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I've really enjoyed the University of Iowa so far. The professors are very knowledgeable about the topics they teach and share experiences that help us learn a lot.
Excellent campus atmosphere that makes Iowa City immediately feel like home. Plenty to do downtown (all of which is perfect walking distance) with great local food, shops, University Athletic Events, concerts, summer arts festivals, etc. If you put in the effort and take the time to get to know your professors they will go above and beyond to help you exceed in the classroom as well as assist you with your career after college.
I like the people, the campus, the classrooms, and job opportunities. Its a great school and I really enjoy it there!
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The University of Iowa is a great place to learn and explore your future career options. The campus is great with a campus town vibe. Iowa City is also a great place to live.
I love the University and am ecstatic to begin my college journey here this fall! They are diverse, inclusive, and really open their arms to their students to provide them with numerous resources to help them in any way they need. A plus is the campus is GORGEOUS. There are a variety of restaurants and shops really close to campus as well, making it perfectly fit. Tuition is lower than other schools I have looked at, and I think it's a value school for the price.
There are many ways to get involved, and the staff and student leaders are always kind and willing to help. There is a wide variety of academic options, as well as beautiful new classrooms, buildings, and facilities.
I really like the University of Iowa. Everyone is so friendly and professors want to see you succeed in their classes. I heard a lot about big universities and how most people don't have a personal connection with their professors but in my first year I learned that it is a two way street, if you reach out they will reach out. The only thing is, I am a shy person so it is a little harder for me to make friends but other than that I would recommend this school to anyone! The campus isn't as big as many think and the class sized are fairly small for such a big university. I really believe that I will receive a good education here and I am proud to be a Hawkeye!
I have been in University of Iowa since spring 2016, enjoying the university. The University of Iowa offers a great quality of teaching and forms students ready to work and enjoy their life. The university of Iowa is a great university because there is diversity of cultures, students coming from different countries studying all together without any discrimination based on race.
What I love about the University of Iowa is all the opportunities students have during their time on campus. Being a transfer student, I have a unique appreciation for the school and how the rich history and dedicated alumni impact current students' experiences as a hawkeye. During my time at the University I have been a member of the University of Iowa track and field team, a member of a research lab in the hospital, involved in intramural sports, and involved in different types of student organizations. My experience at the University has been unforgettable and a fantastic 3 years so far.
I loved the University of Iowa! I am forever a Hawkeye! I got my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and have been teaching ever since.
The academics are absolutely amazing, there's so many options to choose from and the advisers are very willing to help. They truly want you to be happy with your major, and want you to succeed. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with courses, but if you just buckle down and focus you can do well. The only problem is that some students don't care about the classes at all which can be a distraction during lectures. The campus is beautiful and there are so many different, relaxing and quiet places to study. The school's atmosphere immediately felt like home to me. GO HAWKS!
I not only learned about the topics taught in class, but about myself. The professors push you and the homework is challenging, but it's all interesting! I learned that I liked topics I never would have explored if I hadn't attended U of I. It wasn't only class that kept me interested. I met a variety of people: different backgrounds, education levels, hopes and ideals. I not only gained an education, but also an excellent experience.
I love going to the University of Iowa! The campus, sports arenas, downtown area, and whole aspect of Iowa City is amazing and close knit. When walking around an airport with a Hawkeye shirt on, there is no doubt that someone will see it and say "Go Hawks." The professors go above and beyond, while challenging you, but also encouraging you. Sports brings the whole area of Iowa City together. The atmosphere during football season is like no other, and the First Quarter Wave brings us closer to the awesome kiddos at the University of Iowa Stead Family Childrens Hospital. The only thing I would change about the University of Iowa is offering and making more parking available. Overall, I love my school!
This campus is very excited to see a lots of new people, new experience, and I can relax when i'm very tried. I was able to meet several of my instructors during their office hours in campus while exploring new community in Iowa city and at Coralville, too. I did also encounter some of challenges along with it during my study at this campus. It's very different on my academic skills after being transfer from my community college where it's more challenges and couldn't have time for more help. This is a very challenges and more ahead of my career, but I'm glad that I was able to improve slowly with the help of this campus' community.
I got assaulted 3 times and reported it every time. The university did nothing. The people there are horrible. The only thing anybody cares about is getting drunk. Can't leave there fast enough
I love this school. I am currently a sophomore there and my freshman year was amazing. The classes are good, the teachers have all been very helpful, and the atmosphere is wonderful. The only problem I really have with it is the lack of parking. Students who don't have an apartment or house have to park their cars pretty far away and can only get there by bus, unless you want to walk.
The dorms are big even though some are old. There's a ton of free clubs and activities on campus. I was apart of dance club and really loved it. Football games are my favorite. Around town and on campus I felt safe even at night. Iowa nice is a real thing and everyone was very welcoming.
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This University is amazing. Most of the teachers are wonderful, the campus is lovely, there are loads of clubs, and the dining halls are impeccable, especially compared to high school. There is also a large party scene, though I haven't participated in it as of yet, so I didn't rate it.
I’ve had immense personal and professional growth at this university, and feel welcomed by and engaged with the campus community.
University of Iowa is filled with amazing teacher that truly care about you education and career after college. They push you to be your best and to pursue you passions in life.
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