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I loved the proximity UMW is to me and the flexibility of classes! After going a few times to visit, the students and staff are really friendly. I would like to keep seeing what I am seeing right now!
Academic advisors aren't very helpful, difficult to get degree completed in two years as a transfer student with an associates due to degree requirements and lack of guidance.
Overall, this is a great school. It's relatively small and has a great community feel to it. There are lots of great extracurricular opportunities and ways to get involved with both the campus and the greater Fredericksburg area. The quality of the food and housing leave something to be desired, but still bearable.
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Professors are willing to help students, even with the smallest things. UMW has a strict honor code which everyone follows .
Tuition increases each year and there is asbestos in the dorm rooms. The separate the asbestos with a piece a plywood, while continuing to build new buildings that increase the academic fees. The professors are ok, but a foreign language is difficult to learn here. The school continues to get rid of good restaurants on campus.
Before entering the college as a freshman I attended the Student Transition Program during the summer of 2018. I feel that it has truly prepared me to enter college this fall. The staff at the University is very kind, compassionate, and accommodating. I am very excited to attend the University of Mary Washington and be a part of the community.
I absolutely love the campus, it is so beautiful year round. It is a very welcoming and safe environment that is inclusive to all. I cannot wait to spend the next 3 years at UMW. There are so many things to do and get involved in to make the experience everything you could want it to be. The surrounding city has plenty to offer as well. UMW truly does become home as soon as you step foot on campus.
For a small college community, the community is very nice and the professors are the most helpful people in my school life. Due to the smaller student count, it allows for professors to have more "one on one" interactions with students, helping improve our learning experience and being able to grow professional relationships with professors, leading to potential opportunities in the future.
University of Mary Washington is a welcoming campus with an amazing environment. The people are kind and happy which makes for a fun year!
I transferred to UMW my sophomore year and it’s been a great experience for me. In and out of class I have learned a lot that has shaped me into the person I am today.
The campus is beautiful and small. The longest walking distance is probably 15 minutes, which I do like. The academics here are great for the most part . This however is definitely not a party school. If you are looking for a fun-filled college experience, I am not sure if this school is for you. Also, if you are a foodie, this place might not be for you either. There are probably 3 solid places to eat food on campus. The university is very doable thou if you just want an education with a small campus!
The University of Mary Washington is a gem on the East Coast. As a small campus, it attracts professors who want to teach undergraduates. It is a public university, and believes in its public mission to serve the state and nation. Students love to walk down the hill to the awesome town or drive 60 miles to DC or 60 miles to Richmond for the day. Its Athletics program regularly competes at the top of the DIII level. The biggest challenge is resources, but I believe UMW does the best it can and is continuing to improve. The faculty and staff love working here, and it is very obvious in how much they care about students.
The University of Mary Washington's quality of professors, administration, and education is unmatched in so many ways, much like their neglect for building maintenance. UMW, or to some, the University of Moldy Walls, has neglected many seriously needed leaks and repairs, in a handful of buildings, resulting in more costly renovations and construction projects. This being said, the professors, campus culture, quality of education, and low tuition are to die for, and make UMW a serious contender to any prospective college student. Either way, UMW is sure to grow on you.
Compared to a many schools in Virginia Mary Wash is very much student oriented in its everyday life. There are no decisions taken by the schools officials which haven’t been discussed with the student body beforehand. There is a great sense of community here and everyone always ends up finding a good friend or two or more. Academically speaking, it is often tougher than people think. Despite the acceptance rate being well above 50% the school work can be hard but it is always rewarding. On top of that, many professors are easy to talk to and are always eager to help and give guidance.
A small university with respected academics and a surprisingly active social scene. Classes are small, you can take courses in any college (I'm a history major with a business minor) and the professors are (for the most part) very good and passionate about their subjects. The campus is beautiful during spring and summer.
Mary Washington is an absolute gem. It quickly becomes your home and you are instantly connected with everyone on campus. There are many different majors to choose from, including the availability of creating your own major and internships. The professors are easy to contact and reach and will remember your name even if you only take one class with them. The campus is beautiful year round and there is plenty to do on campus and within the Fredericksburg area. It's proximity to the Washington, DC area makes for great weekend adventures and amazing internship and job opportunities. The resources that are on campus with help you succeed and thrive here.
I loved my time at this small liberal arts university. Fredericksburg is a quaint town and the campus is condensed and pretty, but the faculty is where this university really shines. Four years after graduation and my professors still have a profound impact on my life.
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I love that the campus is the perfect size for this school. It's good for getting exercise and the weather is gorgeous. The professors are friendly and willing to help their students succeed and the community of students, staff, and faculty is warm and welcoming to all who want to succeed in whatever path they choose.
While the professors are decent, the University of Mary Washington does not provide for its students very well. Most of the facilities, such as the dining hall, HCC, and library, are subpar and are too small to accommodate the growing student population. Housing is poor given the overgrowth of mold in many of the residence halls, causing health concerns. Some of the older residence halls are also in desperate need of repair or complete renovation. Filing a complaint with Residence Life is also frustrating due to their lack of urgency when addressing students’ problems. Additionally, the campus is very homogenous. While claiming to have a focus on diversity, the campus is over 60% female with most students coming from Northern Virginia. There is also very little racial and ethnic diversity. While other colleges have an array of dining options, the ones available at UMW are very limited. In terms of academics, some professors are great while most are average.
I love Mary Washington, it being a small school lets students not be a number and a person. Gaining friends is really easy at Mary Wash, and I definite found my home here and I love it will all my heart. Its history gives it a really nice touch and is really beautiful. I am so glad I choose to go to a small school where I don't feel lost and a number, professors know my name and I feel wanted here. I would recommend UMW to anyone who wants to feel like they belong and have an amazing college experience.
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