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I overall enjoy being in University of Louisville. I just wished that there are more people who are willing to help student especially freshman to get used to the place and how things are. I also wished they would do more for our safety, I work night shift and from all the alerts I get from my school email I would be strange to not feel unsafe around campus.
The University of Louisville is convenient for me. The professors are very caring and are there for you to succeed. Academics is the number 1 reason I chose this college. It is a very diverse community that focuses on inclusion and diversity. As far as safety, it is mandatory for you to take a on-campus safety course with areas of sexual assault, rape and other awareness.
THis university is very diverse and i think everyone can find their place. Its not too small but it is not overwhelming large. You get a city vibe and a small town vibe. Athletics are very important to this school. I do think the buildings and eating options need updating as well as campus housing, and parking.
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The university of Louisville is filled with diverse people and many opportunities. There are many great academic programs along with athletics. This is a great place for any one that wants a great education with added experience!
Louisville has been like a home for me it has helped me grow as a Person and learn life lessons that I wouldn’t have been able to if I didn’t attend the school
I really enjoyed the city itself during my time at the University of Louisville. Especially for those students coming from smaller towns, this city provides an opportunity for new experiences on a daily basis.
I like The University of Louisville's various resources for students and their willingness to help. I also love the welcoming attitude of everyone. Louisville is a very diverse city, and the University of Louisville seems to be very accepting of that.
I am a transfer student from another college and the U of L faculty and staff as been very welcoming towards me. They have made me very comfortable with this big adjustment.
I love the campus itself, and there seems to be something new being added every year. Which brings me to my biggest complaint. There is always something closed off due to construction. Overall, it is a very safe campus, even though it is surrounded by some pretty rough areas of town. The university police department takes safety very seriously, and we are seeing a community being revitalized by the traffic driven by the school. The night life on campus can get a little dull at times, but it is growing just as the university is!
I enjoyed the community and diversity on campus. They made the transition from high school to college much easier with all of the events to break all of us students out of our shells. Living in a dorm wasn't too bad a few bugs here and there. The worst place to get food on campus would be the papa johns. Stay away and don't waste you're money.
University of Louisville is a good quality institution. They have impeccable athletics facilities, but needs to put significant work into their academic facilities (particularly their library).
University of Louisville has decent academics, but all the controversy surrounding the administration and sports teams in recent years has been a burden on students.
I rate my overall experience at U of L low only due to the interactions I've had with other students and clubs. I have loved and enjoyed my classes at U of L and have loved most of the teachers I have had but being on campus and trying to go about my day is hard on U of L's campus. While I support being diverse as a University I don't agree with forcing it upon other students during their school time. It is a public campus and everyone has the right to say and do what they want, but I wish the University would put some restrictions on what clubs can do on campus during a school week.
I really like the diversity within the school. It makes everyone feel more at home. I think the safety is something that could be improved. Since it's in the middle of a somewhat big city, there are some dangers right on the outside of campus.
It has a lot of resources available to students and many ways for them to get involved. There is a lot of diversity, everyone is accepted the way they are. Most resources are cheap if not free. The staff are really helpful, and ready to answer any questions.
Although I feel that this college gives me an opportunity to obtain my BSN locally I do not feel so prepared to be a nurse. I feel this program is more focused on test-taking versus the skills. I would prefer if the course would focus on both the test taking and the skills.
Welcoming and inclusive. Most instructors really care about the students, and lots of classes challenge you but aren't too difficult. Good party scene, and greek life is supported but not forced upon you. Great on-campus restaurants and campus safety continues to get better, despite slightly unsafe areas around the campus and in downtown Louisville.
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The University of Louisville has opened so many doors in my personal and academic career. I have met so many people and built connections with many professors, administrators, and much more. I have joined organizations such as C.O.N.E.C.T. Peer Mentoring program, the Diversity Club, and many more. I appreciate every opportunity and hope everyone is enjoying college as much as I have!
The campus is the perfect size. It isn't overwhelming but it isn't so small that it feels like high school. When you walk through campus there is usually a few familiar face you recognize. The love, support and diversity found on campus is like no other. It's home for me. I couldn't see myself anywhere else.
I loved my professors and my undergrad program. I felt very safe on campus. If I could improve one aspect at UofL it would be to have more parking.
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