Bismarck and will be attending UMary, and I will be living at home, and UMary offers a discount to people who are in state and live at home. I really enjoyed the college, and it is a private college with a low cost.
The University of Mary really embodies what education is all about. It is a true community where one receives deep intellectual, professional, and character formation. The University's faculty and staff from the top down are all deeply concerned with the success and well-being of the students, and it is evident from the moment one steps on campus.

The mentorship that one is able to receive at the University of Mary is second to none, and I credit the close relationships with faculty and my peers for my professional success. The University of Mary prepared me well for my future after college where I am now surrounded by largely Ivy League alumni who are all amazed when I describe to them my university experience. The University of Mary is truly a first-rate institution.
A place that truly cares about every aspect of the human person. A place where you know you are loved by the professors, the falculty, the fellow students and most importantly the Lord. I recieved so much more than just a degree. I recieved a transformed heart with a new love for Mary our most holy Mother.
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The University of Mary prioritizes the formation of the whole person through friendships among faculty and students, challenging academics, and a rich spiritual life. One of my favorite parts about my time as a student was getting to know my professors. They were radically available to their students and took time to get to know me. The administration, faculty, and staff love the students and serve the academic, spiritual, and personal needs of those students. I am so grateful for my education at the University of Mary!
As many of us begin looking into our future careers, we are easily tricked into measuring our success by the prestige of what graduate programs we are accepted into or by the financial benefits from the jobs we land. As a social work student, UMary has prepared me to approach my future career by teaching me how to identify what is good, having the desire to receive what is good, and aspire to do what is good. By entering into my career with this attitude, I will be able to battle trials and tribulations with an inner strength motivated by joy and love.
When it comes to the University of Mary they have a great education program. Students who come here are cared about through their academics. If you need help there are advisers as well as professors that are willing to help students out with whatever you need. Overall, campus is very clean and safe but it is lacking campus activitiy
Everyone is so helpful. They want to see you succeed, so they do everything in their power to assist you accomplish your goals.
Very good so far. Staff are really friendly and easy to work with. There are plenty of scholarships thst they offer as well.
I love this school very much. It has helped me become a more virtuous and loving person. There are many supportive people here who desire your good.
Great school and super friendly people on campus. would highly suggest to others. Food is the best because you have a 24/7 café/nest.
I think there are a lot of good and equally bad things about the University of Mary. Things like the dining center and academics are things I rate highly, while living conditions in dorms and overall quality of people who go here seem stuck up or rude.
I enjoy the university because all of my professors are ver knowledgeable and have our best interest in mind.
I would like to see more diversity. In saying this I don't just mean diversity of the student body. I mean much more than that. The things I'd like to see diversity in the most are class/course options, housing opportunities, activities, food, teaching styles/techniques, and academic success options.
This university is great! I love how helpful the professors are, they are willing to help you, to make sure you pass your class and they are willing to answer most questions you ask them. The campus is on a hill with a beautiful view that you'll never get tired of. You are required to take atleast 2 theology classes but it's not too bad. I love this school and am thankful that I chose it.
The University of Mary shows dedication to their students and faculty. They treat one another like a family. The University has many achievable programs and their athletes show great academics as well as students outside of being athletes.
In my experience, the University of Mary has good teachers, majors, resources, dorms, and a great sense of community and hostility.
I am a person who does not do so much research in something they should. For instance, applying to colleges. When looking at colleges the first one I found was University of Mary. I had no idea what the campus was like, or how could it would get or even the cost of education. Thankfully though the university is advertised as the cheapest private college, so that was good for me. The people here are great and friendly, which is something new to me being from VA. I wish however they could offer a better gym. It's quite small and there isn't that much equipment to use.
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The University of Mary is a great place to grow and learn as a student. The small school atmosphere (14:1 student to teacher ratio) is incredible and the faculty and staff are unbelievable. There isn't a more caring and student-centered University in the area. This school cares about the development of the human person not just about the degree you recieve. There are constant improvements being made to make it a better school.
I love UMary. I am studying Business in their online degree program and the staff and faculty are so helpful and understanding. My advisor Jennifer is amazingly attentive. I have a newborn baby and this school has been perfect to help me achieve my goals. Thank you UMary!!
The University of Mary is a safe college campus, and allows student flexibility. The classes and professors help develop the student with a close relationship to learning. It is a school that wants you to succeed, not your money. It is a school for everyone.
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