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A small college but something is being added almost everyday. Campus is amazing, professors are nice and willing to help, and staff members are amazing and friendly as well.
I am currently taking my entire degree online. This has helped me with flexibility since I work a full-time job. The courses and professors are well-catered to distance education, which is a difference from community college where I took many online courses with it being the first time for the professors. I don't have any complaints with communication issues. Professors and faculty all reply within a couple of business days. Blackboard is always organized.
I really love how everyone is nice and kind. The academics are very well constructed. I love how everyone is friendly and you can ask anyone anything and they won't respond with attitude. Everyeoen is welcoming with open arms. Housing couldbe a little bit bettwr with ore options but ovrall good. and I would love to go there.
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UHV's satellite campus is a fantastic option for those needing online classes and flexible in-person classes. Working during the day and going to school at night is difficult and not an ideal college experience, but UHV provides a solid education with the flexibility to actually finish and learn.
Finding the perfect college where it has everything you need, can be very tough, but as I researched the University of Houston Victoria, I realized this was the perfect college for me because it had everything I need which are affordable tuition, it only requires two out of the three requirements, which I did have, and good majors that would only help me further my career.
I like how this university offers a wide range of programs, including the Digital Gaming program that I was interested in. The shuttle service here makes it easy to get around town without having to waste your own gas.
Very nice school it’s amazing to go there not to noisy. I love going to this school everything is provided 100% amazing and very nice people who go there
From what I've been told about the school, it is pretty good. The teachers help the students well and everyone os really nice.
The school itself can receive at least four stars due to the fact the professors do try their hardest to teach you the best to their ability. The only reason for the three stars is because of the dorm experience you may receive when living on-campus. There is a constant use of drugs and alcohol through each dormitory and little to no consequences if found. I guess room checks wasn't a regular thing which made this possible to happen a lot.
The University of Houston-Victoria has been FANTASTIC to my friends and I! Their financial aid, advisor, and teacher offices are easy to locate access. Their library has friendly, helpful staff that has assisted me a couple times when I needed help or had questions. Before attending the University of Houston-Victoria, I attended a different university in San Antonio, Texas as well as one in Beeville, Texas. The University of Houston-Victoria has been my favorite university between the three of them. I definitely recommend my younger siblings to eventually attend college here and guarantee them that they will NOT regret it! This school has been the best decision I've made regarding colleges, without a doubt.
I transferred from a smaller community college, and I love how UHV accommodated to my schedule in order to achieve my degree.
The campus is small and is not overcrowded which makes for a great overall feel. All the faculty are nice, especially the bus drivers. Overall a great school to attend.
The campus is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. The student to professor ratio is perfect. You get to meet people from all walks of life! I wish the Dorms would be a bit bigger. The food is decent but I feel like they can step it up a bit. The student life should put together more events. The dorms could be updated a little more. The university should have more sports. They should include a basketball team and a football team. And the university should develop a student recreational center for students to just hang out and play games and enjoy the full college student experience.
Well, I went on a campus tour back in February and it was amazing. The people were so nice and friendly.
Great campus and friendly knowledgeable staff. My advisor was very helpful and kind. I have had no problems at all with any of the online classes I have been taking, and think I am getting a valuable education. I enjoy my professors immensely and look forward to continuing my education further here in the future.
This is a good university to attend. I personally attend online courses and I must say that it was pretty good for the most part. The only part that I did not agree with is that the finals were on campus. I live in Houston, Texas and this university is in Victoria. I was unable to make it to Victoria to take my final so I did not pass the semester. The reason to get online courses is suppose to all be online, the professor makes the rules, and that was the only thing I disagreed with.
UHV staff and faculty are very friendly. It has been a great experience to attend this university. Classes are interesting and knowledgeable. In addition, it offers students to obtain their degree at a lower cost compared to other universities.
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the things that i like about UHV is that they teach something that i need to study and their teachers are professional and it is even close to where i leave in dallas
UHV is an amazing University with flexible hours and help for those like myself that have to work also.
University of Houston-Victoria has an amazing academic environment. The classes are so small in number therefore speaking to the professor about your academic performance works out in your favor. The main thing they could definitely try to upgrade is their cafe, the food is not so great. I wasn't expecting a 5 star restaurant food but the type of food we receive don't compare to the amount of money we pay for our meals. The quality should definitely match the quantity but it's the complete opposite.
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