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My experience at the University of La Verne was great. I made more friends than I did in high school. All the people are extremely nice and caring. All faculty do their best to help you. Groups are easy to become a part of. For the most part, semester classes are not too rigorous; however, Jan-term classes are very tough.
I would recommend this University to anyone looking for an excellent private education. The close-knit community allowed me to feel connected and supported.
When I initially inquired about continuing my education through ULV, I was greeted with open arms. It was difficult to meet with an advisor, because they wanted to meet during the daytime hours. I work a full-time job, so that was a little off putting. Now the Academic Advisor is continually trying to enroll me in classes that I do not need (I am also taking classes at another college in order to complete my degree quicker) and although I continue to tell her that I am currently taking classes else where, she "forgets" and within two weeks I get another email that she's enrolling me in either a different class or the same class that she was trying for before. Very unorganized facility.
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The professors are truly dedicated to higher learning. They will go out of there way to make you feel comfortable. An experience I have says it all. My freshman year one of my professors let us study at his house while we made tamales. The entire class showed up and we watched football/ate In N Out while we waited for the tamales to cook. After most of the students left, he let me drive his car around the city and told me to keep working hard so I can have a car like his. What more can I say? Great environment to learn in.
The city of La Verne is a cute and quiet little town. Directly inside the campus there is the city police station and fire department, as well as blue safety lights around campus. ULV preaches a lot about diversity, however there is hardly any, whether it be faculty or students. While I consider myself a Democrat, I’ve found many of the professors to be extremely liberal— assignments are based heavily on their views and if you don’t agree you might not get a good grade on it. Student life is very fun with a lot of free food and activities provided almost daily, and many clubs to join. I rate it average because as an expensive private university ($50,000) I personally expected more out of my experience and opportunities given to me. I would only recommend going here if you received a hefty scholarship for ULV. If funds are an issue for you, try Cal Poly Pomona, they are our “sister school”.
Everyone here at ULV is friendly and helpful. Being that it is a smaller college it is hard to walk around and not run into someone you know. The Professors and staff here are amazing and truly do care about you succeeding. The campus is always clean and they always have an event going on.
Very small but in the process of growing. Professors actually know your name because of small class sizes and for the most part you are able to get the academic help that you need either from a professor or TA or from the free Academic Success Center. I loved my experience here!
The University of La Verne is a private college that welcomes you like it’s your second home. I would highly recommend this awesome school. The only thing I say they need to improve on is expanding their campus!
The professors are caring and truly care about the students success. They are always accessible and wiling to provide extra instruction and tutoring when needed.
The campus is located in a very safe neighborhood and the local police station is directly across the street from campus. The school is relatively small and it provides a home like environment. Every student has a pride in ownership of our school and treat others with respect and a smile.

The class schedules offer a variety of times and days. This makes it very easy to create a schedule that works for each persons needs. I have been able to make a schedule that benefits me and my use of time. I have never had a problem getting enrolled in a course and I have not had to petition any classes.

I would recommend La Verne to anyone who wants a quality education on a safe campus with excellent professors.
The campus is beautiful and he environment is great, but I live with a single parent who barely makes enough for us to live in a house and thought I’d be receiving enough aid to attend this university. I’ve learned that all they really care about is money.
My experience at La Verne was short and sweet. In the 18 months I was there I really got a chance to learn more about myself and my major, as well as meet some nice people. The campus is open and in the community and again the people are very nice and helpful. I also have very encouraging and respectful professors. The only reason why I didn't give this school 5 stars is because of the cost and the fact that I wasn't there long enough to really get involved with things on campus the way I had hoped. But overall I did enjoy my time spent there and I would attend again if I could afford it.
Great experience! I received help and guidance from from all my professors I came across. Classroom sizes are small so you definitely feel the benefits to that when learning.
The campus and students are awesome. This is a close knit community and it feels like home. I love the football program and the coaching staff.
The University of La Verne has a great staff and nice campus. You can truly get that one on one attention from professors in the classrooms. There are also many fun activities for students to engage in while being on campus
I just transfer to University of La Verne and I love the college life so far. I really like the staffs are kind; they want to help you to solve the problems. I love the advisers; they understand it is difficult to study while you are working full time. They try to make your college life as easier as possible by give you helpful advise. Sometimes, they willing to take you to certain department to solve your problem! The professors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic about the subject they teach. They always prepare the class and hand out rich resources. It is not easy to complete the all the assignments, but you actually learn things. I highly recommend the University of La Verne to my friends or who wants to back to school to have a better life. It is worth investment.
Rules are not applied by housing, food is average at Davenport. The professors are very personal and helpful.
University of La Verne is an established University with a lot of history and has been a significant part of the community. They offer great academics as well as clubs and sports.
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La Verne is very small school, but parking is great! The campus food needs some work and the student life is very boring. The professors are great and the class sizes are small, so you get more help.
The people at La Verne are some of the kindest people you will ever meet in your life. The campus is beautiful and the environment is very positive. Everybody pushes each other to become better people and students. And once you get to know people everyone sort of becomes a close-knit family.
In my year of being there its been an amazing experience, as we are very involved in the community as the town was essentially built around the school and the community gives back just as often
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