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The university is huge offering valuable resources essential for one to excel in his/her life. The library is big enough to accommodate many people.
UofL is a great school for all students. The campus is very diverse and is easily accessible for all students, even though it is considered a large school.
I have not gone to visit but I would love to , so I can see the campus and have some kind of experience over there and see if it's a fit for me.
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The University of Louisville is a very diverse space. They have something for everyone who goes there. I do wish they would improve the conditions on some of the older dorms because they are starting to get a little worn down, but the newer dorms are very nice.
I like how the campus is family friendly, can’t get away without a warm welcoming smile. Also, there are plenty of organizations on campus to be in.
It’s a very calm learning environment, helps me focus on my academics. I go to the library almost 4 times a week.
I love the size of the campus, but I hate the housing and parking. The professors in the biology department could be improved, as well as, the library on campus. The food available is limited. Greek life is great. I love it.
I love the campus and the environment that circles around the games. There is plenty of school spirit between the people and the classes are just the type that challenge me enough but not impossible.
I love everything about this college. The campus is beautiful, it is extremely diverse, everyone is kind and inclusive. There are so many community service events and everyone is there for eachother.
The campus is okay, but every student looks upset. The average student has airpods in and takes about an hour of every day to look up from their phone. If you step off campus you will find yourself in a fairly dangerous, and respectively speaking, boring area. Louisville is a beautiful place if you travel 4 miles away from campus. The campus is most desirable at night. No fun unless you're in a frat.
I think Louisville is overall a good school. With my experience there are very few things I would change about it.
I love campus life. I love in an amazing dorm that is clean, modern, but cable should be included as well as a tv in the living room. It would be nice if parking was better. Yes, I would change the Pitino fiasco.
Very diverse campus under a rebuilding project and also the people who want you to go are very interested in bringing in new students to bring back the life of fun and excitement to their area
I like the University of Louisville because to me it feels like a home away from home! I am very excited to join their campus in the 2019-2020 school year.
This is a great school for young adults, I wish they had more information and help for working adults. They have night classes that can help with working adults but I get lost sometimes trying to figure out how to manage school and work. It is a great environment, there are a lot of places to study and various places to eat.
I've been lucky to get very involved within my department. I love that I've been given the opportunity to find a group and a field that I really love.
I’m a junior at UofL at this campus may seem big and scary at first, but once you get going, it’s like a family. Everyone is very welcoming and there are so many opportunities in every aspect of academics and social life!
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No experience with partying or campus housing, higher crime rate than some of the other state schools. large athletics program, though currently under lots of scrutiny due to scandal. Professors are hit or miss. Lots of money invested into new academic buildings, trying to innovate learning
I have recently enrolled at the University of Louisville for a dual credit English course during my senior year. The staff and teachers have been nothing short of exemplary in helping me with this transition. Being from Louisville, it is easy to see how this college has evolved and morphed into a viable and dynamic part of our community. I encourage anyone interested in this college to not be shy and go visit.
I would like to see more food options on campus to use my meal plan at. There is a brand new academic building that has advanced technology and is amazing to learn in.
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