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1,097 reviews
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Overall, a solid school that can offer a great education and well-rounded student life. Not for those looking for those seeking frat parties and keggers. There are many resources available to students and professors are readily accessible. In-state tuition is comparable to that of other state schools, though housing and dining costs are not inexpensive. Attendance costs are roughly $20-25K per year to attend full-time and live on-campus (depending on which dorm and required meal plan you select).

My primary gripe is that I do feel like the school has prioritized quantity over quality, making great efforts to attract new students with bright and shiny new buildings, nonstop campus tours, and marketing. Currently, there is definitely an excess of facilities given the current size of the student body and having print ads and TV commercials really cheapens the image of the school and threatens to tarnish its credibility and reputation.
When researching future colleges, I knew I wanted to attend a four-year university. I had looked into plenty of schools in state and out of state, but Mary Washington had always come back in my search. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t particularly glamorous to me at first, but once I finally visited
the campus I was convinced this was where I wanted to start my higher education.
The academics had a consistent reputation for superior quality, the campus is very regal, an there’s always something going on either on campus or off. The campus size is small enough to have a close knit group of friends early on in the semester, but still large enough that you’ll meet
new people even in your senior year. The surrounding area is full of life as well. Whenever I go downtown I always find some new treasure, like the restaurants with seating in the alleys, which is sure to satisfy the curiosity of any student to come.
Great school with awesome professors. The writing intensive requirements are a pain but really help to improve your writing skills especially if you are interested in majoring in the sciences.
I have been accepted but I have not yet attended as I am still a Sr. in high school. I have a friend who goes there and I have visited the campus. It's awesome. I knew it was where I wanted to go the first time I saw it in person.
The campus is beautiful and the professors really care about your success. The atmosphere is very calm.
The University has a great home feeling to it, the faculty here makes you feel at home and they're very helpful when you need help with an assignment. There are some professors that are even willing to help you with assignments even if you're not their student, but if they teach that course too, they're more than happy to help you succeed.
I like how close the buildings are in proximity to one another and how most teachers want to see you succeed. I do however want change in student-faculty interactions outside of class. RAs are having complications with buildings and being paid properly, students are being charged too much, offices are closed too early and no one is within reach when they need to be
I really love that you always have the feeling of being in a close knit community and that you all feel like family. Also, I was really amazed at how people knew many other individuals when walking on campus walk and would call them by their name when walking. Overall, Mary Washington is the best school anyone could go too that wanted to get that home environment feeling.
I've had the experience of a life time. It's not the dream school that people think of when they plan for college, but it's grown to be a dream. I love the academics; the professors teach with the perspective of using the information in a career not just a classroom. The campus is beautiful. The University's weaknesses are diversity of staff and student body. Also The allocation of the school's budget in recent years has favored infrastructure that has had it's necessity questioned. With the arrival of a new president both of these issues are at the top of his list from what I've heard.
So far life at Mary Wash has been great! Of course, not everything is going to be hunky dory, but everything in life has its drawbacks. UMW provides extremely nice faculty and staff, the students themselves are (for the most part) wonderful and inclusive, and the campus itself is GORGEOUS. There are an immense number of services for students to take advantage of, as long as they are willing to put forth the effort and look for them. I cannot imagine how I would have fared had I chosen a different school.
The University of Mary Washington is a nice small school, but when it comes to school activities and things to do on the weekend the school lacks in this. It also can be very hard to find clubs to get involved with if not a designated club fair. Overall there are great people and great feeling of community.
UMW is a good place to be a big fish in a small pond. The small class sizes allow you to personally connect with committed professors. With ambition, it is relatively easy to become a leader on campus in almost any area of interest. One area of improvement for the school is diversity. The culture on campus is very white, and the school lacks connection with the surrounding community. However, these are things students could play a role in shifting; conscientious student activism is present and growing at UMW.
The campus is gorgeous and the professors are amazing. It's a small campus, but it's big enough to make you feel like you are still at college.
I am a freshman at the University of Mary Washington and my experience at the university has been excellent so far. I chose Mary Washington because of its friendly atmosphere paired with good academics. There are many opportunities for students to get involved at UMW. The professors are qualified and available for their students. For a small University in Virginia, the school is pretty diverse and makes diversity an important aspect of campus life. Overall a great school. Can't wait to come back next year!
High Schoolers, I am here to tell you what this school is really like. Back when I was picking schools i came on this website and I read some of these reviews and I almost didn't come here because of them. im posting this to save that kid like me. This school is fantastic. I love everything from the academics to the social life. The professors here really care about you and care about your future. They want you to succeed and get to know you personally because of the small class sizes. A big thing that made me almost not come here was the apparent no party scene. Well i'm here to tell you that that's false. There are party's Every weekend. there has not been a friday or saturday where I have not gone to a party. Sometimes you gotta look for them and ask around, but there are always parties. The food is incredible. The campus is gorgeous. Lots of things are always going on in fred. Dorms are nice.
Mary Washington is an amazing University. I very much like the tight-nit community and all of its wonderful traditions. My favorite part about being at Mary Washington is the feeling that I am Home. It did not take me very long to call Mary Washington Home. When I first arrived, a really big thing that I noticed about the campus was that everyone was so friendly. Nearly everybody gave me a welcoming hug. The only thing I would really like to change or improve is the Amphitheater. It has started to become neglected and I would like it if Mary Washington would fix it up.
This school is my new home. It is a small, liberal arts institution located in a quiet neighborhood outside of downtown Fredericksburg, VA. It hosts a quiet, yet effective learning environment for a small body of 4000 undergraduate students. The professors are enthusiastic about their subjects and very willing to help. On top of that, they are hired at high standards, and there are no teacher's assistants. Equal treatment and fairness are key components of the school's vision of personal development and educational achievement.
The University of Mary Washington is a very old, but a very beautiful campus. I've been here for three weeks now, and every time I walk down College Dr. I get a smile or a hello from someone I don't know, this shows how close we are as a student body. I feel very safe here due to the fact UMW has it's own security detail, and they also have blue lights to press if you ever feel unsafe at any point in the day. University of Mary Washington doesn't have a football team, due to the fact that when the college was established in 1908 it was an all woman's college, and women don't play football. Therefore our homecoming sport is rugby!! Residence life is great, even if you don't like your roommate (LOL) you can hang out with other people in your hall and in other residence halls. There are plenty of places to hang out like the lobby, the parlor, or even in Ball Circle. My life at University of Mary Washington has been great and I can't wait to say that I am an alumni from UMW.
Career services is very helpful and friendly, but you have to actually go talk to them.
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The professors are great and my classes are interesting. Classes usually remain on the small side about 30 or so students and the largest was an introductory class of about 80.
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