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The University of Louisiana- Lafayette is a phenomenal university. The school is the perfect size where it seems like you know everyone. There is no way to not be involved in campus life.
I love the beautiful campus and scenery. The people around here are quite friendly and the classes can get real big at times. I don't think I would really like to see anything changed because everything is alright so far.
The university is very outgoing and close to home. There are ample opportunities for greatness and it’s very inspiring.
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I have greatly enjoyed the instruction received at this university. Though it is not by any means exceptional, it is sufficient for my intended future studies. The teachers with which I communicate have all been helpful and openly invested in my success.
I personally have enjoyed my time at ULL, but I don't appreciate the conditions of some of the older buildings on campus. I have yet to see where my tuition is going other than to the sports' programs at the university.
I like the academics at university of Louisiana and I also really appreciate the professors that are passionate about the subjects that they are teaching and you are also passionate about their students learning the material.
I am currently a Junior at ULL, home of the Ragin' Cajun. So far, I appreciate communting than living on campus. It is cheaper and will save you over thousands, if you do commute. I appreciate how friendly and helpful everyone is on campus. In order to love ULL, you have to be dedicated.
I love that university of Louisiana aft Lafayette is very diverse. It give you so many opportunities to meet new people from many countries. It is such a cultural school. Like others school there are some hard professor , there are some mean professor but there all some really really good professors. There are many organizations on campus so there is many ways you can express your self and find people that like the same things you like. The only thing I would like to see improve is food choices on campus
I like that the campus isn't too huge, so finding your way around doesn't take forever. The dorm are nice and there are a lot of activities going on that the RA's put together. The food in the cafeteria could be a little better and sometimes the post office can be a little annoying, but all in all it's a very great campus.
The teachers and faculty are great and so helpful. The administration is a little faulty but that could also reflect off of Louisiana's low educational budget
Worst administration you could possible imagine. Loses important documents, charges $30 out of the blue and then can't give you an explanation what for, rude, horribly slow and inefficient. Registration and financial aid are an absolute nightmare and they care about you at all.
It is just a all around good school and is always there for you. I woud not change a thing about it so far.
ULL Lafayette is a very charming and well rounded school. A student who attends this university will feel like their at home when attending. The scenery is great. I absolutely love the mini swamp. The faculty and staff are very informative and welcoming. They always try their hardest to keep a student informed.
I have had a pretty good first semester at this school. I enrolled in Fall 2017 I have been taking Accounting classes which are accredited throughout the United States by the national Accounting Board. I was very disappointed however with there math department I strongly recommend taking a math class at the local community college (SLCC) instead.
I'm a freshman here at UL, and before attending this school, I was so scared to be away from home and on my own. Once I got on campus, I got an overwhelming sense of belonging. I fell in love with the beautiful swamp located in the center of the campus and the magnificent century oaks scattered throughout. The professors are fantastic, and there is an extracurricular out there for everyone. UL is the place to be.
This is the best school. Very diversified. I am in my second year and love the students and activities and the faculty.
It is a very nice campus. The college is placeded right in thre center of Lafayette, La. The campus is near nightlife for the college kids to go out and have fun. The peofessors at UL are very nice and kind hearted. They will work with you to make sure that you reach your full potential.
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UL has many opportunities to get involved and make a memorable time while attending the university. There is always an event going on, most of them being free. Making friends is an easy thing to do no matter who you are.
I am an out of state student and I love UL! I have has a wonderful first semester here and will look forward to coming back.
The campus is great and clean, the professors are really awesome people, and getting help or advice is pretty easy.
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