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My experience has been that it is a very welcoming, tight-knit community. I have really enjoyed my time at UMPI in the Athletic Training program.
There is no party scene. The nearest party is in Fort kent
Drinking in rooms that are gonna get busted 9 times out of 10
Review University of Maine at Presque Isle
This school hate blacks. But the girls love them. It's crazy
Security come in your room looking to bust you. Choose to not let them in if they approach your room dorm. Make sure there is no red cups visible. If you smoke weed I advise you not to bring it on campus because they will bust you no matter what. This school is full of snitches and you never know who did it.
Security are the most dangerous people on campus they cause the most problems. Stay away from them and don't trust them.
Don't come here. Listen to me.
Don't come here if you want to keep your sanity
RA's stay up your ass like you are in middle school. They are shady they will smile in your face and plot on you to get you in trouble. Be careful with everything you do
What is a greek life?
This school is for people that does not like diversity, creativity, and outspoken individuals. The staff and security mastered the art of manipulation. The security will be sniffing your butt your whole time there. If you like negative vibes and high school drama this is the place for you. If you want to start having anxiety this is the school for you. If you are a gay male this is the school for you because most of these dudes here are undercover homosexuals. If you want to go to court and risk losing your financial aid then this is the school for you. Listen to me it will save you a lot of time and money. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL, YOU WILL GO INSANE.
Assaults tend to be swept under the rug, although the victim and perpetrator are separated
Campus is very good at keeping in touch with alumni as well as good at internship placement
I have had a very good experience with the professor's as they are very helpful and caring of the students
As an RA, I really enjoy the res halls and feel we do a pretty good job creating a fun community environment
We just started up a sorority this semester including me, and its been a WONDERFUL experience so far!
The facility has a lot of great equipment including a huge 2-story rock climbing wall.
Review University of Maine at Presque Isle
Honestly, I really enjoy going to college at UMPI. It's remote but not to remote so students can stay onn with nature while still having the necessity's.
Security laughs at complaints and ignores people in trouble. There has been a person keying cars on campus for months and has not been caught. They say "oh, it must not have been on campus". They also do not have many security cameras around and none near the parking lots so it is VERY unsafe for people to travel alone.
Unless you are a local, forget getting a job in the area. All jobs are reserved for "Close" family. Internships are no better. Family is the only guarantee.
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