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I love being a student at UofL! From orientation on, faculty and students try their best to set you up for success. Go Cards!
i have never went there only seen it from the outside. i would love to take a tour around the college.
UofL offers a lot of great opportunities for personal growth both inside the classroom, and after school with great extracurricular activities, particularly through J.B. Speed School for Engineering.
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The University of Louisville staff is amazing. As a returning non-traditional student they were extremely helpful in getting me back on track to my BA. I will graduate this Summer and will start grad school at UofL in the Fall. The professors are fantastic and always create a challenging yet, very helpful academic environment. Overall the school has a small, family like feel. I would highly recommend UofL to anyone who asked!
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I have loved attending the University of Louisville for all of the opportunities they can offer students. Form job fairs to connecting with professionals in your major to outstanding professors, UofL has guided me in choosing the correct path for me.
The school itself is amazing, the campus is great the location is awesome, and it has a buzzing scene of student involvement. Greek Life is huge on campus so if that's something you are looking to get into, Louisville is a great place for it.
I really like the atmosphere around campus. Everyone seems very friendly, and will have a conversation with you if you're just standing in line waiting for coffee. It seems like everyone is friends here, regardless of whether they know each other or not! Even though I'm new here I don't feel like an outsider at all.
The campus is right in the middle of the city and the environment is amazing! Campus is clean and beautiful, with so much to do and see constantly. The programs and academics are exceptional and the experience is great.
I will be attending Louisville this fall and I fell in love with the place. I love how it is a smaller school but has the big school feel. There is tons of stuff to do with downtown only being a few minutes aways. The athletics are also first class and I am looking forward to being apart of Cardinal Nation. I will be majoring in engineering and I really like how the faculty truly help you find your path when you finish. They have a mandetory co-op program that makes students work with companies while they are still in school.
Overall, my time at the University of Louisville has been pretty good so far. Every professor I've had so far has been well educated and helpful, and overall just good at their job. Administration on campus has been so-so, and has let me down expectation wise on several occasions. Some dorms are outdated and not well maintained, but they're livable. Louisville's not the safest area, but we usually only get one crime alert a week. Which is good compared to what it looks like in other parts of the city. Events are usually fun, considering you've been informed about them.
I am a current Graduate Student in the College Student Personnel program. my faculty have been awesome! Very helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, and engaging. The students I am working with are awesome as well!
University of louisville is a great school for my program. I am a mechanical engineer at speed school. My issue with it is that is has very poor professors in the mechanical engineering department. The program could be made better and more interesting with the addition of more time to do assignments and more help with topics. The professor choices are very limited so thats why its very hard to pass some classes.
UofL has been a great option for my college education. The campus is beautiful and small enough that you can get to classes with only a 15 minute separation between them. The professors are helpful most of the time, and there are a multitude of research opportunities to help you get a leg up in undergraduate schooling. The student body is extremely diverse and you meet so many new people on campus. There are a wide variety of student groups or Greek life options as well as a lot of sport clubs and collegiate sports. There are also many opportunities for working on campus to make some extra money. Although the area surrounding campus isn't extremely safe, the campus itself has many safety measures (escorts, lit pathways, etc...) to help students get around safely.
The University of Louisville is a great education institution. The problem with them is not the education, it's the management. They've run into some serious management problems but I believe that have been worked out. I would encourage all incoming freshmen to give the University of Louisville a look over.
I felt safe on campus. Navigation is an issue at first, but it doesn't take long to figure out. I had good professors for the most part. They were very understanding when it came to my difficulties/challenges. Parking is a hassle, especially because I didn't live on campus. Other than that, I had a pretty good experience.
The University of Louisville is an overall excellent school. The academics, food options, and athletics are what really set it apart. The main issues with the University of Louisville are safety, housing (many have bugs), and the lack of activities on the weekends, driving many students home at the end of every week.
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My experience with University of Louisville so far has been average. Balancing time between work, sleep, and school proved to be a bit of a challenge. Other than that the school itself is great.
I have had a wonderful experience at the University of Louisville so far. Everyone on the staff and faculty have been extremely helpful when enrolling, financial aid, figuring out classes and even finding my way around campus. I would highly recommend this university!
GREAT school camaraderie! Tons of programs available to student to assist with your academic achievement.
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