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I transfered to the University of Kansas after my sophomore year and I was very nervous because it was a larger campus compared to what I was use to. Everyone on campus was very helpful when trying to find buildings and the professors were very welcoming and understanding of the shock from coming from a Community College. The administrative staff have been extremely helpful with answering any questions throughout my time here at KU and if they do not know the answer, they do a great job of pointing me in the direction to get the answer.
What I liked about the University of Kansas is the atmosphere of feeling like I belonged. Everyone on the campus is helpful and is willing to help you succeed. Each academic program that is based off certain majors are encouraging. Resources are available all across the campus and are willing to help one succeed with their major.
I really enjoy how friendly the atmosphere it has, and how open the campus is. It exposes you to different scenarios which is great. It would be nice if we had more diversity on campus.
My experience at the University of Kansas has been great. The campus is beautiful. It has a lot of historical values like the train horn that signals the late bell. Also the people are great it is a family atmosphere. Everyone who works for the campus is put in place to help you succeed.
I went to a campus visit and college fair at the University of Kansas couple of times. I love the environment, diversity, campus, local areas, mostly everything about the university. I would like to attend there to get a bachelor's degrees and major in Nursing. I also know the University of Kansas offers great scholarships and study abroad programs. I like the University overall, but I would like it even more if they offer more small class sizes.
The University of Kansas is an interesting university compared to others. It is diverse but separated by our up bringing which creates tension. Also the university lacks in its ability to help students in general because it is clear they only care about the money. The University of Kansas is an extremely fun place to go to school and it is a very good place to discover your self and acquire a degree. But in the end its just like any other college that is scamming it students for the money they've worked so hard to get so far.
What I really like about the University of Kansas is how nice everyone is. The professors are understanding and work with you to do the very best you can. I also really like the campus and how easy it is to move around on foot. You don't have to take a bus to get from one side of campus to the other side.
An overall positive experience so far with an inclusive atmosphere. A little concerned with the upcoming change in gun rules on campus as people will soon be allowed to concealed carry. Mrs. E's dining hall a little subpar. Seems to not be able to handle the crowd during rushes. Diverse class options so there should be not trouble finding a set of classes that challenge and interest you.
I'm a current freshman at KU and I don't think I have ever felt more at home than on the hill. KU is such a welcoming community. I have been able to find "my people" which has helped me feel more comfortable with being an out-of-state student.
I feel very comfortable with the University of Kansas. I have many friends who teach at the university, and I am able to interact with them and see what the college is life. I enjoy campus, and the many friendly faces. The athletic programs are constantly involved in the community, and KU athletes are always welcome around town. the facilities are aging, but the university is pouring lots of money into renovations, and everything is very clean.
What I love about the University of Kansas is that the student life, and the atmosphere of campus. I love how I am able to meet many new people easily and love the busy atmosphere of the campus. Compared to other campuses, I noticed that it is a rather busy campus with a lot of events happening. Something that I don't like is the price of the university, and the lack of diversity. As someone of asian descent, I have heard some racially issues comments. But overall, the campus is rather liberal and that's another aspect I enjoy.
Transfer student...Overall great college experience, top notch education and advisors are always very helpful. Lots of resources and help.
The University of Kansas is a very good college and is very diverse. The college has great programs and even has their own Law School and Medical School. They have a very great staff of professors and provide a lot of information and guidance for incoming freshman and even for graduate students. My favorite thing about this college is that it has a career help center for students. It really is helpful if you do not know anything about what you want to do. They give different scenarios and examples of work environments, examples of hours they work, and much other important information into helping you figure out the perfect career path you are looking for.
I love it here! The people are amazing, the school is involving and fun, and Lawrence is a busy, beautiful town.
Greek life seems to be very prominent on campus. Though there are other clubs, greek life students seem to be involved in everything and are very to themselves making it hard for nongreeks to meet people. I love the academics and professors, but socially if you don't like greek life I would not suggest KU. The dorms are good, except you get what you pay for. The cheaper dorms (Oliver) are so much worse than the newer/more expensive dorms. Mrs. E's food is good, there seems to be little to no diversity, KU basketball is a fun event if you're into sport event, and I feel very safe on the beautiful campus.
I love my professor and the School of Music is GREAT. The parking is AWFUL, which is why I'm giving the school 4 stars, and there isn't a lot of cohesive introduction for grad students.
The opportunities in future careers that you have by getting a degree from this school are amazing.
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I was very impressed by the classes at this school. Some classes are pretty big but mostly the classes are decently small. I like this because its easier for me to get the material and ask questions.
The campus is very safe. The campus police are always patrolling and watching out for people so that no one is in danger.
I enjoy the dorms quite a bit. I like that its come as you please and theres no one telling me when i have to be home.
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  • 5 months ago
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