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Well, I went on a campus tour back in February and it was amazing. The people were so nice and friendly.
Great campus and friendly knowledgeable staff. My advisor was very helpful and kind. I have had no problems at all with any of the online classes I have been taking, and think I am getting a valuable education. I enjoy my professors immensely and look forward to continuing my education further here in the future.
This is a good university to attend. I personally attend online courses and I must say that it was pretty good for the most part. The only part that I did not agree with is that the finals were on campus. I live in Houston, Texas and this university is in Victoria. I was unable to make it to Victoria to take my final so I did not pass the semester. The reason to get online courses is suppose to all be online, the professor makes the rules, and that was the only thing I disagreed with.
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UHV staff and faculty are very friendly. It has been a great experience to attend this university. Classes are interesting and knowledgeable. In addition, it offers students to obtain their degree at a lower cost compared to other universities.
the things that i like about UHV is that they teach something that i need to study and their teachers are professional and it is even close to where i leave in dallas
UHV is an amazing University with flexible hours and help for those like myself that have to work also.
University of Houston-Victoria has an amazing academic environment. The classes are so small in number therefore speaking to the professor about your academic performance works out in your favor. The main thing they could definitely try to upgrade is their cafe, the food is not so great. I wasn't expecting a 5 star restaurant food but the type of food we receive don't compare to the amount of money we pay for our meals. The quality should definitely match the quantity but it's the complete opposite.
It provides cs major and has good professors in the new campus in katy. It may not have many class options and most of them are at night, but it’s convenient for me as I work full time.
I absolutely love this university. I come from a small school, and this place was just a great fit for me. The professors are incredibly helpful and genuinely care about how well you do. The advisers are also helpful, and they work with you as best they came. I highly recommend this university.
The university of Houston in Victoria is a great campus. The college scene is really welcoming. The student body is just amazing. I cant wait to be apart of the jaguar family soon.
This is going to be my first year with UHV, but so far the staff has been great about helping me get through signing up for classes.
UHV is a small campus tucked away in an quiet part of Victoria, TX. It isn’t the most fun university, but most of the professors and students make the most of their time together. The university also puts on a lot of events. In any given week there are probably 4-5 events going on, ranging from a kayaking trip to going to Houston to watch a football game. If you value a smaller university experience where you may get to know everyone, go here.
I chose UHV because of it's great atmosphere, great campus, great support system and the coaches and teammates on the Women's soccer team.
I like how people are nice, and the rules and education are fair to everyone. It doesn't need changes as far as everything is concerned, because the college runs a fairly organized system.
Great school to go to. I'm happy that I choose this school to complete my degree. The professors are terrific and they help you a lot especially with tutoring if needed. Staff and faculty are amazing people. Very friendly campus!
The great thing about University of Houston-Victoria is that it is a small and diverse school. It also has great professors that teach very well. The one thing that I think should change would be not being well organized.
This will be my first semester but so far, everyone who has helped me has been very friendly and helpful! Specifically Mrs.Hodge, the counselor. She has answered every question I've had.
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University of Houston-Victoria is a great school. This is my freshman year at the school in my second semester. I'm majoring in computer science, a great field, this school is a great opportunity. The professors are terrific and they help you a lot especially with tutoring if needed. Staff and faculty are amazing people. Very friendly campus!
This campus is a great transition from going High School to a University. There is many activities to be involved and to participate, to where a student would never be bored on any day of the campus
There is certain events held at the school that help students get antiquated to work as a whole
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