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DO NOT COME HERE. If you want to be smart of have fun or both The University of Iowa is not for you. Dumb school that wants their student to get a 2.3 and go home to their apartments. No parties, no bars, no academics, just stay away if you want an even decent college experience
The cost of living is outrageous, but the school is, overall, very family oriented & provides a great platform for growth & networking.
I absolutely love the University of Iowa. It provides me with all the classes and opportunities I need to be successful in my future. It has various resources that are free for students to use, many of which are incredibly helpful. We also have a fantastic wellness center that is state of the art and free to students. The food is great, the classes are challenging, and the people are awesome.
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It is an amazing school and has lots of opportunities for you to enjoy. Everyone I know loves it and has a great time there.
The University of Iowa is a great school. There are so many opportunities and an outstanding community life to pull you in. The academics are very rewarding in my experience and the staff, as well as students, are outstanding overall.
The feel for University of Iowa is one of the best things about it. It has a large student population but not to the point that it was too much. The school has an awesome marching band and music department as well. The food there was also really good and you get free lunch for taking a visit!
The campus of beautiful, and the professors are great; however, the school is not as diverse as it may seem. There also aren’t many scholarship opportunities for transfer students.
The of U of I is great place to live. Football at Iowa is amazing, the games are so much fun. The campus may seem big for Iowa, but it is relatively easy to navigate, and full of beautiful scenery being right on the river. All the professors I have are super nice and approachable.
The University of Iowa is, in general, a very enjoyable college experience. It is fairly accessible, LGBTQ+ friendly, anti-racism/against anti-semitism, and you can pretty much find any activity and/or organization that you might be interested in. There is a large sports scene, strong academics, many student orgs, a strong Greek Life presence, and much more, including a strong party scene.
It’s an amazing campus. There is so much to do, so many student run organizations to get involved in, the town is a mix of small town and city, and there is always something going on. You won’t be bored in Iowa City. All the professors are super helpful and they want their students to succeed. If you build relationships they even help you move forward and find the career of your dreams.
I love Iowa! It genuinely feels like home to me. People expect classes at a Big 10 school to be only huge lectures, but most of my classes are only around twenty people. The variety of programs means even though I haven't decided a major yet, I have tons of options. Outside of class, the culture on campus and around Iowa City is amazing. There is plenty of fun to be had on weekends, from nightlife to arts performances. As a member of the Quidditch team, I've also found a fun way to stay active and make friends here!
It’s perfect for students interested in healthcare, the university hospital has made a great influence on my healthcare experience and education.
I have had nothing but the best experience so far with U if I. The advisors make sure you are taking the right classes and being an online student and not having the face to face that's a must to succeed.
I've really enjoyed the University of Iowa so far. The professors are very knowledgeable about the topics they teach and share experiences that help us learn a lot.
Excellent campus atmosphere that makes Iowa City immediately feel like home. Plenty to do downtown (all of which is perfect walking distance) with great local food, shops, University Athletic Events, concerts, summer arts festivals, etc. If you put in the effort and take the time to get to know your professors they will go above and beyond to help you exceed in the classroom as well as assist you with your career after college.
I like the people, the campus, the classrooms, and job opportunities. Its a great school and I really enjoy it there!
The University of Iowa is a great place to learn and explore your future career options. The campus is great with a campus town vibe. Iowa City is also a great place to live.
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I love the University and am ecstatic to begin my college journey here this fall! They are diverse, inclusive, and really open their arms to their students to provide them with numerous resources to help them in any way they need. A plus is the campus is GORGEOUS. There are a variety of restaurants and shops really close to campus as well, making it perfectly fit. Tuition is lower than other schools I have looked at, and I think it's a value school for the price.
There are many ways to get involved, and the staff and student leaders are always kind and willing to help. There is a wide variety of academic options, as well as beautiful new classrooms, buildings, and facilities.
I really like the University of Iowa. Everyone is so friendly and professors want to see you succeed in their classes. I heard a lot about big universities and how most people don't have a personal connection with their professors but in my first year I learned that it is a two way street, if you reach out they will reach out. The only thing is, I am a shy person so it is a little harder for me to make friends but other than that I would recommend this school to anyone! The campus isn't as big as many think and the class sized are fairly small for such a big university. I really believe that I will receive a good education here and I am proud to be a Hawkeye!
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