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There are so many amazing things I have to say about The University of Kentucky. I attend one of the most prestigious, four year colleges in the country. University of Kentucky is best known for molding some of the greatest athletes of all time. UK offers over hundred major and minor programs. It is such a pretty campus and it is completely safe. There is never a dull moment at UK. University of Kentucky has approximately 150+ organizations for students to get involves in. The faculty and staff are always extremely friendly and helpful. There is no other place to attend.
UK is the flagship university for the state of Kentucky and spends hundreds of millions on fancy buildings and renovations that drastically increase tuition with minimal improvement in student's lives.
The University of Kentucky makes a great effort to ensure students are able to do their best by constantly improving technology, living spaces, and buildings on campus.
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There's nothing better than studying in the heart of horse country. In the fall, there's football and Keeneland, in the winter there's basketball, and in the spring, Kenneland starts up again. There's always something to do! #BBN #CATSBY90
I would change the class sizes. Perhaps adding more sections so students can make a connection with their professors.
I’m currently a student still. We have such a beautiful campus. And the dorms, i doubt you could find dorms nicer anywhere else. Although the dining halls weren’t the best in my day, they’re stepping up their game.
There are a few nice places around Lexington that you will discover as you expand away from just the campus. Everything is overpriced that is associated with UK. Don't plan on parking anywhere because there are no parking lots. Math and Chemistry departments are very poor in terms of teaching quality (with a few exceptions); however, the medical school, biology department, neuroscience department, and research opportunities are incredible at this school. The hospital is also filled with fantastic physicians and nurses that love to teach. Party scene is good, but you'll have to join greek life if you plan on going out. There are many opportunities to get involved and be a leader if you choose to do so.
I absolutely love the University of Kentucky! The campus is beautiful and so close to the city. The campus is also extremely safe with the on-campus police and the safe Cat's walk. The city of Lexington is both rural and city-like making it the perfect place to take residency in. I am extremely excited to attend here this fall and I highly recommend this college.
The University of Kentucky is an amazing school that is full of opportunities for anybody and everybody. While the campus is diverse, they plan events that celebrate the diversity.

The only down side is the price.
It is a very nice school with many activities and university life. Meal plans are terrible. Also, some professors should not be teaching. We understand that research is a big part at this university, but we pay for those classes and professors.
I would like there to be more organization when it comes to asking for help, getting notified on changes, and more guidance.
My experience as a rising sophmore at the school has been amazing so far. Of course being a first-year, I was nervous on whether or not I would fit in and be able to become social. I was VERY involved in high school and was scared that I wouldn't be in college. My school relieved my fears by offering a wide range of student organizations and clubs on campus. The school puts on an annual organization/club fair, where you're able to walk booth-to-booth and interact one on one with members of the organizations. It was really helpful and a little overwhelming (good overwhelming however), because there are SO many of them. Besides the organizations, they offer a wide variety of amazing resources when it comes to academics as well. The school offers so much to students. It proves that I made the right college decision.
Great, new renovated campus. Professors and advisers reach out to lend an assisting hand to all students. The tremendous basketball bonus is a major bonus.
I love everything about the University of Kentucky. Being an out of state student I really felt welcome by the campus, residence life staff, and professors. Lexington is an amazing city with so much to do and I feel like I am at my home away from home.
I really like University of Kentucky. It is a very good school for international students. They have a lot of clubs that you can join and meet other people from different countries. Also, the dorms are really nice. Everyone is ready to help you all the time!
I have enjoyed most of my classes. Nearly all professors offer extra credit throughout the semester. The dorms have strict rules that are inconvenient such as checking in and out every guest.
The University of Kentucky's professors and faculty truly want to watch you soar. Despite the university being so large, they see each and every student beyond the numbers. My experience has included diversity inclusion and academic success due to the assistance the university lends every day.
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Student advisers suck and communication with students is awful. You can never get through to anybody and no one responds to emails. The school doesn't care about you unless you have a high GPA and/or ethnic background. Classes are good, but expensive. You get constantly bugged about athletics. If you are trying to spend your college career trying to better yourself through study, enjoying fighting with neighbors in the dorms.
I absolutely love the University of Kentucky. I was born and raised in California, but after attending school in Kentucky I feel that Kentucky is my home. I feel a strong connectives with the University of Kentucky. The Kentucky Wildcats are a great addition to what makes this campus. The night life is great, and everything is so close by. But my favorite thing about the University of Kentucky is that this school works so hard to ensure diversity, and a safe environment. The teachers truly put you first and strive to get to know you even if you are in a 500 student class. These professors encourage you to meet with them and ask questions. These are just a few ways in which I Love the University of Kentucky.
The University of Kentucky is a great school full of diversity and inclusion. I have received a very good education for the years I have attended and can see a bright future from my experience at this school. The community is very welcoming and there is always someone there to help you.
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