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I like that my classes are small and the teacher really get to know who you are. The school staff are friendly and helping with pursuing the main goal degree.
I have enjoyed my experiences with the University of Illinois Springfield and believe that the education I am receiving will be valuable to my career. The institution is a teaching first institution so it is to be expected that the academics will be valued most out of all aspects. I enjoy most of the people that I am surrounded by but the atmosphere could use some help. The environment can be a bit divisive and polarizing at times and is unpleasant to be around. I expect that most colleges and organizations are experiencing this due to the election and current presidency.
Definitely not a perfect school to attend, but it's highly rated for its online classes and it's on the lower end of the price spectrum when it comes to attending school. My professors so far have been diligent and very attentive to my questions, however, I feel they sometimes have unrealistic expectations of students. For instance, a lot of online students have chosen to attend school online because we do not have the time to attend school due to our work schedules. While online school is definitely more flexible than a set class schedule, it's difficult for me to complete my assignments when my professor is asking me to read 200-500 pages a week, watch instructional videos, post in a discussion board, and complete a homework assignment. And that's just one class I'm taking...
In all, it's a good school, just need to avoid those professors that tend to be a little overzealous with assignments.
Review University of Illinois at Springfield
UIS is a very mediocre university. In terms of academics, it is quite inferior to other public universities in Illinois. The UIS housing does not accept the "college lifestyle" and enforces a high school like approach to living. When you transfer out (and you will), you will not receive credit for MANY courses including all CAP (honors program) courses. If you are looking into this university, you may as well just go to UofI and save a year or two.
It is overall an amazing school where it is easy to have close relationships with friends, professors, and everyone on campus. The professors really do care and want you to succeed and will help you if you put forth the effort to seek help.
The general feel of the university is that of a small liberal arts college with a state university's budget. The campus is expanding and the numbers are growing but the school as a whole is still in the building stages. The University of Illinois Springfield has the potential to become a large and vibrant university, but it is hindered by geography. Located outside of the city of Springfield, a place in which there is not much to do anyway, the school feels very isolated. This has created a suitcase school feeling as many students choose to go home during the weekends and short breaks rather than stay and participate in campus life. If you are expecting the same general feel of the University of Illinois U-C or the University of Illinois Chicago, this is not the place for you. If you want a University of Illinois degree without the cost and the bustle of the bigger schools, you could be very happy here.
The university of Illinois at Springfield is a small college. The people are really nice and accepting to all types of people. Also the campus is very diverse. This is good because it allows other students to explore other cultures. This gives that student the opportunity to understand the world a little better.
While at University of Illinois Springfield, one of the things that I appreciated the most about this institution was the fact that all of the students on professors on campus seemed to know everyone. Being a freshmen, this was very comforting for me in making my decision to first attend and even stay. I enjoy this campus a lot.
The campus itself is beautiful until the plants die. That's when you see all the trash people have thrown in them that just sits there forever. The communication skills between students and faculty is horrible. I was placed in the wrong class in June and they waited until the first day of classes to tell me. By then, it was too late to take a different course so I had to drop it.
I have loved my experience at UIS! I am a freshman accounting major living on campus. I love the small campus atmosphere. I can get anywhere on campus in about five minutes. You also get a personal relationship with your professors, as they all know you by name. You won't just feel like another number. All the faculty that I've interacted with have been nothing but kind and helpful. I truly feel like everyone at UIS is looking out for my best interest. The only negative I have is that the food options and hours can be limited.
UIS is an amazing University. The experience you get at this university is what you make it. The school is working to advance in Greek Life, diversity and expanding to meet the needs of the students. No UIS is not perfect but it's perfect for me. This school is small, and quiet. The student life office offers plenty of events to keep students busy and they offer students leadership opportunities that will allow professional growth. The class sizes are small, so you have the opportunity to get the one on one help you need from your teachers. The advisors are friendly, and our Vice Chancellor will add you on Facebook (She likes posts too). IT'S GREAT TO BE A PRAIRIE STAR!
When I went there for a visit I enjoyed the tour that was given to me. This is my dream school and they showed me a very good first impression. I intend on attending this school in the fall of 2017
UIS admissions advisors help prospective students know what they need to do. Teachers are also proactive in getting to know their students and helping them succeed.
Students are respectful in class to diverse classmates. I am not involved in the social scene, so I don't know if they are acceptable outside of class.
Most professors are very knowledgeable in their field. However, some are not superb teachers. I have had a few who were not personable. Most were good though.
UIS is constantly having job fairs and sending e-mails about jobs and internships available. I feel like they are invested in helping me get employed after my schooling ends.
I am an online student, so I can't speak for the campus life. However, UIS has offered a quality education with a personal touch. I like that my professors care about my success and know me by name. My math teachers are somewhat disengaged, but I assume that would be the case in any university. They are attentive when asked questions, but most expect us to learn the majority of our material from reading the textbook alone.
Review University of Illinois at Springfield
Courses are very interesting and class sizes are manageable.
UIS is great and i have met a lot of wonderful people here.
I have nothing to say regarding the athletics because I'm not a participant
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