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The University of Kansas is a great four year college that I believe exceeds academic standards and has a very active campus life. Starting with academics, all classes I've been in have been highly organized with professors who actually try to help their students. They won't reach out to students, but once you make yourself known to them they are excellent resources who befriend and network the students who come and ask questions. On campus, there is something for everybody. There are tons of diverse clubs and organizations encouraging students to join. If extra curricular activities aren't for you, Lawrence itself is a great place with a lot of little shops and restaurants and businesses. Greek life is very big here, but if you're not in a sorority or fraternity thats okay! You can still have a successful college experience without having to be a part of greek life. Overall, KU is a great place.
I love this university! It is a very fun place to live and it has a very rich history and a culture. When i am at KU I feel like i am home
I've stayed on campus for summer camps--they are always fun! The dorms are nice, most newly remodeled or newly built. The campus cafeteria is Mrs. E's and they always have a variety of meals and times to eat. The academic and cultural atmosphere of the campus and town are unbeatable. I love Lawrence, and look forward to living there as a student.
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100% glad this is the school I chose, only thing that sucks is on campus parking, but still better than a lot of other universities
This is a good college with professors who care, lots of research opportunity, and a top ranked honors program.
As an incoming freshman I was very nervous to start my journey as a college student. Once move-in day came around I no longer had that nervous feeling in my gut. I felt like I was home. The friendly and very helpful students on orientation day made me feel like I truly belonged. I knew this was the place I wanted to spend my next 4 years.
So far the first semester of Freshman year had been good, Everyone I've met there so far has been super friendly and outgoing. All the professors have been great instructors.
I only have good things to say about the University of Kansas. I feel blessed to go there and be a part of the Jayhawk tradition. Going to basketball games, sitting in Budig Hall, and eating at Mrs. E's; all of those things are what brings me closer to the school. I believe KU only hires the best and brightest professors who care about each and every student's education. I've made long lasting friendships in the short amount of time that I have been there, and I can't wait to continue my education at the university.
The University of Kansas is great. There are a lot of resources for students who do not know which path they would like to take. The school spirit is great. However getting use of these resources can be hard. You have to wait to have access to these resources.
It's a good university with many opportunities to study, learn and explore. They have many different classes and clubs to partake in. The university is diverse and the local area is fun to explore and walk around. From what i have experienced it is a good university and a pretty nice campus with many opportunities.
It's a great university. One thing I would change is hire better, actual teachers. Most of the professors are researchers, not teachers.
I love it here! University of Kansas Is like a home away from home. Every time I step in a class I always feel safe and welcomed. I’m happy to say I will be spending 4 years at the University of my dreams.
The University of Kansas has helped me pursue my educational dream of becoming a Social Worker. Given me the opportunity to meet so many great people from around the country. MY professors at the university have been great, for the most part. They are very encouraging and want the best for my education.
The University of Kansas has a beautiful campus paired with great academic resources. Our basketball team provides a wonderful opportunity to go out with friends and watch wins happen in the legendary Allen Field House.
I love KU. Lawrence is great town and the school has great people. It is a large enough university that there is truly something for everyone here at KU whether you enjoy sports, art, or humanitarian work. I've loved my experience here and can't imagine being anywhere else.
The best college in the world. I love it I come from a small town in Colorado and was never able to visit,
KU is a beautiful campus coupled with an incredibly diverse student-body and highly-educated staff. My college experience were some of the best days of my life. Being on campus is relaxing and motivating.
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Love being here! Everything is great. Campus is safe, sports are good (except football), and the housing and dorms are fun!
KU is a very well rounded school with students and faculty from all walks of life. They all provide a very welcoming fun college experience for incoming students. The community around the college is also very welcoming. While basketball is the sport of choice for the school other sports are available for viewing and participating in. There are many clubs available for anyone and majors to fit your goals for the future. Greek life isn't essential but it does have a presence on campus.
The University of Kansas really put an impression on me, not only because of the massive size of the school, but because of the different kinds of people you meet. Everybody is nice and can easily start a conversation. Classes are fun to be in, and professors are there for you.
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