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My experience with UL has been very good even though this is my second year. I said its a good experience because this school has given me experiences that i have never had before. Even though i live in an hour away from home, this school is like my second home that just so happens to be school.
The nursing program is amazing and I have already learned so much. There are always activities and events going on so it is never boring on campus!
I will be a junior this upcoming school year. My experience at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette so far has been amazing. I love the people of Lafayette and everything the campus has to offer the students. I know this upcoming school year will be wonderful and full of life long experiences.
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Cheapest tuition in the area, and some books can be found for cheap online. The swamp is a nice place to relax, and there's plenty of extracurricular activities. The new student union is excellent. Registration is a pain without priority scheduling.
ULL is a vibrant campus with immaculate scenery, wild life, and a haven for southern charm and chivalry. With compatible, engaging, and intellectually stimulating academics, ULL is a university where one no longer feels like they leave home to attend the university but rather finally find their true home once stepping on campus. To put it simply, the University of Louisiana Lafayette is a place where one’s future not only begins but also places an indelible mark on all those whom it touches
I love, love, love the school spirit and the feeling of community present on campus. The teachers and advisors are really dedicated. Which the school would put more funding into liberal arts, especially the department of anthropology, sociology, etc.
It's an average school, it's not too big nor too small. I've had amazing professors and professors that pride themselves on failing students. The campus is gorgeous, as long as a rain storm doesn't pass through. As with any school this university does some things very well, like student life and engagement. Then there are things that the university can improve on, for instance the on campus housing is very expensive compared to other nearby apartments. What really makes this school shine is the city it lives in. Lafayette, Louisiana is a beautiful town with great people and even better food.
The campus is really gorgeous and very walkable--a good thing as there's no free parking available near campus. Students generally park off-campus and are shuttled in. Faculty are generally approachable and helpful. Administration can be a pain. Both the official school site and the student portal are unintuitive and make it difficult to find the appropriate information/action. Also there is no color printing or large format printing available anywhere on campus, which is a real problem for visual art/graphic-based majors.
It’s a great school and community to get started in. As far as Engineering colleges go, ULL has one of the best in the south and they will do their very best to prepare you for your career and assist you in finding that first job.
It is a decent university. The academics aren’t hard but you have to apply yourself. There are a lot of fun things that happen around campus during the year. One of them is laniappe day, where all UL students get free unlimited crawfish. That’s one of the biggest events on campus. There also festival at the nearby park throughout the year.
Great University, not too costly. Very good college town. Could definitiely benefit from more exposure from companies in regards to recruiting Graduates.
over all University of Louisiana at Lafayette has an amazing campus with a swamp in the middle of it.
Great culture here and there is always something to do. YOu can have bad teachers just like at any other college. Facilities can be upgraded and expanded
I transferred here from Louisiana State University, and this school has been great. I'm in their computer science program, and I have been provided many great learning experiences and job opportunities through the school.
The culture at ULL is the best. You feel very welcomed and at home away from home. They can improve on the speed of paperwork and events that take place around campus.
UL Lafayette has been the best decision I made so far. I have meet some great teachers and people in general. I am proud to be a Ragin Cajun.
I applied to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as soon as I received my ACT scores in the mail. I received several offers from different universities, but this one got my vote. I previously had opportunities to visit the campus before enrollment because my siblings graduated from UL. The campus has a really welcoming spirit, and is very supportive of its students academics and lifestyle no matter where they come from. There’s a home for everyone at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!
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More available times for study groups & such. More one on one for teachers & students. Better communication. Overall good school though.
This university is amazing all around. The students and teachers are both extremely genuine. The only thing I hope changes is the organization of most offices around the campus. Getting in touch with someone is the hardest thing to do and that can get frustrating when you are looking for answers on a time sensitive basis.
ULL is great for an undergraduate school. It is cheap, it isn't too challenging, and it's in a huge party town. However, they tend to have odd priorities about where they spend their money. They would rather build an unecessary ampitheatre than fix all of the broken washers in our dorms. They care more about recruitment than it's current students sometimes.
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