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The University of La Verne has a great staff and nice campus. You can truly get that one on one attention from professors in the classrooms. There are also many fun activities for students to engage in while being on campus
I just transfer to University of La Verne and I love the college life so far. I really like the staffs are kind; they want to help you to solve the problems. I love the advisers; they understand it is difficult to study while you are working full time. They try to make your college life as easier as possible by give you helpful advise. Sometimes, they willing to take you to certain department to solve your problem! The professors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic about the subject they teach. They always prepare the class and hand out rich resources. It is not easy to complete the all the assignments, but you actually learn things. I highly recommend the University of La Verne to my friends or who wants to back to school to have a better life. It is worth investment.
Rules are not applied by housing, food is average at Davenport. The professors are very personal and helpful.
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University of La Verne is an established University with a lot of history and has been a significant part of the community. They offer great academics as well as clubs and sports.
La Verne is very small school, but parking is great! The campus food needs some work and the student life is very boring. The professors are great and the class sizes are small, so you get more help.
The people at La Verne are some of the kindest people you will ever meet in your life. The campus is beautiful and the environment is very positive. Everybody pushes each other to become better people and students. And once you get to know people everyone sort of becomes a close-knit family.
In my year of being there its been an amazing experience, as we are very involved in the community as the town was essentially built around the school and the community gives back just as often
The school is perfect for all students. It's small cozy environment is very friendly. The school has a great support system for students.
Great professors and academic advisors. however, one of their Philosophy professors degrade you if you are Christian.
The University of La Verne is such a great campus due to its diversity of students and faculty. It's student to teacher ratio is fantastic, which means better relationships with students and professors. Its small campus setting brings a comforting and safe feel.
I just finished my first year! I loved it! There was a great roommate selection process and a great orientation program. I love the sense of community in both the class room with the FLEX program and the residence halls. Professors were AMAZING!
A school with lots of opportunities, but very expensive in return. lack a strong well to do theatre department. A smaller department allows more opportunities for the students, but adds to student stress since they are required to work in multiple places to keep the department going.
By far the most welcoming college tour I experienced. As soon as I got there I felt part of a family. Very friendly staff and athletic coaches made my application process very smoothly.
So far I see the University of La Verne as a place that will help me thrive and flourish into becoming the person I want to be. Whether that is a nurse or a biology teacher. It will put me on that path towards life.
University of La Verne has great professors that are easy to learn from. I came in with AP credit which was accepted so I'm starting my second year, taking almost all major and minor classes, and I will graduate a year early. "At La Verne, Anything Is Possible" and that is the truth. La Verne is a great commuter school because most events are either middle of the day or after 10 pm. If you want the private school experience, go to La Verne. Students are not required to live on campus, financial aid is friendly, and the academic advisors are well-informed and helpful.
The class sizes are small enough for each professor to give undivided attention to every student. The campus has a great vibe and is always buzzing with student events. The campus is also vibrant and gorgeous with all of its greenery and trees. If small college campuses with a lot of diversity is for you, then I 100% recommend applying to the University of La Verne!
University of La Verne has been great the first year!! I really like the small school atmosphere which provides small class sizes!! I just wish the school wasn't so expensive!
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My overall experience here at ULV was completely nothing that I thought that I would have. I love it here to the professors to the student life, everyone I've met here have been super nice and the experiences I have had changed my life already. The academic level here is out standing with the small amount of students per class you really get to understand the professor and feel like they are teaching to you instead of to a thousand of kids.
I like the environment. Kids here aren't too smart but some try hard. Others don't seem to care at all. Professors don't care all that much either except for a select few.
University of La Verne is a great school that is dedicated to students success. The professors take the time out of there days even after classes of you needed help. The administration helps are very understanding when it comes to tuition and whatnot.
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