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I am a transfer student from the University of Louisville and I have fallen completely in love with Lexington and the University of Kentucky atmopshere. I am involved in Greek Life and the Best Buddies program at UK and it has provided me with some of the most amazing experiences and frienships that I will cherish forever. The collegiate teaching and advising staff are always so willing to help and push for student success. They care more about their students than I have seen at other universities.
I love going to school at UK. The environment is great, the teachers are awesome and their first priority is making sure you understand the material. Also, our basketball team is pretty good so that helps.
The University of Kentucky has may unique types of activities for every student on campus! The academics are great, with professors willing to help you at all times! I'm in the college of nursing and all of the professors and advisors are great and always willing to work with you! Campus and the local area are great places to find food, entertainment, or to catch a cats game! The athletics are great events to go to and meet people. The dorms are campus are amazing! Most of them have your own private bedroom with tempurpedic beds.
I lived in Indiana for 18 years before coming to the University of Kentucky. While I'm only 3 hours away from home it is the first time I have ever moved so I was definitely nervous! I can truly say though that this university is dedicated to making students feel safe and cared about. Everyone you talk to is kind hearted and ready to help at a moments notice! The only think that's a little frustrating right now is all of the construction! This campus is up-to-date on tech and dorms which makes it more like living in a hotel then in a dorm! Dining hall food could be improved but I can use my meal swipes at restaurants on campus so that makes up for it. Overall I am more than happy with my university!
When I went to visit UK for a formal campus tour, I was greeted with open arms. The tour guides did a fantastic job.
I love the south and the University of Kentucky. I would recommend a better effort making out of state students feel more welcomed or connected with others from their home state.
I like the academics at the University of Kentucky, but there is not much to do on the weekends. The city of Lexington is small and rarely holds events beyond sporting events from the university.
One thing I like about attending the University of Kentucky is that its a larger college. So no matter what you are doing there is always someone that you don't know. Therefore you're always meeting new people. One thing that I would change about the University of Kentucky is I would build more places to eat on campus.
I like the teachers on campus. They are very helpful to the students. And the campus is very diverse with students.
I went to U.K. For a year and I hated it. No one would ever help you in administration when you needed it and it was like a wild goose chase running all over campus just to get an answer to a simple question
UK is a large university that has a heavy greek life presence. The faculty and professors are great. The meal plans are a rip off and housing is very nice but excessive and expensive.
The professors are knowledgeable and helpful. A variety of housing and dining options. Sports are a big deal here. There's not a lot of financial help for transfer students.
The University of Kentucky is a beautiful place to study, learn, and meet new people. I am excited about the opportunity I have been given to spend my college time here. The buildings range from ancient to modern but all are equipped with top-of-the-line resources.
So far at the University of Kentucky, I have been blown away at the high standards of education and the continuous support I receive from my professors as well as students on campus. I genuinely feel blessed to attend this school, and I recommend students look past the sports aspect of the college and realize the educational value wins with flying colors. And thats saying a lot.
Overall UK has been enjoyable. From the scenery of campus to the social life. But construction every year I have been a student has always been annoying.
I love the University of Kentucky and everything it has to offer! I am a freshman and it has been such an eye-opening experience so far. Coming in as an early high school graduate and only being seventeen I was beyond nervous. However, I have made so many new friends and I feel so welcomed by everyone. The dorms are the best of the best and the food is to die for! I love it here!
I absolutely love the University of Kentucky! I felt right at home as soon as I stepped foot on campus. The professors are so welcoming and helpful. There is so much to do on and around campus so there's always something for you to do!
The University of Kentucky is a fantastic school for an unbelievable amount of reasons. The class sizes vary in the sense that you can be in a three-hundred-person lecture but the recitation for the class consists of between fifteen to thirty people. Therefore, the TA’s know you and you can get to know the professor as well when need be! The campus is absolutely beautiful to say the least. There are many skeptics out there because how much construction is going on around campus but it is all worth it. In 2016 they officially opened the new business school which is state of the art and is beautiful. However, tuition can be a little expensive for out of students, like myself, so it sometimes scares students off but they do a fantastic job pulling in students from across the country. If I could see one thing change is the parking situation on campus is very clustered and sometimes not everyone gets a parking spot and it becomes very possible to get a ticket by parking somewhere else.
I've only been here a semester but I can say for sure UK takes making sure students are comfortable on campus very seriously. There's a wide variety of organizations and events around campus to keep you social and involved. Students and professors are very friendly and will take the initiative to know you on a personal level. Academics are strong, I don't feel as if I'm not being challenged. There could be a wider variety of course selections though. One big con is the cost of attendance. It is very inflated and seems to be invested in aesthetic improvements on campus oppose to student assistance.
The graduate program I am in is completely online. It is very convenient and I have only had one professor that did not answer questions in a timely manner. The Canvas system they use in place of a classroom is easy to use and the assignments are designed to allow you to still have plenty of interaction with your classmates.
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