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My experience so far at the University has been great for improving my adult life. I have watched myself come a long way and learn new ways that can help my future improve because of this school's help. Such as career fairs and internship fairs. Currently I've felt at my lowest with being a first-generation student in college. I felt this way because I was uneducated on how to help myself get scholarships and more aid to help me stay in school. So far I have felt more relived because I have had help with the Money Team on campus that helps educate you on finances. They have helped me by giving me by informing me about resources like this one, that may help with my money problems in school. I am very thankful for the help, without it I would not have hope to continue my college career.
The University itself is fantastic. The attitudes of the student body and the safety of the surrounding area are what's questionable.
I attended UK's May Day. It was great! The tour guides did a wonderful job of pointing out the highlights on campus. My only complaint is not UK's fault - it rained all day!
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Everyone is so friendly, most instructors/professors are very interactive. It wonderful here. Its extremely diverse which was surprising to me. The website canvas that they use here is extremely useful when it comes to assignments. The dorms are like mini apartments and that is amazing. Everything is so easy to get to, like, you walk a bit and you find taco bell and other food places. The cafeteria isn't amazing, but what can you really expect. The buildings are beautiful and that goes with the scenery as well.
The University of Kentucky has a nice atmosphere and beautiful campus. There is a lot to do within the city of Lexington and many resources available. Parking, however, is a problem, so if bringing a car on campus or commuting, it is a pain. The curriculum has too many core class requirements such as electives that are not pertinent to your major.
I joined an llp and am surrounded with people that have the same interests as me. I was worried about finding friends but I made the marching band and we are a very close family. Couldn't be happier.
I really enjoyed my overall experience of University of Kentucky, the football adn basketball games are great. All the kids that go here love the sports and its a big part of campus. Greek life is also a big part of campus but it is inclusive and has room for everyone who wants to join.
From the moment you step on campus, See Blue is the theme and focus for all students and staff. The goal is to enjoy learning in the beautiful bluegrass state with award winning professors and excellent facilities.
I love UK. The professors are knowledgeable and want you to learn. They are concerned about you as a person.
always construction going on for no reason which is very annoying. more bad professors than good. the college feel makes up for it, everyone loves to be there lots of school spirit. needs wayyyyy more parking and better food options on campus.
The University of Kentucky it a great school! Our school spirit is everywhere and it has made me proud of being a wildcat. I think that the school should change the cost to a more affordable price so that more people can get into UK.
It's a great school, I highly recommended going here! Beautiful campus, great food, dorms and teachers!
Campus was laid out well and was easy to walk and access every class that I needed to go to. I also liked the multiple food courts across campus, making it easy to access from all different places. Sororities are a huge part of UK.
I love the UK campus it is so easy to get around and get any where I need to be in just a few minutes. The staff and instructors are always so very helpful and willing to go that extra mile to help.
Academically and athletically, the university is great. The social environment is exceptional and I always feel safe walking alone despite the time of day/night. The culture is incredible and I wouldn't trade any experiences and friends met here for anything in the world. It also feels great to have friends who always care about their career, which helps to benefit for study sessions in the library. The only issue on campus is parking for commuting students. The school definitely needs more free parking areas for students. Lots of students struggle with finding parking and often have to pay for tickets. This is something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible because that shouldn't have to be an extra financial issue on top of the price of tuition.
The campus is so beautiful and green. Very well kept and clean. Such friend "southern hospitality" here.
This is a great campus that is focused on safety, research, and learning. They have a wide variety of clubs to join, as well as a variety of resources to use if needed. They have many new technological advances to ensure student on-campus safety.
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When I went up to University of Kentucky for orientation everybody was nice and friendly. I just got a good vibe being on campus even though the campus is big, I hop to have a good college experience their.
University of Kentucky is a great college. This college has a giant campus, with numerous classes and majors. The biggest down fall of the school is the high importance of sports and ever expanding and in progress campus that makes getting around a pain. This school has a lot of connections, so you can see what it is like to be at your field, and it has on sight training programs for the health and sciences.
Life at UK is pretty good. A lot of people to talk to, so many resources, anything you can think of is at your beck and call. The one thing I'd change is probably the campus food, we have a lit of choices but the same food every week is very tiring.
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