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It is a phenomenal educational opportunity, you will fall in love with the people, the scenery, the buildings, your professors, your classes, the basketball program. I can go on and on well beyond the limits of this review. The one knock I have is price, as an out of state student I rely on an annually renewed scholarship to keep it affordable, but even then the price is steep. You get what you pay for, however, and the University of Kansas is a worthwhile investment.
Touring the campus I met so many students that had nothing but good to talk about this university. It is very diverse, has numerous clubs to join and activities to help each person find their own way to get involved and feel a part of something. There is so much school pride here.
Outstanding. Best teachers, Friendly students, Great Campus, wonder activities, good value for your money, no 1 rated basketball team
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The University of Kansas has been one of the best organizations I have ever worked with. Responsive employees in every department, flexible, and professional. This is a well-run school and provides lots of research opportunities.
As a freshman, I love it. The staff and campus is awesome. The city, Lawrence, is the best as well. I am very happy with the decision I made, and I am excited for anyone who chooses KU as their new home.
I loved the environment and how peaceful it is. Sports are great and successful. The campus is a bit too spread out.
Great school across the board! Great academics, athletics, student life, mentorship, and more! Many opportunities for success, lots of research opportunities, endless amounts of options!
I've only been attending the University of Kansas for a couple of weeks. So far, so good. The campus offers everything an incoming student needs. The professors are professional and caring. Dorms are a bit small and campus food is descent. I feel safe on campus.
I have never been a student at the University of Kansas. I have heard through several current students that they have a spectacular medical program and housing facilities.
So far since I've been here the only problem is the amount it costs of living comfortably. All college students are in debt and that's part of the process, but it's becoming an actual burden on my lifestyle. However, the actual classes and environment of KU are amazing. They make me feel as if I've found my home and that's something I've never been able to have.
Transitioning from a small town, where the population was that of the university, was surprisingly easy. It was easy because everyone here is so friendly. There are plenty of was to get involved on campus rather it's being in a scholarship hall to becoming a tutor. The university was a new chance for me to express myself in ways I couldn't at my home town.
There are so many great events and organizations that are so easily accessible and welcoming. They help to make you and better person and learn so much more about the world and even yourself while meeting new people and experiencing new things.
I am going into my first year and I have to say that the administration really cares for its students and has our best interest in mind. I've yet to have a professor that hasn't made the classes the best they can be.
They're a really great college and they're good about helping you succeed and pass And eventually graduate. They have a lot of helpful resources available and the staff and students are helpful and nice.
I am obsessed with KU! This school has endless opportunities. KU thrives on tradition and basketball. When I had first visited KU, I knew right a way that this was the place where I wanted my future to begin. Not only is the campus absolutely beautiful, everyone is very charismatic. The University of Kansas is my home a way from home, and I could not be happier.
My experience at KU was life changing. The people are so nice and very helpful. You never have to go through anything alone. There's always help around and useful resources you can use. It's like home away from home.
In my three years here at KU, I have had many experiences that have uniquely shaped the person I've become. Pulling from all regions of Kansas and the greater midwest, the fellow students are welcoming and friendly and the teachers dedicated. Students will often find that they get out of their academics what they put in. While individual programs vary in their strength, a committed student will find no shortfall of administration and faculty who are ready to supplement their learning with experiences.
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I'm in the repiratory Therapy bachelors program and it is not put together very well. The teachers are not interested in teaching and it shows.
KU is a great school. Great atmosphere to learn and a lot of diversity. Faculty members are kind and want you to succeed.
I really enjoyed my first semester at KU, the Campus is beautiful, and the professors are fantastic.
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