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The classes and professors so far seem good. There are alot of resources around campus to help you succeed in your studies. They also offer alot of intramural sports and different clubs to keep students occupied. The food on campus at this point is getting a little repetitive a better variety would be nice. The Social life on campus is terrible though partying here is lame and always get busted so if your a partier don't come here.
Great school. Classes aren't super big which makes things feel a lot more personal between the student and the professor. (My biggest class has 45 people.) I love the professors I have and all of the classes I'm taking.
I love coming to the University of Indianapolis. I really love the diversity here, and I feel welcome by the faculty, students, and administrators here at the university.
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The classes I have taken have been great...good pace, good structure to the curriculum and great class size and student/teacher ratio. Tuition is fairly expensive.
I love the small atmosphere and the 1:1 ratio! It is very helpful. The campus is smaller but there is still so much to do. It is also in a great location!
Honestly, this school is the most boring to place in the world to go to college. When you start your freshman year, you are expecting to be meeting tons of new people and making so many new friends. You definitely aren't expecting to be bored out of your mind. There is nothing to do, and 50% of the people here go home every weekend. The "party scene" is non existent. My residence hall is dead all the time, nobody hangs out or does anything at all. Our lounge is in the basement where the guys live, and the girls aren't even allowed in our own lounge without a guy to "escort" us. It feels like preschool, where you are given rules on where in the building you're allowed to go. Also, the professors are completely unorganized- they've been hired 2 weeks before classes started and don't have good lesson plans. To conclude, if you're looking for fun in college, and even a good education, do not go here.
This school isn't made for everyone. If you want to have fun this is not the place to go. There is no such thing as partying here and a majority of the people seem stuck up. Not to mention they don't have the best administration. The administration doesn't want to help as much as they say they do and communication between professor and students is awful. The professors don't seem like they truly want to help the students succeed in their class. Campus hours are awful as well; It's very confusing knowing what is open when and when things close. 25% of Freshmen don't return to this school after their first year and it is clear as crystals to me on why that is. I will definitely be transferring next year.
I am a graduate student living off campus so I cannot speak to the food, party scene, or campus itself. U of I is a private faith based school. It is expensive.
University of Indianapolis is an excellent institution. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small school that focuses on each individual in the school.
I personally enjoyed my first year at this university. I don't have any complaints about the university of Indianapolis. The staff is very friendly and helpful any questions or difficulties that I had they were more than happy to give the assistance and advice that I needed. Not only were the staff very friendly, but so were the students. The students were gracious enough to help us move into our rooms one the first day, but they didn't stop there. The students gave us advice on being a new college student. They help with homework or referred us to someone who could help us. The resources at the university was endless. Any subject you think of there was tutor for. The tutors were amazing I don't think I would of got the grades that I did without the tutors. My experience at the university of Indianapolis was so amazing that I'm so excited to attending the university again in the fall.
The University of Indianapolis is a school that is in an ideal location and provides a peaceful college experience. The staff are friendly and do a great job of working with you to help you accomplish a goal if you are willing to go to them. The student life can be slightly intimidating but all in all, everyone is super friendly for the most part. Food selection in the cafeteria could be better and some things around campus could change but other than that UIndy is a perfect choice!
I like that UIndy is very diverse and celebrates diversity. We have a "Celebration of the Flags" at the beginning of the year that has a flag representing where each country a person is from, and there is a ceremony. I also like that UIndy is small and professors are always willing to help you if you need it and respond in a timely matter. University of Indianapolis is always finding ways to bring fun events to campus and there is a lot for students to get involved in. What I don't like about this university is that the dorm that I lived in was the oldest on campus and there were a lot of spiders and centipedes. Other than that, it has been a great experience!
"Education for service" is the motto this university lives by. It is evident by the incredible services of the faculty and staff and the dedication the students have for academics. The university has an overall positive atmosphere.
I've had a wonderful experience at the University of Indianapolis! Through the meeting of friends, learned academia, and community service I was able to find myself as a person while balancing a work, school, and social life. This University has professors/advisors that are willing to go above and beyond for their students! I love it so much, I am going back for my BSN!
-The University of Indianapolis is a smaller school - around 5,000 students who are pursuing a graduate and post-graduate degree. It's more like a community of people who smile at you as you pass by, or ask you for help in and out of the classroom. The professors are confident in your abilities and you are motivated by the staff and people you meet. Opportunity is everywhere.
The professors here are wonderful, and the various departments here really work to help make every student successful. However, if you aren't a nursing, athletic training, or psychology student, your department will be a little bit ignored.
Campus is easy to navigate. There are places to eat that are conveniently around campus. Tuition is pricey but it is well worth it because of the many opportunities the college presents.
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Overall a great school with wonderful teachers. Everyone is always friendly. There food could use some improves and it can be kinda high in price, especially for those students who do not live on campus.
I enjoy going to this University. The financial aid process was quick and easy. The classes and the instructors are very informative and engaging. I am finishing up my freshman year and so far have enjoyed all of the classes.
Teachers take the time to explain the process instead of just telling the student to read the material and take the test.
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