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I love being a Jayhawk.
Transferring from a smaller institution, I love my decision to come to KU. It's a very open and friendly environment and I have enjoyed the different people I have met thus far! I enjoy my advisors and all the different extracurricular programs offered as well as the motivation I get daily in a class setting.
I love what we stand for!
College is nothing like high school said it is. The instructors are not mean and they do care about our grades and our education. Especally if you are taking a class that focuses on your thoughts or a humanities class. I am very good with essays and I tend to do better with classes that I can talk my way through. The class sizes always depends on what semester you are in but as long as you pay attention and do not psych yourself out of not learning the subject.
The University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, is the epitome of a college town. This was such a fun place to attend school!
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Just getting started in the college scene and enjoying the experience. KU is a great college with great diversity, academics, and student life.
Many hills but very well rounded, with high academic success and great nightlife, this college is made for students who want a fun but personally satisfying college experience.
I'm not a party person so I can't even begin to tell someone what it's like. College has been great so far on academics, but as for getting involved, I'm not the most social person, so college has been a bit of a letdown for me in terms of attempting to get me involved in clubs and groups.
The University of Kansas is an amazing place! You will find a great culture that supports diversity and success. Out of all the colleges I applied for KU stood out in many different aspects.
I’m in my sophomore year and I love KU for many things - its diversity, its beautiful campus and new student living options including on campus apartments, and most importantly all of the major and minor options esp their study abroad program. I can’t wait!
I have really loved being at KU so far. The diversity of the student body as well as the supportive community have been a great fit for me so far. In addition, the Honors program really helps students get more individual attention, and helps make a school of this size feel a little smaller and closer.
I'm a junior, and my experience here's been tremendous. Incredibly nice/understanding professors. Open, fun, interesting students. Unbeatable night life. Challenging academics.

The biggest downside, I'd say, is the amount of Johnson County kids that go here. They treat it like high school, and it's annoying. The stereotype is real. They're quiet and judgemental. But there's plenty of people from Chicago, St. Louis, Cali, and other small towns in Kansas to even it out. Live in Oliver your first year if you're worried about making friends.

The other thing is the enormous hill you have to trek up to get to class.

Also, make sure you get a fake ID BEFORE you start here. Even a bad one will get you into quite a few bars. You don't wanna be that one who has to wait a month for yours to come in.

Lawrence is a wonderful town btw. Don't think just cause it's Kansas it's gonna be a bunch of rednecks. Lawrence is a blue haven in a red state. It's amazing.
I attend the Edwards Campus so I am not sure about the culture in Lawrence. I have a family so I do not attend campus events or the cafeteria.
It is a very open environment that has drastically changed how I think, for the better. The curriculum that I have been presented with here at KU has challenged me to think for myself and form my own opinions about what is happening in the world, and where I am from.
The school itself isn't bad, it's just their need to constantly drain our wallets that irritates me. There's little to no benefits for students like me who live off-campus as they demand money just to park on campus.
I love the atmosphere and excitement on the Ku campus! I am a senior, and all 4 years I have been here I have gained so much knowledge and experience, and of course KU calves (because there are so many hills on campus).
I really enjoy the amount of tradition and school spirit that is found here. The campus is absolutely beautiful and very home-y. Although the education is not outstanding, I feel as though it is adequate for the cost and what I want in a college experience. It is definitely a traditional experience but one that cannot be found anywhere else. It pays to be a Jayhawk.
I have been up to KU to visit my newly enrolled friend and it seems to have a friendly environment which is incredibly home-y! The campus is astonishing in its beauty and makes me feel welcome everytime I am there!
I've been lucky enough to be involved in programs like OPTIONS, HawkLink, and the McNair Scholars Program, which are all designed for underrepresented students on campus. They've helped this huge campus feel much smaller, and opened opportunities for friendships, travel, internships and more. If it weren't for these programs, I'm not sure how I would've navigated this PWI.
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I love the campus! It is so beautiful! However walking up all the hills is a challenge. The University of Kansas' campus gives people an atmosphere of belonging.
University of Kansas is a great place to get an education, it has been a great place to find and make friends while also having a place to have new experiences.
Everything about KU is amazing! The courses, the staff, the students, and just the community in general! Definitely a home away from home!
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