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It is decent for education, but the school body is on the older side and nothing ever goes on. The campuses are wanting as well. There is nowhere to get food in Bangor, and it honestly looks like it is on the verge of being shut down. It's like the university doesn't care about it.
So far a easy to get help I am a new student graduated high school 30 YRS ago so completely new experience for me great support staff is excellent to deal with
I love being a student at UMA st the Bangor campus. We could use a student building that we could buy reall food not from a vending machine. Where there are pool tables and places for students could gather for fun and not bother other students that want to study or classes being held.
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I really enjoyed my time at UMA. The professors in the Biology department made my time there worth it despite the overall drawbacks. There was anew president of UMA every year so far for the past 5 years. The campus is beautiful and has a diverse student population.
Small and hard to get stuff done at. Emails never answered. Lots of hokey useless GEN EDU requirements. I transferred away for better opportunities elsewhere.
I believe the college cares about their students. For example, whenever I needed anything I could go there and ask any question I needed to. They also have reasonable book prices and always has something going on on any given day for students to do.
The University of Maine provides excellent academic support and advising for online students and charges a low online rate for out-of-state students. My experience here has been entirely positive. The professors are helpful, respond quickly to queries, and are supportive of the learning process. The Virtual Access Writing Lab Team (VAWLT) is extremely helpful for proof-reading papers.
The school is great and the basketball coach and program have treated well. Would like to come back and finish my last year of school at UMA and graduate. Could use extra scholarship money to return to school at UMA and finish.
I like the feel of the campus and it’s diversity along with the very helpful staff. The Trio staff is generous with their time and advice. The campus is well organized and together, not too far apart.
University of Maine at Augusta has a 100% acceptance rate, guaranteeing your probability of getting in. University of Maine at Augusta welcomes all Veterans of any branch of the military.
This experience could not have been easier! They transferred most of my past credits and had me well on my way to my degree. The sign up process was facilitated by MEOC and my application fees were waived! What a great support system.
I attend the University of Maine at Augusta - Bangor campus. Since this is not the main UMA campus, there are no dorms/housing, athletics, dining areas, (and thus no party scene or student life), etc. It would be nice to have these things change so the university would be more than just a commuter school.
While it's decently priced, the financial aid is minimal and few teachers actually care. Hoping they improve it for this semester.
I go to the Bangor Campus - I'd love to see more resources become available, especially if they are trying to grow their programs!
The University of Maine at Augusta is a good school. I will admit, before I attended I was hesitant. Truthfully because of its location. Depending on where you come from you may need to travel though a part of town that is not maintained very well. However, the facility and staff have been more than helpful. They offer a wide variety of degrees and completely understand the "working mom/dad" work schedule. They give more than ample time to finish assignments and while they're strict because they need to ensure you're understanding the material, they're also very reasonable. UMA is a great school overall. I would highly recommend it.
The University of Maine at Augusta has been great! I love the flexible class schedule. I am able to take a full course load and still work at the same time. Most of the professors have been very flexible and understanding when things comes up. My only frustration has been that I am not able to get any credit towards classes from job experience as I am working in the field I am pursuing (Elementary Education).
UMA Bangor location has a lot of great staff. The one downfall, this occurred recently, is the lack of a financial aid office on campus! And the lack of a dining area... Otherwise, great staff, great learning environment, and great location! There are a lot of resources, the library has a lot to offer and there is cheap printing funds!
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I love it! I attend the Bangor campus and the students and faculty are great. I love how small the classes are and how involved in the community we, as students, are. There are tons of support systems and you have a bunch of choices on where, when, and how you take your class. Also, there are people of all walks of life, so it keeps it interesting.
What a beautiful experience this has been for me! Wonder staff, quality education, a real mind expansion. I was very intimidated by the whole college process, but the faculty and staff at UMA has made it so easy!
It is a great small campus, on the days that you have class you recognize and get no know everyone by name and class. There isn't as much of people compared to a regular college that does not commute. Professors are nice and I can talk to them if I need help.
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