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KU is a great school. The academics are amazing and even in a class of 100, you still feel important and looked after by the teacher. The school is always doing something fun that is open to everyone. There is great diversity and even greater opportunity for the students to branch outside of their comfort zone or excel in something they already know.
The University of Kansas has great camaraderie and has a great college atmosphere! Easy to make friends and forge a new path.
The University of Kansas Medical Center, School of Nursing has been my best college experience yet. The teachers and staff are so friendly and make you feel welcome each day. The access to technology and resources in phenomenal and I never feel like I am missing out on an opportunity when at the University of Kansas.
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KU has a beautiful campus and many professors are really committed to helping you make the most of your education. There’s such a diverse range of people, classes, and ways to get involved, you’re sure to find your niche.
The University of Kansas is a really great school with a lot of ways to get involved with other students on and off campus.
It wasn't the fulfilling experience I expected. As someone who did community college for two years first and then transferred over to get a business degree, I often found myself completely disconnected from the campus. I wanted to get "involved," but never felt comfortable enough to join in with groups of people that seemed to all know each other already. I felt like they could have done more to help integrate transfer students into the culture better by connecting them with each other. I'm probably just socially awkward, so hard to point the finger at KU. Overall though, it left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm now pursuing a different line of education at a different college.
AMAZING!!! I had the best experience at KU. Fantastic basketball team, greet, attractions on mass street, fun ambiance. I would suggest living in the scholarship halls :)
The University of Kansas is a great school. The campus is beautiful, the professors are nice and helpful, and there is good food all around. The student housing is very nice especially on Daisy Hill. There are many clubs and activities that are open for everyone to join. The University just built a new student union closer to the cent er of campus.
I am a 4th year student and KU is a cool campus. I like the convenience of the bus and the sports and free stuff offered around campus.
It is a great experience from head to toe. From the teachers, to the students and to the campus! You'll meet a lot of great and diverse people. All of the professors and TA's are a great help and are always there for you. You can really build relationships with almost anyone you meet all while getting a great education. Definitely a great experience.
I had a lot of fun touring the campus. There are a lot of renovations currently in progress and I am excited to hopefully attend there next fall.
The University of Kansas is the best it gets. I came to this school to create a new me and get a better chance at success. I believe that it is the greatest fit for me out of any other University. It has treated me well and I can't wait to graduate from this institution one day. College is a long hard process being on a campus where everyone is so caring and so helpful really gives a great help.
The University of Kansas is a great school, there are many opportunities and choices when it comes to academics. Though for me personally, I found that at the main campus it was easy to feel a little lost and like just a number due to high volume of students.
I have loved everything about attending this school. i never thought I would go to KU, but i am beyond glad I chose to be a Jayhawk.
KU is an amazing place open to many different types of people! The only fault of the campus is the amount of walking in between some of the dorms and the classes.
In the past year I have attended KU I have really enjoyed the campus environment. They provide a plentiful amount of on campus studying areas which become really helpful during the semester. They also push to prepare you for the real world by getting recruiters and presenters to campus. This gives opportunities to students just steps away from their classes. One issue I had was the pricing of textbooks and other required class materials. This is a common issue for universities and I hope that it will one day be resolved.
A fantastic academic experience. All professors have been understanding, kind and helpful. Little, if ever, am I bored, but I also never feel so completely overwhelmed by the amount of work on my plate. A little hard to get involved in their student life and extracurriculars. They tend to offer a lot but not pave the correct path in order to reach the offers. Greek life is also very large on campus and if you're not involved, it can be easy to get shut out. Party culture is also very big, and all bars are 21+ so you can figure out how that goes.
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They really are invested in diversifying your education here! The KU Core program (which is mostly GenEds) makes sure your education is well-rouned.
My experience has been great at KU. I started taking classes back in 1994 but never finished to get my degree as I got a job. Now as a 43 year old dad of 2 kids, I decided to come back and finish my degree to pursue other career paths and be someone my kids can be proud of.
I am a transfer student and I have only been at the University of Kansas for one year. So far, I am in love with the school. I have met so many amazing people and gotten involved in so many activities. I finally feel like I'm experiencing college life. The professors are simply amazing and truly want you to succeed. It's not just a job to them. I appreciate that the most.
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