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I like how the tour guides really made me feel like an actual student. They’re open to new ideas before you even become a student.
I went there on a college visit and it is absolutely beautiful! Perfect and where I want to go! The city was nice and there's so much to do on campus and wonderful foods.
Can not say enough about the care and attention this school puts into the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their students. Even if not for the academics, if you are a student with disabilities, it is well worth your effort to go here just for those purposes.
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Coming from a bad private university with a good reputation from nearby, I've come to love this university! I'm beginning to love the food choices and there actually is parking for commuters. As compared to my previous university, I feel like myself. I don't feel like I'm walking on glass when I enter the classroom. I get a lot of privacy. I can actually grow.
I began my time at UofL in Fall 2017 and I started off in Speed School of Engineering. The people are very nice and welcoming and there's barely any cliques or exclusion to anyone on campus. The academics are very good but you need to be able to learn on your own, as in the teacher is just there to give you the work. The diversity is decent but I feel there could be more and not have groups that are exclusive to just certain races because that's not really what being diverse is.
I love my professors, the staff, and the available resources. The budget cuts have been really challenging -- all of the Public Administrations online journals have been removed from the library (you can still access them via inter-library loan), and a ceiling tile collapsed in a class room (the Urban & Public Affairs building is old). Despite the budget cuts, my professors have been outstanding, professional, incredibly knowledgeable and devoted to being the best possible.
I love how beautiful the campus was and the student life. There is a club, or organization for every type of student on campus. These groups are a great way to meet new people, and experience different points of views from others who come from diverse backgrounds.
I think that it is a pretty good university, however, I think some of the departments could be expanded to have more programs.
The best thing about UofL is the overall environment of the school. The campus, the classrooms, my fellow students, and the teachers all perfectly fit together to create an environment that promotes success and allows students to thrive. Things that could be better would be the food.
My visit to UofL was unique to all my other college visits. I was welcomed by the faculty, students and staff around campus. Because of this incredible tour, I can now see myself at this school and would recommend it to anyone!
My experience here at UofL has been okay to say the least. Unlike High School I've not participated in many activities at all. I've learned some things about myself in the past 4 years. I guess I really missed that on campus experience when student housing raffled student housing and I couldn't live on campus after my first year; which was a bummer. It made me grow up a lot quicker being away from home and all and finding some place on my own. So I've had to juggle full time work, full time class, and of course some kind of a social life.
It is a very nice campus. Most of the classes are small about 20 to 30 people, but there are some big ones depending on your major. The transition from high school is very smooth. UofL has many programs for upperclassman to help freshman as well.
I like that louisville is close to home. I plan to rush in the spring and the sororities are very nice as well. The ladies there are very friendly and seem to represent themselves in a nice manner. The professor care about your education. My biology professor always pushes us to ask questions and meet with her. She is very relatable and makes the subject easy to understand.
The University of Louisville has excellent student support system. Whether it's a trouble with your writing assignments or Math homework problems, there is writing center for student and some English professors even offer extra credit for utilizing the writing center. There are Supplement Instruction classes for difficult courses which you can attend if you are having trouble with your classes. You can even reserve a room in the library for study group session. REACH is a great source of help, which offers tutors for any classes you are having difficulty with. If you are unaware of the resources you can ask any professor and they will have knowledge about it.
It is a great school. The university has been wonderfully accepting and there are so many cool people to meet. Professors are having a hard time mixing critical thinking skills and simple lecturing.
I am a Freshman so I haven't had a bunch of experience here. This University is very friendly and inclusive. They have clubs that are open to anyone interested and if they don't have one, you can create a new one. The professors are very knowledgeable and always willing to assist with anything. The campus is very nice and safe. They have services to make sure you get to your residence hall safely. The university is really diverse and offers help to students with disabilities or that are struggling with classes or work.
Its a pretty good school seems small but the city is decently sized so you can get multiple experiences. Lots of construction this year.
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The University of Louisville is a great school! So glad I made the choice! I would for sure recommend to a friend!
My experience with the University Of Louisville has been a very pleasant one. At first, I was overwhelmed with the size of the campus. It wasn't long, before I realized the campus was not as big as it felt. I realized it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Students seem to be very friendly and helpful as well as the teachers and staff. The classes are engaging and intellectually stimulating. I really love being a card... lets go!
I am an older returning student, but, I have to say my experience is excellent. The campus is amazing, the instructors are great and the staff (especially in financial aid) are great helps.
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