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It seems like this college is more interested in just taking money than actually having school spirit. It is difficult to get assistance with any college answers and the professors are very vague.
The campus is gigantic, seeing that I've only been there a few times. The dorms look nice, and the food is pretty good. Based on what my friends tell me, the school seems pretty great. You can win stuff.
The staff was very helpful during registration. I do not like the layout of the campus and parking, it can be a bit confusing at first. As an online student it is a plus to not have to go to campus, however, it is unfortunate that not all professors upload lectures. Online classes are basically read your book and complete exams.
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It has diversity. The campus is pretty cool. The university can get sketchy after dark so have someone with you. Your guaranteed to at least make one friend. But overall try to make the best of it. The professor here are kinda of hit or miss
I absolutely love everything about University of Houston downtown everything is nearby inconvenience and I would not change anything
My experience at the university has been a positive experience. Professors are very helpful and organized.
This is a nice university with people there who want to help you further your education. People here will go the extra mile for you to better yourself. Although it is a little harder to make friends here because it is a commuter school.
I really like this university! At first, I was a bit nervous since most of my friends had gone to other universities. However, I love the small student to teacher ration, because I am able to have more one-on-one conversations with my professors.
My experience in the university was very exciting, the faculty and advisors will treat you like family. They would always tell and show you that you are their priority.
When I went on a college tour of UH I really enjoyed myself, I was treated as a student and I had a good experience.
As a freshmen in the University of Houston- Downton I can say that my first few weeks haven’t been at all overwhelming as I thought it would be. I started off with a very long but well prepared orientation where I met very talented people and confident enough to speak out and even break the ice with one another. The staff were very patient and only spoke nothing but wise words to all the incoming freshmen’s. When school started I’ll admit it got packed and a lot of students probably wanted the same thing I wanted, like a change of schedule or a need to talk to FAFSA but because of my very well trained orientation, I knew where to go and what to do. The wait was long, yes but the advisors always make sure to give you as much time and make sure that you’re prepared for school, unlike many other universities, this one has advisors who truly give you all the time you need and prepare you to maximum.
The university is all around great, great professors, great staff, its a good school for what the tuition cost is, it is a very diverse school, a lot of different backgrounds in one school.
their staff is helpul, they will get you in contact with the appropriate person to resolve your problem or assist you with any complication that you may be having. They provide many places that are peaceful and quiet that help the student focused on their work and studies. The enviroment is incredible. There is nothing i will like to see change.
University of Houston- Downtown is an amazing campus to attend. The whole faulty is so helpful and they push you to get to your goal. People at UHD really believe in your education and they keep you inspired. The professors are very great at teaching and they are very interactive. I couldn't imagen a better college then where I am right now.
UHD made it achievable as a working wife and mother to earn my degree, by providing flexibility and affordable tuition.
I have attended to the University of Houston-Downtown for twos years 2017-2019 and I absolutely enjoyed. If you compare it with Lonestar or HCC I would choose UHD over any. The reason I brought up Lonestar or HCC because UHD felt like a community college more than a university to me. But all the course and program are 100% university level. It just the environment was a bit different than how I expect a university suppose to be. The professor is pros and cons, the campus is a bit quiet most of the week but it is peaceful. You can find a lot of different places to study quietly. The view from the school it is amazing, you can view the whole downtown. Really close to mid-town and I liked that very much. Overall, the University of Houston-Downtown was great and can be more improve.
Well in my experience, the university is GREATTT! I love how the classes are small and the teachers are there to help you in any way and the school has many benefits you can benefit from that can help you money wise as educational.
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The staff there is very friendly and are always happy help you. UHD makes sure every student feels welcome by getting to know the staff better and the school itself. They show you around and talk about the different school departments. They help you pick what’s best for you and your interests; they care so much when it comes to your future.
I really like attending this school due to the diversity that allows for a greater connection with people of different backgrounds. When I started at this school I did not know many people and tended to isolate myself from everyone. Until i heard that they had a psychology club. I attended their orientation and I felt comfortable to get to know people that are from the same major, and they also understand the challenges as a college student.
One problem that I do have is that there is the problem with tuition, which got higher. But I do understand why, which is due to the new construction of a new Science and Technology building. This building will enhance teachings in classes that fall under our strong science and technology program. Furthermore, this new addition to the school will increase the opportunity of students to be interested to the College of Science and Technology at this school.
The school provides many things for students, which is why I am proud to be a gator.
I loved the school and the availability of night and online classes. Majority of the professors are caring and many were extremely understanding of events happening in life that we can not control. I feel that I received a quality education and encourage all who are on the fence to attend this university.
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