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I have enjoyed my time at UMW. It is very easy to get involved with over 100 clubs on campus. Everyone is very welcoming and our honor system is really important. You can set your belongings down and come back to them later because no one steals them.
Mary Washington is perfect for anyone who feel overwhelmed in large classes and prefer smaller classes. The campus is very beautiful and clean.
I really enjoyed the well rounded education I received here. The campus is beautiful, there are a lot of events going on all the time, and a ton of clubs to join. Degree programs are tough but professors are willing to help you.
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This is a great school to go to if and only if you're an athlete, otherwise you're a NARP (non-athletic regular person) so there will be no parties just once a week trips to brocks and your actively excluded from all the sports cliques. I felt like I was redoing high school.
UMW is the best! It's a really small school which allows students to get to know their professors! Also, everyone is really friendly & welcoming.
I loved the size of the school, I loved the energy and enthusiasm my professors and other faulty maintained throughout the year! Everyone there made me feel very welcomed and at home! I can see myself growing, obtaining the skills and abilities needed to obtain my career goals alongside with developing as an individual to take on the real world after graduation! Its always a great day to be an Eagle!
So far my experience with the University of Mary Washington has been pretty darn good. Everyone is super friendly and most opf the teachers actually want to hekp you succeed in our school career. I'd recommend this sochool top anyone.
I love the campus! The people are all friendly and willing to help and the professors care about knowing your name!
I love the size of the college. It is perfect for those that are looking for a smaller community where you don't feel like just another number. The history of the area also was a factor for me personally. I have made life long friends here and I am only in my 1st year.
I love this school! The small size is one of the biggest reasons that I chose to come here. The class sizes are small, so it is easy to form relationships with professors and to go to them for help outside of the classroom. The campus is beautiful, the facilities are excellent, and there are tons of resources to take advantages of. The only downside is that, if you are looking to join clubs, many of the clubs are not very active. I would not want to attend any other university.
I love mary wash. Its my home and I'd never go anywhere else, but i feel i should provide the negatives first. The on campus food is quite subpar, they have a decent number of shit professors(just talk to peers to avoid that) and some of their budgeting makes NO sense. Like building the UC, a building that is 4 floors, designed FOR students, and the only thing students use it for is to eat. The cafeteria is at the TOP of said building and the food is lile i said, subpar. Why i love the school, however- most of the staff is SO great, I've had a great time here. party scene is..decent. Beautiful town, lots to do, and great people. Very accepting and caring community. Our honor code is so strong-I've lost many things on this campus including a wallet with $100+ in cash in it, which was promptly returned to me. i have never felt unsafe since i got here. Glad i chose this school. Its a great day to be an eagle!
Located right in the middle of historic downtown Fredericksburg. It is a great campus to stay active and fit on while taking classes.
It is a great small school environment. Students are able to connect and interact with their professors, who are all great and eager to help their students succeed. Tons of resources on campus like the writing and speaking center as well as all of the offices in Lee Hall. Tons of clubs and activities going on on campus to keep everyone involved and busy. Campus is extremely safe. Everyone that goes here loves it.
would like to see more scheduling flexibility, especially when dealing with student athletes. Also would like to see more scholarships that are geared to the average hard working students instead of those only for top of the class.
Overall, a solid school that can offer a great education and well-rounded student life. Not for those looking for those seeking frat parties and keggers. There are many resources available to students and professors are readily accessible. In-state tuition is comparable to that of other state schools, though housing and dining costs are not inexpensive. Attendance costs are roughly $20-25K per year to attend full-time and live on-campus (depending on which dorm and required meal plan you select).

My primary gripe is that I do feel like the school has prioritized quantity over quality, making great efforts to attract new students with bright and shiny new buildings, nonstop campus tours, and marketing. Currently, there is definitely an excess of facilities given the current size of the student body and having print ads and TV commercials really cheapens the image of the school and threatens to tarnish its credibility and reputation.
When researching future colleges, I knew I wanted to attend a four-year university. I had looked into plenty of schools in state and out of state, but Mary Washington had always come back in my search. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t particularly glamorous to me at first, but once I finally visited
the campus I was convinced this was where I wanted to start my higher education.
The academics had a consistent reputation for superior quality, the campus is very regal, an there’s always something going on either on campus or off. The campus size is small enough to have a close knit group of friends early on in the semester, but still large enough that you’ll meet
new people even in your senior year. The surrounding area is full of life as well. Whenever I go downtown I always find some new treasure, like the restaurants with seating in the alleys, which is sure to satisfy the curiosity of any student to come.
Great school with awesome professors. The writing intensive requirements are a pain but really help to improve your writing skills especially if you are interested in majoring in the sciences.
Review University of Mary Washington
I have been accepted but I have not yet attended as I am still a Sr. in high school. I have a friend who goes there and I have visited the campus. It's awesome. I knew it was where I wanted to go the first time I saw it in person.
The campus is beautiful and the professors really care about your success. The atmosphere is very calm.
The University has a great home feeling to it, the faculty here makes you feel at home and they're very helpful when you need help with an assignment. There are some professors that are even willing to help you with assignments even if you're not their student, but if they teach that course too, they're more than happy to help you succeed.
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