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The professors and other staff members at the University of Jamestown have always been very helpful. The campus has a great atmosphere and feels very welcoming.
Things have fallen apart there last couple years esp in the Business and in the Communications Dept. A lot of the decent professors were pushed out for unknown reasons.
It is overall a nice place and very welcoming. The reason why I give it only a 3 Star though is because of the town. You have a lot of bigger universities where there is so much to do. Jamestown does not have a lot to do in the town and I find myself just wanting to go to other places. I think Jamestown needs to come up with more fun things to do to keep a better retention rate. People get bored fast. Also the football team is the worst team on campus. Really good academics and teachers though and that is a good motivating factor to stay. Overall it’s not a bad campus but it’s small so everyone knows everyone which can be great but also annoying. Also super cheap and affordable to go to so those are some great things about it. Parties are meh... the dorms are good but the good ones fill up quick so it just depends on which dorm you get into. Lots of mixed reviews on food but I think it’s great compared to a lot of other universities.
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University of Jamestown is a great fit for me! Its small campus makes me feel like a part of the community, and I love that people know my name. The nursing program is a well-oiled machine that definitely prepares me well for the real world.
I love this Campus and the only thing that I would change is the outdoor maintenance staff during the winter. I love this beautiful campus and how it is slowly expanding.
I thoroughly loved going to school at UJ. The small campus and close-knit community made for the best college experience. The relationships you make will last forever because when you’re around people who want to be successful empowers you to want to be successful too. I am still very close with those I met from UJ and know it’s a relationship for life. UJ was a big chapter in the career I have now and that I will forever be grateful for. Your professors strongly encourage you to better yourself in all aspects of your life: mentally, physically, and spiritually. You’re cared for and supported by everyone which allows you to take risks and grow. That’s part of the Jamestown and Midwest culture which I absolutely love and miss. Luckily, I was adopted by 3 families because I couldn’t go home for the holidays. They took me in whenever I needed a home. UJ will forever hold a special place in my heart! Go Jimmies!
I just finished my first year at UJ and its been the best year of my life. I love the campus, the small feel, and all the friends I've made.
University of Jamestown is worth every penny you will pay. Yes, it seems expensive, but this school is worth the investment of your future. This campus is the perfect size. The fact that this campus is so small allows you to personally get to know other students and to form life-long relationships with friends and professors. People know your name. You are not an ID number, you are a person that matters. One night as I was eating in the cafeteria with my friends, one of my professors sat down and ate supper with my friends and me. Not only does the size of this campus allow you to form life-long relationships, it also offers many different opportunities for you to become involved in activities and organizations . Whether you are into sports, music, art, or gaming, there is truly something for everyone. From the moment you visit the University of Jamestown for the first time, you will realize that there is truly something special about this place.
When you walk into the University of Jamestown, it's like a wonderful fairy tale. Green grass, pretty trees, and beautiful buildings older then your grandparents but then the bills come in. Noe collage is expensive yes and for 10,000 for tuition Jamestown isn't horrid. However, the school is constantly complaining about a budget but still buy new arenas, new unregulated turf fields, and force students to stay on campus longer in fear for their scholarships to try and pay for it. The clubs are getting budget cuts and still the school decide to spend millions of dollars to try and be a big named school. It's horrible, I stay only for my boyfriend and my professors, oh and a little thing where Jamestown doesn't take any other schools credits barely and so no school takes theirs. When you jump into this school you are stuck because if you move you could easily be a semester or two behind at any other institution. Don't get stuck in Jamestown.
The professors really care about your experience and education while you are here. Because of the smaller size, you get to know more people and even if you do not know them well, you will at least recognize them enough to say hello.
A majority of the students at the University of Jamestown are involved in athletics. The teams don't always win but they have a lot of support from fellow students.
The University of Jamestown is an amazing university for everyone. It is a small campus with friendly students and faculty.
Pretty good experiences with classes and professors with a good class size.
The dorms I live in have a great amount of space and I am unaware of the other dorm's situations. My main problem with the dorms are that we can hear almost everything our neighbors are saying and doing.
Certain sports draw a large number of students and others don't as much, but there are always people at the games. Many people participate in intramural sports on campus.
You are able to get to know a lot of people on campus because it is fairly small. The people and professors are nice and very helpful.
I don't think there is a greek life on campus.
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I love being a student at the University of Jamestown! The journey is amazing!
Jamestown offers many sports and scholarships. The community as a whole supports the University sports.
University of Jamestown is a unique college with absolutely amazing and smart staff that will teach you and give you all you need for your journey to success! My major was computer science and I have only positive feedback to leave in here. Professors are helpful and smart, athletics are wonderful. I played soccer in here and we had almost all international students in my soccer team, from all around the world including Russia, Germany, England, Australia, D.R. Congo, Mexico, Brazil and etc... Housing is the best with big variety of choices.
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