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I love KU. Lawrence is great town and the school has great people. It is a large enough university that there is truly something for everyone here at KU whether you enjoy sports, art, or humanitarian work. I've loved my experience here and can't imagine being anywhere else.
The best college in the world. I love it I come from a small town in Colorado and was never able to visit,
KU is a beautiful campus coupled with an incredibly diverse student-body and highly-educated staff. My college experience were some of the best days of my life. Being on campus is relaxing and motivating.
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Love being here! Everything is great. Campus is safe, sports are good (except football), and the housing and dorms are fun!
KU is a very well rounded school with students and faculty from all walks of life. They all provide a very welcoming fun college experience for incoming students. The community around the college is also very welcoming. While basketball is the sport of choice for the school other sports are available for viewing and participating in. There are many clubs available for anyone and majors to fit your goals for the future. Greek life isn't essential but it does have a presence on campus.
The University of Kansas really put an impression on me, not only because of the massive size of the school, but because of the different kinds of people you meet. Everybody is nice and can easily start a conversation. Classes are fun to be in, and professors are there for you.
The University of Kansas is unlike any other university. Its beautiful campus and school pride beat out all the other schools in the big 12. Not to mention its basketball team is A1 and so fun to cheer on. Everyone loves being a jayhawk despite the crappy football team and hilly campus.
The University of Kansas is a very great college. The community is very welcoming and definitely feels like a college town. It does not have great parking, but other than that, it is great.
The university has a very welcoming atmosphere. The application process was also very east, as well as enrolling and figuring out my next steps.
I love the University of Kansas! I come a small town in Illinois, and I never had the chance to visit this campus because I didn't have the money. From just simply looking at the campus online and the opportunities I will get I fell in love. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the administration is so passionate about education. They're always there to help with anything you need. There are so many job opportunities for students that need some money. There are hundreds of different clubs that students can join. It is a great community.
The people are nice and funny but the campus isn't pretty and too many hills. However, I loveeee the basketball games and how everyone comes together.
It is a beautiful campus, has a great student life, and has a stunning downtown. Everyone can feel at home in Lawrence. The midwest charm gives it the warm and fuzzy feeling. Also, the sports (basketball) draws everyone to Lawrence. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
I recently took a tour of the University of Kansas and completely fell in love. In the beginning of the tour our speaker failed to let any of the staff know she was sick. We ended up starting the talk late. It was very informal and came off unproffesionsal. But after the talk it was time to begin the tour. The divided he students by what major they were looking into. Mine was Architecture. I ended up getting a private our of the campus because I was the only student in that field. I got to tour the Architecture building and the engineering building. I saw students in action and some of their work. I was amazed. The tour was full of information. I fell in love with the look of the campus. I started to see myself attending The University of Kansas. Later that night I finished my application ad received an acceptance email only a few days later. I am so excited to have to potential opportunity to become a Jayhawk at an amazing university.
The University of Kansas has always held a special place in my heart. Since I was born, I have been rooting on the KU Basketball team and wouldn't trade my love for the Jayhawks for anything! Even though I am only a first semester freshman, I have already created so many amazing memories at KU. From Sorority Recruitment, to football games, to Late Night in the Phog, I have enjoyed every second, even the countless hours of studying! KU is such a unique place that is filled with many different people and personalities, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me here.
It is a phenomenal educational opportunity, you will fall in love with the people, the scenery, the buildings, your professors, your classes, the basketball program. I can go on and on well beyond the limits of this review. The one knock I have is price, as an out of state student I rely on an annually renewed scholarship to keep it affordable, but even then the price is steep. You get what you pay for, however, and the University of Kansas is a worthwhile investment.
Touring the campus I met so many students that had nothing but good to talk about this university. It is very diverse, has numerous clubs to join and activities to help each person find their own way to get involved and feel a part of something. There is so much school pride here.
Outstanding. Best teachers, Friendly students, Great Campus, wonder activities, good value for your money, no 1 rated basketball team
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The University of Kansas has been one of the best organizations I have ever worked with. Responsive employees in every department, flexible, and professional. This is a well-run school and provides lots of research opportunities.
As a freshman, I love it. The staff and campus is awesome. The city, Lawrence, is the best as well. I am very happy with the decision I made, and I am excited for anyone who chooses KU as their new home.
I loved the environment and how peaceful it is. Sports are great and successful. The campus is a bit too spread out.
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