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My biggest piece of advice is to get involved on campus, it will make your time here much more enjoyable and worth while!
UMW is an excellent school that actually cares about its students and not bogus US news rankings. Professors are amazing and truly want to help their students. Students with mental health problems don't have to face unfair discrimination. I would recommend UMW to any prospective student in Virginia.
I enjoyed the University of Mary Washington because it met all of my criteria. Not once when I applied or attended did I hesitate on a single aspect of it. Fredricksburg is a wonderful little town with lots of history and good things for college students to do on the weekends. UMW, even though it is small, has plenty of things to do on campus and places to just hang out with friends. Going to cheer on friends at sports game or going to see concerts is one of the numerous things that I enjoy doing at UMW.
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Being a student at the University of Mary Washington has been an amazing experience. The first thing you would notice is how beautiful and peaceful it looks. The campus is neither too big or too small. It is also very easy to make new friends. You would feel part of the community with lots of opportunities to join clubs. Mary Washington can support you with your career goals. Their advisors are very supportive and they even have a career center that will help you find a job or career. One thing that I wish Mary Washington have would be to have more fast food restaurants on campus for students .
UMW is the perfect sized school, where you see many familiar faces around campus, but are not constantly running into the same people. Due to the smaller nature of the school's size, many professors gain a more personal relationship with their students. One thing that I do wish would change is office of financial aid and their handling of the students accounts.
The campus is beautiful, everything is within walking distance, and I'm really enjoying my first year.
I was drawn to the University of Mary Washington because of the campus, student to faculty ratio and class sizes. I can say after my first semester all these have exceeded my expectations. The campus is always thriving throughout the seasons. There is always something to do on ball circle or someone outside sitting with their dog; it is simply impossible to not be social on such a beautiful campus. The student to faculty ratio and class sizes really makes your success in the classroom possible. I have developed ongoing and strong relationships with my peers and professors due to the fact that I am able to interact with them on a more personal level. That being said, getting involved on campus is more than doable. With club carnival at the beginning of every semester and clubs constantly being advertised, there is always something to join and at any time.
This school needs more diversity. As an athlete here I have nothing bad to say about athletics. Some professors were excellent, others thought I was looking for a handout without trying to get to know me. The food is decent, and the atmosphere is peaceful for the most part.
The University of Mary Washington is a warm and welcoming school where everyone fits in! Professors are always interested in helping students succeed and maintaining a good quality of life. There are several opportunities to get involved - from academic clubs, service clubs, and social clubs. The campus is beautiful and clean, and the university makes a conscious effort to maintain environmental sustainability and respect. The University of Mary Washington is a perfect fit for everyone.
I liked how everything was close and that the campus was not in the middle of a city. It was almost like its own little community. i did not like that some dorms didn't have air conditioning. I feel there isn't much diversity in the campus I noticed.
I really enjoyed the environment that the professors have created for the school. The size is great and because I am undecided this school is perfect for me because its a liberal arts school. I am able to try different things while completing my general education.
As a freshman, I honestly love Mary Washington. They make transitioning from high school a breeze, but also just the right amount of challenging. The teachers here are very friendly and caring, and the environment is really great.
UMW is a thriving school in Virginia that stresses the importance of Student-Professor interactions. While attending you get to experience Professors that are demanding yet also helpful on a regular basis. It's extremely easy to get personal time with Professors as the school is so small and all of the staff are willing to help with anything that might be necessary to your success. Besides strictly the professors, everyone on campus that is a part of the faculty is helpful and friendly. The best part about going here is the feeling that your academic career is cared about by those who don't have to. Everyone here wants you to succeed.
Mary Wash is set in the beautiful city of Fredricksburg. The school has an awesome dining hall at the student union and the dorms are pretty sweet too! I recommend the apartment style dorms across the from the gym by giant if you are a student athlete. Also, athletes are highly supported at this school which is awesome being that it is D3. Besides the sports program, I think the school is pretty artsy if I were to classify the students.
I love it here! I love the UMW community and the friendships I have made! I love the small campus, it makes it really feel like home. Everybody is very friendly!
I love Mary Washington! So far, all of my professors have been easy to work with and they genuinely want you to succeed. There are a lot of on-campus resources to help you succeed as well such as the writing center or speaking center. Overall, my only complaints about UMW have only been the UC's hours and sometimes the quality of food. My only 'bad' experience here has really been some of my roommate's friends who I politically disagree with but you can avoid that by hanging out with people who share common values/ideologies with.
I have enjoyed my time at UMW. It is very easy to get involved with over 100 clubs on campus. Everyone is very welcoming and our honor system is really important. You can set your belongings down and come back to them later because no one steals them.
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Mary Washington is perfect for anyone who feel overwhelmed in large classes and prefer smaller classes. The campus is very beautiful and clean.
I really enjoyed the well rounded education I received here. The campus is beautiful, there are a lot of events going on all the time, and a ton of clubs to join. Degree programs are tough but professors are willing to help you.
This is a great school to go to if and only if you're an athlete, otherwise you're a NARP (non-athletic regular person) so there will be no parties just once a week trips to brocks and your actively excluded from all the sports cliques. I felt like I was redoing high school.
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