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I love going to UIUC because there is so much to learn about, explore, eat, and to do in general. I have made some great friends here and like the classes that I am in addition to the professors and TAs who are mostly pretty awesome. I am a sophomore but school is going by quickly. I am most definitely going to miss the whole college experience when I graduate.
The best engineering school in the country. Very dedicated staff promotes a great learning environment.
I really like the academics and how the teachers really care about their work. I get to meet a ton of really motivated people from all different disciplines and get involved with all types of organizations.
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UIUC is an excellent school that offers students an assortment of different organizations and activities on and off campus. Its rather large size also lends it a huge diversity of student groups. If you want, you can focus on academics and study at one of its many (4?) libraries, you can try to stay active by joining a inter-mural team or going to one of its two recreation centers, or if you want to have some fun, you can join one of UIUC's many fraternities/sororities. Anyways, UIUC is an overall wonderful school.
The campus is nice and big and if you like big classes, this is the place to be. Many large classes filled with a lot of students.
I love the campus life and the professors and the general population in general. I'm not a huge fan on university housing though (dorms).
With over 40,000 students in attendance the size of the campus can be intimidating to say the least. Throughout my time here I have befriended students from various backgrounds within a multitude of majors. I met most of my current friends while living in the dorms my freshman year. Dorm life allowed me the freedom to explore campus whenever I wanted to. I always feel safe while on campus. There are free services provided to students so that you are never without a way to get home. Though I am enrolled in a lot of large lectures I still have personal relationships with many of my professors from stopping by their office hours as well through sending emails. There is a mall area with shopping, a movie theatre and different restaurants in the surrounding town 15 minutes from campus. The campus is diverse in its student/ faculty population as well as in its extracurriculars. There is something for everyone and joining clubs is just another way to make the campus feel smaller.
University of Illinois is a great school for research. If you're not in greek life or an athlete, it is hard to feel like you're apart of something. Get involved as much as you can!
My interdisciplinary creation was inspired by an alum of this school--the author of The Elements series.
This is such an amazing school to attend, the diversity and student involvement is beyond amazing. All of the professors are so helpful and there are so many resources available for the students on campus. The facilities around campus are well kept up and amazing.
So far I'm enjoying my time here. Luckily I have decent time management skills so I am not always bogged down by school work. People are nice here (at least on the surface). Most of the teachers here are pretty good.
The quality of education and professors varies heavily between departments. For instance I definitely need to check who's teaching before registering for a math class while most CS professors are good so I won't have to worry too much about who's teaching a class
There are many resources to improve grades and get help in subjects. This college makes sure to provide help in non academic ways as well such as school counseling if needed. There are also many ways to get involved in clubs specific to major, culture, hobbies, etc.
This is my first year at UIUC and I absolutely love it. Tailgating, football, meeting new people, the food, and obviously the academics too, are nothing less of what I expected out of my college experience. There is always something going on.
Overall, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign excels in many areas; however, of course, there are always areas which could be improved.
At Urbana, although the majority of the students are in engineering, the atmosphere is not insanely competitive. The campus is not the best, but the people are nice.
Was accepted to this school recently, heard amazing things about it. Party scene is crazy but campus is apparently a big corn field, would love to go here but waiting for finacial package.
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I love the tight-knit feeling of the campus, even though the campus is so large. It's one big community all there to support each other. UIUC's campus is supportive of so many people, from all kinds of backgrounds and places, and they do everything they can to make sure everyone finds their spot.
I started a two year online master's program in the fall, and it has been a wonderful experience to return to school after a 20 year break. The advisor, Katherine, has been an excellent resource and very helpful.
Very diverse in people and places to be, academically competitive, student center (Illini Union) is a great place to hang out

School should focus more on academics than in athletics (esp. football) or I personally think they need a better football coach, school should find ways to make campus feel safer
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