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University of Iowa is filled with amazing teacher that truly care about you education and career after college. They push you to be your best and to pursue you passions in life.
The University of Iowa offers the most intensive work and broad depths of experiences that otherwise couldn't be matched in the state. Iowa was more helpful, treating me as an individual, challenging me in school, yet still working with me, unlike my other colleges. Within the state, IC has the highest diversity, and a wonderful campus that is not too large, but not so small it is boring. It's a perfectly-sized home: the smallest public school in the Big Ten, but among the largest colleges in the area. The experiences, like clubs and sports make for memories much grander on any scale than all other schools I attended. Iowa sets the standard for teaching application and the efforts of support staff, libraries, and the choices of fields make it unique. Orientation services are phenomenal. Everyone could find their niche, interests, and friends, as it has people of varying interests.
I love that it had a welcoming community. I thought at first I would be alone but I have made wonderful friends. I learned stuff about myself that I did not know, and I am glad I am in a wonderful community to learn more.
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I really loved how beautiful the campus is, even in -20 degree weather the campus was still beautiful. I would love to see the bus app work a little better though, it is hard to get to class when that isn't working.
The campus is mixed in with the downtown of the city which makes for a really cool environment as well as providing many more opportunities for convenient work places, restaurants, and activities. The quality of education is incredible and the campus is extremely diverse and open-minded. I feel completely prepared for graduate school, a professional career, and the next phase of my life and hope that I will get the opportunity to return here in the future.
In October I traveled all the way from Israel, 18 hours of flying just to visit Iowa. From the moment I landed and started walking around campus I fell in love with its amazing buildings, the welcoming environment of everybody that I meet, and the fact that it felt like home away from home. The weather in Iowa is different than my weather at home. I loved seeing all the fall colors on campus. Iowa offers many different and diverse majors, which is a great because it opens many opportunities for me and my fellow Hawkeyes. I am very excited to join the Iowa family as a student and as an athlete on the women’s golf team.
I am just about to wrap up my Freshman year. It has been a year of adjustments and much learning. I have found a good niche of friends with other students that are on the same academic track that I am on. I love the activities the campus has to offer, the school is accommodating to all of my needs, extra help is always available so I recommend people take advantage of it. We have good sports teams, they are fun events to go to.
I really enjoy the campus and the atmosphere that goes around it. They have some very good things going for them.
My overall experience with the University of Iowa is a good one. A Good place to live while getting a good education. It is located in a great town with many places to eat and to socialize. It has fraternity's and sorority's also. It is a big 10 school with lots of tradition. It is centrally located so it is easy to travel to and from home.
The advisor I had was very interested in my success. She took the time to reach out to me even during the busy times of the year. It really kept me motivated.
I love how everyone at the University of Iowa is friendly and professors are easy to talk to and extremely flexible when it comes to office hours to make sure all of your questions are answered! If I could change one thing about Iowa it would probably be adding more options when it comes to the meals that they provide, other than that the University of Iowa is great and I recommend it to all transfer and incoming students!
I like the midwestern feel. I like the nice and friendly people and the campus. I like the athletic department and all they have to offer their athletes. I think it's a great academic school and think it provides a challenge to student whom attend there.
I like the university has a lot to offer and that it is in a convenient location. It is very hard to find the people that you need to connect with to learn about what is offered at the university.
The University of Iowa has something for everyone if you just take the chance to look for it. From the wide array of majors, to the clubs and groups available on campus to join. You can make it the best 4 years of your life.
I love the diversity at Iowa and the small class sizes. I also love that it is close to downtown and the city has an artsy vibe.
I like how close-knit the campus is and how safe the area is. I also like that downtown is right on the edge of campus, making entertainment and food easily accessible. I would like to see the University continue to grow and update, while maintaining its traditions.
The University of Iowa is a great school. Very welcoming of all types of people. As a freshman, I really enjoy staying in the dorms.
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I love it here! The faculty are great, and I've had a really great time. Staff are always available, and I've found it to be a very welcoming experience, especially on game days! Of course, there are a few cons: poor diversity, high out of state tuition, weed out courses, not much to do if you're underage, etc. However, you're going to see most of these things wherever you go. Are there things the school could improve? Yes, of course. BUT in my experience, this school has provided me with amazing opportunities and experiences, a good education, and a great Hawkeye family.
The University of Iowa offers exceptional educational experiences to those willing to take advantage of them. I like that most of the upper level courses are small with a decent faculty to student ratio.
What I love about the University of Iowa are the (I)nnovative brains and talents that have gone into spurring creativity and inclusion across campus, from student organizations to local events. The (O)riginality when it comes to sharing news and events that not only include college students, but also families in the Iowa City area brings the whole campus together. The (W)ill to teach and be tought through professors, advisors, and event students has led to wonderful opportunities which I have had the privilege of experiencing
in research and study abroad. The positive (A)ttitudes that I surround myself with but also run into on campus has made for a welcoming ambient that even further radiates the Hawkeye pride!
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