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I love the overall welcoming feel of the campus, the students were very friendly and eager to help and the location is perfect for anyone who likes the outdoors.
This is a great small town college, friendly people and excellent staff, though the college does not treat every department fairly
As a student who is part of the LGBTQA community I feel UMF is pretty poor when it comes to diversity and keeping it's minorities safe.
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The University of Maine at Farmington has always been my dream school and being accepted was the best day of my life. I have been at UMF for 2 years now and loving every minute of it. The small classes lead to a sense of community and trust between myself and my professors. The only thing that they could change is the food program, as the food provided by sodexo is subpar.
Love almost every professor I've had. They really know their stuff and are always so willing to help. There's so many great clubs to join and everyone is so welcoming of new members which is great! Overall it's just such a friendly and welcoming campus and gives off such good, positive experiences. The food is also great and there's so much variety and there's options for every kind of person. The dorms are all great and each have their own special features and atmospheres. I LOVE this campus.
The University of Maine at Farmington is perfect if you're looking for a small town campus where nearly everything but the hospital and walmart are within walking distance. Professors are generally very warm and willing to help with any difficulty you are having with classes, and the class sizes are rarely larger than low 30's, usually around low 20's. Honestly the only things that I wish were improved were the availability of decent parking and the timely removal of snow and ice from sidewalks after winter storms so that no one ends up falling down stairs leaving the dorm at 9 in the morning for class.
I am a senior in High School and going through the college process has been incredibly stressful, however, dealing with UMF has been fantastic. I love the atmosphere and truly believe I have found the place for me!
The college was a great fit for me. The campus was small and located in a small community. The staff were warm, helpful and welcoming. The college provided academic help in any subject and the staff and student body stived for everyone to be successful. There are many opportunities for student students to participate in clubs, volunteering opportunities, and other great learning experiences. The University also does a great job getting students ready for life after college. I like how the college got their education majors into the classroom and working with students as of beginning of sophomore year. The college gave me many opportunities to communicate with other students and get to know my fellow classmates on a personal level. The college was a great fit for me and I am so glad I chose this college. My self confidence, self esteem and educational experience blossomed while attending this college and I believe I wouldn’t have been as successful anywhere else.
UMF is comprised of students who both value education, and who strive to push themselves. That, in addition to the welcoming environment of the school has made my transition from high school to college exceptionally smooth. Additionally, I feel that all the professors are dedicated their work, and do everything they can to help their students succeed. I am proud to be a student of the UMF community! Go Beavers!
The atmosphere that farmington had around it. The way they presented farmington within the tour was just fantastic.
If you are coming for a degree in Education then for sure come to UMF! It is well known all around for the teachers they produce. Would also recommend getting an apartment and making your own food as the food here is not good at all.
The admission members are always trying their very best to help you! It's such a joy to see they want you to be part of their university campus!
The staff and students are all amazing at making it feel like a community and I am proud to call it my home away from home.
Everyone there is so kind and helpful. Every single student and staff I have talked to have been so eager to help me out with any questions I have. The campus is beautiful and clean. I love hanging out in either the green grasses on campus, or even the lounge and library since everything is so neat and easy to work in.
I went here on chance and it ended up being a great decision. The community is what makes it the best and it will give you the college experience you will remember forever. There education program is top notch and I can tell I set up well once I graduate.
I love UMF. Its beautiful, small, and intimate. Im very passionate about my program and I'm proud to graduate next year.
Love the people and the community. Everyone is super friendly. The scenery is absolutely beautiful! It's small but that only makes it more homey.
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I really enjoy the ORBA bachelor's program that I am enrolled in. ORBA is Outdoor Recreation Business Administration. I have been here for nearly two years now and just changed to ORBA at the end of my fall semester as a sophomore.
I really like the school. The Professors are all super helpful. Classes are fairly small so it easy to get help when you need it. They have plenty of resources here on campus to help you. There are lots of activities. The people her are fairly nice. The walk into town is great, as well as the little shops in town.
UMaine Farmington is located in the beautiful western mountains of Maine. It is a wonderful place to live, and has a great, challenging education program.
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