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Great Greek life. Terrible math department. Great community. I feel like it is home. I am so glad that I came here.
Great community, culture, and education. Love the city of Lexington. There are fabulous parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and great shopping. The culture is rich with horse farms, history, and arts. The university offers plenty of student organizations to help you connect to others. The Christian Student Fellowship is especially welcoming, connecting Christians to each other and hosting student activities, service projects, and worship each week.
When I went to the University of Kentucky to visit, I felt as if it was home. Everyone was so friendly and sweet. The campus has really improved over the last couple of years and I know that they are going to continue to do more all throughout the campus. I know that my next four years here will be amazing. They are going to be filled with fun and fantastic opportunities to grow not only in school, but also in whatever field I decide to study. I know that I will receive an excellent education here and I am so excited.
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Big class sizes, not able to do have one on one time in class but instructors will meet outside of class and willing to help work through classwork.
I love the University of Kentucky and it has become a home away from home for me. I have created many relationships with people who I will know for the rest of my life. The only downside to the campus currently is the large amount of construction that is currently going on.
I knew that U.K was the college for me the second I stepped on campus. The staff is wonderful and very helpful and they do an excellent job of making every student new and old feel right at home.
Before coming to UK I was so worried because it is so big but you really do meet so many people. I see people I know on campus all the time. The construction is the only thing I dislike but as soon as they open new places up, it is so worth the wait. UK has great professors that will actually care about you as a person. Your close to downtown Lexington so there are many food options and a great nightlife. People in Lexington are very friendly and the whole campus gives off a welcoming vibe. Our sports teams are excellent and being in the student section of UK is truly an indescribable experience. 10/10, would recommend. GO CATS.
University of Kentucky is very helpful not only with academics, but healthcare, housing, and things in general that will benefit students. I would highly recommend the mental health area because I came here with issues and I am now doing much better than ever. The professors are extremely helpful. If you need help with anything, they will help you. There are a lot of fun activities such as Kappa Bowl and K Week.
My experience at the University of Kentucky has been amazing. It really is a home away from home. From going to basketball games or joining various clubs there is always something to do. The professors and staff really help you achieve the goal of getting your degree.
A great school that offers unlimited possibilities to students. Since it is a big campus, it can be a little overwhelming at times to figure out what you want to do. The majority of teachers are helpful and nice but it really depends on what program you enter.
I love it here at UK but Theres a couple things I didn't like about my first year. Two of my friends moved into a traditional dorm. They were all unpacked and ready to start our first year as college freshman. About a week later they got notified that she would have to pack all her things and move to a different dorm by a deadline because they were closing all the traditional ones. If UK was considering closing those dorms, why would they make the decision after everyone was settled and moved in? I had to help both of them unpack and move into their new dorm. Campus life is still great though. My favorite place in the library. It's the best library I have ever seen and there's even a Starbucks in it. It's the best place to do your studying and it's a common hang out place too.
High tuition - I'd love to see it come down at least a little bit for out of state students. It's also upsetting that only freshmen earn the big scholarships and if you don't apply in time as a Freshmen, you have no shot at them for the entire rest of your time there.
On the good side, it's a beautiful campus, with a ton of fun events, and lovely people.
I really like how it's a large campus, yet they've managed to make it seem smaller. The atmosphere is generally a positive one, and I have made many great faculty connections.
I am a transfer student from the University of Louisville and I have fallen completely in love with Lexington and the University of Kentucky atmopshere. I am involved in Greek Life and the Best Buddies program at UK and it has provided me with some of the most amazing experiences and frienships that I will cherish forever. The collegiate teaching and advising staff are always so willing to help and push for student success. They care more about their students than I have seen at other universities.
I love going to school at UK. The environment is great, the teachers are awesome and their first priority is making sure you understand the material. Also, our basketball team is pretty good so that helps.
The University of Kentucky has may unique types of activities for every student on campus! The academics are great, with professors willing to help you at all times! I'm in the college of nursing and all of the professors and advisors are great and always willing to work with you! Campus and the local area are great places to find food, entertainment, or to catch a cats game! The athletics are great events to go to and meet people. The dorms are campus are amazing! Most of them have your own private bedroom with tempurpedic beds.
I lived in Indiana for 18 years before coming to the University of Kentucky. While I'm only 3 hours away from home it is the first time I have ever moved so I was definitely nervous! I can truly say though that this university is dedicated to making students feel safe and cared about. Everyone you talk to is kind hearted and ready to help at a moments notice! The only think that's a little frustrating right now is all of the construction! This campus is up-to-date on tech and dorms which makes it more like living in a hotel then in a dorm! Dining hall food could be improved but I can use my meal swipes at restaurants on campus so that makes up for it. Overall I am more than happy with my university!
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When I went to visit UK for a formal campus tour, I was greeted with open arms. The tour guides did a fantastic job.
I love the south and the University of Kentucky. I would recommend a better effort making out of state students feel more welcomed or connected with others from their home state.
I like the academics at the University of Kentucky, but there is not much to do on the weekends. The city of Lexington is small and rarely holds events beyond sporting events from the university.
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