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I played basketball for the university for two years before I decided to stop. I would like to see the athletes taken better care of especially on the women's side. Coaches aren't watched closely enough for the things they do to players. Athletes have to juggle school and practice as well as social life. It can be very stressful and honestly very traumatic.
University of Louisiana at Lafayette is located in a safe, peaceful and clean city and I really like that. This university also has different activities that students can attend, especially sports. Student organizations are great too. People are energetic, helpful and fun. Professors and staffs are also very helpful, although I have to admit not every professor is good at teaching. The university always tries to help their students succeed, including adding a class called "UNIV 100" into their syllabus and it is counted as elective.
I have really enjoyed my experience with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, but I do feel like there are some changes which could better the overall experience for students. I feel as though on campus parking should be increased and the residential halls should be refurbished. That being said, the campus is easy to navigate, and everyone is very friendly. The staff are easy to get along with and will help you in any way possible. There is an abundance of teams and clubs so everyone can easily find their niche, and enjoy campus life. There are also numerous events held to help create a unified feeling amongst students, and introduce non-locals to the Cajun culture.
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The campus is absolutely gorgeous, especially with so many massive oak trees. It also feels like a very safe campus with emergency police buttons scattered all over and a campus police that regularly patrols. The classes are also decently well set up and the majority of professors are very knowledgeable in their fields and teach the information well.
I am currently enrolled at UL working on my chemical engineering degree. The place is okay since it is a small town college. The area is nice, but the school is lacking in certain areas. For example they place most of their finances towards sports, when majority doesn't play a sport. There are many spots on campus that could be remodel, but the school chooses to focus it's money on other things.
UL Lafayette is an amazing campus. The upbeat atmosphere makes you want to stay on campus all day. The diverse pool of people introduces new perspectives. The professors are all very helpful. The food is great!!
The school is so rich in culture and tradition and in my opinion is like no other PWI in the nation, diversity and opportunity is what they thrive on its about equity in this small college and it’s fairly affordable. Academically the school excels especially in nursing, engineering, and business, liberal arts is one of the well ought after categories of study but we all come together like one big family in the end. Students truly have a voice at this institution and are more than just numbers in a classroom but also people in a community
I began attending this university while I was still in high school. It gave me the opportunity to get a head start on my college education. I had been attending sports camps here since I was a little girl. It's definitely been a home town university vibe for those who live here, even though LSU is the state favorite. I joined Greek life when I began attending the university. It was a love-hate relationship for the diversity was not as diverse when I first began, but five years later, the program hs expanded and improved to be a more welcoming organization of every size, worth, and color. As a mechanical engineering major, school is quite difficult but we have many programs that I have utilized to make friends of like majors to better our prospects after school. Today's youth is being taught not only the material in the textbook but the knowledge to network themselves to make a name for themselves in the game we call "Industry."
I enjoyed being a part of a school that has a very involved student body. Many different student organizations/clubs to be a part of. Many of the teachers are pretty cool but there are some who are definitely harder to work with.
I really like the University of Louisiana Lafayette campus a lot. It makes me feel like i am at home. All my teachers are nice and they support at all cost. The food here are very good. Also the campus is diverted because i am from India and there others who are from different part of the world. This my overall experience of University of Louisiana Lafayette.
I've truly enjoyed my time at ULL. It has a great on-campus community and atmosphere and there are so many programs set in place to help you succeed.
ULL is a great university with nothing less than welcoming people. Everyone is willing to help whenever you ask. They also have wonderful academic programs that truly make you feel prepared to enter the workplace.
This university has allowed me to connect with many people and things we have in common that I thought I'd never speak with. I have come out of my shell a lot more since attending here.
It was nice, I enjoyed while I was there. The people were very friendly and they welcomed me as one of their own.
I love the community of faculty and studnets around here. Most everyone is very friendly. It is located in a great area, there are many things to do around the university along with things to do in the surrounding areas. The only thing to complain about is the housing. The quality of the dorms is not bad at all. Although, the process of applying for housing along with getting placed is not great.
I heard the campus that the University of Louisiana- Lafayette has the prettiest atmosphere. Also, I heard that the professors at this college will actually help you if you ask. Also, the students who attend the university are sweet and out going and have welcoming arms to anybody who wants to attend the school. The campus lay out is not as big as regular campus which would mean there would not be as many students in each class.
I am in the french program and was in the biology program. The teachers all seemed to make you want to fail. The offered no help and when you asked a question they would treat you like an imbecile rather than help you to solve the issue. The curriculum was also not the best as most classes were taught through professors running through powerpoints with no time to take notes or answer questions.
Apart form this, the campus is quite nice. It is not too small that you feel cramped and also not so big that you feel lost. If the teaching system were not so screwed up then I may say I actually liked it there.
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Nice college as it is not too big but not too small either. People are nice and usually willing to help anybody out. Professors are mostly nice and readily available with any assistance you ask for. Beware the physics department though, its one of the hardest areas.
The campus is not too big or small—it’s just right. Yes, it is aesthetically pleasing and culturally diverse, but what mattered to me the most was how the employees and teachers treated students, as well as if you actually learn anything of true value that could help later in the work field. UL does okay with that, but I would never give it a 10/10 because you will sometimes get those teachers who are mean for no reason at all, and occasionally employees that obviously hate their job. I had a bad experience with UL this year, and honestly I wish I never came here. I don’t love this school, but I like it enough to stay for this Fall 2018 semester.

The Deans seem nice enough, and the food in the Dining Hall is great. I love the social aspect and how there’s so many club functions and events that try to get the students involved/or active!
Even though I personally wouldn’t come back here based on my experience, it doesn’t mean that ULL isn’t just right for you!
i was very enthusiastic my freshman year but struggled with help from the professors or administrators to be able to pass a few classes in the spring semester and fall semester. i am hoping my sophomore year will be better even though i no longer qualify for TOPS program from our state. I hope to get help this year with my kinesiology class and physiology class.
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