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Since coming to La Verne I have grown a tremendous amount academically as well personally. The vibe that the university gives is very peaceful. Also the sense of community on campus is like no other. Also all of the resources are easy to find and attain.
The university of La Verne offers a lot of convenient options to help students complete their degrees.
My overall experience at University of La Verne has been great. Being a transfer student, coming to a new school could be intimidating. From the first day I felt very welcomed here. The University of La Verne is a small community of people with similar goals and all are willing to help. This goes for the staff as well as the alumni. It is important to feel as if one has support at the school they attend. It is something that some schools may lack. I love how close it is to home and how you don't have to walk any more than a few feet to reach your destination. There is always parking and things just seem very calm and laid back at this beautiful campus. The University of La Verne just feels like home away from home. This why I love attending ULV i would not change anything about it.
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This university is great for those students that want to focus on their schooling and make some friends. The area around the university is safe and enjoyable. The only thing I would change about the campus is an upgrade of better WiFi.
Bakersfield campus is small but upkept very well. Most professors are good and the workload for classes isn’t too crazy. I love having 10 week terms.
As of right now, my schooling has been a good experience. Although I am an online student the staff and peers are very helpful. I like the fact that the staff such as advisors and recruiters contact me from time to time to check on me. they are not pushy, they message me over email which is great. My professor is always available and she comments on my work. that I really appreciate.
La Verne is a great school for returning and new students. The classrooms are small and engaging, the online enviornment is user-friendly, and it is especially military-friendly.
My experience with this institution has been superb. As myself being a most recent transfer student, wanting to attend University of La Verne was the best decision I have ever made. When I say this, I really do mean it in the most sincere way. Right now attending this institution, I'm enjoying the education I am receiving and being able to interact more with my professors and other students. As I have previously stated, deciding to transfer to this institution was the best decision I have ever made, not only to receive the best education possible, but to also grow as the best person I can see myself being.
I've grown quite fond of the University of La Verne. It has a quaint and peaceful feeling to the campus and its a plus that you can pretty much study or do homework anywhere without bothering anyone. The only issue is that the Law School in about half an hour away in Ontario and that means when I do have a class in the Law School and on the main campus, I have to go back and forth. But aside from that minor inconvenience, Im keen to recieve my degree from La Verne soon.
i enjoy the small intimate feel of our classroom and the attention the professor gives to students. It makes you feel valued and heard and the experience is amazing due to that and much more
For me, absolutely every experience has been amazing. The professors are great at what they do, the involvements and organizations on campus make the student life so much fun and make college worthwhile.
The thing that I like more about La Verne was the campus on how big it is and how beautiful it is. For the first time that I saw the campus I did not thought that I would love a place like this. The thing that I found interested was that a lot of students prefer to stay and live on the campus. I would not change anything because it is a beautiful campus.
Who has been great. I've been able to get involved and a couple of clubs and have great access to peer tutoring. The brand new dorms are nice I wish that they were more suite oriented.
Overall, I like La Verne. I do wish they would be more helpful in the financial area. It always seems like financial aid is trying to get you off the phone in a hurry without answering all of your questions. And then when you still don't understand they just transfer you to someone else. Other than the financial aid department, the rest of the school is very helpful.
From the moment I applied, I immediately had help, support, and motivation from advisors and faculty. Transferring into La Verne from a community college was so easy and I love all the resources La Verne has. The La Fetra College of Education has amazing professors, I love how many classes are offered online and the University is in a great location.
My overall experience was pleasant. I enjoyed its investments on having the school playing a larger role in the community.
The University of La Verne is a very hands-on personal college experience. Class sizes are no larger than 25 students and the professors are very qualified and helpful. The school is very small and so is the neighboring city. La Verne is a safe community located 25 minutes away from Los Angeles.
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The University of La Verne is a great institution that provides amazing educational opportunities! I am very privileged to be able to count myself as a LEO!
I love ULV and all the professors. They really do want to see you succeed and are always willing to help. I love the location of the school and the overall size of the university. It doesn't make it seem so overwhelming
Do not let the fact that La Verne is a small school. La Verne offers students a chance to create new friends and share new memories. La Verne is close to the LA County Fair and Raging Waters. The school has many student ran events such as our most praised one, Lavernepalooza. This is a concert where we have at least one famous artist come and perform on stage at our school. Last year's it was Ty $ign. Even though it is small La Verne offers a little bit of something for everyone.
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