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The campus is Huge! Very diverse and opportunistic. THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY has many different colleges and libraries each to fit what kind of student you are. It’s a great place to find out what your future holds!
A campus that is always changing and updating, providing students with the best resources and technology
When I visited the University of Kentucky, I had the best college experience I have had so far. The campus was absolutely beautiful and was immaculate. The facilities that are available to the students their are endless. The atmosphere of this college was so encouraging and lively, and they have a very strong pride for that college around the community. On my academic tour, the professors all seemed very friendly and they had a good variety of departments of study for everyone.
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I would like to see more utilization of our libraries across campus by introducing new technologies in them as incentives.
The University of Kentucky is like no place I have been before. I have been able to grow so much as not only a student, but as a person altogether. My time here is coming to a close & I am very sad about it. I love this place!
They care about the students deeply, so much so that they've invested in the campus with billions of dollars. A new student center, up-to-date buildings, and modern dorms. This university screams 21st century and welcomes all future students to have an awesome college experience.
University of Kentucky has a wide range of student activities that gets you connected to so many people!!
I absolutely loved everything about the University of Kentucky except with my financial aid, they were difficult to get in contact with and didn't help me very much. Although this was upsetting, the campus life, classes, etc. were fantastic and I highly recommend it to students
An amazing school with faculty that really care about you. With so many free programs toward classes you would have to try and fail.
The University of Kentucky is a great school. A big thing that I like about It so far is the campus. With the new student center and other new buildings and activities around campus It creates a lot of excitement.
I love my university, I feel safe, catered to, and happy, my time here has been well-spent thus far. I can say with no degree of uncertainty that this is a school that encourages and allows its students to succeed in proportion to their own efforts, that those willing to challenge themselves and expand their current understanding, will find themselves well at-home here.
Overall, I enjoy the way the majority of my professors engage their students. The prices of textbooks are expensive; however, there are ways to go around that. I wish there were more options for available class times. In order to ensure more options, make sure to register for classes as early as possible.
The University of Kentucky is both HUGE and beautiful. Staff at the college are helpful no matter where you are and everyone strives to create a relaxed environment for learning. The grounds are well-kempt and parking is available if you're willing to spend the extra money.
It’s a great learning environment with tons of opportunities to further your experience within your field!
After attending my freshman year at UK, I can safely say that it is an amazing school for many reasons. The academics are great, the social scene is great, and the sense of community is great! I am so glad I can call UK my home for the next several years.
I extremely enjoyed my first year at the University of Kentucky. Coming from a small town in Alabama, I knew I wanted to get out and be at a college that would have a nice campus, great student life, fun athletic events, and interesting courses. Going to this university offered all of me these things. I without a doubt know I attended the best college and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I knew I’d enjoy it, but UK truly exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy I chose to go there.
I love UK. The campus isn't very too large, but still is an SEC school with over 20,000 students. People come from all over to experience the bluegrass and the Kentucky culture. We are constantly renovating and staying up to date!
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They have a great campus, friendly professors, and a decent sized recreation center. The dining halls are just okay but would recommend living off campus. The campus is saturated with buildings but parking is only accessible if it's at least a 10min walk. They have very strict parking rules and will give out parking tickets relentlessly.
Very great atmosphere, wonderful counselors, and helpful teachers that are willing to take the time to help you succeed
My experience at the University of Kentucky has been amazing. Being an out of state student, I quickly found friend, organizations, and faclty members that helped to my Lexington feel like home.
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