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My first-year experience has been emotional. I really like how the campus makes you feel at home. One thing I would like to see change is the general care for students so that it doesn't seem like the university is only trying to get students to attend. I guess what I mean is that I sometimes felt as if I, a student, did not matter. I don't think any student should ever feel that way, especially at such a popular university.
The school is pretty alright. If you live on campus, the dorms kinda suck, especially the cheaper ones. Also, if you live on campus, you have to get a meal plan. Most of the professors are friendly and are willing to help their students.
I love this school! It is in the center of a growing city with lots to do within no more than a 30-minute drive. The professors are amazing in every class I have taken so far. The faculty is amazing and everything is great. On campus living is affordable and safe.
Review University of Louisiana - Lafayette
The campus is beautiful and it is the only campus in the United States that has a swamp! The student body is accepting, diverse and welcoming. Any student you ask will say that it feels like a second home, because truly it is an amazing university!
ULL is a great college with caring professors and administrators. The campus is beautiful and the facilities are well kept.
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a great school with a great academic atmosphere. Along with the academics the school has beautiful scenery with its great big oke trees providing a sense of wisdom around the whole campus,
This is a great school. I'll be completely honest, I was expecting to go to ULL only for a year or two then transfer to LSU or some other school but since living in Lafayette I have fallin in love with this place/school.
Beautiful campus. It is very easy make it across campus, the food is not that great but it has gotten better over the years!
This University is beautiful and has great programs. The most prominent programs at this school are nursing, engineering, and architecture. The campus is small, but pretty.
I highly enjoy ULL. It is a great college with an amazing campus, faculty, and students. You really get to enjoy the Southern Charm that comes from the Ragin' Cajuns. The only problem with the college, like most colleges, is the fluctuations of tuition prices.
This school has taught me a lot for the short period I have been here. It showed me who I really am and what my purpose is supposed to be. It allowed me to make friends for life as well as discover what I want to do with my life. The environment is friendly meaning that everyone here is extremely welcoming. It is very diverse which presents the opportunity to learn about other people and their ways of life.
UL is an amazing college located in South Louisiana. The school spirit is out of this world! The people are extremely kind and helpful. The campus even has its own swamp with alligators! I would recommend UL to anyone who wants a good education and learning atmosphere!
UL is a great school. It has a wonderful nursing program. Most of the professors are there to help. The food isn't too good and the meal plans are extremely expensive for the quality of food received. The dorms are newer, but still have problems. The WiFi is extremely spotty and difficult to get on.
I love the Ragin' Cajun Spirit. When went for a campus visit, they were so nice and I had so much fun. I am so excited that I've been accepted and I am now in the Ragin' Cajun Class of 2021!
Alright.. I'm gonna keep it simple.
- the cafeteria food improves every year
- academic programs are creditable and outstanding
- housing is accessible and makes waking up for class easier
- police officers constantly patrolling the area (especially at night)
- local food (more restaurants per human capita)
- university is only four blocks (hazzah to less walking)
Lafayette is amazing. Im not very happy with the area but i love the school!!!! The school is big. The academic part is nice to. I learn a lot here and they like to get everyone involved a lot. The only bad thing I would every have to say about it is i just don't really like Lafayette in itself. It is just not my type of city. The school is amazing and I am really glad I picked it. I would most definitely refer this school to anybody and everybody. I am very happy that ULL is going to be my choice of school to get my degree from.
Being that ULL is a smaller university than most, I feel that students get a much better college experience without the craziness. Most of the professors are more than willing to help you understand the material of the course. Overall, a great school!
Review University of Louisiana - Lafayette
I currently attend UL and I really do love the people here. (Speaking as an Art Major.) The professors are amazing and more than fair.
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is such a diverse and truly unique college campus. The past 4 years here allowed me to grow into the person and leader I am today. From their greek life, to their organizations, and many unique traditions. UL Lafayette is a place like no other. I have made long lasting friendships here with other students and professors. I have learned the importance of relationships, responsibility, and being involved. If I could go back to 4 years ago, I would have chosen UL over and over again. Every day gives me the new opportunity to make friends, get involved, achieve personal growth, and remind me that I have that Ragin Cajun spirit inside me.
Good school. All of the staff are helpful and encouraging. Everything is done in a timely manner. Campus feels very safe.
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