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Living in the dorms was a great choice for freshman year. Liked the way my schedule was already laid out for all four years with enough electives to choose.
Most professors are very knowledgeable and helpful, with exceptions. Everybody is pretty friendly, because, well, it's iowa.
I love it here and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their education! There are many job/internship opportunities. The campus and city are not nearly as intimidating as you initially think- campus gets smaller and smaller every day!
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The University of Iowa is an excellent college! I am so impressed with the amount of resources available to students on campus. I love the all-inclusive environment it provides. There are around 500 student-run organizations and clubs here. Whatever you're interested in, there's a place for you. The teachers are extremely bright and genuinely care about the success and education of their student. They are so many opportunities to get involved and if you get lost or stuck, help is right around the corner.
I love the atmosphere of the Hawkeye community. Everytime I have been to Iowa city I felt welcomed and apart of a close family. Hawkeye games are another reason I love the school as my family have been fans for as long as I can remember.
So far I am liking it. The classes are difficult, but manageable. The teachers also care about student success.
U of I is a bigger university, but small enough that you count. There is genuine caring about you and what you need. People are extremely helpful when you need them most, as a freshman. There offer several majors and they have a great guidance staff to help you through the process of making sure you’ll have what you need to graduate. Intro classes can be very big, but whe you start taking courses in your major the class size is small enough that your professors get to know you. There are many organizations, including Greek life, for you to get involved in and meet friends. The aura during football season, win or lose is incredible! U of I football started “The Wave” during games and it so amazing to see all of Kinnick, including the visiting team and staff, wave to the kids. The campus is really safe and to help ensure it stays that way, the college has a bus that transports people late at night.
I love the faculty here at the University of Iowa. Everyone is so nice and always available to help you in any way. There are lots of resources for any of your concerns, which is extremely nice for someone from a small town school continuing onto a big city university.
So far my experience has been great. Im a first year, living in burge and it not as bad as everyone says it is. The food does get a little repetative. Some teachers I can't understand in lecture. Always things to do. The campus is close by to downtown and everything is walking distance witch is perfect. It is easy to navigate and that is coming from someone who is directional challanged. The university is clean and safe. Go Hawks!
LOVE this school & Iowa City. Best decision I have ever made was coming here. My only complaint is that the dorm food is pretty disgusting, but it's bearable.
The University of Iowa has a wonderful athletics department and great professors, however, the campus is very large and is especially brutal in Iowa winters and the dorms are outdated.
My first year at Iowa has been great. I love the campus and attending the athletic events. Classes are good and most of the professors are great. The dorm life isn't as bad as I expected it to be, the rooms are good sizes and I love have a sink and air conditioning. The dinning hall food is good but after eating it everyday, like anywhere else it gets old. The student life is great and there are so many student organizations to get involved in.
When I visited the University of Iowa, I was intrigued at first by the layout of the town. I instantly felt such a warm vibe and loved the feeling of the big 10 scene. They had a great learning environment from what I could see from the visit, and it seemed like the students were genuinely happy here.
I transferred to Iowa my sophomore year, and I am so glad I did. I have had great experiences at the University of Iowa, both in and out of the classroom. My advisor took a very active role in helping me figure out and choose which major was right for me, and has kept me accountable for my classes and grades. I also find that the teachers I have had take an active role in helping not only me, but their other students learn the material and things in their classes as thoroughly as possible. Many opportunities have come to me in the form of jobs, internships, and extra curricular activities. There is something for just about everyone to participate and get involved with on campus because there are clubs for just about every interest!
The University of Iowa has a fantastic campus and allows for a lot of diversity. I have greatly enjoyed my first year here and would reccomend college here for others.
I really liked Iowa when I went to visit. And I've also heard good things about Iowa. Also that Iowa has a good program for what I plan on going in to.
There are too many high praise for the University of Iowa. There is no possible scenario I will look back on my years here and not see how it has helped my education and becoming a better worker. 6 stars out of 5 would I would recommend to anyone to attend here.
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The University of Iowa is a wonderful place where I have met many of my lifetime friends. I feel as if this University provides a great pathway to your intended future.
The University of Iowa offers great experiences, a enjoyable atmosphere, and an excellent education.
I have attended many of the universities summer camps over the past few years including a percussion immersion camp, the new Voxman building is beautiful and a much needed addition. My friends and I have also attended STEM camps and learned and used technology that is now being used to advance medical work, it was an awesome experience to go in the 'submarine', play precision accuracy games with surgical robots and visit the helicopter pad. The annual Dance Marathon is an amazing organization and I always look forward to attending and volunteering; my mother and I have brought the mini dance marathon back to my previous elementary school in honor of a student that passed away from Ewig Sarcoma. Iowa is doing great things!
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