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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Reviews

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I would like for the university to be a bit more inclusive to each and every culture on campus. The university does not get as involved with making students feel welcomed and wanted here as they could. Academics wise this school is phenomenal, but administration just needs to do better with the social aspect of things.
Very inclusive community, accepting diversity and differences and respectful of people without your same views. Quality education, able to get one-on-one with professors even in classes of 600 students
A few smart people around. No real emphasis on Entrepreneurship. Great as a party school but not so much if you want to start up a company. Basically trains you for the workforce.
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Overall, my experience at UIUC has been pleasant. Classes have been great and the campus is beautiful! The MTD bus system is actually better than I was expecting it to be, so that is super great if I am in a rush to class. There are also tons of RSO's and there's always some sort of event or activity going on both during the week and on the weekends. I do have to say that the social aspect was not always the best for me, as Greek Life plays a huge role in parties on campus, and I chose not to rush. It gets better though!
Great campus and environment to go to school at! There's always something to do around campus, countless RSOs for you to join, great faculty, and amazing restaurants to pick from. Campus is always alive and you'll meet cool people everywhere you go. Fraternity and sorority life is huge here as well.
This is my senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and I am so grateful about the opportunity to study here. I have learned so much about life in general and I have also grown so much as a student.
Your average state school with a party atmosphere. With above average instructors and pompous engineering students
The University of Illinois is known for its large Greek life community. I really like how academics are still very important even in between all the partying. The campus is very large and beautiful. However, some dormitory rooms are ridiculously small. I could not imagine living with someone I would not get along with in such a small space. The dining hall does not always have the healthiest food options.
U of I is the definition of work hard, play hard. People mess around so much and have a wild time, but always pull it together for school at the end of the day and come out with good grades.
I love the atmosphere of the school. However there should be more focused on the students such as the professors being flexible.
The university has a very big greek presence but even if a student is not in a greek house clubs and sports can create that same feeling. It is a big campus but the buses and rentals help make it easy to get around.
I love that that there are a variety of things to do around campus and that everyone gets the opportunity to choose from so many interesting classes. I also like that there is diversity and that is very important for me. You will meet people from different countries, religion, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. It really does make oneself be connected with surroundings and people. Although, if I could change one thing it would be their food, specifically the mexican food.
My experience is not that great. Workload is a lot!! It might just be my classes but there isn't really must assistance provided.
I will be an incoming freshman at this college. However, my dad, his siblings, and multiple friends of mine have attended this school so I visit quite a bit. I've been to parties with my friends, on strolls around the campus with my family, and on official college tours here. It's a great college town, and most people who I talk to who have come here say that there is always something to do, the academics are great and will land you a good job somewhere, and overall, they had a great college experience. I hope that I get accepted here so I can experience what it's really like to be a student!
The campus is beautiful. Tons of facility’s and recreation. Huge Greek life. Tons of clubs. The academics are fantastic and the business school is great
I loved the college experience at U of I! The atmosphere is great and welcoming. The campus is big and there is so much to experience. There are so many ways to get involved. I would highly recommend this college!
I visited University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and did a tour and informational session there. I really enjoyed seeing the campus and could see myself going there. I was able to see clearly the student life and how being on the engineering campus would not remove me from student life in general. Also, the students were very helpful in giving me directions when I got lost.
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Everyone is very friendly and down to earth. Classes are interesting but rigorous. There are lots of opportunities.
I just started so I don’t know. There are a lot of cool professors, clubs, and opportunities available. The facilities are nice, but the bookstore is the absolute worst. They didn’t stock enough books for most of the students.
I always have loved this university, ever since I grew up in Chicago. Even after moving to Texas, I still had a feeling that I belong to this college and am extremely excited to apply and see if I can make it in.
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