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I Love the University of Louisiana Monroe. They have a great atmosphere and the community is warming
hi, my name is maryjane. I have not been to university of Louisiana Monroe but i would love to be accepted there. i heard that university of Louisiana Monroe is a great to school to attend. it has a very diverse campus, variety of races, different majors to major in, athletics and more to be in or join. The university of Louisiana Monroe is a school i always heard about and wanted to visit , i used to live in Monroe and i always wanted to go on a campus visit but i never got the time to. I would like to attend university of Louisiana Monroe to adventure and explore the campus and the classes , meet new people and meet the administration. I would like to learn more about the school and experience my time there as a college student.
Everyone is helpful from start to finish. Helpful in the enrollment process and financial aid process. So far all professors are professional and helpful
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It is a beautiful campus on the bayou. The education is top notch. The teachers are very helpful. Overall, I have no complaints. The Kitty Degree Nursing School on campus is amazing, and if you are interested in nursing, you should definitely consider ULM.
It's a nice school. The campus is a lot smaller than most universities, but makes up for it in a relatively affordable cost of attendance. Administration does its best to make sure all students are involved in campus life. The bayou is also beautiful, and feeding the turtles over the bridge is one of my favorite activities
The day that I started attending ULM I was extremely nervous because the campus was much larger than I expected. The staff, and other students were extremely helpful and friendly with helping me find my way around campus and knowing the tips and tricks for other things around campus. I loved and still love the food on campus. There are so many options and they’re all delicious. The best part, for me, because I spent so much time there, is the library and it’s view. It overlooks Bayou Desiard, where you can see people kayaking, ducks swimming, turtles sunbathing, and people enjoying the peace. It’s truly beautiful.
I absolutely love University of Louisiana at Monroe. Monroe is a quiet and small city but active and lively city. ULM has a great program for World Languages and Social Work. All the professors are very nice and willing to work one-on-one with the students.
I absolutely love ULM. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel right at home. You never feel like an outcast. I would not trade this experience for the world.
ULM is giving me the experience and knowledge I need to succeed as a productive citizen. As soon as I graduate, I am guaranteed a job. I am forever grateful for this.
It’s really great with a very friendly atmosphere and fun environment. You make tons of new friends and have really great professors.
It was a very clean campus and had great pharmacy and nursing schools but for music it wasn't my best choice.
I love that they offer free tutoring to all students in the student center. All you have to do is sign up for a time and subject. The professors are very willing to help you understand the material. The school offers a center dedicated to helping write essays. They will proofread them for you, help you do research, and answer any questions you may have about the prompt.

The school is hands on when it comes to student life on campus. There is always an event or gathering of some sort going on. The school gathers every Saturday to tailgate in the Grove during football season.

They have an excellent band. The school overall is very supportive of the students' education.
Came to ULM as an International Student because of the Academic Scholarship they offered me. It's been great so far. ULM's location allows you to focus on academics because there isn't much to do in the area itself. But it's central location allows for a ton of fun weekend road trips to nearby cities like Shreveport, Dallas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, etc.
Absolutely incredible! ULM has become a home to my entire family. My siblings and I became first generation graduates, with the help of ULM. Their programs are excellent with top of line administratives and professors who will truly guide you and and prepare you for what's next to come. Not to mention the outstanding campus life experience.
I sincerely enjoyed receiving my undergraduate education at ULM. Their minority population has grown immensely since I last attended.
ULM is an amazing school with extreme pride and overflowing school spirit. The campus is safe and makes every student feel at home. Not only is student Life, the campus, and atmosphere amazing, but the academics have so much to offer. There are tons of resources to help with ant struggles you may face and the professors are open to help on a one-on-one basis. ULM is a great school that offers a bright future for all students. The best is on the bayou.
The eULM program provides a flexible schedule for working professionals. The professors have been outstanding and resources were dependable and consistent.
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Love the size of ULM. Nothing is out of walking distance. Everyone is nice, helpful and knowledgeable. Great food & many choices at the cafeteria.
I was a student at this institution and I cannot agree with the high scores. What are you people seeing in that school? I cannot, honestly, think of one good thing about this lousy school. You people need to get real. Deeply racist school with horrible faculty.

I got arrested here because of four dumb lying kids calling the police for no reason. Back in 2008. Read about it on my Quora. Christopher A Jackson.

Don't attend this school.
I love that the advisors are super helpful and how they’re super quick to respond to questions and concerns!
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