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I've had a wonderful experience at the University of Indianapolis! Through the meeting of friends, learned academia, and community service I was able to find myself as a person while balancing a work, school, and social life. This University has professors/advisors that are willing to go above and beyond for their students! I love it so much, I am going back for my BSN!
-The University of Indianapolis is a smaller school - around 5,000 students who are pursuing a graduate and post-graduate degree. It's more like a community of people who smile at you as you pass by, or ask you for help in and out of the classroom. The professors are confident in your abilities and you are motivated by the staff and people you meet. Opportunity is everywhere.
The professors here are wonderful, and the various departments here really work to help make every student successful. However, if you aren't a nursing, athletic training, or psychology student, your department will be a little bit ignored.
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Campus is easy to navigate. There are places to eat that are conveniently around campus. Tuition is pricey but it is well worth it because of the many opportunities the college presents.
Overall a great school with wonderful teachers. Everyone is always friendly. There food could use some improves and it can be kinda high in price, especially for those students who do not live on campus.
I enjoy going to this University. The financial aid process was quick and easy. The classes and the instructors are very informative and engaging. I am finishing up my freshman year and so far have enjoyed all of the classes.
Teachers take the time to explain the process instead of just telling the student to read the material and take the test.
I chose to attend the University of Indianapolis for several reasons. I love the small atmosphere and close unit of the university. With an undergraduate enrollment of only 4,200 students, students can receive lots of one-on-one help from professors and feel engaged in class. With a 12:1 student faculty ratio, students are able to become close with professors and meet with them for extra help when needed. It is very simple to get help with any problems you may experience while in school. The school administrators and advisors are very helpful and understanding. As I walk around the campus, I often see people I know and have a sense of belonging. It's a place where strangers can become friends and residents halls feel like home. I like that the university has a relatively small campus. I can get to all of my classes in under 5 minutes. I feel that the University of Indianapolis has everything that college students ask for.
The University of Indianapolis is a great school. It has a lot to offer to students still exploring their future plans and potential careers. There are a lot of helpful resources and factuality that help guide you through your college experience. The campus is very nice and well kept. The are a variety of classes offered along with multiple different times for each class to help fill you schedule. I would recommend the University of Indianapolis to everyone. The university has several great programs and offers a lot of successful opportunities to students.
I liked the fact that the professors were friendly and very understand! I would like to see more classes available and more options for extra credit.
I really love going to the University of Indianapolis. The cost for books are expensive. The small classrooms are awesome. You get to know your professor. Most professors love giving you extra help during office hours.
The University of Indianapolis is a great school; I am currently a freshman Communications major. The communications program is spectacular; the professors are caring in making sure you are progressing. What I mean by that is that as a freshman in a radio and television emphasis I am already active in both fields. I am currently working for the University's radio station WICR as an on air personality. During the intro course I also had the opportunity to be a part of the television production. Not many colleges offer this experience to a freshman. The only thing I would like to see change is the overpricing of meal plans. If a student lives on campus they are required to have the second highest meal plan; which is physically impossible to use all of. If you do the math the meal plan equals out to $9.50 a meal. This is definitely overpriced when factoring in the cost of dorms.
University of Indianapolis is a great private methodist affiliated University that I have learned to love and enjoy through out my freshman year. The campus is very diverse and it allows me to experience new things and meet new people I have never met before. All of the games at the University are free for students and I love this and it allows me to go to all the football, basketball, and wrestling matches. It is a college and there is going to be partying like any other college and it can be fun and everyone looks out for one another. I feel safe on campus due to campus police patrolling 24/7 and call boxes all over campus that allow me to get in touch with campus police.
I enjoy coming to campus even as a commuter I feel welcome and part of something! The class size are perfect for a small group atmosphere. The campus is beautiful and close to downtown. I love the effort and motivation from the professors for me to succeed as a student!
I love UIndy's small campus feel, yet being in the big city of Indianapolis. The individualized attention on campus is beneficial for student-professor interactions. I love the personalized feel.
UINDY has amazing programs and is constantly attempting to better their school with surveys sent out to the students. The teachers I have had are always ready to help. The on-campus living is nice in the upperclassman dorms but in the freshman dorms it can be iffy.
I have attended UIndy for the past four years. It has been a great experience overall. I have increased my professional development through services offerend and a campus job along with obtaining an education that has begun to help me secure future jobs, in hopes to secure a career in my field.
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Uindy is a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful school. The sports teams are amazing and its close to home. They have a great educational program to become a teacher.
I like being a student at Uindy because the instructors will not let me give up when I am ready to throw in the towel.
The UIndy campus is beautiful and high tech. Every student treats each other like friends. I have enjoyed the homey feel UIndy has provided.
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