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UofL is a great environment. Uofl is extremely diverse and everyone feels at home here. The professors here don't just work for their check, they are enthusiastic about what they are teaching and want to help their students succeed.
So far I love this college. It's been a great place to seek a degree out for my career, as well as having a great faculty that wants to help you out if you show the drive that you want to succeed. It's got a great safety network as well, which is great for those worried parents! The one thing I'd love to see change is their list of courses for Asian Studies. Currently, it only expands to China and India, but I think that there are many Japanese and Korean people that would love to see that included as well.
The faculty and sense of community here are fantastic. Everyone I've met so far has been approachable and has gone above and beyond to help me, and there are tons of opportunities to get involved and repay that kindness. The current administration has worked hard to clean up and move past highly publicized administrative issues, and I think the university will be even better in the coming years. It's also a good value as a state university.
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I enjoyed my experience at UofL, but I did not like the lack of social networking if not involved in Greek life.
I have loved being at the University of Louisville. Being in a great business school has helped me really learn about my field of study.
As my third year at U of L is coming to a close, I look back and realize this was the absolute best school for me. I have loved my courses, professors, and experiences on campus around greater Louisville. This school will push you to do your best and hold you accountable to a high standard of performance. Don't let this intimidate you, however. You will be just fine and love every second of your time at the University of Louisville.
I am currently in the online social work program at the Univeristy of Louisville. It has been a fantastic program that has given me the flexibility that I need. The professors work hard to provide me with a quality experience even though I am not at the campus.
What i liked about the University of Louisville was that it is a very diverse campus. I like how much help they have to offer and how you can get help for every class in someway. I like the way you're advisors help you and make it about you.
So far at the University of Louisville, I have had a good experience. The majority of Professors are good people and are helpful. The only issue I have had was with the workers of some buildings not leading me to the correct places when I have questions regarding classes.
Excellent professors and Advising department in the college of Art's and Sciences. Opportunity to diversify learning and several options for each general education course. Kind faculty and beautiful campus
The University of Louisville is located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, a place of great culture and commerce. The professors are most excellent and there is plenty to do in the area. The athletics are well-advertised and well-attended. However, there can sometimes be dangerous situations with the bad part of town not far away.
depnding on what type of people you socialize with the campus will feel small, not a very active campus unless there is free food. A lot of commuters, athletes, and engineers. Will get tired of the same food places to eat. But what makes it worth it is their Basketball and Football Games (sometimes). Professor are okay, some are waaay more helpful than others. The location is literally in the middle of the city so there is a lot you will experience.
I like that even University of Louisville is a larger, public college I am able to be very involved in a lot of activities which makes it feel like a little community.
I love the diversity that I see everyday at uofl, either it be at the SAC where everyone is gathered to eat or just about any place else.
For those with research interests, this university is involved in numerous research activities through its qualified faculty. Graduate students may particularly benefit from the research exposure. In addition,there are several scholarship opportunities for students.
I really love attending the University of Louisville, especially as a member of the Communication Art & Design program. If you are looking for a fantastic Graphic Design program, this is one of the best you will ever find. The program itself is very small and tight knit. The professors are not only knowledgeable about their subjects, but they genuinely care about the success and overall well-being of their students. The University of Louisville also offers a large campus experience to students, so you really get the best of both worlds. There are plenty of spaces around campus to go when you need a place to study - The newly renovated library, the Student Activity Center, the bagel cafe in the Humanities building, the benches around the fountain by the Fine Arts building- these are all some of my favorite spaces around campus. Also, with campus being nestled just a few minutes from downtown Louisville it's easy to find fun things to do when you're ready for a break from studying.
A few things I enjoy about the University of Louisville are amount of classes available for each discipline. You are not stuck with a standard plan for your classes, you have the opportunity to choose what interest you that will count toward your major. Another thing I love about the university is its diversity. Louisville is not a cookie cutter school, there is always something unique and fun going on.
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The campus is nicely put together. If you have back back classes you cane get to them on time. Recently the university has really improved the campus life.
Despite accreditation issues, I am a huge fan of the community around the University and appreciate the program. The community and chances for involvement are plentiful, so long as you have an open mind. UofL heavily emphasizes diversity and social awareness, and it's definitely seen around campus. Housing is the one area I would be wary of: you are required to live in a dorm your first year, and if you do not apply as soon as the housing application opens for an LLC / honors dorm, you WILL be stuck in an older dorm while still paying a significant amount for room & board. Most safety issues are near apartments further from campus late at night. If you are still nervous though, there are dorms and affiliated apartments on more central parts of campus that rarely have reports. Campus food is fairly bland: buffet or fast-food restaurants only. If you have a gluten or other dietary restriction, you can make it work, but healthy eating is something you'll have to do on your own.
Overall, the University of Louisville provides an amazing college experience for students, along with a largely diverse group of students and professors. I have no had any negative encounters with any professors thus far- every professor I've had has been very good about communicating with me and making sure I understand what's going on in the course. Campus is absolutely beautiful, decorated with seasonal flowers and hundreds of trees. The downside, however, is that there is almost always some type of construction going on. It causes for a lot of stress when students from other areas have to find alternate routes because so many roads are randomly closed for days at a time. As far as safety, considering we are placed right in the heart of a big city, I have been impressed with ULPD's ability to make students fill safe. There is almost always at least one ULPD officer visible, anywhere on campus. Overall, UofL is a great school with great opportunities.
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