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I love this campus everybody is so nice and helpful. It is very well kept and the staff is always willing to help with whatever you need. Also, they have a very high acceptance rate. I wish that we were about to have greek life on campus I think it would really draw more people to uindy.
It is far way from the "city" life. It is hard to make friends with limited gatherings. I feel safe and secure here. I am disappointed with the cafeteria. I am thankful for my RA.
This university was a very fun place to visit so many stuff to see and learn. Everyone was very nice and very helpful.
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So far, the University of Indianapolis has helped me academically and has helped me be who I want to be. Everyone is so accepting and kind on campus.
A great undergraduate experience! Scholarships granted to 96% or more students. A growning campus. Several new buildings for student housing. Competitive atheletic teams!
I like the University of Indianapolis because of it’s location. You are close to Greenwood and Indianapolis. There are plenty of places to go and things to do. UIndy offers a variety of courses and flexibility of times for classes. The professors have been great and very accommodating to a college athlete.
This will be my first semester at University of Indianapolis. I've just completed my associate's degree as a registered nurse. When looking at RN to BSN programs, I had many local options. University of Indianapolis stood out with their supportive and professional staff. When I had questions, each Uindy staff person I spoke with promptly replied to me, answering all of my questions. I truly felt like they valued me and my experience enrolling in their campus. I've been very satisfied so far in my decision to choose University of Indianapolis as the college I will be receiving my bachelor's degree.
I enjoy the school and I the setting of the school. I talk the school and I enjoy want they said how they can help with my education and etc.
I love UIndy. I love the community and all of the opportunities given. I feel like the science courses offered are very tough and require a lot of studying. At Uindy everyone is involved in something.
The class sizes were small and the professors really seemed to care about student progress! As a commuter, parking was terrible and has only gotten worse each year.
My experiences with the University of Indianapolis have been great with several different college tours/visits because everyone seemed to be really nice and for a small campus I've heard from graduates from that university that you can get lot's of help from the professors due to some classes being smaller than other universities.
I like the Lecture and Performances that they have at the University which provides knowledge and experience for new prospective students to learn from. I would like to see bigger events that every one at the campus can participate in, including helping new students getting to meet people with the same likes and interests. They have free mental health counseling for students who develop loneliness and depression at the beginning of the school year as a freshman which has helped me a lot.
Overall I have had a very positive experience. The only reason I gave less than 5 stars is that I have had some problems scheduling classes that I need and have had various miscommunications with different administrative departments.
I love the campus and the fact that it is a small school. The small population at the school makes it feel more home like and you make many new friends this way. The only thing I would change is the lack of parking that there is on campus.
The cheesy way that the school advertises the "close-knit" community is annoyingly true. I have become so close with so many people it is a little hard to believe. The professors do everything they possibly can to help you learn and achieve in their class. They do have set office hours, but I have not had a professor that is not willing to schedule more time to meet with you.
I am not attending yet but have been accepted and began enrollment process. I took a college tour and met with advisors and was very impressed with the knowledge the advisors were able to provide. I was impressed with the layout and size of the campus. It is approximately an 86 acre campus which will allow ample time to get from class to class without being rushed and the available resources on campus are impressive.
I would like more communication and activities of staff and students! Love that the school strives to make the best out of yourself, just want more for it.
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this is my first year at the university of Indianapolis. I picked this college because it offered an accelerated nursing program. Also I live not too far away from home so I will be able to go home on weekends.
I really like campus life but the location where the campus is located is too empty and boring. There is nothing to do around the campus and it makes people bored. If there was a chance to change the location of campus I would do that! On the other hand, education of the school and the instructors are really great.
The people are so nice and welcoming, the school is so small and pretty all over. The dorms are pretty nice and I enjoyed the tour I had.
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