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I recently visited the university planning on applying there. This fall I plan on attending the university and I am so excited! The dorms were amazing, having a private bedroom that allows you to have some privacy. The campus was amazing, it had so many flowers and gardens. Food was great! The university has campus food and then on top of that local resturants located all around campus.
The variety of classes, the welcoming and accepting culture, and knowledgeable staff and administration are all things that make the University a great place to go to school.
It has been good leading up to the coming school year. When we call they are very helpful. We haven't had any problems if at all. although they still answer all of our questions. otherwise the amount of interaction with UofK has been minimal.
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I would not like to see anything about this amazing university change! The University of Kentucky is a great school.
The University of Kentucky was an amazing experience of cultural diversity and expanded learning. Go Big Blue!
Overall, the University of Kentucky is an alright university. It doesn't wow you away academically, but it is still a decent academic school. The athletics are great and entertaining to attend as a student. The surrounding area of Lexington is great for a big university and the party life is somewhat reflective of that decent sized city.
The campus is pretty. They are constantly adding new and improved dorms and classroom buildings. The academics and professors are solid. The engineering program is enjoyable, but hard. The one downside is the dining. The meal plan is awful and the food keeps getting worse. I would just recommend staying away from campus food and cooking on your own.
Well I don't currently attended the University of Kentucky just yet, I am currently enrolled at Wittenberg University but I plan on transferring to UK this upcoming fall of 2018. I am very excited about this new journey. I am in love with the university of kentucky, it's like a whole new world. The staff and students are very friendly and make you feel like you're at home. The campus is beautiful as well and they're so many resources to benefit from there. I cannot wait to be a wildcat, UK is the place to be.
I love the atmosphere of the college. I would change the chemistry department because the professors are terrible.
The University of Kentucky is a great research school and has several great programs and teachers spread across campus. They have an extensive list of majors and the academic advisers are some of the nicest and most helpful people I have met. Also, most of the dorms are new and are wonderful to live in.
UK is a homey, and beautiful school and campus. It is a perfect size, not too big and not too small. Its staff and students are welcoming, loving, and diverse to give you the best possible college experience.
I honestly wouldn't really change anything. I committed to the University without ever visiting and it still is the best decision I have ever made. The campus is big but very doable, it really only takes about 15 minutes to get to either side. The parties are lots of fun and we have great athletics. Sometimes parking can be annoying but we have a good bus system to get you where you need to go. The food is good, dorms are nice, and the classrooms are all nice and clean also.
The University of Kentucky has such a community feel and is very inclusive of all students. There are an abundance of clubs and sports to get involved in the school and make your experience better.
Great atmosphere with a lot of pride in the school, but there's lots of traffic and not-so-good areas once you get off campus.
The University of Kentucky is a very warm hearted schools. The people there are welcoming and the professors and counselors are amazing and love to help seeing students succeed. Along with great academics UK also has a great fan base when it comes to sports. Whenever it is game day whether it is baseball, soccer, basketball or football, you can absolutely fill it in the atmosphere that it is game day! Win or lose it is always a great day to be a wildcat!
UK is a great school, but doesn't have much diversity. The basketball program is amazing, although they are struggling more this year than they usually do. The professors are a mixed bag-- some are great and understanding, while some are jerks.
I'm learning from world-renowned scholars in my field (Classics) and being challenged to truly master my subject. The program here is unique in the world and the chance to study here is once in a lifetime. No other program can compare.
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Kentucky has been a great experience so far being a freshman. I have been given many opportunities in and outside the classroom that will benefit me in my future success with my major and throughout my social identity. I believe UK can change lives and students directions and where they wish to succeed successfully. There are always reliable resources in order to achieve greatness at UK with on and off campus tudoring with helpful connections to all types of majors pursued at the University of Kentucky. One aspect I would like to see become different in my next three years at Kentucky is more efficient software systems to make homework and studying a more reliable easy route to continue our works within our majors. Overall, I believe Kentucky provides remarkable opportunities for its students to obtain and achieve intellectually and efficiently.
First, Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states and Lexington is a great representation of the state. The campus is gorgeous. It is modern while retaining quite a bit of southern charm and the community is great.
I would like to see more money spent on things that would be more beneficial to students directly. Especially in my major, resources are being spent on things that students don’t need, like a coffee shop, instead of replacing outdated equipment
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