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I transferred here from Louisiana State University, and this school has been great. I'm in their computer science program, and I have been provided many great learning experiences and job opportunities through the school.
The culture at ULL is the best. You feel very welcomed and at home away from home. They can improve on the speed of paperwork and events that take place around campus.
UL Lafayette has been the best decision I made so far. I have meet some great teachers and people in general. I am proud to be a Ragin Cajun.
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I applied to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as soon as I received my ACT scores in the mail. I received several offers from different universities, but this one got my vote. I previously had opportunities to visit the campus before enrollment because my siblings graduated from UL. The campus has a really welcoming spirit, and is very supportive of its students academics and lifestyle no matter where they come from. There’s a home for everyone at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!
More available times for study groups & such. More one on one for teachers & students. Better communication. Overall good school though.
This university is amazing all around. The students and teachers are both extremely genuine. The only thing I hope changes is the organization of most offices around the campus. Getting in touch with someone is the hardest thing to do and that can get frustrating when you are looking for answers on a time sensitive basis.
ULL is great for an undergraduate school. It is cheap, it isn't too challenging, and it's in a huge party town. However, they tend to have odd priorities about where they spend their money. They would rather build an unecessary ampitheatre than fix all of the broken washers in our dorms. They care more about recruitment than it's current students sometimes.
Love the diversity this community has to offer. Would recommend to any students considering this college
To begin with, everyone who wrote complaints about the university in the one-star category, that will happen to everyone. I have personally never attended the university, but I hope to once I graduate from high school. The sports programs may not be the best in the world, but winning isn’t everything. Having fun is the main purpose and tell me that those students don’t have fun! Plus, the culture around Acadians is very unique and one of the best in the world. The campus lifestyle is the best too! What makes the campus so pretty is all the oak trees and the new student union! I believe that if you are about to graduate from high school or not even in high school yet, but are trying to find a good university, go check out the University of Louisiana at Lafayette! Geaux Cajuns!! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🌶🌶 (tell me what other team had their own emoji!)
I love this place. It is a perfect distance from my hometown near New Orleans. It allows me to express myself because there is such a diverse community.
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone on campus is very friendly and helpful.
Some things I really liked about UL are the atmosphere and vibes of the people and the area. It gives you a feeling of being home.
The best part of the University would be the atmosphere on campus. Students, faculty, and alumni are filled with school spirit and are proud to be a Ragin Cajun. The campus is also beautiful with all of the oak trees making the walk to class not so bad.
The campus is very aesthetically pleasing and has lots of plant-based scenery, which is nice and soothing to be out and about it. My only complaint is positioning of buildings, as some that may be related in major can be a bit far apart.
The people on and off campus are extremely nice. The surrounding culture is unlike any other. There are parades and fairs that pass right next to the campus. Many of the students are actively involved with the great myriad of clubs available, which are often involved with helping in the community. All of my teachers so far have been extremely nice and helpful. There are a few buildings around campus that have elevators that are only handicapped accessible. At some point in going there you will hear tales of Mount Griffin, a five floor building with only a handicapped accessible only elevator, but everyone seems to have a good sense of humor about it. The campus is surrounded by stores and resturaunts, that are all within walking distance, so there's always something you can find to do.
This college is a beautiful place, and it is a great way to meet all different kinds of people. The staff are all friendly and great people. Professors are insightful and inclusive, they really help anyone to work through any issues and to actually learn, which is something I did not see too much in high school. Living on campus is even an amazing experience, adding to the feeling of home.
The professors at UL are very nice to you and truly look out for you and how you do in the class. They care about you education and you doing well, if you need extra help after class they always stay later to help you out.
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I really like the university of Louisiana at Lafayette because I feel they give you the most out of your money. The food is delicious , the teachers are willing to go above and beyond and help you if you need anything. I also like that with your school email they allow you to download microsoft word to your computer free this way you won’t always have to go to the library to do homework. you can do it in the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose.
I call the University home. Living on campus I feel safe here, I've been given opportunities to do research in my field. I know I wouldn't have gotten at any other university as an UG. I feel taken care of and challenged by my professors. I like what UL has to offer, the campus is beautiful and I know few people that aren't involved in organizations or campus life. Lafayette itself is also a lively area with plenty to do and see.
I absolutely fell in love with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as soon as i stepped foot on campus. The community and family like atmosphere is contagious. The campus is beautiful. The professors are very helpful and are very willing to help you in your journey ar you further your education. It is an overall amazing experience being a Ragin Cajun.
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