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The University of La Verne is a great institution that provides amazing educational opportunities! I am very privileged to be able to count myself as a LEO!
I love ULV and all the professors. They really do want to see you succeed and are always willing to help. I love the location of the school and the overall size of the university. It doesn't make it seem so overwhelming
Do not let the fact that La Verne is a small school. La Verne offers students a chance to create new friends and share new memories. La Verne is close to the LA County Fair and Raging Waters. The school has many student ran events such as our most praised one, Lavernepalooza. This is a concert where we have at least one famous artist come and perform on stage at our school. Last year's it was Ty $ign. Even though it is small La Verne offers a little bit of something for everyone.
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Better spacing. everything on campus is so crowded. The dorm parking needs to be only for dorm members so that they do not have to park on the street or far away at the structure. I am on the basketball team and have not been that successful. I also am a board member on SAAC.
My experience so far was very good. I kinda felt left out because I started in the spring instead of starting in the fall like everyone else but I made great friends who helped me fit in.
I was able to dorm on campus at OAKS and it was such an amazing experience. I was on a freshman only floor so I was able to ask them questions and bond with them. It was also super convenient and the rules are there to help you have a great and healthy college experience.
The teachers are extremely professional and friendly. I was able to be given the chance to work with fantastic people who contribute in many ways to society.
I honestly really do love the school and the opportunities I was given.
I like that it's a small college, so you get comfortable fast and everyone knows everyone. The people there are nice and there's always somewhere there to help you. Also the university puts a lot of time in to help students, its just up to you to seek help.
The University of La Verne is a special place. It is a small, intimate campus that is peaceful and quite. You always run into someone new everyday. The classes are very small so you can always get a 1 on 1 with the professors. The athletics here are very good and fun to go watch with your friends. It is fun being apart of a sports team at La Verne just because you are one big family and no matter what we always support each other. I am very pleased I chose La Verne.
I like the campus and the small classes. It is very expensive to come here which should change. We have a tight community in which everyone can be open about themselves.
I love attending the University of La Verne College of Law. It is a great law school with small class sizes. It is practice-oriented and affordable. It is the most affordable ABA accredited law school in Southern California. The professors are very knowledgable and passionate about what they teach.
Amazing professors that are genuinely interested in not only teaching but helping the student achieve their individual learning objectives.
My experience so far with the University of La Verne has been amazing. When I first walked onto the campus I felt as if it were already home. I will be an incoming freshman this fall, but I have already made tons of connections. I am so excited to spend the next 4 years here at the University of La Verne.
The University of Laverne is such an amazing University. I have met so many amazing students and professors who have made my time at La Verne so memorable. I am grateful I have been given the opportunity to further my education at such a great university.
I wouldn't have wanted my undergraduate experience anywhere else! Small school, small class sizes, amazing professors who are more than willing to give you their time if needed, generous financial aid packages, and great resources.
The community is great here! The professors dedicate all their time to their students when needed and want the best for them as well! I can say that my first year here has been one I will never forget!
La Verne provided me with so many opportunities I never thought I would be able to have. I was able to study abroad twice and graduate a semester early through the honors program. Financial aid was very helpful in getting me through school. Going through student services can be very exhausting and lead to nowhere sometimes and all in all most often the school can be unhelpful or take too long to communicate and help resolve issues.
I enjoy how small the university is and the intimate class sessions. I know every one of my professors and they know me by name. It’s easy to make friends because the campus is small enough that you see familiar faces all around.
Small but friendly campus, many resources such as tutoring and one-on-one work with professors, and many opportunities to grow. There are many on campus jobs to apply for, various clubs such as dance club, and choir club, and there is a lot of community outreach.
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Great campus, great professors, small classroom environment which offers more one on one feel, very over priced but other than that I had amazing experience at ULV
What I like about the University of La Verne is that it is a fast pace environement. If you are looking for a school that is for the working parent this is the place to be. They offer a program where the classes are only 10 weeks long. You get your degree faster. Who wouldnt want that.
I enjoy attending University of La Verne, because its staff is willing to help and makes you feel at ease during all the registration process, this was very nice and helpful for me being an Adult enrolled in the Online CAPA program.
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