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The professors and school transitioned seamlessly to online learning, yet I cannot wait to go back once the pandemic is over.
It is a smaller private school, which was not my first choice but I was unable to get into any CSUs as they were impacted and even though private is more expensive I do not regret my choice. The English dept is fabulous with incredible professors and the students here are incredible people.
Due to COVID-19, all out classes were online. Professors were amaizing in transitioning and being available for office "zoom" hours. Class/home work was about the same amount.
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I've made new friends, meet tons of new people, and made connections with my professors. But La Verne was not my first choice, I didn't know much about college since I'm first generation. So for the past 4 years, I have had issues with paying for tuition because I didn't get much aid from the school. Staff of financial aid and student accounts were rude at times, making it feel like money is all the school cares about. The thing I liked to see changed is the rising cost of tuition, every year it goes up and it is insane how much a 3.4-5% increase actually is. I can say that La Verne was not the place for me. I feel like I'd do better in bigger classes.I worked with what I got and am in my last semester of undergraduate!
Dorms were nice, but again, expensive. Meal plans are mandatory. You'd need to apply ASAP to pick your preferred spot (only undergraduates, new students are placed).
My final advise: research on financial aid, locations, tuition costs before saying yes.
It is my first semester here at the University of La Verne, and I absolutely love it here. It is a grand school. I know my professors and they know me, and they care about me. As a first-generation student, I have found the guidance I need here.
Each class is not only informative but also applicable to life. La Verne not only teaches theories, but they also teach theories that can be immediately applied and relevant to life.
Because of covid it was required classes take place online. It has been difficult but for the most part professors have adjusted swiftly to the change and acknowledge the stress students may be in.
La Verne has a beautiful campus and greatly cares for their students. They offer many resources. Classes are small so can have a more personal relationship with your professors. I really like how they have advisors you meet with often to ensure you are on the right track to graduation. Very pricey but worth it.
I did not take any classes online with ULV so I cannot accurately have a say on this matter. From what I did hear though, the classes were well taught and the professors did their best to teach their students online.
What I liked about the University of La Verne was the diversity and how inclusive the school was towards many students regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds.
Studying at ULV was a great experience. I met a lot of new friends and amazing mentors. Each professor I had was friendly and welcoming. If ULV had a Masters in ABA I would have been back.
I didn't take online courses while attending the University of La Verne but I heard they were good!!
I love ULV becuase it is a small school that has a lot to offer. The academics are amazing at this school, and the staff are great. The overall feeling of this school is a small town feel with everything you need in a perfect size campus. They have many majors to choose from, and the sports are pretty impressive as well for a small private school. You can develop very good relationships with professors, and this school has small class sizes. a 14:1 student to teacher ration on average each class.
I am taking classes online and the professors make it very manageable for the students and are good at communicating with the students.
It has been my second year at the university of la Verne and I love how helpful the campus has been. I love the environment and how well they are willing to help you in any situation. The class sizes are great and the food in the cafeteria is amazing. Being apart of the basketball program, I met a lot of my closest friends and great coaches/ mentor that I will forever respect.
With learning online it has been very difficult but professors are willing to do anything to help with any technical difficulties or any life situation that occurs during these times.
I did not take online classes but assuming from what I experience in person and in class, it’s the equivalent of teaching yourself because these teachers are no help at all.
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You don’t get what you pay for. So expensive for teachers just to read off of PowerPoints, have labs unorganized, an not willing to hear you out. Any complaints and/or concerns are not taken seriously unless escalated to the provost. Save your money, go to a community college or another private university. Biggest regret of my life and now I’m $45k in debt lmao. Seriously run the other way.
Yes, I'm going to start my online classes for the Fall 2020 on August 31st. I hope it still goes as I expect it to go even though it's online and I'd rather want it to be in person for school.
I start this Fall 2020 at the University of La Verne as an undergraduate student. I hope I have a good college experience at the University of La Verne.
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