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The campus is beautiful and the buildings are amazing. You will have classes all over campus and be able to see and learn so many great things about what makes KU special. Class sizes range from small and intimate classes with only twenty students, to large lectures with up to 700 other students.
I liked how many options and opportunities are available for students to explore and earn degrees and gain experience needed for their area of study. The courses are generally at a fair level of difficulty. Some departments are a lot more difficult than others, and course difficulty also depends on the professor. But overall, a very good institution for undergraduate learning and earning a degree.
I have really enjoyed my experience here so far. All the professors have been timely in getting back with me and making sure to answer any questions I've had. The bus system has been my way of transportation and they also have made that very easy.
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I like how everyone seems to have each others back. From students, to professors, there is always someone there willing to help. There's a lot of school spirit at KU, and everyone takes pride in attending. If can change anything, it would to be able to add more diversity to the campus
University of Kansas is a great school where I met friends the second I walked in my first class. Teachers and professors really care about you and are willing to help you in every way possible so you can succeed. The school also offers an incredible amount of free resources to help you for the future, such as writing centers, resume checks, and mock interviews.
I am currently a student at the University of Kansas and I love attending there for classes. The teachers are knowledgeable, the students are friendly, and the town is small enough that you can bus, bike, drive, or even walk from and to campus as well as work.
KU is a solid school to go to. I'm an Electrical Engineering student so I can really only speak for the EECS school. The campus is great. It's plenty large enough so it doesn't feel like it's cramped at all. There's always events going on around campus, and the people are generally great. It's relatively cheap for the type of education that you're getting as well. The professors are hit and miss. I've some terrible ones, and I've had some fantastic ones. People here all share a similar story on that front. Off campus, Lawrence in general is small but packed with cool things to do. Mass St. is where all the bars and restaurants are. You'll probably find yourself spending plenty of weekend nights there. We're also located about 30 minutes away from Kansas City if you want to shop at the malls or do other things.
I love everything about KU. There is a lot of pride that comes from being a Jayhawk. Not only attending the basketball games in the nation's best stadium amazing, so is learning through KU. I have become a more well rounded person. I have learned so much more than I expected at such a young age. I absolutely love it.
For the most part, the University of Kansas is great. I chose this school because I wanted in-state tuition, and it has a top-notch journalism school.
Overall, my experience at KU has been a good one. I have been able to become involved in research in the biology department. I would like to see more help in locating summer internships.
I came to the University of Kansas because I was interested in the school of architecture. As a sophomore here at the University of Kansas my experience has been very good.
KU is a welcoming school that provides many opportunities for students to succeed. I found my home here as a Jayhawk and there is nothing quite like the atmosphere in Lawrence.
Good basketball program but very bad football program as the school is easy to get into and is very diverse because of it. The surroundings is in the middle of nowhere. Nightlife is bad because of it as the academics is mediocre. Some cute females are there but overall a decent school.
I have had a really great time at KU so far. It's a big campus that doesn't make you feel like a number while you're there. If you love basketball and love great academics, there's no other place for you.
My experience has been mixed. Love the program I'm in, campus is hands down beautiful, but some professors could be more receptive to the needs of students. Are they there for the students or strictly for the money and research? Actually teaching the material would be a great idea.
I like KU. The campus is clean, the people are friendly the professors are personable. There is always something for everyone to do.
University of Kansas is an amazing school that has anything you could ever want to be involved in. Academic programs are high quality and the campus is beautiful. Haven't had a professor that wasn't top of their field. There is so much school spirit and an overall friendliness on campus. The party scene is amazing, there's always stuff happening. The Lawrence area is a cool place to go and hang out with friends, get good food, and shop. I've never felt unsafe on campus and KU police are always around. Dorms are pretty nice as far as dorms go as well as the dorm food. Pretty good amount of diversity for a Midwestern school. Many choices for athletics through clubs and intramurals and obviously the men's basketball provides fun for home and away games. Football games are a lot of fun too despite not having a winning team all the time.
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Mixed feelings. It's almost depressing how little problems such underage drinking and drug use are monitored. Some kids have told me they come here just because they know it's impossible to monitor 24,000 kids. As someone who came to college really wanting higher education, I'm probably biased in that I had no interest in sports) or a big social life. But if you come here, that’s a highly viable option. And I think that’s what most people want. It’s distracting to more studious students, but such is college nowadays. To be fair, it's pretty impressive what the university has done. It has great social integration (full programs dedicated to colored students and LGBTQ) and that doesn't happen everywhere. They've given a number of ways for all kids to find what they want to do and give a pretty large number of resources to help. Far from what I envision as the ideal college setting, but for what its purpose is, I'm impressed. For my purposes though, it's just not what I want to see.
Everyone is super cool and there are a ton of class options and majors, as well as minors. Plus the study abroad program is amazing.
I transfered to the University of Kansas after my sophomore year and I was very nervous because it was a larger campus compared to what I was use to. Everyone on campus was very helpful when trying to find buildings and the professors were very welcoming and understanding of the shock from coming from a Community College. The administrative staff have been extremely helpful with answering any questions throughout my time here at KU and if they do not know the answer, they do a great job of pointing me in the direction to get the answer.
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