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Excellent, the professors are amazing and the campus is breathe taking! Everyone is very helpful and kind, just the atmosphere is amazing. I would really recommend u of I, they have a lot of opportunities for people who don't know what they want to do with their life.
UIUC is a great school where the small student to staff ratio really allows you to succeed. Learning is much easier when the classroom is much smaller. I found that the professor allots more time for his students when the amount of students is smaller. I attended another college before where the student to staff ratio as very large and we had auditorium sized classrooms. That was awful because I was too afraid to ask questions because it would interrupt the flow of learning for fifty or more students.
So far, with my experience with the classes and life at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I have enjoyed it and believe that this college will help me achieve my goals.
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I am an online student at U of I in a masters program. I was attracted to the programs offered in my field, and the application process was straight-forward. During the applications, admission, and registration experiences, you are truly on your own. My "advisor" was the department head who never returned my emails - the coordinators are even less helpful. I say this because I truly had to learn to be resourceful for my own learning track, without the guidance of anyone in my department. I've enjoyed the coursework so far; it's been challenging, the discussions are enriching, and I feel it's benefiting my education.
Personally, I knew going into a big school would mean I would be seen and treated as a number in big lecture halls. However, I'm hoping that TAs eventually will become more engaged with me and my fellow peers in discussion sections, for even in these small classrooms settings I am still treated as a number. Also, not all professors are "built" the same; Some use classroom tools and websites such as TopHat (which is awesome, I highly recommend it to ever professor), and some just fly through their powerpoint slides and don't review for their exams. Thus, you have to maneuver and figure out your own way of understanding the course material. That's just the college life. The campus resources are awesome, everything is included in your tuition. Overall, I think UIUC will provide me a great college education and an even better college experience.
Overall I loved the school, the students were extremely helpful in helping me find places and I just felt like I really fit in.
I like the fact that the university has a very big community where a lot of things are happening. This means that everyone has something to do and there's always seminars and events to attend. What I wish the University to do more is to introduce more scholarships for international students
My experience has been very well so far. I felt the I have grown as an individual and really found great people and opportunities. There is such a welcoming feel to the whole campus and the school is able to help students with anything.
Honestly, I love going to the University of Illinois. It may stink that the classes are so hard sometimes, but this is such a huge campus there is someone else willing to help you; and the professors are all required to have office hours to help you. This may seem like a big school but really it is just a big place full of different things to make it seem smaller. Anything that you want to do you can and you can find the thing for you. With all that said, the alumni here are insane. You can't go places and not find an Illini fan to bond over our bad sports and amazing academics. Plus the university really wants to help you succeed later in life, so if you go to UIUC and don't find a job its not the Univeristy's fault and it's not because they didn't try.
I love the school. The way that it is set up and the way that everyone here is so welcoming is very comforting. This school immediately made me feel like I was part of a family. It is so big that you are bound to find someone exactly like you. There are so many international students which is great because at the same time you learn a little bit of everyone and everything. It is a great school to help with anything.
My experience at this school was an unforgettable one. I have met the most amazing people who had become my family away from home when I was living there. These people will always be with me through everything and have become my forever friends. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and the professors were very compassionate and helpful in every class I took. There are many many MANY opportunities at this school whether you want to pursue sports, music, art, medicine, engineering, etc. there is something for EVERYONE and that's is why I loved it.
As a sophomore reflecting on my freshman transition into college, the University of Illinois made the transition a lot easier on me because of the social dorm environment, the supportive professors, and the hundreds of clubs that are on campus.
The University of Illinois is an amazing college for academics as well as social/networking settings. The professors are very helpful and wish nothing but the best for their students.
I love the options you have in terms of major and RSOs on campus. The professors, for the most part, seem to love what they are teaching and are very knowledgable on the topic.
So far my experience is great!
Not only is it easy to join and get along with the community but the academics are challenging but acceptable.
It is pushing my limits as a student and I am indeed learning new techniques, lifestyle, and studies from being a college student.
Students are friendly and the campus is beautiful. The dorms seem close to the quad which will be easy to access if I have classes there. The campus town of champaign seems up and coming with nice restaraunts and shops to go to.
Huge school, super diverse, your typical big 10 style school. If you don't like walking to class, reconsider. Other than that, many sports groups, out of class groups, and things to do on campus to keep you busy. Great teachers in my experience, with some professors with just too much work load to have focus for students, but they do try their best. Your rooming situation is really going to be self specific, you might love where you live because the rooms are nice, and you might hate it because your classes for your major are super far from where you live. The benefit of this though is that dorm living is only required for one year. After that, its all on you.
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I love U of I, I think it may seem really big at first but once you find your group of friends and a campus community that you can be a part of, you'll feel right at home!
The school is great overall. One change: I would like to see some of the funds be spread to other departments.
One of the best parts about University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the diversity of the students on campus. I interact with people from different countries on a daily basis, learning new things. Also, the staff on campus is freshman-friendly in the sense that they are very patient and understanding of the stress that incoming students are currently undergoing.
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