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I've been lucky to get very involved within my department. I love that I've been given the opportunity to find a group and a field that I really love.
I’m a junior at UofL at this campus may seem big and scary at first, but once you get going, it’s like a family. Everyone is very welcoming and there are so many opportunities in every aspect of academics and social life!
No experience with partying or campus housing, higher crime rate than some of the other state schools. large athletics program, though currently under lots of scrutiny due to scandal. Professors are hit or miss. Lots of money invested into new academic buildings, trying to innovate learning
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I have recently enrolled at the University of Louisville for a dual credit English course during my senior year. The staff and teachers have been nothing short of exemplary in helping me with this transition. Being from Louisville, it is easy to see how this college has evolved and morphed into a viable and dynamic part of our community. I encourage anyone interested in this college to not be shy and go visit.
I would like to see more food options on campus to use my meal plan at. There is a brand new academic building that has advanced technology and is amazing to learn in.
I really like how friendly people on campus are by making sure to let people know about different activities and events happening on campus.
I have loved my time at UofL, everyone has been so nice and truly cares about me. I am on the Health Science campus and I always feel safe.
U of L is a great university to attend! Academically the university excels and our new president brings so much to the table for U of L’s future.
I do wish more job opportunities were present for graduate students. I would like more emails about research jobs or other career-preparatory jobs to be circulated more. The school should reach out for those who have difficulty finding time to network.
I overall enjoy being in University of Louisville. I just wished that there are more people who are willing to help student especially freshman to get used to the place and how things are. I also wished they would do more for our safety, I work night shift and from all the alerts I get from my school email I would be strange to not feel unsafe around campus.
The University of Louisville is convenient for me. The professors are very caring and are there for you to succeed. Academics is the number 1 reason I chose this college. It is a very diverse community that focuses on inclusion and diversity. As far as safety, it is mandatory for you to take a on-campus safety course with areas of sexual assault, rape and other awareness.
THis university is very diverse and i think everyone can find their place. Its not too small but it is not overwhelming large. You get a city vibe and a small town vibe. Athletics are very important to this school. I do think the buildings and eating options need updating as well as campus housing, and parking.
The university of Louisville is filled with diverse people and many opportunities. There are many great academic programs along with athletics. This is a great place for any one that wants a great education with added experience!
Louisville has been like a home for me it has helped me grow as a Person and learn life lessons that I wouldn’t have been able to if I didn’t attend the school
I really enjoyed the city itself during my time at the University of Louisville. Especially for those students coming from smaller towns, this city provides an opportunity for new experiences on a daily basis.
I like The University of Louisville's various resources for students and their willingness to help. I also love the welcoming attitude of everyone. Louisville is a very diverse city, and the University of Louisville seems to be very accepting of that.
I am a transfer student from another college and the U of L faculty and staff as been very welcoming towards me. They have made me very comfortable with this big adjustment.
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I love the campus itself, and there seems to be something new being added every year. Which brings me to my biggest complaint. There is always something closed off due to construction. Overall, it is a very safe campus, even though it is surrounded by some pretty rough areas of town. The university police department takes safety very seriously, and we are seeing a community being revitalized by the traffic driven by the school. The night life on campus can get a little dull at times, but it is growing just as the university is!
I enjoyed the community and diversity on campus. They made the transition from high school to college much easier with all of the events to break all of us students out of our shells. Living in a dorm wasn't too bad a few bugs here and there. The worst place to get food on campus would be the papa johns. Stay away and don't waste you're money.
University of Louisville is a good quality institution. They have impeccable athletics facilities, but needs to put significant work into their academic facilities (particularly their library).
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