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My overall experience with the University of Louisville has been great so far. Professors really want you to thrive in your classes. The only glitch I have got that throws me off every single time I have to make a call to the University is the staff. When I make phone calls regarding anything really, the women (I have only gotten answers from women so far) have been very rude and act like they do not want to talk to you. They rush you through anything you have to say and I have had to make a couple of complaints. I am a very kind person, but when I am calling my own university regarding my education because I care about it that much... I should be treated with empathy and respect.
Any staff I have encountered so far always seems to encourage success and truly wants individuals to achieve greatness. In my classes I am surrounded by like minded people who are focused students.
University of Louisville is an amazing campus in an amazing city. I've been able to make many friends and meet people from all over the world. There is so much diversity here and it's very embraced.
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Everyone is in this together at the University of Louisville. Most students have jobs and work really hard to get their education, and the professors know that. They can be really understanding and ready to help you get the most out of the class that you can, as long as you take the initiative and ask for help. It can be a good community of people that understand that getting through college and paying for it can be very difficult.
I am so grateful that I have received the opportunity to attend the University of Louisville. The past four years I have attended have been the greatest. Everyone on campus is so welcoming and friendly. It's super easy to make new friends. Everyone at the administration level is always very helpful with resolving any issues I have had. Overall it's a great community to be a part of.
I had a great learning experience at this University. It is very diverse and I stayed on campus and learned a lot from the students there. The teachers were both fair and hardworking. They need to communicate better with the students and ask for student input when necessary.
The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. For the most part everyone is super friendly and willing to help (classmates and professors). Tons of entertainment through our athletic departments, clubs and facilities. It's awesome to be on a campus with people from all over the country and world! But the area around campus is the safest and a bit run down but all of that can be avoided! Education is outstanding and mentors/ advisors are always on site to help with any questions and concerns.
The campus was awesome and the dorms were spacious and you could do laundary without leaving th building
Very helpful resources all around for students to use. If you were struggling there were so many places to help you get back on your feet.
I like the environment and how it feels like a small school. The people are always friendly and my professors are very helpful in any way.
The University of Louisville is home to excellent academics, a friendly team of professors and administration, and excellent student life. The University of Louisville provides a great 4-year experience for its students.
The university of louisville is a fairly average local state university. It's located in the downtown area and so at times has safety issues. In the past, it's mostly been a commuter school but that has changed some with the addition of dorms and nearby off campus housing. Athletics are really what monetize the school, as well as some research projects in certain fields of study. The student body is diverse and active if the effort to be involved is put forth.
Love the area and the campus is close to everything. Wish they had aerospace engineering as a major.
The professors here are great, but I feel like there are more options for me. I regret going to this school now. President Ramsey stealing money and the scandal with Adidas. In the future, I don't want to fear getting my college degree revoked. I'm disappointed that they are wasting their funds by investing in more to the football stadium instead of making academic learning better. I plan to transfer out to a better school that invests to their students. I don't want to regret that there are better colleges for my fit. For example, colleges with more majors than U of L.
Although it was not what I was expecting, I really appreciate how quiet campus is. It is very easy to find good study spots, and at night I feel safe since I haven't seen any rowdy groups. Sure, the student life could be more vibrant, but I'm involved in a ballroom dance club which is lively enough for me. Plus, once you make friends there are a lot of things to do within the city itself. I've really enjoyed my first year there.
I love how they take pride in their education, however I hate how their is almost no parking available for students except from a lot where you have to ride a shuttle.
A great university for education and adult learning. Enjoy being a college student as an adult. The teachers are wonderful and the online courses are challenging.
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I like how the tour guides really made me feel like an actual student. They’re open to new ideas before you even become a student.
I went there on a college visit and it is absolutely beautiful! Perfect and where I want to go! The city was nice and there's so much to do on campus and wonderful foods.
Can not say enough about the care and attention this school puts into the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their students. Even if not for the academics, if you are a student with disabilities, it is well worth your effort to go here just for those purposes.
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