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Academics are great! Great professors! The campus is beautiful and staff is wonderful and very helpful.
As both of my parents went there and I live in a town with mostly KU grads, I have been entrenched in KU my entire life, and now that I am going to college, it is KU that I have selected. My only complaint is the winter weather.
Overall, the University of Kansas is a great place to go to school. All the teachers I've had really care about their students' success. There are tons of resources available for students.
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KU really wasn't all that I was expecting. Some of the faculty members are great and very helpful, while a lot of the professors I have dealt with were a little questionable. I definitely had high expectations since I am from out of state, but sadly the school didn't live up to those expectations. Other than that, the academics are pretty good and the campus is very easy to navigate.
The campus was excellent and full of life. The tour and the tour guide were professional and well prepared. Despite the large group I was traveling in, the experience still felt very personal. I was impressed by the immense size of the school and amount of fields they offer.
Overall the University of Kansas is a pretty good school. People are usually friendly and some departments seem really on top of things. Though I believe their Math Department in particular needs work. The Math department seems to hire many teachers who are difficult to understand.
I went on a tour a few weeks ago and can officially say that i have found my home for the next four years. Everyone on campus is so nice and is willing to help you with anything. Prior to applying, I was hesitant to look at a Kansas school but now I am so happy that I applied and am committed to this university. Rock Chalk Jay Hawk!!!
Though it is a large university, it works hard on breaking down class sizes and having tons of events happening for students to be involved in. It has a good transportation system that is linked to Lawrence Transit, so you have a lot of ways to get out of campus to do things like shop at Wal-Mart. There are a lot of ways to fulfill the gen-ed requirements, which is helpful for someone who doesn't necessarily want to take a science class at the college level.
One thing I do not like about KU is the overhype of the sports. Yes, there are lots of ways for students to attend the events and get involved, but you are almost alienated for not being interested in the basketball team.
Even though I didn't go to the main campus, I attended their subcampus, Edwards. The staff and faculties were very friendly, and they were very helpful. They made the environment very friendly. The teachings were very challenging, but the professors are always there to help you out.
I have found a community of students, teachers, and friends that want to support me through my studies and see me succeed. The University of Kansas provides endless opportunities that will match your interests and pursuits!
I just started at KU in the fall of 2017. I have had a very positive experience with teachers, classes and KU staff. Great place to attend school and start your next step towards your future.
During my first year at the University of Kansas, I have collected a multitude of different experiences. The campus is beautiful, no doubt about it. Not only is the campus wonderful, but the education system is great as well. Professors care about each and every student's success in school and outside of school. The most impressive aspect, I have become familiar with in my time at the University of Kansas was the student resources put in place to help, motivate, and support students going through a tough time. Whether it be health, educational, or personal issues; there is a program or person available to students. I appreciate the demonstration of care at the University of Kansas.
The University of Kansas has a very diverse group of students. The Lawrence environment allows students to bond and make those long term connections that will help better their future. The professors and other KU staff provide a welcoming environment to, not only, the students and faculty of KU, but also the local citizens of Lawrence. A few times a month you'll see local kids from schools located near or in Lawrence that come and tour the campus, ku is all about starting the traditions from a young age. KU is well know for their basketball team, and students are constantly encouraged to come out to home games.
I graduated with an engineering degree with honors and passed the FE exam in electrical engineering by 2015. I have not been able to get a job in the USA even as a garbage man since then. It is harder to find work now than it was when I was in High School. I suppose the employers think I'm too qualified. So my degree is worth less than toilet paper and it is considerably more expensive. The career fairs and the career center are entirely useless. Also, before I graduated, I went on a fake exchange program sponsored by KU; the university took my parents' money and did nothing with it. I had to figure out which classes to take on my own and the university did not transfer the credits when I got back. If you have $50000 dollars that you don't know what to do with, spending it on alcohol and prostitutes would be a better long-term investment than going to KU. And I mean that quite literally. KU has harmed my career prospects rather than helped.
KU has been a great place to study. It is in a beautiful part of Kansas, and the university has numerous traditions that I am proud to be a part of. Additionally, the university offers many forms of support for students from classes to daily life. There is always something going on and something to be a part of; I don't know how you could get bored.
I like that the University of Kansas is really diverse. There are many cultures, religions, and traditions showcased every week. No one group of people is excluded, they all take the chance to show what they do and how each of them come together and work alongside one another.
To make this University better, I would suggest having more communication between the school. Such as the Performing Arts school interacting with the Business school. The Law school's faculty and students socializing with those from the Architecture school. I do not think there is enough communication between each of the schools to benefit student who identify with each.
Once you get pass all the general classes, the class size are generally small and teachers are very easy to get along with.
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Amazing campus. Traditions. Great athletic teams. Teacher are very helpful and flexible. So much room for growth and so much support. The town is amazing as well. With Kansas City 20 minutes away, you'll never get bored.
KU has a diverse campus with endless opportunities for education, career counseling and fantastic student life.
This college is amazing I recommend that all incoming students live in or around the campus in order to experience the entire college experience.
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