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The experience at the University of Kentucky is one of diversity and encouragement. The staff and faculty continuously exhube the feeling of support.
I have loved the beautiful campus and how many opportunities there are here to be yourself and get involved.
I decided to go to UK because of their Sociology program. I also was intrigued by the minor in Criminology, so for me thats the best of both worlds. I Never wanted to be a cop, or work in that field of work, but getting my degree in sociology and a minor in criminology, gives me the opportunity to do both if I choose too. Also, transferring from a community college it felt right, extremely nice campus and students. Love, love, LOVE the campus life.
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The University of Kentucky is absolutely amazing! 2 years ago I never would've imagined myself at UK but now I can't imagine myself anywhere else. The campus is a great size, Lexington is an awesome city, and the overall atmosphere offers a great well rounded college experience.
I really enjoy my time here at UK. There are many amenities that have helped me out a lot as a student, and also some that haven't. The campus food is really shitty in that if you pay for a meal plan your only options for dinner are the buffets, which don't really have good food and are generally unhealthy.
So far through my first year, I have had an enjoyable time. Teachers were great and there are a ton of help sources.
It’s great I love it!
UK is a place where everyone belongs and no matter where you came from you feel like you’re at home and me being from Kentucky I feel more at home in Lexington then I do in Louisville!
UK is one of the best universities available. Everyone is extremely friendly and the in fractures and buildings are state of the art. The dorms are incredible and the classes available are off the charts.
The University of Kentucky has an environment that offers a wide variety of diversity in a small town feel. As a research university much of its resources go to promoting new discoveries and therefore professors tend to focus on their research. Given this, they offer many opportunities to students interested in pursuing research. While academics and student life are great, facilities leave something to be desired. Much construction is currently underway though!
It has been a good experience so far. the campus is big and the dorms are separated from the rest of campus so there is always a walk. Some teachers are willing to help you and make sure you get the grades you need.
This school is one of the safest, clean, and prettiest schools in the nation. This school has a large variety of majors from how to make tacos, to nursing. This school has given me the best friends, best opportunities for graduate school and jobs, and the best experience overall.
I have enjoyed UK for much of the time I have been here - mostly for the lovely people I have met. The academic programs are good, but not great. Compared to other institutions, I think UK ranks well for the value of the education you get, based on what you pay to attend here. And I am an out of state, engineering student. UK is not JUST a basketball school in my view, but its definitely got potential for further improvements.
I love UK so much. There's so much school spirit and the scenery is beautiful. The main bad parts are the constant construction, and the campus is a little big. Also, as a humanities major, we have no big building and we end up in a lot of basements.
UK has all the good of a big university and none of the bad. While wrapped in Lexington, it doesn't feel like you're suffocating in a big city and you're still easily able to get outside the city to see the beautiful countryside. There's a lot of awesome traditions around Lex (Keeneland, BBN basketball, Red River Gorge) that offer lost-cost but fun options to get off campus. Campus is a beautiful place as well though, with the library being my favorite place (biggest library in the US!). Many of the buildings are very modern and updated, including the residence halls, and the older buildings have lots of character and are student favorites (such as Ag North). There is a very wide variety of programs of study here, so most anyone can find something to excel at. The academics also have the feel of a small university, with many classes having small sections and with professors being very approachable outside of class. Go Big Blue!!!!
I do not go to the University of Kentucky, but I have visited it multiple times because my parents are alumni, as well as basketball and football games.
It is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. It has new suite style dorm rooms that are available to freshman. Honestly nothing at all needs changed.
I absolutely love everything about UK: there is so much to do on campus, the food is good, I feel safe, and the dorms are top-notch. If I had to change something, I would enhance the communication: campus is always so busy, and I often find out about things after they happen. Just an easier platform to maneuver through with more access to up-to-date info.
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Wonderful campus! The University of Kentucky reminds me of home. The amazing learning environment, excellent staff, love, love, love it!
I toured the University of Kentucky in the Fall and fell in love. I knew that was where I wanted to be.
I have had a wonderful 3 years here. I have had great professors and great classes. I am a science major so the course load has been difficult. There are a lot of places to get help like the study, the writing center, or the general chemisty/biology/physics learning centers.
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