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U of L is all about the athletics. There is little emphasis on the actual educational aspect of the college. Labs lack equipment and leak water. Faculty and staff are often sub-par. Parking is a nightmare. The school is incredibly over-priced and consistently increases tuition by the max amount allowed by law, every semester! There is always to much controversy surrounding the school, that I am pretty sure my degree from there is laughable.
So far UofL has been nothing but amazing to me. All of my professors are very understanding and helpful! The activities outside of the classroom are incomparable.
I like the small feel of it for it being a rather big city. I like the diversity of the campus and the many opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community.
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This university is full of diversity, and being a minority this was a big relief. So much diversity means that you are certain to find a group that you belong in. The professors I've had are amazing, they all care for their students and always have their doors open for any students that need help.
The University of Louisville offers many different programs to study. Depending on what program you are completing determines how much effort is being made by the professors. The University's number one priority is the Athletics department.
I loved the campus. It's beautiful. The professors are helpful and they challenge you but I would like to see more student involvement and more connection with students.
My first year at the University of Louisville has been the best school year ever. I absolutely love the class sizes and how the professors actually care about the students. The atmosphere is great and you always feel like you're at home. It has been the best experience in a long time and i am glad to be spending the next 4 years here.
Louisville is the best of the best. The student life is all about cardinal pride. great food choices on campus and the city has a lot to offer. Coming from Pittsburgh Louisville was a big adjustment but I loved every second of my transition here.
The University of Louisville is a good place to experience diversity in all its aspects and learn about the different world views of people around you. It has some top notch professors and an awesome Art Museum onsite, free to students.
The University of Louisville has so many opportunities to pursue any degree that you would like. It has a very friendly and welcoming environment, along with professional faculty and staff that genuinely want to help you succeed.
My time spent on campus at UofL was amazing. It was welcoming, easy to navigate, and the campus staff were friendly. I felt like I was at home every time someone walked past me and smiled.
Louisville is a great city and the University has grown and made major improvements in the past few years.
My experiences with University of Louisville have been very helpful. I have met many many great people from U of L who have offered me their services and helped me advance. For example, I was in the go college program through U of L. Being with that program has allowed me to visit multiple colleges in state and learn about different career choices and how to choose which is best for me. What I would like to see change about U of L is maybe more individual help from professors to students. I know this is a big college so individual help would be needed.
I've really enjoyed being here so far. Most of the classes I've been in are ok, but every now and then you get a professor who makes it a joy to be in class. The food is ok, but not great. They just changed caterers for the entire school (as of 2017), so some of the kinks are getting worked out. The library is pretty nice, with a few rooms to study in groups and plenty of places to study alone. Campus is sort of pretty, but not the best I've ever been on. Dorms are too expensive, but there are cheaper options such as Miller, Unitas, and Threlkeld Hall. Those dorms are NOWHERE near as bad as people like to say. I lived in Miller and the community was great.
I'm in love with University of Louisville. There education programs are so great and have some of the best professors on campus. U of L provides an experience for everyone, its also such a learning experience each day on campus.
UofL is a great environment. Uofl is extremely diverse and everyone feels at home here. The professors here don't just work for their check, they are enthusiastic about what they are teaching and want to help their students succeed.
So far I love this college. It's been a great place to seek a degree out for my career, as well as having a great faculty that wants to help you out if you show the drive that you want to succeed. It's got a great safety network as well, which is great for those worried parents! The one thing I'd love to see change is their list of courses for Asian Studies. Currently, it only expands to China and India, but I think that there are many Japanese and Korean people that would love to see that included as well.
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The faculty and sense of community here are fantastic. Everyone I've met so far has been approachable and has gone above and beyond to help me, and there are tons of opportunities to get involved and repay that kindness. The current administration has worked hard to clean up and move past highly publicized administrative issues, and I think the university will be even better in the coming years. It's also a good value as a state university.
I enjoyed my experience at UofL, but I did not like the lack of social networking if not involved in Greek life.
I have loved being at the University of Louisville. Being in a great business school has helped me really learn about my field of study.
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